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Bas Relief Bird Magnets

Hand painted resin magnets

Perched Parrots Magnet
BR 941
4 1/2"

Flying Parrot Magnet
BR 942
4 1/2"

Maccaw Magnet
BR 966

Roosters Magnet
BR 917
3 1/2"

Perched Hummingbirds Magnet
BR 943
3 1/2"

Flying Hymmingbirds Magnet
BR 932
3 1/2"

Cardinal Magnet
BR 969
6 1/2"

Flying Owls Magnet
BR 906
3 1/2"

Perched Owls Magnet
BR 906

Double Owls Magnet
BR 944
3 3/4"

Flying Eagles Magnet
BR 904

Perched Eagles Magnet
BR 965

Flamingo Magnet
BR 970

Flying Gulls Magnet
BR 905
4 1/2"

Ducks Magnet
BR 926

Flying Ducks Magnet
BR 907

Flying Pelicans Magnet
BR 903
4 1/2"

Penguins Magnet
BR 946
3 1/2"

Magnets are $4.00 each postpaid when purchased as singles.
        It is OK to mix the designs for a quantity order of $36.00/mixed dozen plus $7.00 shipping and handling.
If the dozen is all the same species I will sell the dozen for $30.00.
The s&h fee covers any number of additional items shipped to the same address.
Look below this box for links to t-shirts, neckties, balsa pens and books to add to your magnet purchase.

Unless you purchase a full set it will not be possible to choose the particular color or pose. I buy them by the dozen and need to sell out before I restock. If you just want one, you can rank several choices and I will fill the order with the first available choice.

T-shirts Neckties Hats Bags Books Pens Sharpeners Mugs Magnets Order Form

Kathy Wildman
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Grafton, WV 26354

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