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Balsa Wood Pens

      Hand carved and hand painted in China, these are sculptures that you would enjoy even if they were not pens. They can be refilled by pulling the metal flange and ink tube out of a Bic® with needle nosed pliers. Use the old tube to measure and cut it down as the hole bored in the wood is shorter.
The images are all to the same scale. To help judge the pen size compare them to the Orca Whale which is 7 1/4".       These pens might be an excellent fundraiser for schools with a mascot or spirit animal chosen or for festivals. Write to Kathy@KathyWildman.com - Kathy Wildman for a price quote on larger quantities.

        Mammal Pens


Aquatic Mammals Pen P50 set $16.00
Dolphin P13 set $9.00
Manatee P41 or Walrus P39 can be purchased as singles for $5.00

Bottlenose Dolphin Pen
Spinner Dolphin Pen
Manatee Pen
Walrus Pen


Whale Pen Set P8 $24.00

Blue Whale Pen
Killer Whale - Orca Pen
Sperm Whale Pen
Gray Whale Pen
Right Whale Pen
Humpback Whale Pen

NA Wildlife Pen Set P2 $24.00
All but the Cougar can be purchased separately for $5.00 each

Moose Pen P19
Black Bear Pen P18
Eagle Pen P20
Cougar Pen
Deer Pen P17
Mallard Pen P21


Farm Animal Pen Set P6 $24.00
the Horse P 38 can be purchased separately for $5.00

Pig Pen
Horse Pen
Gray Striped Cat Pen
Holstein Cow Pen
Rooster Pen
Rabbit Pen


Dog Pen Set P31 $20.00
the Doberman P 44 can be purchased separately for $5.00 each

Hound Dog Pen
Poodle Dog Pen
Dalmation Dog Pen
St. Bernard Dog Pen
Doberman Dog Pen


Cat Pen Set P23 $12.00

Calico Cat Pen
Black and White Cat Pen
Orange Striped Cat Pen


Safari Pen Set P3 $24.00
the tiger P32 and elephant P55 can be purchased separately for $5.00 each

Zebra Pen
Lion Pen
Ostrich Pen
Giraffe Pen
Tiger Pen
Elephant Pen


Primate Pen Set P16 $24.00

Baboon Pen
Orangutan Pen
Gorilla Pen
Mandril Pen
Chimpanzee Pen
Monkey Pen

        Bird Pens


Bird Pen Set I $24.00
the Mallard P21 and Maccaw P22 can be purchased separately for $5.00 each

Scarlet Macaw


Backyard Bird Pen Set II $24.00

Oriole Pen
Woodpecker Pen
Pheasant Pen
Blue Macaw Pen
Goldfinch Pen
Bluebird Pen



Bird Pen Set III P66 $24.00  or $5.00 each

Blue Jay Pen P33
Cardinal Pen P37
Mallard Pen P21
Eagle Pen P20
Penguin Pen P14
Scarlett Macaw Pen P22




Birds on Branches Pen Set P66 $24.0

Flying Mallard Pen P44 $5.00 each
Chickadee on Branch Pen
Green Finch on Branch Pen P48 $10.00 pair
Cardinal on Branch Pen P47 $5.00 each
Blue Hummer Pen
Green Hummer Pen P46 $10.00 pair



Owl Pen Set P10 $12.00

Barn Owl Pen
Short Eared Owl Pen
Great Horned Owl Pen



Water Bird Pen Set P4 set of 8 $30.00
the Mallard P21, Loon P43 and Penguin P14 can be purchased separately for $5.00 each

Mallard Duck Pen
Muscovy Duck Pen
Stork or Heron Pen
Black Tip Flamingo Pen
Flamingo Pen
Duck Pen
Loon Pen
Penguin Pen

        Dinosaur Pens


Dinosaur Pen Set P7 set of 6 $24.00

Stegasaurus Pen
T-Rex Pen
Maiasaurus Pen
Spotted Hadrosaur Dinosaur Pen
Triceratops Pen
Velociraptor Pen

        Reptile Pens

Reptile Pen Set P88 $30.00

Adult Gator
Baby Gator - Aligator set PI $8.00
Land Iguana Pen
Marine Iguana Pen
Jungle Iguana Pen - Iguana set P30 $12.00
Cobra Pen
Rattlesnake Pen - Snake set P11 $8.00
Sea Turtle Pen
Land Turtle Pen- Turtle set P12 $8.00

         Amphibian Pens

Frog and Toad Pen Set P9 $12.00

Leopard Frog Pen
Tree Frog Pen - color is now green
Toad Pen - color is now green

        Fish Pens


Fish Pen Set P5 $24.00

Speckled Trout Pen
Mahi Mahi Pen
Largemouth Bass Pen
Smallmouth Bass Pen
Sunfish Pen
Rainbow Trout Pen


Seahorse Pen Set P945 $24.00

Yellow with Orange Belly
Yellow with Orange Stripes
Yellow with Orange Speckles
Yellow with Brown Bands

        Invertebrate Pens


Butterfly Pen Set P36 $24.00

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Pen
Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Pen
Pink open wings Butterfly Pen
Blue Butterfly Pen
Pink closed wings Butterfly Pen

        Plant Pens

Flower Pen Set P35 $24.00

Rose Flower Pen
Carnation Flower Pen
Tulip Flower Pen
Calla Lily Flower Pen
Daisy Flower Pen
Sunflower Flower Pen


Vegetable Pen Set P99 $24.00 or $5.00 each

Carrot Vegetable Pen P27
Chili Vegetable Pen P24
Corn Vegetable Pen P25
Garlic Vegetable Pen P28
Onion Vegetable Pen P26
Radish Vegetable Pen P29


        Holiday Pens


Christmas Pen Set P100 $24.00


Payment accepted 1) by Paypal, 2) Discover, Mastercard or Visa Credit Card info by phone or
3) credit card info, check or money order by mail.
Single set can be shipped as first class parcel for $4.00 (International Air Post for $7.00).
Any number of sets or other items shipped by Priority mail for $7.00
which includes $50.00 INSURANCE and TRACKING.
(International postage flat rate $12.00 for up to 4 pound package max 36" length + girth
You would need a separate quote for a larger package or to use priority mail for an insured package.)
Second day by 3 PM guaranteed express mail is $20.00 for anything that can fit into the flat rate envelope.
Use the links below to add other products to take advantage of the flat rate shipping.

T-shirts Neckties Hats Bags Books Pens Sharpeners Mugs Magnets Order Form

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