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Customer Feedback

FYI, my grandson LOVES his new T-shirts. Thanks, Howard

Hi Kathy, Apologies for the delay in responding, life has been hectic for the last several months. You're very welcome on the referral, I'm glad to do it! Every time I wear one of your shirts, I get so many compliments from friends, family, and even total strangers! They all tell me the shirts are wonderful and so unique, and they ask where I got them from. Of course, I always let them know about your website! Paul tells me he has similar experiences when he wears one of your shirts. I hope all is well with you. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year! Sincerely, Becki

Apologies for my late response and thank you soso much for managing to lower shipping costs, It means a lot!!! Regardless of your kind services I definitely plan to make a future purchase! I'll try and see if my friends and family are okay with taking a photo, but I can personally send you one for sure! Everyone needs to get in on animals they rock!

It was so good to hear from you last year! We have shopped with you for YEARS and you have helped clothe my science-loving son for most of his life! This email sounds like you may be winding down, so I wanted to try and get one more order in. I've listed the items below. They are all t-shirts for my son, who now takes a 2XX! (and one bow tie for him). I will also put this list in the USPS along with a check for the amount of $180, which should cover the items and shipping. I'll wait to write and mail the check until you let me know that I've calculated correctly. I have shared your website with many friends over the years. You have absolutely the BEST supply of t-shirts we've ever seen! Good luck to you in the future! I a+ppreciate the info on the ties and the link for the bow tie. My son Nicholas (who lives in your t-shirts!) now works teaching 3-D printing, laser printing and design, etc. and has to wear a bow tie to keep fabric from catching in all the machinery.

Hi Kathy, I love your store and will pass it along to friends and family.Thank you. Dana

I really wish I had known about you years ago! I would have ordered a lot of t-shirts!

Hi Kathy, Thanks for your note...I hope my idea for the t-shirt turns out! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for the help today, also! You sound like a very happy person! Fun talking with you, Karen :)

Hi Kathy, My coastal fishing starts next month, and I'll make sure I get a photo for you then. John

Hi Kathy, When and if you do decide to retire you really should look into selling your business. You've done a lot of work to establish it and keep it going, for quite a long time. Your merchandise is unique and there's got to be a buyer out there somewhere. I have not seen any business online like yours. Everyone else sells tacky t-shirts with tacky slogans that are light weight and cheap. Hopefully you can talk to someone who is knowledgeable about selling online businesses like yours. It'd be better that you got something for it than nothing! best, Heather

Hi.. Just wanted to let you know the postman delivered the t-shirts today!! Very excited and super happy Thank you so much!! Cheers, Joh (Australia)

Kathy, The Ray Troll shirts arrived safely. Great packaging, thanks. My hubby was blown away at the variety and those never before seen! Thank you so much. Take care of yourself, stay safe. I've got you on my favorite shopping list! Lenora

The tee shirt arrived quickly just as you promised. I gave her just one of the shirts... the blue one and plan to surprise her with the second one for Christmas. I haven't gotten a picture yet, but will be watching for an opportunity for one. Thanks so much for getting them in the mail so quickly! I really appreciate it. Jeannie

Hi kathy! Got the package and the refund and the shirt's lovely! Thank you so much Stacey

Return customer. These,along with yesterday's order, are for my sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren for their Christmas stockings!

I started buying from you around 1998, every few years, and it’s the best part of my collection. My absolute favorite is the caterpillar spiral!

A Aquatics Biologist Dr. did some work in Alaske. He bought a spawn till you die shirt. I wore it out. I did a shearch and found you. I bought another and wore it out. As I understand this will be the last time I can buy one. So I will take better care of it and save it for my funeral. However if I get a lapse of sanity I'll get my Spawn till you die shirt on and send a picture. Thank you for supplying some great shirts, hats and other items over the years. Fun fact: Bragging on my friend. We walleye fish in Lake Erie on Kelly's Island. He worked with Senator Glenn on the Great Lakes clean-up project after the Maumee river caught fire. He also gave testimony at a Senate hearing on why we should not develop frankenfish (salmon) and the dangers it could cause should they get loose. Thank you once again Barney

Hi Kathy! I have indeed purchased t-shirts from you since my son was maybe 7 years old! He's now 22! The Data in the Strata is my son's all-time favorite paleontology-themed shirts, and he just got his degree in geology, so he's on his way to becoming a paleontologist. My son will be eventually continuing on to grad school for paleontology so he'll need them! I think all these Dino and paleo shirts have helped keep his enthusiasm up during the years, lol. His geology professor would comment on my son's immense supply of paleo themed t-shirts, in fact.

Former field specialist for US Fish & Wildlife, used to have almost the identical trout shirt 30 years ago that eventually fell apart. Now I have a new version of old memories.

Your information finally came up on PayPal so I was able to send you payment for the t-shirts. Thank you for letting me know that you are liquidating your inventory. You have the best assortment of science/animal t-shirts anywhere. Thank you again for all the years you have mailed me t-shirts. I appreciate it. Sincerely, Kathryn

Hi Kathy, the package arrived and the t-shirts are beautiful! so glad you had an 2xlarge, I think the loose fit will be just fine! Birthday time isn't until December, so when that happens, we'll see what sort of picture we can post. Thanks again, Tamra

Hi Kathy, I spoke with you on the phone earlier today about the Endangered species T-shirts (phone number 407-902-7758). I've included a few others in my order as well. I'll phone you with my cc info to complete the order. You have a very nice selection, there are many more I'd like to get, but my budget doesn't permit right now. However, I've bookmarked your website, and will return for sure to get more at some point. Thanks again for your help, and I'll talk with you soon about payment. Take care,Becki

this is the 3rd or 4th bird t i have gotten for my husband. he has loved them all!

Hi Kathy, I purchased a number of hummingbird t shirts for my wife from you some years ago. Your recent email prompted me to reorder those as me shirt that my wife loves. I have filled out an order form and tried to call you wife my credit card info, but got only your answering machine. So, since it says that the answering machine is safe, I’ll leave my credit card info on that. Thanks again, Mark

Hi Kathy,I'm very sorry to learn that COVID hurt your business and has speeded up your "winding down" process. I know that can't be good news for you. You are the only one who I've found online that sells shirts of high quality that have absolutely unique designs which are fun, intelligent and full of color. I've gotten SO many compliments on the shirts I've bought from you over the years and I've told everyone who commented on your shirts about your website. I only hope that drummed up more business for you. I hope you can sell your business to someone else. I will miss your shirts indeed, if you shutter your shop forever.

I received my “Bling Cod” shirt and I love it! I’ve gotten more comments on it, and haven’t put it on yet. I started looking at the rest of the things that you offer, and could spend the whole afternoon looking at the items (I’m sure I’ll be ordering in the future). I’m not sure how you are able to acquire older Troll shirts, but am looking for his “Cutthroat Businessmen” shirt. I have received more comments on that shirt than any others in my collection. I was disappointed to that I was unable to order another before he discontinued it. I’m just taking a chance, but if you are ever able to locate one in XL, I’d be happy to order it… Thank you, Bruce

HA! OK I know exactly which shirt I bought from you long ago. Spawn Till you die. I loved that shirt!! I had an aquatic biologist friend that worked in Alaska and brought one back for me. I wore it out. I found you and bought another and wore it out. Sorry to see it go. Thank you, BB

Thank you so much for the Corn Snake shirt Kathy! I absolutely love it and it is a great quality as well, wishing you many great years ahead beyond your inventory, take care and thank you again, David

Hello Kathy, THANKS for your prompt attention to this order for your T-Shirts. Much appreciate this. S.

Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today and they look great. Thanks, Jeff

I've been looking for an Ivory-billed Woodpecker hat for the longest time. I saw someone on instagram wearing it and asked where they got it. He sent me the link to your website and now I'm finally getting to order it. Thank you! (He got the last one for this discontinued design!)

Hi Kathy, Thank you for your helpful information. I will proceed with returning the shirt and exchanging it for the XX size. Just let me know what I need to do on my part. Do I need to return it in the box it came in? Thank you for your excellent customer care. Michelle

thank you so much! one of the best websites i ever found!!

Kathy,Shirt just came! Wow, you are quick. I don't see where or how to leave feedback but here it is: "One of the best buying experiences of my entire life! No kidding. Wonderful from beginning to end. Kathy is soooo incredibly nice and efficient. Cannot thank her enough." Kind Regards, Gary

My friend received her butterfly shirt yesterday!! (Birthday today).She is so happy, it is her favorite shirt, and I was so grateful to find it in your store. Thank you for your extra help in getting it to her on time!! Blessings, Jan

I received the tie today & it's awesome! My grandson will just love it. Thank you. Deborah

Hi Kathy, I just received the shirt. It's perfect, thank you so much for your help! All the best, Rachel

Hi Kathy, The 2 Ray Troll shirts arrived this morning--they look great! Thank you for sending them so promptly. I will spread the word and look at other items you have on your site. Take care-- Best, Steve

Ray Troll Store folks gave me your info so that I could replace husband's ancient T-shirt. Thanks! judy

Kathy, I Rec'd the T-shirt I ordered from you for my birthday. Thanks for the prompt service.

Hi Kathy, received my shirts & they are great! Thanks again, Liz

Hip..Hip..Hooray!! Picked my new shirts up today!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I love them.!! Really appreciate you doing this. Stay well and safe,

I had been searching for a place to purchase a hat similar to this one, this site came up as the only one that would ship to me (In England) Hi Kathy, Many thanks for confirming my order. Do you have a feedback form I could fill out, I'd love to give a glowing review :)

Dear Kathy 1The tie arrived this morning, its perfect, thank you Sue xx

Hi! The otter t-shirt has arrived and it's terrific! It's as attractive as my old one. Thank you very much.

Hi Kathy, I received the ties and they are great! My son is so excited to have ties that match mine and picked what we’re going to wear to church on Sunday. I’ll probably be looking for more ties for us and I’ll share your website with my coworkers as well. Thank you, Bill

Hi Kathy! Absolutely incredible ties. WOW! I will have one of your cards handy if anyone in my stamp clubS asks where I got them! Jerry

Thank you so much! I'm always happy with the product I received and I appreciate the fast shipping!

Thank you so much Cathy. Received the shirts today and I am delighted. Thank you again have a good holiday!!

Thank you Kathy. The last shirt I bought from you is my favorite shirt ever. Great designs, great quality. If you can ship quickly I would appreciate it. Taking gifts to friends next week. Jay

I have told several people about your website at meetings of The Wildlife Society. Everyone loves the shirts and especially the neckties I've gotten from you.

Hi. IVE been looking everywhere for a special mug. Yours is it. All others are a joke. They are one sided, plain white, boring. You got the dreamer mug. Oh Thank you so much!!! Best service I've ever had.

Kathy, Just got the T-shirt today. It's fantastic... thanks so much. I swear the colors are so much better than the first one I got at the zoo years ago. I'll certainly pass along the word to my lepidopterist buddies and maybe I can get you a few more orders. Thanks again, Larry

The Swans scarf arrived yesterday and it is GORGEOUS!! Thanks so much... Cheers, Judith

Hello Kathy, I have received now the ties and I am very happy because they are beautiful!!! Thank you very much!!!! I will buy more ties because I use them for my job and your collection is amazing. Best regards. Julio (Spain)

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the shipment of ties. I very much appreciated receiving them. I like them a lot. I hope the two that I selected for Mother's Day will be recognized as such next year. Thanks for keeping my tie interests in mind. I really like both ties that you have suggested. I will take them, thank you very much.

Hi Kathy, Thanks for sending the ties so quickly. I appreciate your prompt response and service. Do you ever see Mother's Day ties? I have done a little looking on the internet and there does not seem to be much. Thanks for your great assortment. I wish you well. Have a pleasant, peaceful, and productive end of the week and weekend. Take care. With warm regards, Don

Kathy, My ties have arrived! You have saved me many frustrating hours of visiting local flea markets looking for these hard to find for items. Thanks, Lou

Thank you so much!!! Wow!! I think the package was shipped faster than I’ve even been able to reply & thank you!! I cannot wait to give this gift.(:

Hi Kathy, The package arrived yesterday. The hats and shirt are perfect! Thank you. Susan

Hi Kathy I am so glad you emailed a link to your site recently as I was looking for a gift to cheer up my husband. He wears the ties I bought from you before all the time and with great pleasure. Thank you for having such interesting merchandise. Charlotte

Was looking to replace one of my favorite ties - found more exciting items on your site!

Hey Kathy, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for running such a tight ship! I received my shirt on Monday and love it, I still can't believe it arrived so fast. I don't think I've ever had a better customer experience with any other clothing retailer before, and I plan on referring your store to all my friends. Have a great week! Best, Richard

Hi Kathy, I just submitted this order for a couple of T-shirts. My mom is a songbird enthusiast and these shirts are birthday gifts for her. Very excited. Thanks for making them. :) Luke
Hello,Kathy, Thank you for sending me the new “Bird” T shirt email. My son asked what I want for my birthday. I told him a new Bird T-shirt, and sent him the link and my preferences. I love these T-shirts. Lois

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that my son's Turtle Tie arrived in the mail yesterday and he is over the moon pleased with it. Thank you again for being a trusted supplier. Take good care, ~Michele
Hi Kathy ~ so glad to have found your products online. My son is very excited to wear his "turtle tie" to his Grade 8 graduation.

Kathy: Just wanted to let you know I really like the tie. It arrived in perfect shape and I've worn it to 3 Christmas parties already. It gets quite a few comments. I will be ordering more ties from you in the future. Thanks, Mark

Found your site while google searching for tree-related mugs as a gift for my grand father. I'm currently in college studying wildlife biology and I've never been so excited about a website in my life.

Gift for a friend who lives to photograph birds!

Recommended by a friend

I chose yours because you have the best selection of Ray Troll T's on the internet!

Hi Kathy, I got my tie! I love it. Thanks again for your help. Sophie

Just received the 2 T shirts I ordered for a Christmas present there beautiful and the service was great. Thank you Tom

The shirt are very nice. They attract lots of attention. They last forever. And project me as quircky and fashinable. Gabe (Israel)

such a unique site, glad you e-mailed me. My daughter's birthday is in March (47) & will love the beach bag & my love is butterflies so chose one for me. I had ordered years ago for my grandson & was well-pleased.

Thank. I wear your t-shirts and ties with pleasure. They are the best. See what else to buy. Respectfully, Vyacheslav (Russia)

I got it thanks a million!!! after christmas I'll show my husband the website in case he wants more.

Thank you so much for my order...its exactly what i wanted....and it completes my Christmas list....Thank you again and have a wonderful day

Kathy, I received the two hats this noon. Thank you much - great quality! You'll be getting more orders from me. Thanks Herb

Got the shirt today, I love it!! Thanks, A++++ all the way. Brian

Received tie and it is perfect for party. Thank you

You're the BEST!! Again... sorry for the slow response time. Enjoy your day and thanks! Steve

Hi Kathy. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment of the beautiful shirts! Anna

Kathy, I received your package today and it is exactly what I wanted. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for offering them. Donna

Hi Kathy, I was so excited to see that the tie came today! It is the PERFECT gift for my friend Chris! Thanks a million! Melody

This site I consider to be a family tradition. My mother somehow found out about it and now buys all of my father's ties from it. And I've taken up the tradition! I know no better site for buying beautiful and unique ties. Thank you for your service to us tie-buyers! - Zoe

I got the Badger face hat... So excited. My friend and I have already decorated our hats with Hufflepuff pins. Love the fact that the brim is so long - great for the needed shade on my face.?? Thank you for a great product. Have a wonderful summer. Not sure when it will arrive here. We had snow this morning ... April 2 ... and more is expected in a few days.?????? Janice (PA)

Kathy, The ties arrived this afternoon and they are beautiful! Thank you for your prompt service. I will review your website to see if I can refer some other folks to you. Thank you. Chris

Kathy, Thank you very much for your products and your service. Everyone will really like the gifts! Thanks again. Michael

Hi Kathy, I wanted to let you know that I received the Barn Owl Hat yesterday – thank you so much!!! I always worry when ordering online and close to holidays about receiving product in time. The hat was perfect, I appreciate your quick response time! Sally

Thank you Kathy - I received the William Morris tie and it is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see my husband's face! Thank you for sending it so promptly - I will certainly be recommending your site to friends with good taste in gentleman's accessories! Cheers - Charlotte.

Hi Kathy, the package got here today and I love them. The recipient is going to be very happy. thanks, Carol

Hi Kathy: Thanks for your prompt and accurate response to my "bug-tie" order. I've been a fan of the CDC stuff for a long time. How did you ever get into this kind of business? Grafton WV isn't exactly one of the commercial centers of the world. What are the k-12 outreaches you support? I hope you are financially successful. You seem to have a lot going for you. Merry Christmas! pms

Hello Kathy, My dad directed me to your site with a specific tie request. It appears you have cornered the market on high quality artwork ties. I was surprised that your website did not come up on Google when I was checking to see if there were other buying options! I will definitely keep your site in mind for future gifts. Thanks, Holly

Good morning, Kathy, Your delightful necktie came yesterday and gives me much enjoyment. Many thanks for the quick service and the cheerful spirit! Matt

Hi Kathy, I found your website via a search for a "nativity necktie". Of all the choices of neckties on all of the various websites that popped up, Iiked your tie best

I got it and love it. I said a said goodbye to my old ratty one. My wife thanks you too! Bruce

THANKS very much, Kathy- the shirt just arrived and it is great! Thanks for making this possible. have a good Holiday season, Ron

Dear Kathy, I just received the "En Garde" fencing tie, and I am so pleased. It is beautiful. Thank you so much. Please keep me in mind for fencing ties, or tee shirts. Hope all goes well with you. Joan

Arrived today. It was pleasure doing business with you. Very nice pens, love them.

I have ordered from you twice before and am very pleased with service and product! Lara (Canada)

They've arrived and are just awesome! Thank you!

Thank you Kathy I received my order of shirts in good condition. I am particularly impressed with the quality of shirts. I will be sure to do business with you again.I do have my Ray Troll habit to support.: )

Dear Kathy, I received the shirts today in Switzerland and they really meet my expectations! Thank you so much ,and I certainly will advertise your website. My best regards, Flore

Hey Kathy, Thanks for the heads up. I already received the snake t-shirt and my partner loves it. She is excited to receive the bandanna as well. We found your store because she was wanting one of the Tell Hicks snake prints on a tee and liked your selections. We both love everything in the store and will undoubtedly be placing more orders in the future! (I have my eye on those Klimt ties). Thanks again, Matt

I was looking specifically for Ray Troll shirts for my dad's birthday. We lived in Alaska and he found his artwork while there. We live in Arkansas now, and I know he hasn't had a Ray Troll shirt in a while. Your site was the only legitimate site I found specifically for him. Thanks again !

Hi Kathy, Thank you for your prompt attention to our self-made "emergency". We look forward to receiving the order on Friday. Please send a detailed receipt that we may have for further reference. So far our experience with you has been a positive experience. There is a feeling we will be coming back to you in the future. Thanks again, Sylvester and Janice

Kathy, I have just received the ties that I ordered. They are wonderful! Thank you, Bill

Hi Kathy, thx.. the fee for postage or sending isn’t too bad at all. (Canada) I basically just googled for Spawn til You Die and your sight came up. I will definitely send your web site URL to my friends especially my fishing buddies!! Thx again for your prompt response.

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to tell you how much I love my T-shirts. They are beautiful! I look forward to ordering others in the future. Sincerely, Mary

Kathy, The tie arrived today. Perfect condition. Thank you so much. Larry

Dear Kathy, Just a note to say we got our hats and we simply LOVE them! Thank you so much for the prompt service and courteous conversation. My wife has expressed her desire to order more of your merchandise and advantageous to me, her birthday is coming up! Thank you again and I will be in touch soon! Sincerely, Rick

Hi Kathy, Sorry I didn't get back sooner. The shirt was delivered several days ago; it's been washed and is ready to go! Thanks so much for your fast response. It's been great doing business with you! Shawn

I have had this tie for 15+ years - worn and needs replacing - simply googled "417ties Van Heusen" and got to your site! Great form, simple & easy! - Thanks, Denis

My husband is a teacher who loves and collects ties. Wanted to get him something special for his birthday.

Seriously this is the coolest website! I just found it off of google while looking for sea turtle hats. I'm a sea turtle biologist, but I loved the selection so much that I'm buying more as gifts. Thank you!

Kathy- I was looking for the toucan tie because the one I first owned wore out. I found it on a Google image search and then decided to keep shopping after looking at your site. Looking forward to getting the toucan back in my wardrobe rotation. Brian

Dear Kathy, I love my Beatle ties and having gotten lots of comments. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate you took such care with the ties when shipping them. I look forward to visiting your website more often . regards Mitch

I hope you can continue to carry t-shirts, because yours are the nicest and prettiest I have seen anywhere!

I got them! And in a word.....OUTSTANDING! Just what I was looking for. I will definitely buy more in the coming weeks! If they were a tiny bit wider, (say 4 inch) it would be excellent, but still I really like them and I will keep them and wear them out! As a matter of fact, I will be wearing the red one tomorrow! I do a lot of presenting and in my world the necktie says it all; it makes the look and gets the attention. I get a lit of compliments on the ties and I will certainly give your cards away! You have a great product line, the service is great, the response time is excellent and the online shopping is user-friendly. I'll be selecting again in a few weeks. Thanks, Be Empowered and have an Outstanding Day! The Motivational Speaker

Got the tie, Love it. Best wishes to your very unique company.

I received my three shirts promptly and in perfect condition! Thank you so much! Just love to Worship Fish! Juanita

Thanks so much, Kathy. The customer service is extraordinary. I received the tie today and it is perfect. Thanks for being there. I will surely be a loyal customer. Kathy

Hi Kathy - just was doing a yahoo search looking for "sea turtle" baseball caps... and came upon your link on about the 3rd or 4th page of listings. You have the best selection I have seen by far. Looking forward to getting (and wearing) them. I'll make sure to tell those who inquire where I got them from. Walt

Hello, Kathy, The ties arrived Monday and are beautiful. I wore the "Horses in the Pines" to the museum Tuesday on a red corduroy shirt, and it was very dramatic. I'll wear another one tomorrow. Thanks for your continuing search. Ron

Dear Kathy, The ties arrived today, and they are even more beautiful than their pictures. I am delighted with my choice in ties and in your excellent selection and service! Thank you! Jim

Thanks for the email, can't spend too much time with parents. My brother (who lives in Idaho) FaceTimed with us Christmas morning and he was wearing this same t-shirt. He found the website for me. Kevin

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that we received the shirts in time for Christmas and my son-in-law, daughter and kids were delighted with them. A funny moment was when my 2-year-old granddaughter was helping my daughter unwrap her present, and my daughter exclaimed, “I got a shirt!” My granddaughter replied, “I got one too!” Thanks for such terrific service! I have you bookmarked for future orders! Dindy

Hi Katy, Just wanted you to know that the tie arrived this morning and I love it. Thanks so much and please have a great holiday. I will surely be one of your loyal customers. Thanks so much, Kathy

Kathy, Our Aunt in Pennsylvania loved her bird T shirt. When we talked to her she first said "santa Clause is in West Virginia". Our friend's mom here in Tennessee loves Her's also. She was so surprised. Thank you for helping these two special Ladies Christmas brighter. They are 90 And 95. Merry Christmas to you and your family

received the ties today that you sent me. They look great. Thank you for your very fast service. Merry Christmas. Frank

Hi Kathy, I got to your page via googling "Dragon t-shirts". I have a son-in-law who is difficult to shop for and who doesn't hide it if he receives something he doesn't like. After his son was born, I noted how pleased he was when I got matching t-shirts for him and the baby boy so the next year I bought matching dragon t-shirts for them, since my son-in-law likes dragons. He was so thrilled he actually stripped off his shirt while we were opening presents and put his new shirt on, then grabbed my grandson and put his shirt on. Every year since then I have bought them matching dragon shirts, and this year I decided to include my daughter and granddaughter in on the gift. I chose that particular design because it had shirts available in all 4 of the sizes needed. Can't wait to see the new shirts! Dindy

Hello Kathy, I just received the tie in the mail today and it looks great. Thank you! I found your website through Google, looking for a tie for my dad for Christmas. My dad like cartoon character ties, but he only likes to wear ties made of silk, making it difficult to find a tie that he likes. But your site perfectly fit the bill, with the large selection of ties and materials. Thanks, Stephanie

I received my parcel and I am so pleased with the product. I look forward to my next purchase Cheers Lynn

Hi Kathy, I wanted to let you know I received the tie and it's perfect. Thanks a have a great day!

Third time ordering. Good service. I'm here for the Peanuts ties.

I found your website by surfing for unusual neckties a year or so ago. This is my second purchase and I really do appreciate your collection. Thanks and Merry Christmas

Hi Kathy, The shirts arrived today. They are magnificent. Sincerely, Kevin

Ok, thank you so much!! Thank you for being so quick to get it out!!! Great service!!

Thank you for mailing the beautiful train necktie I ordered from you so quickly. I am very pleased with the purchase. Im sure the birthday boy will love it. Thanx again. Lynn

Dear Kathy: Thank-you for the speedy delivery of music-themed neckties. They look great and the recipient should be quite happy with them this Christmas. All the best, Barbara

Kathy, I want to thank you so much for helping me make my boss so happy on Bosses' Day! I'm sure you can see by the look on his face that this made his day. It was so nice of you to remember my request. All the best, Vicki

Dear Kathy, I was interested in getting the tie from the Fox and Chave website, but they have been out of stock for some weeks now. I went to Google shopping and entered "Fox and Chave men's tie Klimt Tree of Life" and your website came up immediately. Thanks for your prompt and courteous response. I will of course recommend your site to my friends and acquaintances. Brad

Hi Kathy, I got the ties yesterday & can't wait for Boss's Day to give them to the guys - I think they will love them! Thanks for your prompt service :) Nancy

Well, that didn't take long; the package arrived here today! The shirts look really nice and I'm sure my wife will love them. Thanks for the prompt and efficient service, Ian

Good morning Kathy, I received the bearded dragon t-shirt yesterday. Thank you! Thank you! My grandson is going to love it. Thank you for getting it to me so fast!! All the best, Laurie

Hi Kathy, I received the tie today and I am thrilled. It is perfect. Thanks so much for sending it. I will surely be in touch again as we have many Fall birthdays and the Holidays are coming. Thank you for being there and having the items that mean much to me. Kathy K

Hi Kathy - I just wanted to send a thank you note to you for the Long Live Rockfish Tshirts. We love them so much! They are exactly what we were looking for before we head out to go try to catch a bunch of rockfish. Thank you again, take care. Shelly

The ties just arrived, well packed and in perfect condition. I cannot describe how pleased I am. Thank you so very much. Keith

I absolutely LOVE the tie. Thanks so much, Kathy! I’ll be placing another order very soon…

Received tie. Very happy. I plan on buying more. Thank you, Leon

Kathy, You are the only person I know who has the FULL collection of Frank Lloyd Wright ties, including all of the official FLR Foundation stores! Thank you! Nick

Hi, I look forward to the hat. Great designs! I just googled hat designs for a while until I found what I wanted. I will probably be purchasing a bird hat in the future too :) Thanks! Mary

Hi Kathy-- I received the tie and we are thrilled. Thank you so much--my son -in-law will be so happy to receive it. He and I have this on going love for ties. I will definitely be back in touch with you for more orders soon. Thank you again for the great service you provided. A very satisfied customer, Kathy

Hi Kathy, I received the ties today. They're great. Thank you very much. Cheers, Scott

Thank you for the quick delivery Kathy. I received the trumpet ties yesterday - in plenty of time to get them to the students tomorrow for the Sunday Recital. They are very nice and I am quite pleased with them. Jim

Hi Kathy, Thanks for processing my order. I literally found your site because I really wanted a hat with a goat on it (I love goats!) and I had no luck finding ones I liked in stores, so I googled "mountain goat baseball hat" and an image of your hat came up! It is exactly what I had in mind. I am excited to get to try it out. :) Alice

Kathy, I just ordered 4 different ties from your web site. I have used PayPal. These ties are for my sons to choose from to wear as the ushers at my daughter's up coming wedding on June 11. I look forward to receiving them. Malcolm

I had one of your dragonfly hats for years, and someone stole it. I miss it. It was the prettiest hat I had ever seen, so I'm getting another. Thank you for your beautiful work!

HS grauation/college acceptance gift for socially conscious nephew. colors match and the cause is great, thanks. found you on google search for neckties liknked to charities.

Hi Kathy, I just got the fawn baseball cap today, Wednesday, and I love it! I am going to wear it everyday at the Wildlife Center that I go to. It fits better than the other caps that I have too. If I ever want or need anything related to deer, I will go to your website first! Thanks again. Sincerely, Diane

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the email. I have been browsing online for a bug t-shirt for my grandson who just turned six. I thought it would be a good add to go with the great book of bugs that I bought him. I love your designs! I'm sure he'll love it! Thanks, Cindy

Just to let you know: The t-shirts and mugs all arrived in fine shape. Joyce

hello , i have just received this morning my new tie. so i am like my bean ..very pompus ..(i blow in my onwn trompet) alain the pharmacist (France)

We loved this tie. Got stained & couldn't find anywhere...then found your site; thanks!

Kathy, The tie arrived! Thanks so much. As always your service and prompt attention are fantastic. Best, Ann

I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt shipping and e-mail notification! The tie quality is fantastic - I appreciate it being wrapped in plastic (I gave the recipient one of your cards too). The gift was a hit during the planetarium experience! Best of luck to you! Shelley

Denise Thanks so much for the great service. The tie arrived yesterday(Monday). Was surprised how fast it got here. Thanks again

I love Macintosh ties,but I have not get them long time.My last rose tie is turn to old sadly. Now I am very happy to find you site.You are my hope. Tasaki (Japan)

I received my shirts today and I love them. Thank you! Heather

Dear Mrs Wildman, Thank you for such a excellent and personal service. I look forward to receiving the ties upon my Wife's return to the UK early March. Very Best Wishes John

I searched for boys ties with a train theme. My 5 yr old grandson loves trains and he like to wear dress shirts and ties.

I got it!!! It’s beautiful! Thanx, Duane

Kathy, I don't remember exactly when I found your website but I have had it bookmarked for several years. Great place to go for central location of Americana's. I already have a number of American ties (10-12) and find that they are classy and always exact a response from somebody. As far as shipping goes, send as cheap as possible. Don't need insurance. I'm in no hurry at this point. Lee

Kathy, The Happy New Year ties arrived yesterday, and they are even nicer than they appeared on the website. I have been very pleased with every tie I purchased from your site. I found your website a year or two ago, while searching in Google. I have bought a few ties from your site in the past, and I bookmarked it for future times I would be looking for ties. Bryan

Hello Kathy, I'll just get the shirt for now, but thank you for the information about flat rate shipping. I found your site after googling for "Sibley Favorite backyard bird tee shirt". I wanted the pistachio green and could only find it on your site! My sister volunteers at the Massachusetts Audobon society Ipswitch Wildlife Sanctuary, and she bought me a Sibley shirt there as a gift. I wanted another shirt just like it, but they don't sell it online and they were sold out at the Sanctuary. Whenever I wear it, people comment on it, and want to know where I got it. Mine is getting a bit worn looking which is why I wanted another. So glad you have them! Now I can steer people to your website too. Looking forward to getting the shirt very much. Thank you, Audrey

Dear Kathy, The Picasso tie was a huge hit with my boyfriend. He was so pleased he wanted to know where I got it, he noticed the label inside immediately. He looked at your website that night. Thank you for having such a unique site to buy truly unique items for art lovers. Diane

Kathy - thank you so much for the curious George tie. My friend loved it. Happy New Year!!

Wonderful!!! People like you make shopping and gift-giving more pleasurable than ever. Have a wonderful Christmas. Mary Jane

I found your site by googling lizard tee shirts. You have by far the best selection and coolest shirts! Thanks again, Carol

Kathy, Just a note to let you know that the tie arrived yesterday. I am impressed, it looks great. I know my boyfriend will love it, Picasso is probably his favorite and most respected artist. Thank you so much! Diane

Hi Kathy I was shopping around in the stores looking for a tie with birds on it. I had no success, so I googled necktie with bird designs on it. Your web sight came up[ among others and the owl design you had for sale fit what I was looking for. Thanks Rodger

I bought merchandise from you several years ago then couldn't remember the site & found it again tonight! Yay! You have excellent merchandise & are an excellent vendor!

Hi Kathy I found your site by googling concert music ties After much research with other vendors by far you had the best selection of music ties. After Xmas I will tell my kid where I got it Thanks again Boyce

Kathy, The shark ties arrived on Saturday. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for your prompt service. Karen

Dear Kathy, Feel fortunate to have the last of three of five items. Received in perfect condition a few minutes ago. Thank you for the care in mailing. Could not be more pleased: beautiful and tasteful. And a tie for my Son, the Medical Librarian, I would not have expected to ever find. My daughter likes purple and my wife plants. I know these gifts will be appreciated. Don't work too hard. Merry Christmas! Hugo

I have done business with you before, I think I ordered some ties from you. I enjoy your selection and customer service. Thanks, Brad

Dear Kathy, The necktie arrived today and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for your quick delivery and such a high-quality item. I hope my friend, who is a history teacher, will enjoy it and I will shop with you again. Happy Holidays! Colleen

Got the chocolate shirt. Thank you, thank you. Will love wearing it. Lois

Hi Cathy, thanks for your message and the confirmation. I saw a picture of this Ray Troll design on twitter and than started a web search - you seem to be one of the few online stores who actually offer international shipment of the t-shirt... Kind regards from Berlin, Paul

Hi Kathy! I got the goldfinch tee and have it on! I love it! Fred

My boyfriend told me about a shirt he had as a kid with whales on it and their scientific names, and that he loved it so much he even made his mom sew it when it was torn. I thought it'd make a nice XMas gift, but sadly no where sells anything close to this except for your site (found by my dad in a google search). E. Natasha

Found your web site by googling hummingbird hats when the Matarango Musuem in Ridgecrest CA was dumb enough to not put their store stock on line for sale. Like your site much better! Bob

Hi Kathy, The Presidential tie looks fantastic! Great Job and quick too! I have your site bookmarked and will recommend it to others. Thank you very much! Randy

Kathy: I just received the shirt today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My son is going to love it at Christmas and it will fit him great. I will definitely order from you again. Have a great day Jackie

Hi Kathy - The shirts arrived today - and they are all excellent: bright & stunning graphics on good solid shirts. I will be back with a holiday order in the not-too-distant future. All the best - Joyce

Hi Kathy, Final msg: Thanks for the shirts. Both are perfect and while I like the big cats, these are wonderful and I'll enjoy wearing them. Also thanks for the extra customer service. Take care, Judy

I found your site by searching the web for ties. I started with snoopy ties, as I knew my husband would really like that. I looked at many sites but found your snoopy ties fit more what I was looking for. After awhile I realized you had many themed ties to choose from, so I expanded my search. I ended up purchasing the airplane tie for my son-in-law that flies for the air force. Thanks, Kristin

I googled for a black and gold tie; and saw your MAE 509 Two Poles Map Tie; and then found ur web site; please expedite this tie; I will pay more then your asking price if u can hurry it up.....that's a one of a kind tie; lol..... Ray

I found your website after doing a Google search on "Martin Luther King Jr. Necktie." In central Pennsylvania, we had two recent controversies involving race, both occurring on Memorial Day. The KKK placed recruitment fliers on people's doorsteps in the town of New Bloomfield, about forty miles from my home, and our local newspaper, The Daily Item, published a letter to the editor from a writer in Lewisburg that threatened the life of the President. The latter story made national news, and now the FBI and Secret Service are involved.. Dr. King was a hero of mine when I was a college student - now that I am 47 years old and a father, I find myself revisiting his life and teachings often. Thanks, John

As I am trying to replace a cherished but now lost cap made by you and given to me by my daughter several years ago, I anxiously await your favourable reply. Regards, Keith

Ties received. They were all very nice. A good deal. Thanks, Randy

found your site by searching "Snoopy Tie" on Google. I used to have that same tie but lost it. I was an Army pilot and had Snoopy as the WW1 Flying Ace on the side of my aircraft. Now I work for the FAA, so it's a great tie for work. I'm glad I found your site.. thanks, Wil

You are amazing!!!! WOW! Great guess and thank you. My husband's a historian who teaches at the high school and junior college level. He has major historical tie and t shirt collections, but I've never seen the medieval armour tie before, and he'll love it. Thanks so much, and bless you for sending something on. The other tie I got him was the copy of the textiles from the Blue Room in the White House. His students always look forward to the new finery he wears after Christmas. Appreciatively, Vera

My doctor has had this tie FOREVER and he was really sad to see it has been worn out! I was able to hunt it down and your site and I am excited to surprise him!

Kathy, I received the ties -- they are in very nice shape and I'm so happy with them. It was a pleasure to shop with you; thanks a lot. Ruth

I wanted a birds of prey shirt and clicked on an image of the shirt and found you. I am a bird lover, big and small! Be a blessing, Marianne <*><

Thanks Kathy, I look fowrard to the wearing the Tie! I found your website when googling 'Nautical Ties.' I am going to a wedding this summer and thought it would look the part. I am sure I will be ordering again, great selection! Best, Chris

You're the only person who has these older Save The Children ties that my husband loves.

I saw one of the t shirts for sale in Alaska and didn't have the cash to buy it. When I got home I did a Google search. Your prices and choice of designs and size were the best.

Hi Kathy, The 6 ties arrived this morning. They look WONDERFUL. The slow part of the Journey was from Sydney to Perth – 3800km in the same country. The US Postal Service was excellent in getting the package from you to the International Flight, although who knows how long it sat on a desk there. Kind regards David (25 days Grafton WV->Joondaloop Western Australia

Was looking online and found your listing. First one I opened, and hit the Jackpot! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the Manatee Neck Tie - I received it today (Saturday, June 20, 2015) and it is even better than the picture. I look forward to shopping again on your website. Edith

I got the ties today. Thanks so much. I love them. Brian

Thank you Kathy. You are most efficient. David. (Australia)

I found your website on Google. I visited a few other ones but you have such a vast collection and good images that you won hands down!

Kathy, You are the only person I know who has the FULL collection of Frank Lloyd Wright ties, including all of the official FLR Foundation stores! Thank you! Nick

Hello Kathy, Thank you very much - I received the necktie yesterday. That was one of the fastest responses to a purchase I've ever experienced! Peace, John

Hi Kathy, The neckties arrived today and my boyfriend is thrilled! Thank you so much for the speedy service. Nancy

Hi Kathy - just wanted you to know that the hat arrived safely today. It looks awesome. Cannot wait for Father's Day - my Dad will love it! Thanks - Sharon

Love your shirt selection - I have not been able to find bird shirts (unless at a national park) (I googled bird tshirts and was very happy to find you)

Dear Ms. Wildman, Thank you very much! `You are an honorable Person, not commonly found in business nowadays, I appreciate it and will surely continue to shop with your business whenever you have the products I need. Sincerely, Yosef

Thanks, Kathy. Actually, my husband was looking for ties for his interview on Monday and came across your web page. You have some very fun stuff! Thanks a lot, Ellen

Hi Kathy! I have bought from you before and always enjoy your great tshirts. Superb designs for any nature enthusiast. Thanks again.

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to let you know the tie arrived today. It is excellent, and I am excited to wear it soon. Thank you for providing this service, and I will be sure to browse your website again soon for cool gifts, as well as recommend it to others. Thank you, Brad

The tie which I ordered just arrived. I was in time for the marriage present of the friend. I thank for your kindness. From Syuichi (Japan)

My ties arrived today and are exactly what I was looking for. Do you take requests for ties to try and locate? I have two ties I am trying to replace, a Curious George tie and a Where the Wild Things Are tie. I have searched the internet and found ties from those two books but none that I like as much. If you do take requests (YES - I do keep a wish list folder KLW) I can send you pictures of the ones that I have. Thanks again for your great website. Tom

I'm a teacher and I've noticed principals wearing cute ties with children's artwork. Recently, my son got his first career job after his MBA at the Children's Hospital of Arkansas in Little Rock. I wanted to honor children and congratulate him with a special tie to wear at work. I will share your website. I found it on a google search for save the children neckties. Thank you. I'm anxious to see his response and do intend on ordering many future gifts fro your site in the future.

Kathy, I found your web site while I was searching for ties. As for my choices, I decided long ago that if I had to wear a tie I wanted it to be a little bit interesting. I was tired of plain, I wanted colorful and unusual. Your site certainly meets that definition. The ones I have ordered from you are mostly to replace ties that I have had for quite a while and need to replace. If I am happy with what I have ordered ( and I am sure I will be), I will most certainly be back. Tom

We were at a wildlife refuge in Texas. My wife wanted this T-Shirt but the did not have the correct size. I Googled shoreline birds t-shirt and your web-site came up.

Dear Kathy, Just now I received your beautiful ties. Thanks a lot, they make wonderful presents! Kind regards, Loes , Netherlands

This is a terrific site, and I plan to shop here again - great gifts!

Hi Kathy, After extensive online searching, your ties are just the best option and the best prices.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know the tie arrived yesterday, and I love it. Thanks for getting it into the mail for me so quickly. I know my brother is going to love it too. Maria

I just received my first t-shirt from you and I love it! The quality of both the design and fabric is excellent. I have ordered two more shirts from you and look forward to wearing them. I also appreciate the personal attention you give to me as a customer. My only complaint is that you offer so many wonderful items, my finances will not allow me to buy all that I want. You definitely have a repeat customer in me. Jennifer

Husband Michael loved his present - arrived in great condition - Thank You He has a request for another tie -although he has the requested tie, it is so worn it can't be worn!!!!. Should you get this tie in your inventory could you let me know.

Hi Kathy, We were searching for ties for my husband and your website was one that came up. We had a great time seeing all the ties you have available. Amazing! Thanks. Kim

Dear Kathy Your package arrived last Friday – right in time for Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful service! Today is the gift exchange session at work and I’m sure the young man (pre-med) in the neighbouring lab whose name I drew for Secret Santa will adore the special tie. Happy holidays and best wishes for 2015! Alice (sSingapore)

Order p158 - You are correct the small adult tee shirt is Raptor of North America. I appreciate your efforts but as I told you over the phone enjoy your weekend and just send the item or items Monday. I found your web site by just searching and I saw the picture of Raptor of North America which lead me to your site. I have looked at most of the items on your site and am very impressed both with the products and ease of use to see and order items. Thanks, David

Just a note of sincere Thanks!!! Tie arrived Saturday and is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again! Renae

I ordered from you last Christmas and you really went above and beyond trying to get my order to me on time. I really appreciated that and this year I'm trying to start earlier. Thanks!

Hi Kathy, I got the shirt and it is perfect. Thank you!! Gayle

Kathy, The shirt arrived and the image is nicer than it appears online. I Thank you! I found you with a BING search for red-tail hawk t-shirt. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

Kathy, Your site came up while googling FLW ties. You have the best selection of ties that I could find. My husband wears a tie to work daily so I like to gift them to him and Frank Lloyd Wright has "ties" to Wisconsin. I guess that drives the choice. Thanks for a personal contact. Bridget PS. There is a Grafton Wisconsin too.

I like South Park and Loney Tunes but I cannot get some good ties in Japan. So I was searching for the website on google and found your site. Thank you, Shonosuke (Japan)

I place an order with you every year. My husband is a school principal and only wears Save the Children ties to work everyday so this will be something I order every year.

Kathy: The story behind my necktie purchase is that my 16 yr. old grandson (sophomore in H.S.) is an avid fish fan. In the summer he does fly fishing, "regular rod and reel" fishing, both catch and catch and release. He also has an aquarium--fresh water and is very scientifically into it with his dad. His science teacher has asked him to help set up one in the classroom as well. I wanted a tie that is youthful looking and I hope the "Kelp Forest" tie is such a tie. He will wear it with a black or dark red shirt. Sincerely, Katharine

I enjoy ordering ties from you every year for my husband for Christmas. He is a high school history/government teacher and wears the ties daily to school. He always receives compliments on his ties and I have promised to keep them coming year after year. He always looks forward to them. Thanks for such a great selection! Carrie

Hi Kathy, Here's my story: Our grandson, who plays hockey, is a freshman in high school and is now on the H.S. hockey team. They are the Gardiner Tigers. On days they have a game, they dress up at school. I thought it would be cool for him to have a tie with tigers on it, so I googled that and found your website. I wish I had found it earlier, before we maxed out his gift budget! But I will share your sight with my daughter in law and the team. And there's always his birthday!

Thank you. The tie is a gift for my daughter's high school biology teacher. I googled "science themed ties" and found you. Loved your products. Cathy

My husband ordered some shirts for me last year and I really liked them. Now ordering for my mom who loves birds.

Someone gave my husband a Save the Children or Children’s Miracle Network, necktie several years ago. I googled it, and your website came up and seemed to have the best selection. Thanks so much. Jill

Hi Kathy – I received the tie today – thank you. I found your site when I was searching on Google for that particular tie. My husband (a middle school principal) received this tie many years ago as a gift and he's worn it so much it was worn and frayed on the edges and he requested a new one. Thanks again, Darcy

We received the tie and it is beautiful. I found your site by just Goggling Snoopy ties. Each year my husband wants a new cartoon tie for the Holidays. Not vintage previously owned. He does not like polyester just silk. We are very happy with our order. It was not hard to use your site just different than some. I do have to say you had creative mail packaging though. Thanks for the prompt response. Sometimes when you try a new site and pay you can get burned as I have before. We will use yours again, perhaps for Christmas. Your photos are very good too. Thanks again Stephanie

I have just discovered your site in the search for a favorite tee that is worn out - and I found it. Then I started looking more and you have the most wonderful array of designs I have ever seen. While I cannot afford to buy any of them right now I will be ordering. I cannot say enough how pleased I am to have discovered your site - it was a pleasure just to look through all the shirts. Thanks so much! Roxie
My t-shirt arrived on Friday and I am so pleased to have it - it is so bright and lovely. I think I have had this other one for about 10 years and it sure is faded although I had not realized it. Thank you so much for your wonderful site! Take care, Roxie

Hi Kathy Years ago, I bought my husband a couple of Save the Children neckties – they were his favourites for many years, but they eventually wore out. Recently I just googled ‘Save the Children neckties’ and found your website that way. The tie with the handprints on it is the same as one we had years ago, and the other one I just liked. Thanks. Julie


My husband had this specific tie growing up but misplaced it. I've looked everywhere for a new one and this is the only place I've been able to find it! Wonderful selection.

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the great service, we got the tie today and we love it! I'll be sure to recommend you when people ask where my son got his cool tie. :) Thank you, Joan

Dear Kathy, I got my garden bird shirt and it is just beautiful. It is high quality and the print is first rate with vibrant harmonious colors and true to life art. I wish you great success in your business. I'll be ordering more! June

Hi Kathy, My husband is an avid birder and I found your site while looking for a bird-related gift for him. Please note, I am asking you to send these items to my work address so he doesn't see the package when it arrives at our home. Thank you. Joy

Found you by puttering around in Google looking for book printed neckties. It was finally a eureka moment! Joan

0 Hi Kathy. I purchased a t-shirt digital to this one several years ago and loved it. I Gabe not been able to find one since. I did a Google search yesterday and came upon your website and was thrilled to actually find it. Thank you very much for having it available on your website Mark

Thank you so much! Thank you for having this amazing website and taking your time to make others feel so special! You're amazing Kathy!

Hi Kathy. I wear my otter hat so much it is starting to wear out. Hope all is well for you. I am back in Canada now. Best wishes, John

Hi Kathy! Just writing to say the tie just arrived! It is SO perfect! Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. Melissa

Hi Kathy, We spoke this past Monday when I ordered a Spanish Dictionary necktie I was pleasantly surprised to see the package arrive Wednesday, just two days after my call. Couldn't wait to get the package opened to take a peek at the tie. LOVE IT!! It was even nicer than I had anticipated. The tie is a gift for my neighbor's son. We'll be celebrating his first teaching position, which is an elementary/middle school Spanish teacher. The family is planning a Fiesta themed cookout, and the tie will no doubt be a huge hit. Your website is something I'll visit often, and also let friends know about it. All of your items are fun and wonderfully unique. Thank you. Eileen

I have purchased t-shirts from you before as you stock some of Ray Trolls older designs that I still like. Your shipping is cheaper than his too. Thank you Caroline

by chance I found your homepage, I love black bears and there are not many shirts with nice pictures available online! Great! Angela (Switzerland)

I got the tie and I love it. He is going to be surprised and happy. Great price, too. Thank you so much. Donna

I found your site by surfing for Mardis Gras props, ties, etc. I am a duck Captain for Ride the Ducks of Seattle, and my name for them is Capt. Marty Graw. We do have to wear a captain's uniform (we are certified by the Coast Guard with a Master's license, and I do hold the rank of Captain in the Merchant Marines), but we get to add to our uniform with what we call "flair". This is to enhance our persona and the fun we deliver to our guests. Thus, the Mardis Gras tie will be part of my uniform, part of my flair.

Too bad on the Insects Etc-that’s an awesome shirt. My second choice now would be Insects of North America WC 43. Thank you for your prompt reply back too me. Great Customer service. Judy

My son is graduating from medical school, and I googled ‘medical necktie.” I looked at one or two other classes of neckties. You have wonderful things, more and better than other sites.

Thank you for your service. These ties are for my husbands birthday and I know he will love them! I have purchased ties from you before! Great ties. My husband has particular taste and is a nice dresser. I always find great things here. Kay

Thank you for your quick reply! My son will be wearing the music tie tonight for his jazz band concert. When the other kids see it, They are all going to want one :-). So hopefully I can send more business your way. Thanks again! Kim

pretty darn cool site and products Steve

Awesome! Thanks so much Kathy! I saw the PayPal invoice and will send you a payment shortly . . . Thanks again for the great customer service! Cheers Kathy......Hi Kathy, Got the "Data is in the Stratta" t-shirt today - LOVE it! Thanks again for sending it out so quickly! Have a great weekend! Cheers Kathy

I found your site through a Google search....My best friend and I are Disney nuts...and we vacation at Disney together. Her son is graduating with his masters in music education and I thought it would be a cute small gift for him.(Mickey Conducts Donald)

Hi Kathy. I picked up the package from my porch this morning which means it got here yesterday around 2 pm. The shirts were exactly what I wanted and the cups were even better than I imagined they would be. Thanks again. I will keep your web addy in my favorites files and yours will be the first place I look when something else winds up on my want list. Happy Spring, Phill.

Our ties came in and we are thrilled about them !! It couldn't of gotten better anywheres else!!!! They are awesome !! Thank you so much . Ok, I decided I would like both my grandsons to wear ties similar to these. Do you have these ties in 11" & 14". I am so glad I found your site !!! Have a great day ,

I absolutely love your website!! You have many obscure designs listed and all of my children are brainiacs and gravitate towards such things. I have already book marked your website to my toolbar and will definitely be ordering more from you in the future. Thanks for creating such a wonderful site so full of diversity!!

Kathy, My order of 3 movie ties arrived today, and they are BEAUTIFUL! I plan to wear one at the upcoming Film Music Symphony concert in mid March. Thanks for the quick service! Take care! Rick

Dear Mrs. Wildman, Thank you very much for the ties. I ordered the FDR and Shamrock ties. It is difficult finding cool and swave ties. I look forward to ordering more ties from your selection. Seth

Hi Kathy, Thank you for sending the tie so promptly. First class will be fine, it's ok if it's not here before Christmas - I'm pretty sure he knows he is getting it! And I found your site last year - ordered a Triceratops tie for him last Christmas - although he has yet to wear it! He actually had a tie that was very similar to this one, but wore it out completely, so this will be a replacement... I'm so glad you have such a variety on your site - it's fun to look through all your ties! Thanks, and Merry Christmas! Jen

I have found your site searching for t-shirt with brown bat. You have the biggest selection. Congrats and thank you for making my search easier. Halina

Kathy, thank you for your e-mail for order p145. Please send the navy Beatles yellow Sub tie. I found your site by searching for that particular tie. My daughter gave my husband a yellow submarine shirt for his birthday so I wanted the tie to go with it. I will share your site with people I know. We are old enough to remember the Beatles first hand. Have a happy holiday

Kathy Just to let you know - I found your site when I "googled" Presidential tie. Your prices were better than the other sites that came up and better than the catalog that I found it in originally. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful Christmas! Pat

Thank you, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. My father wanted this one T - shirt for Christmas, and I did not know where to find it, so I was very pleased to come across your website. Thank you. Sincerely, Zach

Loved the ties. Already gave one as a present to a colleague. You are the only site where I can find the Save the Children ties. Aurelio

I found the tie on Amazon while looking for a Christmas gift for my father. I decided to check to see if I could find it cheaper anywhere using Google, and that I did! Thank you :)

Kathy, The tie came two days later. Thank you so much! I lost a tie just like it years ago, and I finally found it again! Thanks for everything. James

I was looking to buy T-shirts with Ray Troll art on line. My oldest son works in Alaska and had given the "Got Ink" hoodie to my youngest son. We have been wanting the same design in a T-shirt for a friend. Due to the design's popularity he has been unable to locate that design in the stores there and suggested I try the internet. So glad to have come upon your website. Kathleen

Thanks Kathy, I was looking for a tie with Architecture theme for my son who is studying in that field. From the Internet I found your site had the most selection to chose from. I'm not sure if this tie would be the one he would choose however he can always select others at another time. Cheers Pam

Kathy, I found your site through google; my husband wears a tie almost every day and has many cartoon and animal ties so I was looking for unique ones to fill in the gaps that he has. Your site has the best selection I've seen. The ones we chose allow him to express his sense of humor and personality through his ties. My kids chose a couple for Christmas gifts and I plan to keep some of the others to give out for Father's Day and his birthday. I'll put the check in the mail. Thanks very much. Tracy

Miss Kathy, Just wanted to drop you line letting you know that my ties arrived yesterday. They look great. Thanks so much for the fast shipping. Scott

I ordered ties from you previously so checked in this year and found some great ones! Thank you. Pat

Hi..............I was waiting til my grandson’s birthday when I gave him the shirts to let you know what he thought. He was thrilled!!!!! He loved the insects shirt and the glow in the dark firefly shirt!! I will definitely keep your website in mind!! Thanks a bunch! Bridget

Kathy, thank you for being so prompt in sending out my purchase. The tie arrived yesterday, just in time for the surprise party this weekend. Once again thank you, Veronica

Thank you, Kathy. You are always such a pleasure to work with. Shari

Wanted to get my hubbie a fun amphibian t-shirt. Searched Google Images (a much better method than searching Amazon, I've found), and found your site. Was impressed by the quantity of fun designs - best source I found by far!

Hi Kathy! Thanks for sending the two Snoopy ties ( Go For The Gold and North East West South) so quickly........... I actually received them today! They were packaged really well and in great shape! I am giving one to my son at Christmas and one for his birthday which is right before the Winter Olympics............ everyone from students to teachers to secretaries just loves his ties when he wears them to sub! Thanks again............ you have a GREAT selection of ties.......... and Have a wonderful weekend! TARI in Hamilton, Ohio

Hi Kathy, The star map necktie arrived today. It is EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Thank you so much for having it available, but mostly I appreciate the wonderful service. I will be sure to pass the word around, and undoubtably will be ordering from you again. Louisa

Pleasure doing business with you, Kathy! Nice to know there's a human at the other end of the ether ... Thanks, Sherry

Hello, today I get my necktie from You, is very ,very nice. Thank You. Best regards Miroslaw (Poland)

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know I received my T-shirt in the mail yesterday. I am satisfied with the quality & I the color is exactly as shown on your site. There's always a risk when ordering something over the net, but I am very happy with my purchase! Also, the package came in a timely manner. I will keep your store in mind for the next time. Also, since you enclosed a few cards with your contact info - I've already passed them out to friends. Thank you. Edie

Hello Kathy--You asked --How did we find your site? We typed in "Coffee Mugs" in the Google search engine and your site came up with many others, The reason for the search is that Viola's current mug, A Souvenir from Madera Canyon, AZ, Is that after many washings the graphics faded and she was depressed. When we found your site, one of the pictures was of a mug I purchased from "Toms Bird Stuff" Years ago. After years of washing, The graphics were still as bright as the day I received it. "Toms Bird Stuff" is gone. The pictures sold us and you got the order Merle--Viola's sugar daddy.

Thanks Kathy. I have the blue double rows LAX tie and a yellow Vineyard Vines LAX tie - both of which I paid a LOT more for so I'm glad to know about your good values for next time. Take care, L

Kathy, I was thrilled to find the T-shirt in today's mail. It is beautiful, it is perfect for this trip, and I expect I'll get comments and compliments! I also got your cards - I will be sure to share with all who ask. I realize I didn't give you much turnaround time, and really appreciate the extra effort to get it to me in time for the trip. I will wear it proudly! Thanks, Sally

Dear Kathy Today I received 3 Neckties. They are so cute and cool. Colors are so brilliant. Thank you for your quick delivery. With best wishes to you. Sincerely yours, Seigo (Japan)

My husband was given one of your hats several years ago as a graduation present (he studies reptiles/amphibians)... it has been his favorite hat, but he was definitely in need of a replacement! :) -Melanie

Hi Kathy I received the ties I ordered last week and they are gorgeous. Thanks for being one of the last places still stocking the CIVITAS ties. I'd had the London one for about 15 years but the ones for US cities are much prettier. It was hard picking just three! ~ Toby UK

Thank you so much Kathy, thats awesome, it's truly a one of a kind shirt so I appreciate you going out of your way. I'm sure I'll want to get something else from you soon enough and will send people your way as I think I know some who will appreciate your unique collection. Thanks again! -Andy

Hi Kathy Thanks very much for your very efficient service. The tie arrived this morning, just in time for our colleague's farewell presentation! He was pretty impressed with the unique gift. Have passed on your cards to other geologists in the office so there may be a couple more interested shoppers visiting your site shortly.... Cheers Sebastian (Australia)

dear kathy its sarah here i found your page as i was looking for ties for my fiancee and i wanted a disney tie but the disney store its self does not do them anymore and i clicked on your site and said wow what a lovely site and great prices miss sarah (England)

Kathy, I received my order today and wanted to let you know how happy I am with the items. Also, thank you for sending the order so quickly. I was very impressed with your service. I bought these items for my grandson who is a train lover, and I think he will really enjoy them. You had asked how I had reached your website and it was by searching for train neckties. I do have a twitter account so I will follow you there. Thanks again. Linda

Thank You So Very Much!!! It has been a pleasure and very easy working with you!!! I will Keep your web site as a favorite. Thank You Again!! Valerie

I'm a wildlife biologist who specializes in bird surveys, some for owls. I'm also a birder and do a fair amount of owling. I had recently Googled owl t-shirts and your whatdidyoubringme is one of the first sites that came up. I had seen this t-shirt long ago, I believe at Jim Morris Environmental t-shirts, but had not purchased it then. I was surprised to see it here and thought I should get it now while still available. I'll add your site to my favorites. Geoff

Many thanks – I looked everywhere in the UK for a Christmas tie as nice as this one! Margaret

Hi there, I received my order today and absolutely love it. Its a Christmas present so they haven't seen or tried it on yet but i am so impressed. The quality of the fabric as well as the images is amazing. Your t-shirt range is the best i have ever seen and i ill most definitely be ordering more in the future, Thank you so so much Charlotte (United Kingdom)

I'm the CIO at ... and was looking for ties with a wildlife/game theme that did not look a first grader made them. I found your ties to be eloquent and appropriate for business wear. I found you on a Google search. Russ

Found your site looking for unique coffee mugs. I want to buy all the things! This is great stuff.

Hi Kathy, I got the tie this week, it's so perfect!! Thank you so much! My boyfriend will love it...Enjoy the holidays! Jen

Dear Kathy, The scarf arrived safely this morning, and is beautiful, even nicer than I expected. The recipient will be thrilled. Thank you so much.

Kathy, DH was very happy to wear his new "Books of the Bible" tie to church this past Sunday. Several of the Deacons gave positive comments about the fine quality and colors of the tie. I hope they will be contacting you soon. BTW, thank you so much for the nice surprise that was included! Hugs, Pat

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know the tie I ordered is great--it even looks better in real life than it did on the webpage. My husband is very pleased, and looking forward to Halloween when he can wear it. Thank you! Alison

Loved browsing your site! Had difficulty choosing a "Religious" tie for my sweet Hubby, wanted about 10 of them! Sunday he wore his John 3:16 tie and that was the scripture our Pastor preached about!

Thanks for the extra help with my order. The shirts are great! I am a fairly old grandma and am committed to my jeans and t-shirts. I'll be back to your site.

Dear Kathy, thank you for the shirt. It arrived Monday . Speedy delivery, excellent shirt. Will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again- Patrick

Kathy, that's great! Sorry 'bout the confusion with the shipping reference... and thanks for interpreting it correctly. Priority overnight is what I wanted. I found your website in a search for a floral t-shirt. Mom has one that she simply adores...so much so that, as much as she loves it, she's doesn't wear it much anymore so it doesn't "wear out." Thought I'd see if I could find another. I wasn't finding much satisfaction with the sites I located, and finally came upon yours. EUREKA!! The choice I made was based on trying to find something that was similar to what she currently has. And kudos to you for directing a portion of your sales to further science education in schools. More reason for me to spread the word about your biz!! Thanks again. I'm cognizant of the fact that I called "after hours" and really appreciate your willingness to help me on the spot. All best, Ellen..............

Hi Kathy, Mom received the t shirt in the mail yesterday and was thrilled. Thanks for making the process easy for me. She looked at the site and was "impressed" with the variety of items you carry...perhaps there'll be some business from her! I hope to do business with you in the future. All best, Ellen

Thanks, Kathy. I found your order by googling "Astronomy T shirt". My husband is an avid amateur astronomer and also likes tie-dye, so this will be a perfect birthday gift for him.--Sandy

Kathy, I found your website by dumb luck. I am a social studies teacher who likes historical novelty ties. You have a lot that I would like to have. I plan to make a list and if relatives need gift ideas--it can be perfect. Otherwise, I will order a new one whenever I get bored with my selection. It usually takes a few months. Thanks--and you've got a lot of cool stuff! I will get a check in the mail ASAP for the $34. Thanks. Jeff

Hi, I got the shirt yesterday..my friend just loved it..thanks so much. Nancy

Thank you for having an appreciation of customer service. It is becoming a rare entity these days. A

Kathy, Thank you so much! The ties arrived yesterday and are perfect! Thanks again, you have made my day!!! Cathy

Kathy, I received the package and love everything. I found the website by googling hummingbird bandanas. Very simple. I will definitely pass on your info! Thanks, Cathy

Hey Kathy, Thanks for carrying the ties. I found your site when I Google searched for the Unicef tie. I already have the Estate on the Boulevard De L"Hospital tie. It is my favorite and I ware it so much that it has faded and the end became fared so I decided to see if anyone was still selling them so I could get another one and came across your site via the goggle search. Wanted the several others but can afford only these now. Looking forward to getting them. Thanks again. Most of the ties you can buy around here are boring and expensive, Good to know where I can go for ties now. Sincerely, Joseph

I just left a museum and the shirt we wanted was not there in the right size so I searched in images of dino shirts on google and you had the right one Dee

Hi Kathy! Just received my order in the mail today. That was fast! I got to your website by googling silk neckties cows or something like that.You had just what I was looking for. Thanks! Moira

Kathy: Yes, this looks like my t-shirt order. I found your website by putting "Insect Tee Shirts" into the msn search engine. For years, my favorite shirt was this one, given as a Christmas present many, many years ago. Wore the old one to a rag, always wanted a replacement, but no one could find one. thanks, Michael

Found your website, searching every frog tye-dye website on google, looking for the same shirt that my wife found years ago. Thanks!

Dear Kathy, I found your website by googling "trombone necktie". My 12 year old son plays the trombone and has just started needing to wear neckties to his concerts. So far he's borrowed my husband's cast offs, but today while shopping in Boston we saw a trombone tie and he asked for it. It was a whopping $30, so I decided to look for one on line when I got home. Your website has a great selection and very competitive prices. But the real reason I chose it to order from is that it seemed very personal and friendly. Together with the trombone case and luggage tag I've ordered I think the tie will be a big hit at my son's birthday in a few weeks. And my 10 year old plays the trumpet, so I suspect there are more ties in my future . . . Sarah

My sister was on someone's computer and did an image search; also, my sister Geri is a florist and freelances at Flori Sculture. Katherine, who is the owner of the shop, went bananas over the shirt my sister was wearing - the Goldfinch - and wanted to buy one, but Whales and Friends nor Southwest Indian Foundation no longer stocks them. It will be a gift surprise for Katherine, whose birthday is this coming Sunday......Thanks Buffy and Geri ( by proxy )

Dear Kathy, We received our order and we absolutely love our tee-shirts! My daughter will be giving her teacher the tie today. Thank you the wonderful products and great customer service! Sincerely, Ed


Kathy, I received my Campbell’s Soup can necktie today and it looks great! Thank you for your personalized service and for the prompt receipt of my purchase. I will not hesitate to purchase from you again. Craig

Dear Kathy Wildman, I found your website when looking for "Save The Children's" ties in google. I used to find them at various stores in Houston but no longer can find them in the stores. I am pediatrician and wear them when working with the children. I have been wearing these ties for over 25 years and some of the good ones are needing to be replaced due to wear being seen with the ties. So, I am replenishing my stock by getting them from you. The kids especially like the ones with any kind of cars or buses on them. Thank you for having this site and the ties available. Delbert

Hi Kathy! Thanks for sending out the 2 ties so quickly........... I actually received them yesterday! My son was so excited with the ties and can't wait to wear them during his subbing ( grades 4th-9th). Kids notice everything.......... and they all seem to like his ties! ( that Capt. Picard and Enterprise tie especially makes him laugh!) Thanks for the nice packaging too........... and we will certainly keep you in mind for future orders! TARI and SPENCER

Hi Kathy, The tie that we order Monday afternoon has arrived today. It's beautiful and it looks great with the suit for my husband. I also want to thank you for convincing me to go with priority mail, and not over night express. I will tell everybody about my good experience I had with you and will continue to do business with you as needed. Sincerely, Marlene

Hello Kathy, I thank you for rushing out my HD neck tie order from pp124 purchase order. My husband will be soooooo surprised by it. I went on line and keyed in Harley Davidson Neck Ties and your site was one of the ones that came up. I'm thankful that it did. You are so helpful and honest and that goes a long way in my book. I will tell my family & friends about your site in the future gifts to give. Sincerely, Marlene

I see that you have sent two more e-mails with suggestions, and I will check out the links. Thank you again very much for your personal service, which too often seems to be a lost art. Gary

Dear Kathy, I received the three hats (order p9) today and I am very pleased with them. I am very particular when it comes to hats. My wife can attest to that. (A polite way of saying it.) In the last six years I've had two that I really liked. Thanks very much.

Thank you. My husband found your website when he searched for Harley Davidson ties. You had the nicest selection in our opinion. Thanks, Renee

Hi Kathy, my 15 yr old son chose the tie to wear for a wedding he is attending in april and also for his school formal. He found your website when he was specifically searching for a tie in the shape of a fish. He is a fish freak and he loved everything on your site. thanks, Sandra.

Hi Kathy, The 3 ties arrived today, they are fabulous! Thank you so much, Lorna

Last summer I ordered a fish tie for our daughter's-in-law father to take back to Albania - a very good price and today I am ordering wonderful items for family gifts days coming up!!- love your products!! - easy site to visit!! Thanks for making it all so easy to shop here!!

Hi Kathy, Just to let you know that I have received my t-shirts in fine condition. Thank you, they are gorgeous!!! Dale

The tie is great, better quality and beauty than I expected. Thanks! Jonathan

Dear Kathy, you are the greatest! I will tell everyone I know about your wonderful website. Thanks again. Have a wonderful holiday Sue

I have two of your shirts (cutthroat businessmen, no free lunch) from purchases in a store about 15 or so years ago, and they're wearing out, so I went online to find out how to replace them by name of artist. Delighted to find your site. Trust that you have my cc info. Bob

Hi Kathy, The tie arrived and it is wonderful!!! The print is vibrant and exactly what my husband was looking for!!! Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. We will definitely be sharing your site with friends. Jan

My friend went to the USA and bought t-shirts from you, for me, a few years ago. I've worn them to death and I still had your details, great to see you've got the ones I want, and new ones too! Leah (Australia)

Good Morning Kathy - I went on your website and saw all the other ties you had and told my husband to look at them and he went CRAZY! He loved them! We want to add to the order but he hasn't had time to figure out which extra ones he wants. You are going to have a customer for a lifetime! My husband is a Pastor and he wears a tie every day of the week - even Saturday and he is sooooo excited. We thought you just had the American Series because that is what we did our search on. I will get back with you later today or early tomorrow morning. Sharon

Kathy, Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful "map" ties. I know that my husband will love them - they are very unusual-not just your run of the mill stripes !!! Merry Christmas ! Thank you! Debbie

Good Evening....Just wanted to thank you again for the ties that we ordered from you this month. My son`s hockey coaches loved the ties they received as Christmas gifts (they were given to them last night and had them on at their game tonight). It was great that I was able to find your website and the product was available and shipped in time for the holidays. Thanks again for providing a product that is nowhere to be found in Canada. Shelley

Dear Kathy, I received my ties today and they are beautiful! Excellent condition and just what I need (for my husband)! I was also so very pleased they arrived so quickly - thank you for mailing them on Saturday. I found your website by searching for "ships on ties" or maybe it was "pirate ties." I will definitely be looking into your website in the future when I'm looking for similar items. Thank you! Diane

Kathy, since I emailed you earlier today, PayPal sent me the "invoice" from which to pay for the ties. Thank you for your willingness to assist me to make my payment. It is obvious that service is an important part of your business and I do appreciate it! Have a Merry Christmas!! Elva

Hi Kathy, Received my ties today, thank you so much for the quick service and I LOVE all of them and now wish I had gone ahead and ordered the ones I am NOW going to order!!!! ... Thank you so very much for the work you do and your heart. Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!!! Annie

Hi Kathy, I found your website after googling "pharmacist ties". A large number of sites came up, but your site had the best selection, best prices, best shipping rates and from the reviews I read and research I did, I was comfortable doing business there. I remain very impressed with you and your customer service. I know my order is on it's way, and I can't wait to see the ties I purchased. My son is in college working toward a PharmD, additionally he works at several pharmacies as a Pharmacist Intern. He will look fantastic with these pharmacy themed ties peeking out from his lab coat. Again, thank you for offering such beautiful and unique merchandise and for your prompt and careful attention to my order. Yours will be the first site I check for unique gifts, and I will recommend it to friends and family as well. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Best regards, Kris

Hi Kathy: I did a google search for black bear tie for my brother-in-law (who's involved with black bear rescue/preservation) and came across your site. It's definitely the best-looking bear tie that I could find. Thank you for your help--I hope you can make it through the holiday season! Cynthia

Good Morning Kathy, I have received the neck tie, it is amazingly stunning!! I love it, thank you!!! Can't wait for Christmas. Will definitely be returning for more. Kind Regards,Mabel

Kathy, Tedious or not, I think I pressed all the right buttons. I am glad that I could use PayPal. I Googled "neckties for pastors' and you had the best choices. Other sites had mostly cheesy patterns. You have an amazing variety. My husband has only been a pastor for 3 years, a second career, and he needs some different ties. It's hard to find nice ones. I am looking forward to their arrival. Karen

It's a GREAT shirt!! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to deal w/ you!! Please feel free to use my comments... Bill

Hi Kathy, I googled Escher ties and found you. Each year I give my husband an Escher tie for Christmas. He has a nice collection and is quite fond of them. So now I have to search to find one that he doesn't already have. You have it! Nancy

Dear Kathy, The three shirts from order p 105 were received yesterday. I love them. The design and quality exceed my expectations. The designs are great. Many thanks! Sue

Kathy, I was looking for knot and cloud bandanas for a friend who had lost his and plugged in "knot bandanas" and your website came up. I wanted a black cloud bandana but navy will have to do. I am very glad I found your site. You do have neat stuff and I will be checking back later. My purchase was p107. Margaret

Received just in time for my Grandson's birthday. You are the greatest! All the best, Donna

Thank you very much Kathy for the snake and reptile tie which arrived today and is perfect! Just praying my son gets some interviews to wear it at! Best wishes, Mary

I have just recieved your package with the ties in and am completrly satisfied. I wish to thank you for the great service you have provided, I will tell all my friends about your company and I hope to be able to deal with you again

Kathy -- Thanks, I received the tie. I found your website searching for United States Navy neckties, looking for a graduation present for my daughter's boyfriend who is graduating from the Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, IL in November... just something to give him as a congratulations. Thanks again for the fast service! Joyce

Greetings! Thank you so much for making my necktie shopping experience so simple and personalized. The ties are gifts for my son who is an elementary school principal in Montrose, Colorado. When he mentioned how his staff and students enjoyed having him wear themed ties, I decided that he needed more fun ties as gifts for various holidays and events. I quickly Googled "elementary school-themed neckties" just to see what was available "out there." Though your website did not come up as a first choice, as I quickly scanned through available sites, yours had lots of choices that caught my attention. The cincher was when you answered your phone on the first ring when I called with questions. We look forward to receiving our order! Thank you, again, for your assistance...you can be certain that your website is now listed as a "favorite." Elaine

The tie arrived today - Everything perfect So fast!! THANKS AGAIN Regards and see you in next purchase Patricia

Thanks so much. We look forward to dealing with you again for more ties in the future, as I love fun ties ... Steven

Hi Kathy! Just got the four T-Shirts and they look fab!!! Can't wait for hubby to get home to see them. Tnx so much! Theresa

Dear Stephen, If you have a social network you can give me a shout out there. I can also cut and paste your letter into my customer comments. i look forward to serving you again sometime. Thanks, Kathy

Hello Kathy, Thank you for the quick shipping! Ladybugs had special significance to my grandmother, and we are all trying to wear something ladybug-related to her memorial service. Thanks again! Trey

Hi, I mailed the check this morning on my way into work. I found your website by typing in Save the children ties... and your site came up. This is a Christmas gift for my sons pediatrician- he's wonderful & loves "kid" ties. I will keep your website in mind in the future, SO many great options and very easy to use. Thank you I look foward to getting the package! Nicole

Customer service is HUGE to me! Thank you for your excellence! Lynda

Hi Kathy! I had your website saved to our "favorites" list long ago, and we've ordered from you before. Love your designs! My husband and I are both nature lovers and he seeks out tree designs all the time (as well as peregrine falcon designs-- your falcon necktie is the only one he wears)! Looking forward to seeing these items and surprising him with them. Probably won't be our last order! Thanks, Chris

Kathy, I want to let you know that I received my ties, and give you my thanks. It really is nice to receive personal type service, even over the internet. Thanks again, Bill

Hiya Kathy' I Googled "Wood carved pens", and your ad jumped out at me. I nearly had a heart attack seeing all you have!! You do not have to apologize for my goofs with your form. Trust me, that's nothing new for me! LOL! I bought some carved animals and flowers pens years ago (I have no idea where I got them....maybe from you!) Anyway, we have a family who come to visit every so often, and the kids are fascinated with the pens, so I have let them each pick one or 2 every visit. It's a tradition now! I decided to try to find some to buy for the kids for Christmas, and that's when I found you via Goggle. Your website is sooooo cool....I will love going through everything as I continue to visit it. If you ever send out e-mails, please put me on your list, or maybe I will look you up on twitter. Again. please don't feel badly about my trouble ordering....it was my fault, believe me. Have a good day tomorrow! Linda

Thank you for the confirmation. I found your site a while ago after a lengthy search for decent turtle Ts. Your selection is terrific and I would buy even more if the illustrations were also on the back. I look forward to receiving the shirts and thank you for the on-line store. Have a nice weekend. Timothy

Hi Kathy, We received the tie and my husband absolutely loves it! He made a point of wearing it today! I just wanted to say thank you once again and we will be ordering a few more in the near future! Thanks! Isis

Looking for herb tee shirts. Yours were nicest as far as I can tell. By the way, my dad was from Fellowsville WV.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to make sure you received the check that I mailed last week. As for how I found your website, I found it while I was searching online for places to order biology related ties. Your site is the only one that I have found that carries such a wide variety of options related to science. I was able to find a few ties elsewhere that were chemistry or physics related, but not biology related. As for the choice I made, well my husband loves frogs, so it was quite fitting....it was a hard decision between that tie and another one with blue crabs... or one of the infections disease ties... you just have so many to choose from! Once again, I am glad I have found your site and I will be sure to share it with friends and family! Sincerely, Isis

Dear Kathy, Nice ties! Thank you very much. They arrived here safely and (as you said) in great shape earlier this week. I'm delighted to have found your store, and I will certainly be back for more. Best, David

Thanks for the follow-up and reassurance about the condition of the ties, Kathy. I found your site as I glanced at the web for ties more interesting than the ones commonly available in department stores near where I live. I can't remember the search terms I used, but I was trying to find fabrics with abstract patterns and rich, deep colors. Not novelty ties, not clownish or goofy ties (-- I see you carry a full range of those, too!). I think I may have looked for something African or tribal, and thereby got to your old world cultures page. From there, I soon also discovered your wonderful decorative arts page. I have asked only for two of the ties, but I found a dozen or more that I would be happy to wear. Anyway, my check is on its way to you, and I will certainly recommend your site to others. Best, David

You have an awesome site and I will definitely keep this in mind for future orders - I know a lot of nature people!

Thank you - I grew up in Ketchikan and am familiar with Ray Troll's art. My father asked me to try to find him 'fishermans' guilt' t-shirt because the one he owns finally fell apart (after 15+ years of wearing it, I think!). I did a web search for that particular shirt and yours was the first site I found that has the shirt in stock. Thanks again

I received the tie yesterday, and it is great! Thank you for the prompt service and great product. Marlon

Kathy, Thanks so much for sending the shirts in time for Father's Day! You have a great store, I will certainly recommend it to others and hope to buy more in the future. Thanks again, Sue

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your wonderful customer service. I'm so excited to have found your website. Sincerely, Denise

Hi kathy... I found your website when I keyed in 'mission arts and crafts design neckties'. My husband and I like arts and crafts design so I thought getting a tie for him for Father's Day with that design would be fun. Your website was a goldmine...especially the Frank Lloyd Wright section...love it. Thanks...sue

Hey Kathy, Just wanted to thank you for your quick service. I got the shirts yesterday and they are all great!!! Love the 2 new ones also. You might hear from me again maybe next month and I will be sure to send anyone looking to your site. Thanks again, Linda

Kathy- My order arrived in today's mail. Four days in this age of governmental privatization is a record! Letters usually take longer! Everything is fine. I'll be ordering again - as I already have. In the meantime, take care! Jon (Sweden)

Hi, Kathy - I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you: I've been under the weather for a while, etc., etc. But hey - the ties are wonderful! They're in perfect condition, and I have to say yours is the best necktie site I have found. I know that some of these ties haven't been available in stores for 15 years or more - but you have them. And such a diversity of styles and choices: just amazing. Believe me, I'll be back for more. Thanks, Jim

Thanks, Kathy! I was going to save the shirts to give to my son later but - he accidentally found them. He is pleased as punch. They are great quality shirts and fit him well. He cannot wait to wear them when he goes out fossil hunting. :^)

I got the tie in time! Thank you very much it was the one I wanted! You rock! Tom

Hi, I got the package today, and the shirts are great! Thanks for the wonderful service.

Kathy that's great. We have carried one of your designs in the past but I had never seen your wesite. Outstanding to say the least. I'll have another look and let you know what I think will do well in Aruba. Lori

I just wanted to let you know that I got the tie today ... that was quick! Also, your honesty is refreshing. I paid $6.00 for shipping, not seeing where it said shipping for just one tie was only $4.00. When I opened the package I saw that you'd written me a note and refunded me the $2.00 difference. That and the fact that you give some of the money to help schools, makes me not want to buy ties from anyone but you. Thank you so much!

Hi KathyI happily found your website when I was looking for a floral patterned tie for my husband's daughter's wedding. I'm not sure exactly what route brought me to your site, but I began by googling men's floral neckties. You have a great selection, and it was difficult to choose. I've bookmarked your website for future browsing. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Dorothea

Kathy, I appreciate the extra effort you're giving! Not a lot of online vendors are this good. Background preferences for both would be (in order) black, blue, whatever (as available). As for the woodwinds, I am looking for an oboe tie. The style you were selling has an oboe as the predominant object on the tie, which works great for me. If you should come across any ties that are oboe-themed, please send a note? Also a good Sousaphone design would be awesome. Thanks again. Looking forward to wearing my tubas soon! Wayne

Kathy, I read "Godel, Escher, and Bach" by Hofstader about 20 years ago, and have been wearing M.C. Escher ties since then, especially after going to art exhibitions. Recently seeing some gekkos reminded me of them, so I Googled those ties and found your site. You do have quite a collection. I passed the info around among my friends, and I included their orders in mine. Word-of-mouth is always the cheapest and best advertising. That's the (uninteresting) story. Thanks for your expedient service. Looking forward to receiving the order. Robert

Thank you for the email and the receipt. I found your website by googling something like "T-shirts with turtles". I was looking for a nice gift for someone who loves turtles and years ago I remembered seeing some other nice turtle T-shirts, but I could not remember the vendor. In any event, no other website that I visited offered anything like your beautiful selections; in fact, most of the offerings were downright silly (e.g., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirts). Fortunately, I have learned that the first dozen or so Google offerings are often a waste of time. I am not sure whether the Large size will fit, but if it doesn't, I will definitely go back to your website to pick a shirt from a category which offers an XL. Many thanks! Tim

I don't mind waiting until next week when you restock. I found your website by searching for herp shirts and was so thrilled to have finally found exactly the type of shirt I was looking for. I was actually beginning to give up before I found your website because no other sites have such amazing selection and great prices. I can't wait to see them, thanks. Jessalee

Just Googled or really Dogpiled fish ties and got to your site. You had a great selection of tie choices and they were just what I was looking for.

I was looking for a t-shirt for a friend who likes squirrels. Your site had by far the widest selection, it was easy to peruse them since they were all on one page with good pictures, and the prices were quite reasonable. I tossed in a hat for myself as well.-- Tom

You inquired abaout how I came to ordering from you. My 6 year old grandson is currently infatuated with bats, so I searched the web and yours was the site on which I found children sizes and appropriate images for children on the T shirts. Other sites were much more for adults and did not meet my needs. Carroll

I found your website by searching for "Faith Ties" You have a great selection to choose from. We chose this one as my son's sponsor for Confirmation is 60 and we wanted something conservative for him. I appreciate your help. In His Light & Love, Cheryl

Kathy, I found your website through a Google search for FLW ties as I have purchased some in museums and at his house. My sister-in-law sent me 2 through you for Xmas after I told her of your website and you seem to have the best selection of what I like. There are several ties I am interested in purchasing over the next few months if the service is good.... (He came back for More! - Kathy)

Dear Kathy! It was a nice day for me: my ordered Necktie was arrived !!! WOW! Very nice colors, really good pictures and motives ! The visitorcard and Your hungarian Thank You was a really surprise !!! This is very kindly from You. I give You 5 Stars like a feedback! ***** Kathy, thanks it was really OK! Please register me for the future and send me offers if You have actions ! Look Kathy! My dream: to hae a special nice necktie : motiv Johnny Cash ! In the world of country Johnny is the GOD for me !!! First words to the microphone simply: Hello I'm Johnny Cash !!!!!! The living LEGEND ! Look Kathy! I have founded ties from Johnny but they are not nice.... If You have something please send me a picture! I haven't a lot of money - but for a very nice tie... I am ready to pay some dollars ! Thanks, thanks, thanks !!! Laszlo from the another end of the Globe !! .-)) (from Hungary)

hanks for the confirmation. I found your website by simply googling map neckties. My husband is a cartographer and so naturally it seemed like the perfect idea. I found your selection one of the most interesting and reasonably priced. Chris

Hi Kathy, The beautiful ties arrived yesterday- THANK YOU for your outstanding service! I will recommend your site to others in the future. Best wishes Hunter

We have three sons who are pediatricians. One has ordered ties from you baefore. This is a unique site that I will probably use again.

Kathy, Thanks for so quickly shipping my order. I was very happy to receive such a nice t-shirt so quickly. Thanks again. I will definitely be back to by more from your site- David

kathy thanks my Dr. loved the neck ties i got from your company for him. wonderful customer service God bless you Michelle B.

Dear Kathy: It is a good thing you are experienced in reading misspelled words. This is to inform you the mugs arrived yesterday, Dec. 17, in good ahape. They are very attractive and I do like the colors that were used. i like clear colors and you artist hit the spot with me. Klarissa hasn't picked them up as yet, but I am sure she will like them, too, as she has a good color sense. from MT-Wilma

Hi Kathy, the shirts came today and they are great, really good quality, vivid artwork. Couldn't be happier, thanks!

KATHY, Rec'd the ties...thanks...they are FABULOUS! Will definitely shop you again! Sheryl

Hi Kathy, I wanted to let you know I received the tie you sent last week and it looks great! I found your site online when I was searching for military ties and thought it had the best selection of any of the sites I found. I was also really pleased with the options you give for ordering and paying plus the personal communication you give your customers. I am very pleased with your product and service. And I will recommend you to people I know. Thank you again for the tie. Debbie

Kathy, I just have to let you know that the boss absolutely LOVES his sailboat tie. I'm not certain, but I think he must sleep in it because every time I see him he's wearing it. = ) In addition, he won his case, so it really did prove to be a good luck tie. Thanks again for your help. He was very surprised when it arrived at the office in New Orleans and was thrilled to show it off. Anne

I'm so excited that we found your site. My son is in 7th grade and needs to wear a tie for his orchestra concerts. He wants something really unique and said a squirrel tie would be great. I'm sure he thought that we wouldn't be able to deliver.....

Just received the tie in today's mail, and it's GORGEOUS! I'm certain my professor will love it. I'm going to put one of your biz cards into the box in case he ever feels like ordering another one for himself! (As I'd said, he collects Beatles ties.) Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! Deb

Kathy, re p66 Found your site using Google. Needed a bicycle tie for a nephew who loves biking but now has a grown up job. Bought the pepper tie as a replacement for my husband's favorite tie that, sadly, wore out a couple ofvyears ago. I was very pleased to find it. Looking forward to my order. Thanks, Cathy

Found your site by doing a search on Bing for Wembley endangered species ties. I think I already mentioned that this is to replace a tie my husband has had for a long time. It is his favorite. He'd still be wearing it if I hadn't grabbed it to try and replace. Thank you for carrying it. Also, will let my friends know about your unique ties and gifts.

Kathy Received the ties today and they are beautiful. Better than I expected. Thank you so much for your attention to my order. I will certainly recommend your site to all who are looking for something different. Thank you again Carol

Hi Kathy...I have ordered ties from you in the past..we found your website by just googling insect ties..my husband is an entomolgist and wears a tie daily...your site is one of the few with quality, attractive choices...we keep checking!...I will send you a check today...Thank you, Suzanne

we got a snake shirt from you a you about a year or so ago that he practically lives in. best shirt ever!

Dear Kathy - Thank you for your prompt contact. I found your site by 'Googling' 'Disney necktie'. I've been searching for this tie with a young Walt Disney standing in a doorway since my husband lost his on a business trip. It was his favorite tie. I plan on surprising him with it at Christmas.

I just received the item ordered (necktie). I am grateful for all the care given to this matter. I will gladly refer any potential costumer to you. Thank You very much! Shamia, Italy

My husband and I both work in Geographic Information Systems and he loves map ties. Yours is the best site by far!

Dear Kathy, Thanks so much for the quick shipping on the t-shirt I ordered. My grandson will really like it and will be the envy of the boys in second grade. Janet

It's perfect! SO beautiful! The scarf arrived last Friday, but I don't get online every day, so I apologize for being so late in letting you know. Thanks for including your business cards! My eldest daughter and I both work in libraries and love books, fantasy, history...as do many of our friends, so we'll make copies of your cards and "spread them around." Thank you SO much for being so quick in filling my order! Margit

Thank you. I did a google search for history ties.. my son seen a picture of the 13 colonies in a magazine and I was searching for a deal. Your ties and the flat rate shipping caught my eye. He is a history major and I love the selection of ties you offer.. I will be returning. Looking forward to seeing the ties. thank you again, Barbara

Hi, Found your website while browsing specifically for bowties with fish design. Your prices are more realistic, your bowties much nicer and your choices wider than any other site I found. There is no post code for this location. Will definitely visit site again.Anne (Ireland)

I will definitely come back to your site...I love it...this tie is a gift for my husband and I can't wait to show him the site...I appreciate your personal service...a bit of a lost art, I'm afraid!! Thanks again... Liz Bourne

Hi Kathy, I received the tie yesterday. It's exactly what I wanted. Thanks again, Bill

Kathy, Thanks for the email confirming my order. I actually found you via a simple Google search for New York Map Neckties. Funny thing is that I was in New York last weekend and found my son a New York tie at a small shop in Little Italy. Flew home yesterday and realized that I had left the tie at the hotel although they claim they can't locate it. Googled the necktie and found it on your website. Thanks

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the shirts I received are fantastic. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks, Scott

Today, Friday, Sepatember 24th I got my tie in the mail. I just wanted to say thank you for excellent delivery time and your line of unique products. I found your site by searching for department of corrections ties. No real story behind the tie, except it fits the occupation. Thanks again. Len

Hi Kathy - The Pick N' Save store near my house got in a supply of wooden animal pens about 6 years ago, and I fell in love with them. For the next several weeks, every time I went to the store I would buy 5 more pens. When that supply ran out, the store never got in any more. I've been keeping my eyes open for more of them ever since. Finally, earlier this year, I looked up wooden animal pens on the internet, and your website was one that popped up. I was able to control my spending urge at the time, but remembered the butterfly pens, and have wanted them ever since. Finally, I made up my mind and went back to your website. You have a great selection, and I want all of them. But I'll have to take it a little at a time!

I found your site under a Google search for 'American History Neckties". I am a social studies teacher in Elizabeth NJ and the ties are often a conversation topic for my classes. I own about 20 history-related ties that I have purchased at historic sites and that I have gotten for gifts. I am looking forward to the ties I have ordered to flesh out my collection. I would like to complement you on the vast array of ties and your prices are at or below other sites on the web.

Kathy It was fun to talk with you, and that comes from a person who dislikes shopping and REALLY dislikes the phone. I found your website by searching google for" insect tshirts" and working my way thru 5 or 6 sites that had common uninteresting shirts and were apparently larger companies with much material that was crude. Your site was about #6 or 8 on the google search list Thanks for making the experience fun and personal as opposed to the sterile electronic encounter that is typical. Susan

Hi Kathy, I received the hat today! Thanks so much. It is everything I had hoped for. I'll send you a picture of me after the 10K. Russ Matthews

Hi Kathy, I came across your website while I was looking up "specialty ties". I was and still am "impressed" with your vast collection. I will certainly be ordering more from you soon. It is very difficult to find very taste, classic and interesting "specialty ties in many years. So thank you for your ties and I look forward to buying more to add to my existing tie collection, Thank you Kathy, Noel

Hi Kathy, Just a note to let you know I have received the ties. They are very nice. I am very pleased with my order and the way everything was handled in a timely manner. Thank you again and I will not hesitate to recommend your web site to my family and friends. Diane

Hi Kathy, I wanted to thank you for your great communication about your product and fast shipping. I am extremely happy with the Butterfly shirts. They are better than I expected. I am happy I found you through a Google search. It is hard to find a site with a wide range of butterfly design shirts, and I must say you had plenty to choose from. Thanks again and I will add you to my favorites list! Margaret

just wanted to let you know that i received the snake t shirt on saturday. my son LOVES it. he hasn't taken it off really! thank you so much for the great communication and super fast shipping! I am sure we will visit your site again very soon! Michelle

I just received the necktie today. I was pleasantly surprised. It is more beautiful than the picture. I hesitated to order because when you said they were 'slightly worn' that worried me but I have to tell you, this tie looks new. Thank you very much. I know the person I bought it for will love it.

Hi Kathy, Neckties have arrived safe and sound. All is good. Many thanks again. Fred (Germany)

Dear Kathy, Received my order yesterday. Really pleased with the ties and your service. My grandson will get a real kick out of them and no doubt be unique in his freshman high school class. Have a Blessed Christmas!! Eileen

Kathy, Thank you so much for the prompt response and getting us the tie. A person in our office had a tie with New York street map, we thought it would be a great gift for our Doctor who studied and visits Paris often. As you know it's hard to buy for someone who has everything so we try to get him unusual gifts each year. He is going to love this! Deb

Dear Kathy, I received the ties today. They are great! Thanks. Takiji (Japan)

Dear Kathy, Just a note to let you know how happy I was with your personal service, prompt delivery (and inexpensive shipping charges), and great product selection. My 5-year-old nephew wore his new "Snake" t-shirt all weekend, and since then my sister has sent me several pictures of him wearing it. My birthday gift was certainly a hit. I'll keep you in mind for next year -- and whatever he's into at age 6. Thanks again, Peggy

Hi Kathy,
I got my ties today and they are wonderful - I actually found your site long ago but I admit, I've never ordered. I think most people might find the method of ordering more cumbersome than sites where you just click items into a "shopping cart" but the extra trouble (really very minor trouble) is well worth it because your tie selection rocks!
I found you while looking for map-themed ties. My husband loves ties and has many unusual specimens. I've never seen anything like the Star Wars tie! The husband will absolutely love that it is subtle and doesn't explain itself anywhere. It's great! He's also a MAJOR Bach fanatic and we have no Bach ties until now. :)
As for the computer issues, I do use a Mac, so I imagine that's the deal right there. Sometimes things don't line up correctly, like little boxes on forms...we Mac folk live with it.
Thank you again, and I'm sure I'll be back for more ties. These will do it for Christmas, but birthday & Father's Day will be coming right up! Keep up the great work - I'm glad you're doing business! Fondly, Carlyn

Dear Kathy, I just received the Pelican and Steering Wheel tie that I ordered for my husband - it's absolutely perfect! I'll certainly pass on your website address to everyone who admires the tie. Thanks, Jill Brown

Dear Kathie, The tie arrived TODAY (Thursday)...HOW WONDERFUL! Thank you. I will surely remember your source.....the tie assortment is excellent. Again....Thank you, Bonnie

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the shirts! They came in the mail today and my son is so excited to wear one of them for his party and the other one too! They are precious. I will keep your website saved for future purchases. Staci

Thanks for thinking of me. Those are awesome photos. I got the shirt and hat and love them. Great quality and the best service one could ask for. I have your cards ready to pass out when people ask me where I got my wonderful tshirt, which always happens when I wear my hummer shirts. Thanks again!

Hi Kathy, The lady in the red hat Renoir Tie arrived today. My husband was genuinely happy when he saw it. Thank you so much for such a pleasant and easy transaction. Beverly S

Kathy-- Today was our day at the aquarium. We had a fun time there, and our new marine animal tees were great! Thanks! Kamille (10), Jan, and Gracie (7) San Diego

Kathy, I received the tee shirt, mug, and pen on Thursday in plenty of time for the birthday party. Luke loved all the birds on the shirt, and the macaw pen was unique. The mug was just gorgeous. As soon as he opened it, he started naming all the birds on the mug. Thank you for your help and your prompt shipment of my order. I will tell others about your site for sure. Thanks again. Kathy

Hi Kathy, Geez, how refreshing to actually find a real person to deal with and answer your emails and questions. I will send you a report when the magnets are received. Bridget

Hi Kathy – Thanks! Yours is still my favorite science t-shirt website! Roberta

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that the neckties arrived today. Thank you very much for the fast delivery and nice correspondence. //Jenny, Sweden

Hi, Kathy-- I just received my tee shirts. I am delighted with them and the sizes look perfect. I know the girls will love the glow-in-the-dark effect! After waiting for weeks for my tee shirt order from another source and then finding out my selection was no longer available, I especially appreciate your promptness in filling and mailing my order. Thank you so much. Best of luck to you. Jan

Dear Kathy, Thanks for your lovely message. I had the idea that I wanted a necktie with an "abstract" duck design for a christmas present. I "Googled" a search and defined it as "UK only". Usually I find the result in the first few options but this time I just couldn't find what I had in my mind's eye. I don't normally bother to trawl through the results but after searching through several pages, I came to your result and couldn't believe my luck at finding so much choice. Then I worried that you may not ship internationally; but not only do you provide that service but it's not outrageously expensive. It's so great to find your website and I'm sure I'll be revisiting for other gift ideas. many thanks again Best wishes Lorna

Hi Kathy, Wow, you really do have some great new ties!

Got the ties! Just what I was looking for. Thanks, Wayne

Thanks for all your quick email replies and flexible choices. You continue to have the best collection of pens for sale of any vendor we've encountered. We look forward to doing business with you again some day. Kind regards, Jim

Thanks - I always enjoy your sellections and sense of fun. I changed firms a few years ago and my new firm is a wee bit more conservative. I still find ways of making it special for them - thanks to you. Enjoy the day, Am

Hi Kathy, I have just discovered your site in the search for a favorite tee that is worn out - and I found it. Then I started looking more and you have the most wonderful array of designs I have ever seen. While I cannot afford to buy any of them right now I will be ordering. I cannot say enough how pleased I am to have discovered your site - it was a pleasure just to look through all the shirts. Thanks so much! Roxie

What a fab website you have! Best wishes, Lorna

Kathy the necktie was such a huge SUCCESS!!!!! the kids and the dad loved it and just wanted to thank you for all your help....wishing you a happy and prosperous year! L. Werner

Thanks, Kathy. Your products never cease to amaze me!

Dear Kathy, The necktie arrived in fine shape. Thank you. As an entomologist, I have an extensive insect collection and a large insect tie collection as well. In the past, I have tried to have the insects on my ties correlate with my lecture topics. Your inventory has provided fine additions to my collection in the last couple of years. Sincerely, Bill

You asked how I found your web site. Several years ago I was surfing the web looking for T-shirts with turtles on them and I found your web site. I have almost ALL of your T-shirt designs. In my research on the subject, your site has the most and the nicest selection. Thanks, Yvonne

Thank you Kathy. My husband is a snake hobbist and you have the best t-shirts on the web. He likes his snakes to be realist looking and not protrayed as evil like most shirts. I do have other who will enjoy your products as well and I will forward your website to them.

Dear Kathy, I just got my mail and my Order from you arrived! It was very well packaged and everything got here in perfect condition. Thanks so very much, Sweetie! I appreciate your help and wonderful service, and look forward to doing business with you again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks again for a job well done! God Bless, Linda >^,,^<

Oh Kathy! Yes, the topiary tie is MUCH better!!! I was just about to sit down and get my order out to you, I will make the correction on the order and price total. THANK YOU so very much! Have the best day ever! Amy

Hello Kathy, I want to let you know that I receive the pencil sharpeners, they are wonderful and very nice. Many thanks for your help and quickly shipment. Kindest regards Marijke The Netherlands

Thanks for the quick response. My son is a walking billboard for your T-shirts. He's a sophomore biology major at college and all he wears is animal T-shirts, many of them from you! When folks asks where he gets his "cool" shirts, he tells them about this neat website. We've tried others, and found a few interesting shirts, but always seem to come back to your site. He also ordered one of your gorilla ties to wear at his senior holidays dance. I've been watching the sizes on the gorilla shirt and was glad to find one that would fit him. He just got stains all over his Insects of the Rainforest t-shirt last weekend and asked for a new one for Christmas, and I went to you first. Thanks again. I'm sending the check today. We are loyal fans!

Hello Kathy, I'm referring to purchase order 57 (a youth t-shirt and one bag.) Originally I found your website when looking for fish t-shirts, and I was so impressed with your selection that I ordered one plus two bags. Then I saved the site in my favorites. This time I decided to get another bag, for my mom, because we find my two so useful, and I had to get another shirt because I love them...and I happen to be a mushroom fan as well. That design looks awesome. Thank you very much, and I think your site has a really amazing variety of great designs for everyone! ~Michelle

Hi Kathy, The ties arrived on my doorstep yesterday --- truly record time! Thank you so much for all your help with my husband's birthday gift. Best regards, Cyndy

Dear Kathy, I found your website by Googling "snake t-shirts". I really liked the wide selection, and also the fact that the illustrations looked natural rather than exaggerated and scary like on so many of the other websites. Cindy

I just received the pens and I absolutely love them ! I will be back to shop at your shop in the very near future. Peace.Susan

Thank you for making it easy to find animal ties. I can't imagine going to a store and finding even one. Marilyn

Thank you for your very prompt service! The ties are beautiful – all three of them – better than I had hoped! It may be a while before I need to order again – I don’t wear a tie that often – but I really do appreciate your selection and your service! Thanks again! Rick

I'm sorry I didn't write you sooner. The shirts were here in plenty of time for the big birthday, and they loved them. I did too. Thanks so much for your help. Now I need to take my time and look at everything on your site. It's a treasure trove! Pat

Hi Kathy! My mother in law just came back from Alaska and brought me a Ray Troll calendar. I'm an art teacher and she thought I would really like the art. My dad is an avid fisherman and one of his favorite jokes is "the hardest part about smoking a salmon....is keeping it lit." He thinks he's funny. I can't wait to give him the shirt!! Thanks for such a cool site! Casey

Hi Kathy, I’m so glad that you contacted me. I absolutely remember you, the wonderful service you gave and the quality products you sold. I had bought insect t-shirts for my husband. I’ve actually tried to look you up on the web several times since then, unsuccessfully. Thanks for getting in touch in with me. What a great marketing idea to reach out to your prior customers. I will check out your new website address right now. Have a wonderful holiday! Melanie

Kathy, What a terrific client-friendly service! Kind regards, Peter

Hi Kathy, I just want to say thank you for you terrific service. We received the bag in plenty of time for Christmas, and we are very pleased with it. Happy Holidays! Amy

Dear Kathy, I found your website using google, once using the search terms "shark neckties" and a second time using "green neckties". It wasn't until the second time I decided to look around and realized that you have one of the best collections on the web of the kinds of ties that I like to wear to work - looks good at a distance, and upon closer look there's something unique about them. There's a handful more that I will be ordering soon. Many other websites boast the largest number of ties, but I could find nothing there that interests me. I hope you continue to add more selected ties to your collection and send out an email when you do so. Thanks, Francis

My father collects frog and toad stuff. He also likes to wear frog stuff. I came across your website after doing a search for frog t-shirts a couple years ago. I liked doing business with you so I keep returning. -David

Good morning!Just wanted to tell you what an astounding collection of T's you have ! ! ! Mike

Hi Kathy -Thank you so much for getting my order to me so quickly - it's a late shopper's relief! Happy Holidays Nancy

Dear Kathy, The vests have come perfectly. They are further more beautiful that in the photographies. Thank you very much by the sale and I expect to continue doing business with you very promptly.
Regardes Miguel (Chile)

Hi Kathy, I will be calling you with credit card info today for my purchase order 26. I found your website while looking for snake/nature tshirts. I think you have the most incredible selection anywhere on the web. I am a part time naturalist and happen to have a 5 year old nephew living in Florida that shares my passion for snakes and reptiles. The tshirt I am ordering is for his 5th birthday. I will definitely be ordering again for myself and for Christmas gifts in the near future. Thanks so much for offering us nature lovers such a wonderful selection of beautiful tshirts and other products. Kris

Kathy- The shirts ALL worked...and we LOVE them all! Thank you and you will hear from us again :) Have a great day! I will gladly share your website, it is one of the best I have found. Jennifer

Kathy, thanks so much for replying so quickly. This info is more than I could ask for. I have an exam on Wednesday, but after that I will definitely place an order. I surfed the web for an hour and a half, sampling umpteen tiger t shirt sites, and yours won hands down. It has a fantastic selection at very reasonable prices. Best, Bill

Dear Kathy, The "RNA" tie arrived promptly and in perfect condition. It's going to make a great gift! Thank you very much for your fast shipping and excellent customer service. ~SZ

Kathy, Thank you so much for the prompt shipment of my salamander t-shirts (purchase order 50)! They arrived in plenty of time for my fiance's birthday and we both love them! It was a pleasure doing business with you, Brianne

Hi, Kathy. It has been a long held opinion of mine that neckties be a bit more original than what is offered in stores. After searching museum stores for art inspired neckties, and coming up gravely disappointed, I combined neckties and art in Google and came up with your site. I like the diverse selection of ties that you have. For out of the ordinary neckties, your site beats anyone I have been able to find on the net. From the description of your trip, it sounds as if purveying interesting items on the internet is not your sole occupation. I look forward to receiving my tie. AM

Hello, I recieved my tee-shirts yesterday : they are nice and I like them a lot. So, I thank you very much. Christine

Kathy-Just wanted to thank you for getting the dolphins to my granddaughter on her birthday! She loves the t-shirts and pens. Thanks again. Betsy

Thank you for the information. My mother in law sent me a zerox of a mans tie that goes to church with them and asked if I could find one. I put mens neckties in google and your site was on the first or second page. Your site is so well designed with pictures i searched until I found the tie that matched the color copy. Thank you for your fast reply. Kim

Hello Kathy, Thank you so much for sending the tie to us by Priority mail. It arrived today and my son was thrilled he'll have his dad's birthday gift on time. That was very kind and thoughtful of you, and we appreciate it. My son's nickname is turtle, thus the turtle tie! Sincerely, Lysa

Hi Kathy, I got the 3 grape magnets today. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so very much for shipping the 3 that were ready. And I'll patiently wait for the one that's on back order. I am very pleased with my little magnets. I know my Sister In Law is going to LOVE them. (They're a gift) A pleasure doing business with you. Take Care. Laurie

Hi Kathy, I found your website using a google search on "book neckties" I believe. I will certainly book mark it for future gift giving purposes. Thanks for the $3.00 shipping. You have made a librarian very happy!

Dear Kathy , the visit to your nice site has been smooth and interesting. Easy to navigate and easy to understand what you offer. In a scale of 10 my note to your site is 8.5 . Ezio, Italy

Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that I wore the tie last night to a business dinner honoring an environmental conservationist. The background music for the event included croaking frogs and when we signed in everyone was given a choice of several types of frog pins to wear. To say the least - the frog tie was a hit and totally in keeping with the theme of the event. Thank you for being online and giving me the pleasure of wearing this tie. It has a wonderful future ahead. Bob

Kathy, We received the magnets. My daughter was very happy. She loves them. Thanks for the red one. It was good doing business with you. My daughter and I will let our friends know about your website.

Ms. Wildman, I received the 2 ties today (Vitamin D and Wine). To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. I'm sure that I will be placing additional orders in the future. Again, thank you. Dale

Dear Kathy, I am so happy you found a Navy tie. I originally found your website when doing a google search for scuba diver ties as my friend is an avid scuba fan and I thought a tie would be a perfect holiday gift. When I saw the beautiful save the children ties, I was overjoyed. Thank you so much for a wonderful internet buying experience. Linda

Good morning, Kathy! The ties arrived last night - they're *** Beautiful *** !!!!! I'm really thrilled by the Einstein General Relativity one, but they're *** all *** great! It made for a really nice "get home from work moment". I'll definitely be back to your site looking for more great things. (And if the Leonardo in black ever comes in, I'll snap that right up.) Thanks much for this, and have a great day, and a great holiday. Charles

Hi Kathy Would just like to say that the tie arrived this morning and I love it! I'm sure my dad will be delighted with it too! Thanks for all you help and I'm sure I'll be using you again at some point in the future! Thanks again Vicki - England

Dear Kathy, Just want to let you know that the ties arrived in the mail just the other day. They are beautiful! Thank you for such an awesome selection of unique products and terrific customer service. :) Thank you, Heather

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to let you know the tie arrived safely and was worn with much pride at Cheltenham races on Saturday. Many thanks Louise UK

Kathy, My t-shirts arrived in the mail yesterday. They look great. Thanks for your prompt and outstanding service. Have a great weekend… 'Fro' Jethro

Dear Kathy, I just want let you know that T-shirts arrived safely. T-shirts are great and I was very pleased. Thank you very much, Takashi, Japan

The bandanas arrived and look great. I've got a friend who just learned that she has cancer and plans to wear bandanas when she loses her hair, so I'll have some unusual ones to share. Thanks for your prompt service! Elaine

Hi Kathy, I just received the tie and am very happy with it! Thanks for your persistance in finding me an otter tie! Our new school mascot is the sea otter and we bought it for our new principal for Bosses Day. He is going to be thrilled. Lynne

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to thank you that I got the package yesterday. I found the magnets more nicer than I expected. Thanks and it was good doing business with you. Muzzammil.

Great selection of rare neckties. Thank you!

Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for quick shipping on the tie and it's perfect! It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will revisit your website when I'm looking for the various products that you carry. Thank you again! Irene :)

Hi Kathy, I received this order today. Thanks! You do have the greatest collection! Ken

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that the shirt arrived yesterday, right on time! My son loves it and wore it to school today! Thank you very much! Nan

Kathy, I've long been an Escher fan, and have been eyeing a few of his.. yours is the best and most affordable collection of his designs I've found online (especially with the current exchange rate). The fish? It's just outrageous. Tom

Dear Kathy, The Weather Icons tie arrived today, and I couldn't be more delighted! Thank you for shipping it so quickly. It's perfect! Your customer service is outstanding. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Many thanks! Karen

Kathy, The magnets arrived the other day - Wow! They are awesome! "Para polli oreo", or literally, too beautiful! I'm genuinely thrilled with them. They will actually make it possible for a gift of "refrigerator magnets" to seem almost extravagant. That tickles me. Thanks again for everything. I look forward to more olives and cheese. Sincerely, Stephen

G'day Kathy, my shirts just arrived, more than happy with them they are perfect, and your superb service. Again thank you, will be in contact to buy some more soon. Yours Wendy Australia

tie story: My boyfriend, a middle school teacher, likes to wear interesting ties to work. He finds that having interesting ties is a way to get students interested in communicating with him. When they ask about the tie, they are initiating age appropriate conversation that can lead to a better rapport in the classroom. Sandra

Kathy... I received the ties yesterday. They are FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for ALL of your help. I'm spreading the word about you around school and, needless to say, I'll be back to get some more neckware from you. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Thanks again, Vince

Dear Kathy, Thanks for all your help in getting the scuba tie out to me. My husband LOVED it. We are both avid scuba divers, so the tie was very appropriate and unusual! Joan

Hi Kathy, Just a note to tell you the tie arrived today and I am very pleased with it and the whole transaction. Thank you for your care and attention. Michael Australia

Hi Kathy, I got the magnet. Very nice. I love it & I'm sure the person I am sending it to will love it too. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. Have a great day, Debi

Hey Kathy, Thank you so much for your quick response. I will check out the site, I was just in a hurry to get those cherries is all. I will pass you along to my friends too. You run a great business. Thanx again, Debi

Dear Kathy, I received Joseph's tie today and I am thrilled with it and so is he. I do appreciate your help. The tie matches beautifully with the blue oxford and beige dress pants!!!! I also want to thank you for the creative t-shirt ideas that you gave to me. I am going to attempt the project with the children. Thank you again.... Debbie ----she wanted a 40th birthday shirt and I suggested hand and foot prints from her two children with fabric paints to help Dad count now that he has so many more years than digits.

The T-Shirt arrived safely. Thanks for the good communication and smooth transaction. Kathy

Hi Kathy. Just wanted to say what a great tie the one with the Buffalo on, it is Perfect, I will be ordering from you again. David H., United Kingdom

Dear Ms. Wildman, Thanks so much for sending the rose magnet order so quickly. The magnets are so beautiful and delicate that I wish we could have afforded them for our token gifts but I plan to use those I ordered for my committee members and other deserving persons. I will probably order some other magnet flowers in the future.

Kathy, Just paid for the Tree Frog Hat via PayPal. $18.00 for the hat plus $15.00 for overnight shipping. I expect the hat will be delivered to my residence on Friday. Thank you so much. I shop online regularly and I have never, ever received such great customer service as I have from you. Emails in the late evening, short notice ordering and a pleasant seller! Thanks again, Kathy! I shall be purchasing more from your great website. Sincerely, Mike

Thanks Kathy ~ the shark tie arrived yesterday and is PERFECT. It was nice doing business with you and I will definitely keep your info. for the next time. Mary

Amazing selection-I can hardly believe I found what I was looking for!

Dear Kathy I have got the ties and they were exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Regards from Karin, Denmark

Hello....Got my shirts today and they totally rock....haha....Thanks again for the super fast shipping and I will spread the word about your site...... Thanks again and take care Jason

Hello Kathy: I received the ties today. They were all very detailed and unique. Thank You. Jack G

Hi Kathy, I googled fish ties and found your site. I am doing a preceptorship with a doctor who is very into fishing and has a big aquarium in his waiting room. I wanted to get him a thank you gift at the end of the semester, and for some reason a fish tie came to mind. Your site had the largest selection of ties that I found. I'm sure I will be visiting it again in the future. Thanks. Eileen

Thank you so much, Kathy. Wonderful customer service. I'll be passing your site along! Corinna

Kathy, The tie arrived today in good shape. It is perfect, just what I wanted. Thanks. Amy

Kathy- I received the navy dolphin ties a couple of days ago. Thank you so much for being prompt and helpful. I will contact you in the future if I need to purchase anything else. I appreciate it, Toby

Hi Kathy, I just thought I would let you know that the 4 Teddy Bear ties you got for me a couple of weeks ago for the funeral & memorial service for our dear friends after losing their 16 year old son were perfect!....Again, thank you so much for your special help & care in accomodating my order on short notice. The ties brought some measure of comfort and peace in this sad time. Sincerely, Jane

The tie arrived today and it is great. I am sure my husband will like it, but if not, we have many people who would be happy to have it. He teaches Transportation Engineering in this (Chicago) area and so it is very appropriate. Thanks again for the good service and great product. Nancy S.

Update: I gave my husband the tie, he LOVES it. We will be back for more. Thanks again. Nancy S.

Dear Kathy Thanks so much for getting the ties to my son-in-law on time for his birthday, tomorrow. He just called and is thrilled to pieces. He said he can't wait to go to church this Sunday. So, again thanks for making his day. Take care. Joyce

My son has been wearing animal/nature t-shirts since he was a toddler. We shop museum and zoo gift shops, belong to nature organizations, and you are still the best source we ever found! Thanks! Jane

The tie was a HUGE hit :) Thank You! Berry and Donna

Happy to have found your site. You had a nice selection, I was only going to buy one but couldn't decide so bought three and the price was right. Thanx.

I just received the ties today. thank you and they look great! I look forward to ordering more in the near future and will recommend your site to friends in the NYC area. thanks again. jonathan

Kathy, thank you for sending the tie to my son-in-law. My daughter said that it was such nice fabric and the figures were so well done. I will save your web page for the future. Mary K.

Kathy, I got the T-shirt and Tie on friday morning and wore the tie to a job interview in the afternoon, perfect timing. Thank you very much. Scott

Hi Kathy, I am just sending a little note to thank you for your outstanding service and fine product. I really love the tie. I think it would make a great gift. Also, please let me know if/when you receive any different patterns in the Greek theme ties as well. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Demetre

Dear Kathy, I received the ties yesterday, they are more beautiful than I could imagine. Thank you for prompt delivery. Now you are my tie source for any future tie purchases. Merry Christmas, Olcay

WOW thank you. It arrived today and is perfect exactly what I needed. Bless you. I am interested in our educational outdoor classroom project. I teach elementary school and we have been putting in an outdoor classroom for ten years now. I was amazed when I saw your note about yours. We may want to share ideas. We have a nature trail, geology center, bird feeding station, amphitheatre, butterfly garden, greenhouse, and classroom garden spaces and a digital weather center. We have a committee and wrote many many grants and fund raisers as well, the kids love it and our science scores have soared.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that I received the necktie today - it's great, my husband is going to love it! Thanks, I'll keep checking your site.

Hi Kathy, I was googling "specialty neckties" when I found your site. My boss loves blues and jazz so the two I ordered for him were perfect. You offer a really nice selection of ties and t-shirts, etc. I will use it again. Thanks a lot! Ann

Hi Kathy- Thanks for the nice email. I googled shark tie and yours was on the list. I chose the tie for its look and the reasonable price- I look forward to receiving it and giving it to one of our friends as a gift. He is a basketball coach and his team is the sharks- it'll be perfect. I will bookmark your site as I bet there are many great gifts at reasonable prices- that is great. I also really appreciate the quick mailing- of course, I put it off until now. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thank you! Ali

I received the magnets today. There are gorgeous. I was very pleased. Thanks so much.

Hello! I just found your website as I was searching for Christmas gifts for my husband, an evolutionary biologist who studies salamanders in his job. WOW! Yours is the best website with the BEST collection of science-related t-shirts I have ever seen! I wish I could order all of them!

I found your website while using a search engine looking for dinosaur t-shirts. Had not found it previously while using similar search criteria. Your website had a much better selection than the majority of what I found out there. I like the fact that the kids shirts are not just black or white. My son loves dinos and sharks and had worn-out his favorite dino shirt.

Hello I purchased a German Shepherd tie from you and wanted to let you know that I loved it! I will be getting more from you and I am also giving out your cards to the people I work with at the veterinary hospital. Happy holidays...Bev

Excellent site for gifts! I found it while looking for this tie that I saw in a catalogue, but the catalogue web site did not have it, so I googled.

Hi Kathy, Yes, there is a story behind my purchases! I was thrilled to find your site! I have two young sons and when I want to buy them tshirts, most items available in the stores here are inappropriate - much more geared to teens than to elementary age kids. I love the nature related tshirts, as do my sons and my husband. I also have two brothers and my father who also love them. Same story - very difficult to find anything locally, even for the adults. So, I started searching for tshirts online &, at some point, ran across your site. I love it!!

Hi Kathy, I had to write to tell you how much I love the balsa pens I ordered! They are even more than I imagined. I so love the detail on each pen!! They are beautiful! Also I appreciate the quick service! Thanks again! Have a Merry Christmas! yours truly, Vickie

I found your website thru Google and also a friend sent it to me. I'm an engineer and work in a small architecture firm, but I actually got the tie for my brother-in-law who is also an architect! You really have a great selection of interesting items! I will definitely share the site with others - in fact I already sent it to my sister. Thanks!! Sarah

Thank you for the reply. I found your website after doing an internet search for the specific ties that I was looking for. I don't know where else they are available, but your site is the only place I happened to find them. I will get a personal check out to you within the week (if not sooner), and look forward to getting the ties. I will definiely keep your website in mind for future purchases. Thank you, - Noel

The ties and shirts arrived yesterday. Everything was as beautiful as it appeared on your website. My son couldn't wait to wear his wolf shirt to school (so much for saving it for the holidays!). He also said that even for a tie, the wolf one was cool. My husband liked his too. Thank you Robyn

I will definitley recommend you and your company to all my friends. I have truly appreciated your customer service. It is top notch!! Thank you for everything! Take care. Happy Holidays!! Vickie

Dear Kathy, I have had your sit bookmarked for a long time, but I vaguely recall it came up when I googled some unusual design of necktie. Did you once have a Japanese Kanji necktie available on your site? By the time my husband relented and said I could buy it for him, it was gone, from your site or wherever I saw it. The Ex Libris tie I just ordered from you is a duplicate of one my husband wore out, but I think he bought it before the dawn of internet shopping, so his first one didn't come from you. You have a very good, and very tasteful, selection of unusual neckties, and I'll be back when my husband accidentally destroys another of the ties he already has. Sincerely, M

Hi Kathy ~~ I received the tie in the mail yesterday and it's just what I was looking for. Thank you so much and I will certainly let others know of your site. Happy Thanksgiving! Suellen

Thank you for your wonderful products. Brett

Just what I was looking for for my son the new Chem teacher. You can thank Google for this order. Nice site. Pat

Thanks again and I truly love your website and will let friends about it. Yours truly, Vickie

Hi Kathy,The tie arrived and my husband wore it to our wedding - which had sort of a bee theme. I was very pleased with the service and will keep you in mind for future gift shopping. Thanks for checking up, Megann

Dear Kathy, The Exotic Birds T-Shirt arrived safely this morning...I was wearing nothing but a `smile' when our Post Lady rang the doorbell, but I did have time to grab a towel, thank goodness!...poor Shelly...she does see some weird sights on her `round' The T-shirt is beautiful and I am very pleased with it. Many thanks for all your help. With kind regards,John, UK.

Kathy, I received the necktie. Better than the photo and my wife loves it. Thanks.

Kathy, I've ordered from you before. I found your site just surfing the net and the name "Whatdidyoubringme" really caught my eye! The ties are for a good friend of mine, he is starting his second year as an elementary principal in one of our local schools. He absolutely loves the ties I've given him previously, and has had many compliments on them, both from adults and kids! THANK YOU for your quick response and for your great service. I will definitely let my friends know about your site!! Sincerely, Kathleen

Hi Kathy, I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my t-shirts! They are as beautiful in person as they were on the website. I will send any inquiries I have about the shirts your way. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank You, Shawn

Hi Kathy, I'm a professor at Michigan State University, and I am teaching general biology this semester. I have over 400 students in the class, and to engage them, I start out each lecture explaining how my necktie fits in with the topic of the day. They find it rather amusing I think. So, I was starting to run low on bold biological neckties. I think I have bought all the nice, reasonably priced ones that can be found in our local stores, which is not too many. So, I went to yahoo today and searched for "nature neckties", and your site came up near the top. By far, your site had the best selection of nature ties in which the plants/animals can be seen from some distance. - I will share your website. And hopefully my wife/kids can start buying ties for me as gifts! Best wishes, Frank E.

I have a lucky frog necklace, and wanted to buy a frog tie for a friend to share the luck. I typed "frog" and "necktie" into Google, and of the results I got, yours was the nicest, and most conservative. I look forward to seeing the tie! Thanks! Susan

The ties came today, they are beautiful. Thank you so much for the wonderful service. I'm sure my dear friend will absolutely love them. Thanks again! Kathy

Love your site! You've managed to put all my son's favaorite t-shirt images on one site. Before, I would have to look a dozen places to find shirts for him. We were amazed at both how many of your shirts he already had and how many more he wants! Looking forward to seeing our shirts!

Dear Kathy: How are you - Just a quick email to let you know that I received the fish hat and it is PERFECT!!!!! Thanks SO much. My boyfriend is going to absolutely love it. Thanks again. Have a great holiday. Sue

Hello Kathy, I received the tie today. Thank you, my brother will be very happy with it. I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Best regards Pat

Thank you Kathy. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Lee

Just thought I would let you know that I received the shirts and I love them!!! My nephews will love the bugs and my daughter the horse shirt. If I have the need I will definitely order from you again. Thanks, Gina

Kathy, Thanks again for your assistance. You have disproved the idea that internet shopping removes all aspects of quality customer service. I think I am going to purchase only the "See Spot Run" t-shirt this time but I have saved your website as a favorite and will certainly be visiting your "store" again. Peace, Ann

Hi, Kathy! I received the magnets Monday and I am very pleased with them. I will check with you again when I give all these away. Thank you. JG

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to let you know I received my turtle t-shirt today. The shirt is "great", I really love it!!! Thanks so much for everything, I will definitely be a repeat customer and tell all my turtle-loving friends about your site. -Donna :-)

I am a first time customer. I found your website by doing a search through yahoo. Your shirts were the most attractive and best priced. Thank you. Sincerely, Jennifer

Just had to let you know that I received my purchase in the mail yesterday. I am very pleased with the design on the T-shirt. It's so much prettier than what was shown on the website. My sister will just love to T-shirt to death when I give it to her on Mother's Day. Thank you. I'll be back. I promise! ~~Rebecca

I was down in the dumps and your t shirts came and cheered me up. They are beautiful. Thanks Jeanne

Hi, Kathy! Kathy, I just wanted to write and thank you very much for the tie, fiance loves it, it is the coolest tie he said that he has ever seen. Have a great spring and summer. Theresa

Kathy: It came today!!!! Thank you so much. I really hate ordering things over the internet and especially giving credit information that way. I also wasn't sure of the quality. It's not like going to a store where you can actually see the merchandise. It was perfect. I didn't even wrap it. I had to give it to her right away. Trip to Delware Park for a night of Slots - $200 Zebra T-Shirt for a dear friend - $20 Tears of joy - PRICELESS

kathy, the seahorse tie arrived today, it's great! Thanks -- I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future... Cheers! Katherine

Thanks!! I find your website by searching for Twist and Trout keywords. My husband bought the same shirt 10 years ago and it is in tatters and he WILL NOT throw it out. So, I was determined to find him one and boy I found other good things from you like the Bassackwards hat for his friend who he loves to tease and whose last name is Basso. We will have birthday fun with that! Thanks so much!!! I'll be back, Loren

Thanks so much Kathy, they were a big hit...and my Mom loves them too so we'll get her some more later. At any rate, if not before, I'll certainly catch up with you before the holidays for gifts. Take care! Kristen

Kathy: I've ordered from you before. I'd like to place an order for the Tropical Birds canvas bag. My sister just loves her Blue Heron T-shirt I got from you. It is exceptional! Thank you. ~~Rebecca

Hi Kathy, Just wanted you to know that the shirts arrived today. The packaging worked great and best of all they arrived on my husband's birthday, which is why I was buying them in the first place. Thanks for the great service. Diane

Just got the t-shirts, they look great!! Thank you again for all of your help, Susan

Hi Kathy, Just a note to let you know that the shirt arrived while I was out of town this past week. It was in fine shape and the husband is pleased. I will tell anyone looking for shirts to check out your site. Thanks. Diane

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to say thanks again. I received the books yesterday and already read two of them with my son .he was more intrigued than he's been for a while. I guess hearing the Spanish dialect caught his attention. I look forward to contacting you in the future for additional purchases :-) Christine

Kathy, Magnets just arrived. They are PERFECT!!! Just what I was looking for!!! I really Love the Sea horses. Do you have any more kinds of the 4-5 inch size? That is a perfect size for me... I love the ones you have shown, was just wondering if you can get more varieties of fish?? I am using them in a "Under the Sea" Mural I know I will be ordering more soon, do you have a good supply of them? Let me know, Kristine

Dear Kathy-- You really DO have excellent choices. I just rhapsodized about your great variety when I first found your site. Joanne

Hi Kathy, I'll be calling with the credit card info in just a sec. To answer your question, I found your website by Googling on "elephant neckties." I met a man at church yesterday who had the kickin'est elephant tie I'd ever seen. Although I didn't find the elephant tie I was looking for, I DID find your terrific Siberian tiger tie. What a wonderful site you have!! Keep up the good work! Russ

I meant to email you and let you know how great the tie is!! I haven't sent it to my friend yet, but I know he will be thrilled. Diana

Hi Kathy! I don't know if I wrote you or not, but I wanted to tell you that the t-shirts were just beautiful and my son absolutely loved them!!! I'm so sorry if I forgot to let you know how much we appreciated them! I will definately keep your email/website address, and I hope to do business with you again! Best Wishes, Cheryl

Great service and products!!!. Vikki

Will do! Thanks so much for the shirts, they were a great hit! Susan

Kathy! I LOVE the t-shirts! I got them yesterday and they look wonderful! A BIG THANK YOU for the extra one! You did not have to do that. The shipping was enough of a discount, but I appreciate it! I will be on the lookout for the ABC shirt, but with all of my new ones, I am in no hurry. I will certainly share your website with the "girls" at work in the teacher's lounge. Our mascot at school is the cougar and your t-shirt of the cougar was just beautiful and I expect a lot of people will want to know where I got mine. Thanks again! Doris

Thanks Kathy. I love your site and will definitely be do future business with you. I provide "fossil" classes for about 1500 school kids and hospital patients a year. It's awesome!! Thanks, John

Kathy, Gavin loves his new blue eagle shirt! It's his favorite! I should checkout what other eagle or falcon shirts you might have for him. With Warm thanks, Shireen

Dear Kathy, You have exceeded my expectations! The Magnolia magnets have arrived and they are beautiful. I can hardly wait to place them at the dinner table next Friday, November 12th. I took one down to the President's secretary and she was so excited, as was the COO's secretary who is working the dinner with me. Thank you again for your incredible customer service, the quantity disount, and fantastic product!!! Sincerely, Diane

Hi Kathy, I received the t-shirts in the mail yesterday. They are fantastic!!! Exactly what we were hoping for. My daughter is very happy too. We will be ordering some more in the next couple of weeks. Thank again. Tricia

Hi Kathy, Thank you for the super fast shipping! The tie arrived Monday and I'm very pleased with it. It will be a gift for a chemistry student teacher. I'm keeping your site bookmarked and will share my very positive buying experience with my colleagues. (By the way, I found your website after doing a Google search for "chemistry necktie") Thanks again. Ann Marie

Kathy -- Thank you for your excellent service with the t-shirts I ordered for my granddaughter. I received them yesterday. They are wonderful. Megan (9) is a great horse lover and is going to love the shirts. She has a number of other ones and will only wear horse t-shirts most of the time. Have a wonderful Christmas. Helen

Hello, The package just arrived. All the items are great. I needed to know the sending date because, sometimes the international packages get stuck in our customs. Not happened this time. Thanks for everything. I'll keep an eye on the site... Best regards.

I googled map ties. I love the ties on here! I haven't found a lot of them anywhere else!

Received the tie and t-shirt today, that was FAST! I love the tie, it's perfect. Thanks, Rhonda

Kathy: The (35.00) payment is in your Pay-Pal account, it has been a pleasure doing business with you, hope to do more in the future. Thank you for being so patient with me, you have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season Linda

WOW!! I received this yesterday! Lightning fast! And it is sooo adorable! Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! I will be thrilled to share your website! Happy Holidays.

Ms Wildman, The package arrived yesterday at my sister's house in Jacksonville Florida. She said she would wrap them up and put them under the tree........ thanks and I'll be back to look for more Ray Troll goodies (I'm a HUGE fan)...... thanks for your professionalism, Nickel

Hi Kathy: Happy holidays to you and thank you for your prompt response. I am sure Todd will love the shirts! And of course, we'll be back to order again! You're super! I'll refer friends too! You have beautiful products. Take care, Marquette

I found your website by searching for cow neckties. I grew up on my Dad's dairy farm and now work with the dairy industry. I had been looking for a cow necktie to wear on days that called for me to dress up. Thanks for taking care of my order so quickly! I have your website saved and will share with my friends. Thanks, Jimmy

I received the tie yesterday and it is perfect. Just what I was looking for. My director (which is an elementary principal) collects ties. I'm changing directors and this will be a nice thank you for being a great director present. Thank you.

THE best T-shirt site I have visited! I looked at every T-shirt in every category. I found several XXXL's that I like and one for my mom, who'll just love it! Hope you are having a great day and I do want to let you know that, as far as your customer service is concerned, you are the best I've encountered online ! Look for my order shortly! Michael

My 7 year old son is really into dinosaurs. We just searched the web for dinosaur shirts, and yours was one of many websites that we received. He really liked the shirts on your website. (You definitely had the better selection). He actually took a copy of all the shirts from your website to school today to show his friend. I'll call soon with the cc info. Lea Ann

My son loves bugs, insects and arachnids. I've been scouring the Internet for sites that offer bug-related merchandise. I was absolutely thrilled to find your site, where there is such a "concentration" of t-shirts and other goods with bug pictures.

Good morning! Just wanted to tell you what an astounding collection of T's you have ! ! !

Dear Kathy-- Just wanted you to know that my guy Bruce was wild over that Green Dragon tie I ordered from you for his birthday. He's already worn it several times. Thanks for your prompt service. I'll visit your website again. Janet

Thank you so much for making it such a smooth transaction. The hat was delivered today. I will be sure to order from you again. My father collects frogs and toads. Thanks, David

My son is a raptor fanatic. I found your site by typing in raptor t-shirts into a search engine. Thanks for having such an interesting site.

Kathy you are the best! I can't see the pdf on this wireless but definitely want to order two of them. Will drop you a note tomorrow. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Best, Barbara

Dear Kathy, I found your website using google, once using the search terms "shark neckties" and a second time using "green neckties". It wasn't until the second time I decided to look around and realized that you have one of the best collections on the web of the kinds of ties that I like to wear to work - looks good at a distance, and upon closer look there's something unique about them. There's a handful more that I will be ordering soon. Many other websites boast the largest number of ties, but I could find nothing there that interests me. I hope you continue to add more selected ties to your collection and send out an email when you do so.

You have the best web layout for the ties. I have seen some on other sites and they don't show the designs as well as you, even though they are some of the same ties. Blase

Kathy, The ties came in this afternoon's mail... the pictures didn't do them justice! They are beautiful and I know my husband is not only going to love them but wear them with pride! Best of luck with your great site! Thanks!!! Ronda

Hi, Kathy Just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived this morning, and I'm very pleased with them. The hummingbirds shirt, in particular, is even nicer than the photo. Thanks for the great shirts and the fast shipping, and I will bookmark your site for the future. Roz

Your T-shirts are so great! Every design is unique. The real image is much better than that seen on the PC screen.I am sure my father likes it. Thank you so much! Mari

Dear Kathy, Shame, shame, shame on me! But, the good news is that the neckties arrived 3 weeks ago already. I really do apologize for not informing you of this sooner. But, it just slipped my mind. And, that Florida coast/Miami Beach tie: a beauty!! Thank you very much for the excellent service and I am sure that I will visit your site on a regular basis to see if there is something new to my liking. Kind regards, Peter, a very satisfied client (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles)

I wanted to let you know that I received the long-sleeved Hummingbird T-shirt today and really appreciate the personal service! I am very happy and your web-site has been added to my favorites. (Indiana)

I found your website when I did a Google search for Maya neckties or something similar. I was looking for ties with Mayan/Egyptian patterns and I was not having much success. I'm not sure why there aren't more sites like yours, but I'm glad I found your site. When I saw the other science-related ties I couldn't resist getting a few more.

Dear Kathy, today the puma tshirt arrived and I am absolutely delighted. It is the most beautiful puma tshirt I have ever seen. I am going to wear it when we go back to a remote lodge in the rainforest of Costa Rica where we have seen pumas - even a black one with a black(!) cub. Thank you very much. Kind regards Friederike (Ireland)

Hi Kathy, You have great stuff for sale! Can't fond it anywhere else. Charlotte

Kathy, I received the ties today and they look great. Thanks for the speedy delivery! Regards Patrick

The t-shirts arrived yesterday, they're terrific. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Can't wait to see the look on her face when her birthday rolls around. I'll probably be ordering again before Christmas. If there's one thing my Kathy loves almost as much as lions it's casual clothes. Plus at least one of my co-workers sound interested to add to the order. Have a great weekend, take care. Roy

I am already spending more than I planned, I love the shirts and I can not resist buying them. I, actually, found your website by typing in "tarantula t-shirts" on google and looking for about an hour. Finally, I found your website, and it had a better selection of shirts than any other one I went to and better prices. The reason I am buying these shirts is because I am starting to breed tarantulas. Thank you, Brandon

Hello Kathy, I got my order yesterday, I really love my grape magnets, they look great on my refrigerator. Thanks Very Much! Nelly

Kathy, Thank you so much for your help with my recent order (Book of Kells tie and Portuguese map tie). The package arrived on Saturday, so I was able to wear the Kells tie to class today. I've passed on your website to two of my friends so far, with high recommendations. Hopefully, they'll send you some orders as well. Thanks again, John

Just to let you know that the neckties arrived yesterday - much faster than I had expected! Very many thnks. The teddy bear one is exactly what I wanted - just a little disappointed that the squirrel one is such a tiny repeat, but I am sure he will like it anyway! Wishing you every success with your business, Marlene G. (England)

Kathy, I coach two soccer teams both teams are named wolfpack. I just went to the search engine and typed "wolf t-shirts". You had the best selection and prices. The only thing that might have scared me away would be the ordering system. I like to click and be done. I would really like that gray t-shirt. Please really try. I will be wearing the shirts at the games, and I will let everyone know the website. Good luck in your business. JAKE

Thanks ties arrived today and they are awesome we think my son has good taste..Thanks for the prompt service. NJM

Dear Ms.Wildman: I have received all items in excellent time and condition. Thanks for such good service. I'll be sure to return to your website to get more merchandise.

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