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The Story Behind the Sale

Hi Kathy! I purchased some The Mountain brand t-shirts from you several years ago and remembered your site when looking for an older The Mountain t-shirt. I'm a nanny for a 7 year old girl who currently loves unicorns, so I was really happy to find a shirt that she will go nuts over. Thanks! Cheryl

Thank you, Kathy. My husband loves your ties. He always has a list that he wants!

I'm a college professor and I always wear a necktie to work on days when I lecture. During COVID, I still wore a necktie on days that I had lectured via Zoom. I might add that several times students have told me they never want to miss my lectures because they always want to see what tie I'm going to wear. I don't ever wear ties that are just a plain old geometric design. Many of my ties have animals on them and they're from the Endangered Spies Collection, or the World Wildlife Fund, or even Field and Stream ties. But, I also have several ties with the Space Shuttle on them, the solar system, and even one that looks like a computer circuit board. (I teach Computer Engineering). - DJF

I fucking love fish Kathy

Hello Kathy, Glad to hear you passed all of your medical tests. Thank you for the recommendation to see Killers of the Flower Moon. It's getting good reviews from the west-coast papers. I will tell my wife we need to see it. Thank you for letting me know you still have some astronomy and computer ties. I may order some more later, or hint to my wife to get me some for Christmas. I'm not sure if what I do when I'm wearing a tie really classifies as something that most people would consider fun or exciting to see. I'm an Electrical Engineering professor. So, what you would see me doing in a photo is lecturing in front of a classroom of students with a bunch of circuit diagrams and equations on the screen, or sitting at a lab bench demonstrating how some electronic circuit works. I enjoy what I do, but most people aren't that interested in knowing what goes on inside the microchips inside their computer or cell phone. And, what I do for fun outside the classroom is not something one does wearing a necktie. I'm a Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout troop and I don't wear a tie when we're out hiking or camping or kayaking or mountain biking. People occasionally do ask me where I get my ties. I always tell them "whatdidyoubringme.com". If you have ever shipped an order to someone besides me who lives in one of the towns in this area, Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Salinas, Seaside, or Marina, it might have been because of my recommendation. Take care, Douglas

Hi, Kathy. How has your day been? I've been meaning to tell you, my Dark Side of the Loon shirt gets lots of compliments. I wore the Planets to a Yes concert down here in Charleston, SC. (Yes is on tour? Yes. What was my first rock concert, back in 1972? Yes. Yes, I said Yes. Last night was terrific.) As we were making our way past nine people to our seats, a guy said "I like your shirt!" That felt good. Thanks and best wishes, Paul

I found you through the Ray Troll website, which I found through Tumblr. The shirt really speaks to me and your shop reminds me of my favorite shop in the mall as a kid!

Good morning, I was so excited to see that you had these shirts. My mom has had one of these raven's brew shirts for years and loves it, but everyone else was out of stock. I am currently traveling but will mail you a check this Tuesday. Thank you, Amanda

Hi Kathy. I will try. It is a shirt for my husband that does not like getting his photo taken. Maybe I can take a photo of us hiking somewhere. We are going to Greenland in September. That might be a fun shot. We go to Alaska a lot and buy shirts from Ray. We support a family owned salmon fishing company, so we always buy his salmon shirts. We were in a grocery store the other day and a lady came up to us and asked us if we had the Dark Side of the Loon shirt. My husband is a huge Pink Floyd fan and went to many of their concerts. Dark Side of the Moon is his favorite album, so he asked me to find the shirt.

My friend was wearing it, and I need it immediately.

Your Website was shared with me by Soho Coho in Ketchikan. I am searching for what I understand now to be the last of this print. I am hoping to replace lovingly worn versions of these items for my significant other. Hope to use your site in the future for other purchases. Happy new year and warm wishes!

Ray Troll is a friend of mine, and he sent me to your site! I was visiting him and I said, 'Ray- I have got to have one of your throw back tees- the Seiner one. Mine is finally more threadbare than shirt!' He looks at me and says, 'I don't make that one anymore'. I was devastated. So he has his shop keeper e-mail me where I can still find old swag and told me this is where his die-hard fans know to shop!

The T-shirt was seen by my grandson when he was in Alaska and he asked if I could get it for him when I was there. Unfortunately it was out of stock at the store in Alaska. He has a crazy sense of humor for a 13 yr old. Would love to get this for his Bday. (Family that Preys Together) The bag is because I was just divorced, and it tickled my funny bone. (A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle)

Hi Kathy, Thank you for your prompt shipment of the t-shirt I ordered. I have saved your website for the future. I gave Ray Troll's "Octopi Wall Street" shirt to our financial advisor for his retirement. He loved it! Sam Petersburg, Alaska

I came across a poster on my college campus's eclectic store, and I had to reverse image search it since I loved the art so much. Afterwards, a post came up on my twitter talking about Ray Troll's art, and I saw this specific piece and LOVED it! I'm currently a sophomore at Purdue University studying ecology and evolutionary biology, so I love tiktaalik because of such :]

Butterflies remind my family (sisters and mother) of my daughter, Eve, who passed away from her injuries in a car accident (with me) when she was 9 nine years old that happened in 2011. I first found the t-shirt at the State Botanical Garden in Athens, GA. I haven't seen it again until I ordered it on your website. I used the first one I bought (from the State Botanical Garden) for a memory blanket I had made for my daughter, and I was so glad to find it again on your website. Now, I'm getting myself an extra one and one for my mother; getting bags for myself, my mom, and sisters. Thanks for offering these wonderful images.

I searched the internet for art ties to find your site. My story: I am dating a man (I am 75 and he is 80) who is still teaching at the local medical school. He always wears art ties to his lectures but does not have one with a painting by my favorite artist.. Miro.

Hi Kathy, What a pleasure it was to talk with you! And thank you for having lovely bird T-shirts, one of which (WC613) I am ordering for my 91 year old mother, Joanna B. Sadler, who has been birdwatching since she was about age 1 1/2 years old. With short term memory now failing somewhat, bird watching is her chief daily pleasure. So I hope she likes the shirt. As I shared with you on the phone, I like bird T-Shirts that are artistic, as well as realistic. Thus the Song Bird Wreath T-Shirt fits the bill, and I also like the fact that the shirt itself is blue. I would have also gone for a subdued green or even an off white. But not grey, black or any other dull, colorless “color". Especially not for a woman! I hope the shirt gets here before Mother’s Day, actually, no later than Saturday, because Saturday afternoon is when I’m taking her out for the afternoon. Thanks so much! Martha

My mother used to buy my father Beatles themes ties for his birthday every year. He has not bought himself a new toe in 2 decades so I wanted to give him something special for his birthday this year.

My husband totaled his truck in a roll-over accident last year. He wasn't able to retrieve any of his personal items, including this hat, which was his favorite. So, this Christmas I shall surprise him with a new one! We got the first from the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque, NM. I have been looking everywhere for one, (but not Amazon) so I am VERY pleased to find one on your site!! Many thanks! I will have to shop here again!

I love the Frank Lloyd Wright series, and saw a t shirt being sold secondhand with the design. It was bought before I could, but fortunately I searched and was able to find your site. Thank you!!

My daughter lost her crested gecko hat on the boat. He died recently and she is very sad. So so glad we can replace it

Hi, Kathy, I really hope you have these! I have been wanting to replace my dingy old one for a long time. XXL should be fine for me, and we can take the other one in at the sides for my daughter. PayPal completed, Thank you! Denise

Hi Kathy, They just arrived and I'm very happy. I was worried about the purple " women's t shirt" but if fits perfectly and is nice and light. I'm wearing it now.The yellow swallow tail and white admiral were about the only North eastern species I never managed to murder as a kid. I still have the corpses as a cruel reminder. Not wishing to create a 4th generation "collector" I thought I'd try to raise caterpillars with my son. Behind a commercial butterfly garden was a refuse patch with a stand of nettles. With permission (the owner thought me nuts) we collected 8 worms. Thankfully one hatched so we knew they were Milbert's tortoise shells but the rest all produced small wasps. To my son's horror the caterpillars he lovingly tended harboured the most evil and insidious monsters causing him to lose all interest in etymology.I see from the cards you do educational stuff. Thanks so much. It's not always easy. Cheers, Rob

We went on a family trip to Alaska nearly 10 years ago as a family. On the trip my uncle (my dad's brother) went into a shop in Ketchikan and saw this shirt. My dad is a huge Pink Floyd fan so my uncle told him about it after we got back on the cruise ship. My dad has been looking for it ever since, and recently brought it up again so I started searching until I found it here! I can't wait to give it to him for his birthday.

Hi - looking forward to the MRSA scarf. I work with a nurse who's leaving our office who worked an MRSA outbreak and think she will enjoy this scarf.

What happened is my son and girlfriend went to go stay at her parent's beach house since he lost his job. Then they ended up staying longer than they had planned. So I didn't know what address to give you until they finally returned home to Charlotte yesterday. Thanks for sending the shirt, I'm sorry it took so long for me to know where to send it. Rachael (the girlfriend) and I have little in common, but we do enjoy watching our birds at the birdfeeders. So it was about the only thing I could think to get her. I hope this all gets better for everyone soon. Amy

Hi Kathy, I just completed and submitted the order form and paid through PayPal. Thank you for completing the order so quickly. I am a naturalist at a park district. My colleagues and I have been creating online program videos due to the Stay-at-Home order. We have decided to make next week "Scat Week". I thought I would surprise my colleagues with the bandanas. We can all wear them as we are filming from our homes. Thank you! Beth
Hi Kathy, I received my scat bandanas today. Thanks! They will be perfect for Scat Week! Beth

We have a Barred Owl nesting in a nest box I built and mounted in our back yard a year ago. It's pretty exciting. Thanks again, Gary

Hey Kathy,I just wanted to let you know that my “Mutate” shirt arrived in today’s mail. It is even cooler than in the picture on your website (if that is possible).I can’t wait for warmer weather and car show season! Thanks again,Lee (He is a Volvo fan!)

Hi Kathy - The pelican magnets arrived today, they are wonderful! (I also received the refund for 2). Each one is in perfect condition and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. I've attached 2 photos, one of the two I already had on my microwave in Florida and the 2nd with the new additions. You can see that the four additional gave us 2 sets of 3 of almost same, how perfect! Thanks so much, I had been searching for matching magnets to these 2 since we moved permanently to our 2nd home in New Smyrna Beach last year. We originally had 3 but one went missing during the time we used to rent our place out. Pelicans are our favorite Florida birds, and they regularly fly over the beach in sets of 3, which we call the Tres Cabelleros. Now we have them flying on our microwave, in a squadron of 6! Many thanks again, I will keep my eye on your site for other interesting items and gifts. All the best, -Pat

I found the page by google search. My wife loved her "lizards of the world" shirt when she was a little girl. Now that we have a daughter (12 weeks old) I thought it would be great to get her a similar shirt!

I owned this hat but gave it away when someone loved it. Getting it again for myself.

My sister-in-law was involved in a nasty motorcycle accident that resulted in her losing her left leg (among other things). She is now recovering and is learning to walk on a prosthetic leg. One of the things that they can do to "humanise"the Prosthetic leg is to cover it in a design that the wearer likes. T-shirt material is preferred and the material is stretched on to the prosthetic and then covered with a clear resin. The end result is really cool. Lorna (my sister-in-law) loves frogs, lizards etc and the design on the t-shirt is one that she chose as her leg decoration.


I have ordered your t-shirts before and they are wonderful. My son loves them. He is living with autism and these are a great conversation starters. Thank you.

Hello Kathy! Super excited for my order. My father used to have this shirt (scat) back when I was a little kid in the late 80's early 90's. He would wear it every time we went hiking or camping. He's going to love it!

Two of the same tie. That design is a family tradition passed down. We are pilots — the boys just earned their Instructors wings and will be wearing a tie to work. Thanks for asking. Meg Their grandfather gave me a Piper Cub tie when I earned my wings. On his death bed he asked me to make sure the boys earned their wings.

Thanks Kathy. I work for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services. Each day I help tell stories of the almost 800,000 veterans that live in Ohio. I have to wear a tie to work each and every day... and often travel with our Governor. If you ever come across a US. Coast Guard tie, an Ohio National Guard tie, a tie that has the logos of all 4 (or 5) military branches on it, or a state of Ohio flag tie, let me know. The Eagle Wings tie are very very nice. You sell them for a great price. I also am looking for a Syracuse University tie... not for work, but where I went to school. Thank you!

Hi there!! I am so excited to have found your website through Google search. I wanted this Tshirt as a gift when I was in Ketchikan last week and the store was sold out and Ray Troll's site is out of stock. Thank you for having it.

I'm really glad to have found your site. In the comments of my order form you might have seen my explanation behind my purchase, I came across it when I was looking for a hat that was even similar to the one that was super important to my boyfriend when I was lucky enough to find almost the exact same one from your shop. Truthfully, I've never used Paypal for an online order and I've never ordered from a small/independent retailer online and I saw that you ask for secondary confirmation via email or phone so I figured I'd reach out to make sure everything will go smoothly. Here's a photo of the unfortunate condition of said hat. :(  I can promise that this new one will be left in good hands and out of teething puppy mouths. :)- Taylor

My father was a teacher for 64 years. He taught until he was 88 years old. He loved ties and has several "Save the Children" ties. These two ties were among his collection. My mother and I are trying to duplicate what ties we can so we all get one. I came across your sight when I did a Google search and I'm so glad I did!!! Thank you.

My father was a teacher for 64 years. He taught until he was 88 years old. He loved ties and has several "Save the Children" ties. These two ties were among his collection. My mother and I are trying to duplicate what ties we can so we all get one. I came across your sight when I did a Google search and I'm so glad I did!!! Thank you.

My almost 6 year old is snake-obsessed and is having a venomous snake birthday party on Aug 24. The person who was supposed to custom make him a shirt bailed and I'm scrambling to find one in time. This shirt is amazingly perfect!

Kathy, I'm sorry that I interrupted your evening, but we finally got it taken care of. I decided to order an arachnid shirt because I am giving a presentation on spiders to the local garden club next month. I had ordered your wonderful dragonfly tee earlier in part for a workshop for the Demonstration Wildflower Garden workshop. Since I moved to Washington state four years after I retired from New Me, I have taught two classes, conducted three workshops and given a presentation, the last for Scarabs - the entomology club at the University of Washington. It seems like retirement has yet to catch up to me! I well remember first meeting you at Entomological Society of America conventions. Thanks, Dave

Hi Kathy, I am helping our track team put together a gift for their coach. One of our athletes found your website and the team really likes the running/stopwatch tie. We would like to order, but need to know if we would receive it before 5/20. Our Banquet is on 5/23 and we want to make sure the tie would arrive on time. Would you let me know what shipping to Williamson, NY 14589 would look like? Thank you for your time, Bonnie

I was at a gem & mineral show in North Carolina. My boyfriend & I saw a man wearing this awesome shirt! My boyfriends birthday is coming up, so as soon as he complimented the guys shirt & said wanted cool mineral shirts, I found this website. Thank you!! Cannot wait to give this to him(:

Our cousin's husband had this tie so we asked her where she found it. She directed us to this site! We're so excited to purchase this tie for our son who is in college studying meteorology!! Thank you for making this available!

Kathy, Thank you so much for such a quick response. My son wanted to give it to my husband for his birthday. It was a tie he had when we were dating, it was such a memorable tie that he went looking for it and found it on your site! He'll be so excited. Thank you for your help! Trina

Hi Kathy, thank you so much for the fast reply! I am thrilled to get this tie for my husband. He is a Professor at a university here in Boston, he has a tie like this that was a gift for him when he got his PH.D, He studied brains, the hippocampus, named after seahorses. So the tie was special, but 30+ years later it's worn out from use. Wendy PS I understand about computers as we say around here, can't live with them at times, can't live without them now.

I am a member of groups interested in Charlemagne and the Merovingian dynasty, just attended their meetings and thought it would be good to attend next meeting wearing appropriate tie.

Thank you a million times over - Wolf in Dye Paws T-shirt is by artist Rusty Fretner and I have a giclee print of this masterpiece. The cougar I have had on my desktop for years. If shipping is more than $7.00 please charge me the proper amount (Canada)

Kathy - thank you so much! My son LOVED the new Ray Troll shirt. It arrived on time and he can't wait to show it off to the other geology majors at college! :D I share your joy. So glad you could enjoy some home time during spring break. I picked daffodils today so it really does look like spring is coming! Thanks, Kathy Daffodils are my favorites! But we are now alternating between temperatures in the 50s and several inches of snow. Two or 3 times a week we make that switch! But I'm starting to see some spring migrant birds back, and someone reported snowdrops blooming...so spring is inevitable. Thanks so much for your awesome business! I've been buying your shirts for my kid since he was 4 years old! Anita

My son is an outdoorsmen, he loves drawing wildlife ducks, he was award gifted talent of art in Elementary School award, he continued his art. He loves your site of ties, one tie is for his High School Graduation, and one to his friend's wedding.

Looking forward to receipt of this colorful Civil War theme tie. Story is it will go with a “vintage” Civil War Centennial belt buckle I just acquired, all to be worn with cuff links made from original Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) uniform buttons and an original GAR lapel pin – just the thing for my monthly Cleveland War Round Table dinner meetings!

My 17 year-old son bought this very shirt at a thrift store and it has become his favorite. Unfortunately, he was in a skiing accident and the doctors had to cut off his clothes, and he was wearing this shirt that day.He was honestly so bummed. I was pleased to find this shirt available online - he has to have surgery on tuesday to put in a metal rod and screws in his collar bone. I am hoping to surprise him with this shirt - with the hopes of seeing his smile!

Thank You Kathy, I have worked and lived in Alaska for most of my life and have always loved Ray's prints. I thought it would be fun to give them at Christmas. I really appreciate your selection! Happy Holidays. Regards, Grant

I saw a guy wearing the hoodie and knew my friend would love, some googling brought me to a tool shop in Santa Barbara, and they referred me to you!

I finally found the picture of a red footed tortoise tee shirt my dad love's and wears daily at home on you're website.

Brother-in-law has worn his old shirt out and I found it by googling.

Hi Kathy, Have only just read the fine print regarding 'A portion of sales supports K-12 educational outreach using school gardens to teach hands-on-science' and gotta say I am impressed with anyone, particularly business entities, who have this sort of benevolence towards supporting learning in our kids; well done! As an educator myself I am prone sometimes to cynicism about business in general and am always on the lookout for ethical businesses which I am more than happy to support - keep up the good work mate, you are helping to assure a positive future for our kids and our planet; well done. I am still waiting for the t shirts I purchased, but am sure they will arrive when they are supposed to. Good on you for sharing the love and learning, Go well and stay well, Namaste to you and yours, Terry

Dear Kathy, Thanks heaps for the resources and learning links you have sent, they will be of great value to the kids I teach and I'll share them with other teachers as well. I have been away on a journey to Western Australia for what I term the 'Four Brothers reunion'; it was proposed last year by my youngest brother that we all get together for a weekend at his place in Safety Bay, to spend the weekend fishing from his boat in the Indian Ocean and celebrating our lives. This we did in style. It has been many years since we have all been in the same place at the same time, and reconnecting was cathartic. One of my brothers suffers post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome resulting from his Army service in Iraq, East Timor and other theatres of military conflict; this was a fabulous opportunity to rediscover the admirable human being he is, and to honour the sacrifices he has made for his beliefs. The t shirts arrived while I was away, and they are as great as they looked in your catalogue; I am more than pleased with them, cheers! I am stoked with their quality, both material and design. At this stage of my career I teach students from Reception (our first year of school) through to Year 10/11 in Design & Tech Studies, and from mid-year I will be teaching the Year 3/4's & Year 5's Studies of Society & Environment. Go well and stay well, thanks for your support, Terry

I am a PhD planetary scientist conducting research in the states. I am buying this for my proud dad for christmas. - Apollo 11 Moon Rock Collector Necktie

Good Afternoon Kathy, These hats are gorgeous and I want to thank you for making this perfect product for bird lovers! I love birding and am getting married next spring. My bachelorette party is this fall and i was looking for bird hats for all of my friends. I found this site through a simple search and it is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

I found you by looking for a favorite tie I had that wore out.

I spent the night with a former student. Her son, in whose room I stayed, has the most amazing salt water aquarium. He is very dedicated and knowledgeable about marine life. I teach comparative religion and am always looking for ties that are relevant. My practice is to wear a tie appropriate to the tradition I am addressing in any particular tie. This tie works well for the first class. The Golden Rule Norman Rockwell Necktie

I have a special connection the tie I originally ordered. It is exact to the one given to me by my eight year old grand son for Christmas. and I lost it traveling last week. My grandson is a special needs child my son and daughter-in-law adopted as an infant. So you can see why it is special to me. Thank you C.

My girlfriend found it and forwarded the link to me. The only story is I was raised wearing Americana series ties and find them still relevant in today's world.

This tie is my husbands favorite and when his dad who a horse trainer was killed in a car accident we buried him with my husbands tie. I was able to buy another tie at the time at a store. He wears this tie often and on special occasions but is showing wear so was ecstatic when I found it on your website Many thanks

Was looking for a swimming diver tie for my husband for fathers day. He is an IHSA swimming & diving official and has to wear ties at the big meets when he is officiating. He already has a swimming tie and was wanting a diving tie.

Hi Kathy, I came across your site in a search for Jewish neckties. My synagogue choir is performing a gala concert celebrating the congregation's 125th anniversary. We're sort of pulling out all the stops for this big event and even have a US Senator as our featured guest speaker. The choir is wearing "concert black" and I thought these ties would make us look a little less funereal. If you'd like to donate anything, there's still time to get you into the program, and I'll be happy to recommend your site. You are very responsive and easy to work with, which is highly appreciated. Rachel

This is for my artist son, who has never worn a tie in his life, to wear to my granddaughter’s (his niece) wedding. He searched the internet to find a tie cool and artsy enough. I hope it is is stock. If not, I’m sure we can find something from your seemingly vast art tie inventory. Please contact me if there are any problems. Thanks, Lynn

I found your page in a Google search. My husband is an actor and we're having a big birthday party for him on June 3. The theme will be movies of course. Is there any way this tie might arrive in time? Thank you! Love your collection of ties!

My son is not a sports fan. He really likes creatures. Especially invertebrates. If it has venom all the better. He admired a hat that he saw with a praying mantis on it and I decided to search for a suitable baseball hat for him this summer. I could hardly decide between all the superb designs that you offer. I can't wait to see his reaction when we give him the tarantula hat.

Hi Kathy, I have just received the "Feed the Birds" with the squirrel dressed as a blue Jay. Many Thanks!! I gave this shirt to my friend about ten years ago. She absolutely loved it and wore it to death. 3 months ago she told me she was upset because her favourite tea shirt was dead and she was forced to throw it out. That is why I went hunting for this specific T Shirt, Her Birthday is at the end of the month and she is going to be really happy. Many Thanks for your help. Lynn (Australia)

My husband is a Social Services attorney. These Save the Children ties are going to be his Adoption Day ties!!

Hi Kathy, After 36 years as an elementary public school teacher, I retired to become an usher in all the major houses in Boston...I am so Blessed. ?? We are required to wear black pants/skirt and a white blouse. I like to accessorize my "plain" outfit with a whimsical touch. Your ties will absolutely be the perfect touch. (Moulin Rouge is opening at Boston's Colonial Theater in June.) I will add you to my favorites. Please feel free to email me with accessories that you think I may like. Wishing you much prosperity in your endeavors! Lucille

This tie (Mickey the Conductor) is for a very special show choir director as a gift who loves all things Disney!

Hi Kathy, well ,the story is: i had experiences with the white buffalo woman ,and we already have several white buffalos on earth again, that makes me happy...! Another ? story is: a woman from india called AMMA visits my homevillage (where her german ashram is located) once a year. Then several thousand people come to visit her to be embraced at a hall beside, -that hall was only allowed to be build because it´s a horse-riding hall also-otherwise no permission would be given by the government! ...and: i feel native somehow,-pagan some say. Greetings from oversees Lothar (Germany)

I purchased two embroidered hats for my sister and brother-in-law before, and they caught the eye of my brother and sister-in-law. They're having their one-year wedding anniversary soon, and I thought getting matching embroidered hats would be a nice gift.

Kathy, I don't recall exactly how I found your website. I think I was looking at Tell Hicks artwork on line and found a link to your site. The story behind my choice of the "You'll Need This" shirt is that I'm an amateur herpetologist and do a lot of citizen science volunteer survey work for organizations like the USGS, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and other government and private land owners. I'm also an artist specializing in creating museum quality replicas of native reptiles and amphibians. The artwork of God handing a snake hook to Man on the "You'll Need This" shirt is very cool. My "Co Ho Ho" shirt choice is a gift for a close friend who's not only a fisherman, but also a professional bearded Santa who works at a local mall as Santa Claus during the Christmas season. The "Blow Me" shirt is for another life-long friend who is always up for crazy funny stuff. He'll wear it with pride! Here's a link to my website. The photos on the Reptile Replicas page are all of hand painted replicas I've made: www.swfieldherp.com Thanks Steve

I am so glad I found your site. I am a senior in the Wildlife and Fisheries program at West Virginia University. I will be wearing this time when I give my group capstone research project which is on injuries affecting birds of prey in North Central West Virginia. This project is in collaboration with the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia.

Kathy, thanks for your note. I am a professional "Birder". I lead walks and give talks through out the Raleigh NC area. Was looking for a Hat with a decent Picture. Googled "bird Hats and found you. After I wear mine I am sure folks will be interested and I will send them your way. Two weeks ago I did a program on "Patch" birding, where you just count what you see over some period of time (usually a year) in a given area i.e. Your backyard. Had over 400 folks watch the presentation on live face book. Thanks again, looking forward to my new hat. I mailed a check yesterday. Blessings Frank. Oh yea, my choice was based on the Pileated was the reason I started birding over 50 years ago.

I told you the story behind the ice cream tie - of my now very ill husband and the young granddaughter who used to "escape" for private ice cream dates. That's why the tie is important. I found you by googling "Save the Children ice cream tie. Thank you for your help with this special item. Thank you. We never know who we truly were made to be until we are tested and have to dig more deeply than we thought we could. That's where I am living now and prayers are what I need most to be able to get there. Cheryl

Hi Kathy, I'm an airline pilot for Delta, and I've been wearing my UNICEF-Save the Child "Rudolph's Snowy Day" tie for I'm guessing 15 years now. It always gets nice comments, and I like it's hand-drawn looks way better than all the Chinese made ties currently on the market. I was truly saddened when I realized that I had finally worn holes in my tie, and I'm OK at sewing repairs in pants and shirts, but making a silk tie look like new is beyond my skills. Therefore I was quite happy to see you had one on your website for sale. I should be able to safely wear it for the next several years until I retire, making me very happy as I fly each Christmas. Thanks for actually having a really hard to find tie!

This is for my sister in law who lives in Oregon. Ilene is a great fisherwoman and organizes trips for women with breast cancer and other illnesses. She will love this t-shirt.

Dear Kathy, I thought that your site was wonderful. I found it while my daughter and I were searching for fly fishing shirts. This year she took an interest in fly fishing, she is 18 years old. Here in Utah the Fish and Game Dept. is doing what is called the cutthroat slam. You must catch and release all the 4 sub-species of cutthroat trout in Utah in their native range to complete it. I thought it would be a good way for me to get back into my hobby, while at the same time teaching my daughter the fine art of fly fishing. She wanted a fly fishing shirt, we googled it and through much searching we found your site. Unfortunately I am of a larger size, I too wanted a fly fishing shirt, but the fly fishing shirt designs I wanted were not in my size, I looked at other shirts that you had, I am a 50 year old "Junior Naturalist" and I love the Short-horned Lizard shirt that I found. I also liked the ties and other shirts that I will probably buy at a later date, provided they are in my XXX size. The tropical birds t-shirt appealed to my wife, and if I could find my size I would probably get one too. I would like to be on your email list for updates. Anyway you have a very creative site, that appeals to many of my interests, and you could also say to those of my family as well. Thanks, Mike

Kathy, I got to your website in a general google search for Christmas neck ties. I have been wearing novelty ties at Christmas for many years – santa clause skiing, Christmas trees, etc. I started to think in that we are celebrating Christ's birthday I needed to also get a tie that reflects that importance. The one I ordered is the classiest one I saw on the internet. Thanks Ian

My 2nd daughter the 7th child of 9 children is fascinated with insects and asked for : "anything buggy" for Christmas

I happened upon your website when I was looking for t-shirts with insects on them for my daughter. She is going to college next year to become an entomologist and needless to say she loves bugs every bug out there not one is too ugly for her. She knows everything there is about bugs. So I thought it would be a good Christmas present for her this year. It's so hard to find shirts with insects and spiders on them. So that is my story and it will be a big surprise for her on Christmas and I know she will love it. Thanks so much, Sue

Kathy, I ordered this tie for my 21 year old son, who just started student teaching high school history. He is an avid historian and I'm starting a new tradition of giving him a tie every year for Christmas from different points in history. He can wear a coordinating tie with a lesson he is teaching. Happy to have found your site! Happy Holidays, Renee

I found your page from a google search of swimming ties. This is a Christmas present for him high school son who is on the swim team and has to dress up with a tie for meet days. Can't wait to get it.

Thank you! Hopefully my paypal payment posted properly. Yes, there's a story to the choice. 16/17 years ago i bought 9 apple ties from lands end on close out for Christmas presents for my husband, his 4 brothers, father-in-law, 2 nephews, and stepson. I had no idea they would become a family classic, and did not have the foresight to get one for my 1 year old. I have searched occasionally through the years, and this time by a Christmas miracle your site came up when i searched "Lands End apple tie". You have the dark one, I bought it in the other 2 versions, yellow and red, but he will be delighted anyway to get one too. He's 18 now. Thank you!!

Hi Kathy, My husband is a land surveyor in Washington, DC. One of his colleagues wore a DC map tie to a function and I made a note to get him one someday. I googled "DC map ties" and your site popped up in the results. He is also a geology nerd, so I found the satellite image ties beautiful and particularly fitting for an extra gift. I chose your store over others mostly due to personal preferences. Firstly, you seem like a good, honest, small business owner. Secondly, you are based in West Virginia, which is one of our favorite places to visit (hence the folded mountains tie reminiscent of the Appalachian Mountains.) I ordered the ties early for the holiday season because the DC Association of Land Surveyors has it's holiday banquet on December 6th and I want him to wear one of his gifts. If anyone asks where he got the tie, I will certainly direct them to your website. Warm regards, Rebecca

Dear Kathy I originally found your website when searching for information on FLW. My 15 year old grand-daughter is set on qualifying in architecture and I want to broaden her knowledge of this great man who has a Welsh heritage. Having found your website I was immediately drawn to the neckties and did purchase one. My son saw me wearing the tie and fancied it so this latest purchase is intended as a Xmas present that he may wear to impress my grand-daughter. I will introduce you site to family and friends. I look forward to receiving my order. Thank you. Robert (UK)

Good morning, Kathy, and thank you for your note. I had a beloved silk necktie with a pattern of small frogs, a present that was purchased at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts several years ago. It was lost this last weekend; I checked with the Museum and found, not unexpectedly, that it's no longer available from them. I did an internet search for "frog necktie" and found several offerings; of these, yours is unquestionably the most appealing (and the closest in spirit and solemnity to the one I lost). With no hesitation whatsoever, I sent off my order. I am truly looking forward to receiving my necktie. Thank you for having the good taste to make such things available! :-) Matt

Hi Kathy:...Nice to hear from you. I will send you a check. Is the price $30 plus $7 shipping? I found your company a few years ago in the computer, trying to find some early-American ties--and your ties were the only ones I could find. I have been getting many compliments on the historical tie I purchased in the past, and I'll do my best to get some more sales for you when I meet other men interested in American history. I won some gasoline in a drawing featured in the tabloid, the GLOBE, featured at most grocery store check-outs. Article and selfie may appear in next week's issue. I'll get a check out tomorrow. Best regards. Larry

As far as a story behind my order and how I found your website: I was searching for ties related to Genesis and your site popped up. My son, who is 29 and teaches at a Jewish Day School in NY, collects ties. He currently has well over 200. He has a policy of wearing a different tie every single day of the school year. He tells his students that if they ever catch him wearing one that he wore earlier in the year, they get points or something, but he never does. He had one student one year who kept a spreadsheet of his ties to see if he wore any twice (he didn't). Anyway, he likes to wear a tie that is relevant to either what they are studying, or to the holiday if it's a holiday, or to something related to what we read from the Bible on that particular week. Among his many ties, he has few from Genesis, and was particularly looking for a good creation tie. A couple of yours stood out, but he really liked this one. Take care. Tamra

Kathy, You asked how I found your website. Twenty years ago my son bought a SCAT shirt at a local nature preserve. Over the years it wore out after being passed down to several of his nephews. He is now a hunter and remembers the shirt. I started searching online for Scat shirts and your website came up. The is is exactly the shirt he bought 20 years ago. I am getting this for him and an a friend as a surprise. I am hoping you can fulfill this order. Thanks Kathy

Hi Kathy, I loved the quality of the the 2 ties I received last week so I decided to get one for my husband for Christmas (he looked a little envious when he saw the one for my brother). I was at a wedding last week and a guy had the Revolver tie on. My brother is a HUGE Beatles fan. He even recreated the Cavern in his basement for his band to play in! I decided to search the web for that tie (even though the guy said he bought it 20 yrs ago) and discovered your site. The "Let it be" tie is for my son. Thanks, Kathy

So happy to have found your site! My nephew's first "real job" out of college is working with donors at a theater in Florida. I wanted to get him a shirt and fun tie for part of his Christmas gift. This will be perfect! If the cream (005) is not available, the gold (006) will be fine. (Shakespeare tie)

I inherited the "One Nation Under God" silk tie (Eagle Wings 6887) from my late father-in-law. I wear it giving spiritual heritage tours on Capitol Hill in DC. I've nearly worn it out and wondered where I could find patriotic ties online. A google search brought me to you! Your selections are amazing. :-)

Kathy, I was searching for Americana neckties for my boss because he has a meeting this Thursday and the theme is Americana...Your website had the best items! I am excited to see the item and present it to him! Thank you, Eva

My husband's closest friend (now deceased) had the Bassackwards tee shirt. We have searched numerous places for this design to no avail. I was delighted when I found it on your website. It will make a terrific Father's Day gift and remembrance.

Looked SOOO long for this saying on the perfect tee. (Text = "The mountains are calling and I must go" - John Muir) Yours is beyond fabulous. Thanks so much! I am looking forward to giving this gift!! Will dig out my CC and call soon.

I would like to order 12 of the NYSE for October 29, 1929 Alynn 2076 neckties at $20USD each for my investment club.

Kathy, The order of the tie (p 64) is all i will need. Thank you. A friend found it for me by using google search. My father was given this same tie years ago by his mom. He wore the tie to a mission trip in Africa and he left all his ties and suit jackets there as the people there didn't have any and needed clothes for work and church. His mom (my grandma) passed away a few days after we got back and he regretted giving it away. I have looked for it a long time. Thank you Janiece

Hi, 3 large and 1 XL (baitfull dead) is correct. These are for me and my buddies who are Dead heads and have fished together for the last 20 years in the French River. The designs look great. Website worked well but the form is a bit awkward to work with. Not a big deal though. Aaron

Kathy, I am an old customer so there is no story. I like your t shirts so I buy them over and over. Fred

Hello Kathy, I found your website searching for Ralph Marlin neckties, and it particular the Oldsmobile tie with the 442 on it. I saw a post where someone bought the same tie on eBay so I started searching. I have 2 Oldsmobiles. One is a 442 that I have had since 1975 and also another is a Cutlass. My hobby is restoring and showing these cars. I also have a 1972 VW Beetle and I have several VW ties that I wear as well as several other land transportation theme neckties. Thanks, Emory

I found your web site using a Safari search for bird graphic T shirts. My husband is President of our local Audubon Chapter and is in front of a crowd monthly. I wanted him to have some of these shirts with realistic depictions of birds. If he is asked about them, we can refer people to your site. The graphics look very nice on the web page.

Facebook friend posted a picture of her husband and he had this shirt on. I've been an avid butterfly enthusiast since the 90's. Watching, raising, photographing etc. My little sister has become interested also and now has a way Station in Charlotte with milkweed and nectar plants. She's so excited. She has 3 Monarch caterpillars hanging in a j today in preparation to pupate. She also shares the process with her pre K students. I found you just searching butterfly shirts on the Internet. It may have been on a pinterest post. Anyhow glad I found it. I may have one of your shirts or a bag I purchased at the UNCA Botanical gardens. I saw one on the website that looked familiar. Looking forward to it and I know my sister will enjoy. Thanks Janie

Hi Kathy, I am so glad I found your website because I have just ordered the perfect gift for an international educator in Spain who will love the tie I just purchased. I leave on May 26 and assuming that the tie I ordered will arrive in time. Can you confirm that please. Thanks so much. Tony

Good morning Cathy. I found your website on Google: it seemed to be the most friendly with respect to Beatles ties which is specifically what I was looking for. As for the story behind my choice that goes back a bit. I was in business in London England in the early 1960s supplying fashion merchandise to, amongst others, the Beatles: I used to lunch with one of the managers of Apple Corps. I came across a "do you want to know a secret?" Beatles tie in Montréal last year and decided that I wanted to find out how many had been made and if others were available. Since they are more or less my vintage and wear very well with suits and jackets, I shall be wearing the ones I ordered from you for business meetings: they will be commented on as much the one that I have already: good conversation pieces with clients. Great speaking to you, looking forward to receiving the ties, have a great week. Chris

My son wants this tie for his 5th grade teacher as an end of the year gift. They have been studying the Westward Expansion Lewis and Clark Map).

My husband wears this Love Birds tie to weddings and people love the thought of the Love Birds. We are buying this for a friend.

Kathy I found our site by google search. I am a pediatrician and have enjoyed wearing Save The children ties for some time. I have a medical student who has chosen to go into pediatrics and want to give him a tie. I also wanted to add to my collection. The check is in the mail and should arrive within the next few days. Thanks for what you do Joe

Hi, Kathy, I got the shirts (Ray Troll Cosmic Coho) -- thank you so much! I gave one of these to a friend back in the early 90s--she wore it until it fell apart. She was once offered the equivalent of $65 for it, but wouldn't sell! So I'm happy that we each have new ones now. Beth

Hi Kathy, My wife originally found this tie, years ago, in a mail order catalogue. I've worn the old one so much, it's starting to fray on the sides. It's part of my look for television shows and public appearances. You see, I'm the world record holder for paper airplane distance, and I do presentations for schools, libraries, and air museums. I was even invited to lecture at Harvard earlier this year. It seems there are a lot places that sell the tie with the smaller paper airplanes, but your store is the first one I've seen in a long time, with the original sized planes. This tie has been on Conan, Nat Geo, NFL channel, Disney, Discovery, Science Channel, BBC, Nikei, TV Globo, and many more. I'm so happy I found a place with the original sized artwork. The smaller planes are okay, but don't read as well on television. I found your website with a google search for "paper airplane tie". It was the third or fourth page of results in. Of course, I had to buy two ties. The old one is failing, and, just like they used to say in the days of the monarchy, I needed an heir and a spare. Best, John

Hi Kathy, I was looking for a US Navy tie for my father-in-law who is a WWII Navy vet. I came across your website on a google search for US Navy ties. I was looking for a more subdued design more along the lines of the style of British regimental ties. I have an old ties of honor Special Forces tie that is just a striped regimental tie which is apparently no longer made. Anyway thanks, I will definitely bookmark your site. Ernie

My University is holding a celebration of 100 years of Chemical Engineering and a few friends and I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to go in theme so we were hoping to buy a few ties "Table of Elements Necktie RA326458". (New South Wales, Australia)

Kathy Hello, I googled horse racing ties, your sight was maybe 6 or 8th on the list. I clicked ones above You did a quick perusal and found nothing I liked selection was limited until I clicked on yours. You had a lot to offer and found what I wanted.. We are horse racing fans and are co-owners of a 2 year old filly and colt. They are in Florida Right now and will transfer to Monmouth Park in NJ soon... So the triple crown races are approaching and I need some new ties to get into the theme of things. My wife and I take our children to the Preakness every year, hence, the Baltimore tie. I will rotate those 3 ties from the time I receive them till the day of the Belmont Stakes... They will be heavily Used by then. Howard

I found your site by searching for this particular shirt. I have had one since 1992. Every single time I have worn this shirt, I've received a compliment. Many have asked me how to get one; now I know. Thanks!

I found your site through a google search. I have had a growing interest in birds as of late and I wanted a hat with a bird that I feel represents me spiritually. I chose the flying loon for that reason. This form has been a pain free experience. Thank you for providing a variety of gorgeous options to select from. I can't wait to receive my product.

Hello Kathy, My son is a student of chemistry. He does not like formal clothes. But he is invited to a wedding. He was going to wear suit and necktie. I think he likes to do it with your extraordinary neckties. I like Periodic Table in Blue Necktie JB 115 $ 40.00 silk tie and Chemistry Apparatus Necktie MA 7339 $ 30.00 silk tie. I want to order both neckties. Do you also ship to Germany? I would like to pay with PayPal. I look forward to the answer. Best regards Ev-liane

Hi Kathy; Getting these shirts for my daughter Madeline (Mad Cow we call her) and Samantha (happy salmon). I was searching for a salmon smoking a joint and called Smoked Salmon as I've been calling her Smokehouse Sam! She'll be 21 Monday

I gave this tie to my husband as a wedding gift 25 yrs ago, but several years later our dog ate it--seriously. He turns 64 Mar. 15th so this is a replacement to assure him that I do, indeed, still love him when he's 64. I pray it gets here on time!

great selection, have searched for the Operation Collector Tie for 5 years (I have one and one of my close physician colleagues has been wanting to buy it from me for years, going to be a gift

I found your website after a long search looking for Escher's ties. It happened that a few years ago a lovely girlfriend gave me one Leiden Fish as a present. Unfortunately she passed away and since then I wear the tie every time I have to use a suit (not very often...). I will certainly add your website to my favorites and tell my friends and family about the nice items you carry. Pedro H (Mexico)

A friend introduced me to a buddy of his. The buddy was wearing the ``We Can Work It out'' tie. I compllimented him on the tie and he explained it was one of the Beatles ties and that he had a different one for each day of the week. Afterwards, I went online and found your website.

Hello Kathy, Well, the story behind my order is ... many years a go my husband gave me a gift t-shirt with "Dances with squirrels" on it as I love squirrels and collect different squirrel items. My t-shirt being as old as it is was looking pretty beat up and it was my favorite, so I took the chance and googled for the shirt to try and replace it. I looked at several sites but when I looked at yours I also fell in love with the "What birdseed" t-shirt which I had not seen on any of the other sites. Have a blessed day, Dianne

Hi, Kathy. You asked if there’s any story behind my choice of the Sun Zodiac Collector Necktie and how I found your site. Many years ago when my husband first started out in business (he’s in publishing), he, being a guy, had no sense of style in clothes and, especially, ties. He wore the dullest, most uninteresting-looking ties you can imagine. I couldn’t stand it (!) so I took him to a department store to look at different ties. That’s where we first found the Sun Zodiac Collector Necktie. He wore it for years until it wore out. By then the department store had gone out of business, so I looked online for a duplicate tie. That’s how I found your site. I bought the tie he’s been wearing up until now, and that one has worn out. I thought that buying two ties would keep him in Sun Zodiac Collector Neckties for years to come, but one tie is okay for now. Your site is certainly bookmarked on my computer. I know in several years you’ll be hearing from me again about buying what will be my husband’s third Sun Zodiac Collector Necktie. Thanks so much. Jody

Hi Kathy, My husband’s favorite tie is fraying. It’s a Metropolitan Museum of Art tie; they no longer have it in stock. No luck after searching pages and pages on Ebay. Did a Google search, and up came your site. I am overjoyed that I can surprise my wonderful husband with a new version of “his” tie. He is impossible to buy for, by the way. Thanks!

Kathy, About 10 years ago while visiting Suchow, China I bought this exact tie in the bargain bin for $10 at a silk factory. It was the first gift to my now husband, who wears it on every trip we now take. He loves it and it is a running joke how many compliments he gets for this tie from the flight attendants. Over time the edges frayed and finally caught and edge on our last trip and pulled out the threads completely. My best hope was to try and repair it somehow. But it looked like a lost cause. On a whim, I went searching online for a replacement googling "silk tie world map" and starting drilling down into the rather extensive online inventory with this broad description, from various sources including Amazon, etsy and eBay. None were close to what I was looking for and assumed from the very beginning I would never, ever find the exact replacement. Just something close enough was the best I thought I could find - but none grabbed me the way that original tie did. So I came to your website only randomly through my deepening google search word combo that was probably at that point --silk tie antique maps- (or something like that). It was pure chance, but no small end of curiosity and hope on my part to keep digging. Once I got to your site, I nearly stopped looking ahead of my final choice because you did have the best offerings. And many were almost "good enough" . However when I kept scrolling down, mainly because you had such appealing options it was just fun to keep looking at them, And there it was - MY tie. I also went searching for an Hermes scarf in the same way, looking at hundreds of them until I found just the perfect one and the best price -- again an antique "voyages" theme. (I wanted something to wear on our trips that would compete with my husbands special travel tie!) I simply could not believe my eyes when I finally saw on your website the real duplicate of this tie I purchased now so long ago -- and in several color options as well. But nothing beats this cream-beige and blue one. I am so excited to be able to give this beloved tie replacement to my husband and then stand back again when the flight attendants fawn all over him (BTW we are in our 70's). We call this his chick-magnet tie. I am going to wrap up the sales receipt for Valentine's Day. So that is the back story. How you came to even collect this remarkable inventory has to be an even more interesting story. Best wishes, JML

Our orthopaedic office logo is designed using the original version (DaVinci's Vitruvian Man) as inspiration. Perfect Valentines gift for the ortho husband

I purchased some Americana ties many years ago that had become my favorites, and needless to say, they are very worn out. I was disappointed to not be able to find them in stores anymore, including Van Heusen, so put on a search through Google under "Americana Ties". I love lighthouses, history and farm country, having grown up in upstate New York.

Vermillion Flycatcher arrived! I got a good laugh from your note! Thanks for everything, and best wishes for great bird sightings! Ellen

My husband turned 65 - (he has this tie from his children when they were young) 2 months later ago, he felt sick- got himself to a hospital in Boston, MA, collapsed- had a heart attack and cardiac arrest and he died on the floor of the emergency - he was revived however coded again - 6 weeks in ICU - he was minute to minute - did not wake for over a week - we said our goodbyes - we were told we would be on a roller coaster - - if he woke he would not know us due to loss of oxygen to his brain...he work, we rode the roller coaster every day - some up and some down -he knew us, he survive which doctors say is truly a miracle - he learned how to walk again- he came home and had his life back (prays from around the world - from everyone who heard our story. So, the roller coaster has come to an end - we will use the ties as a thank you for two very important men. Thank you for your website - I found the perfect gift.

Internet search for "songbird necktie". For my brother-in-law, who is obsessed with songbirds, as he now has 20+ feeders in his back yard.

Long story - My husband is church treasurer. There are assistants who help each week through the year (each one takes a month, and rotates through the year). He has never thanked them properly, and last week told me that he wanted to get them 'something' but didn't know what. This weekend the thought came to me - a tie. He liked that idea, so I went on amazon and found several that I liked. This design was one of them. My husband liked it above all the others

A neighbor of mine has cancer. She is currently going through chemo and is in the process of loosing her hair. She loves hummingbirds. I picked the trio bc she has 3 daughters....Excellent Story Behind the sale - I hope the hat brings some comfort and hope, My prayers are with your friend, Kathy

I found your website simply by googling "Venomous snake shirts" and the by going through Google Images. I had discovered it once before, and was quite eager to locate it again. Yeah though! The Florida Snake design shirt is one which I purchased through Jacksonville Zoo, and I loved it!! The only shirt more fantastic in my opinion is the Venomous Snake shirt. I had been saving up some money for a little while now, so decided to go ahead and purchase it! Something to add to my "Steve Irwin wannabe" ethos :D Thanks so much! -David

This is my father's favorite tie! He lost it last year and I have been in search of it ever since. Cannot believe you have it. This is the perfect holiday surprise! Thank you!

I saw one of the ties worn by an electrician on a Mikeholt.com training video. I looked on Google images until I saw the tie and it led to you website. We'll see how it goes over at church.

Hi kathy, I found your site via Google search for precisely what I found a bear fishing necktie. I am a big fan of a band called widespread panic, and my favorite song is bears gone fishing. As I am going to see them for new years I wanted to dress up for my lady while still being in the spirit of the music. I will be sure to refer all individuals to your site as I am sure I will get a lot of compliments and inquiries. Merry Christmas and happy new years!

I have the fish are not for farming shirt and my granddaughter who is studying Oceanographic Economy said she needed one.

Hi Kathy, I actually heard about the artist when he was referenced in a recent news article showing a video of a Ghost Shark. I was just curious and googled Ray Troll and your site came up. The artwork made me laugh and I thought a tshirt would make a good Christmas gift. Anyways, thank you for the great gift ideas! -Shana

I work at a towboat service on river. Just lookin for something fun to wear to office Christmas party (Christmas Dory necktie)

Dear Kathy, my son graduates this spring as a biochem major and will be off to med school to earn a combined MD/PhD. We were jacket and tie shopping and he lamented that he'd never seen a chemistry-themed tie. I later searched the interweb and luckily discovered your offerings. The tie is great. He'll love it. That a part of the proceeds goes to support educational the needs of children is fantastic. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Richard

Hi Kathy, I've been on the hunt for Terra Ties for a number of years and have not been able to find any (even on eBay). I ran across your site from a Google search and am wondering if you still have them available? I have been working on the Landsat program (the satellites from which the source imagery on these ties) for the past 13 years and have a few of them, which are great for wearing during presentations on the program. I get a number of compliments on them and people asking me where they could get one of their own. Since I haven't seen them in a while, I would like to confirm that you still have them available before I start sending people your way. Thanks! Jim

I found your site by googling "Van Gogh silk ties". My husband needed ties to go with blue shirts but he only wants "special ties" and his Van Gogh cafe tie (20 years ago? Macy's) has faded and worn out. I love your ties on this web site and will be back. I saw the Van Gogh self portrait after calling you. It looks exactly like my husband's brother, so I am shipping that one to David.Thanks! sue

I am currently wearing a Save the Children tie and have had it for probably 30 years or more. I only wear it 2 or 3 times a year because I love it and don't want to ruin it. I always get complements on the tie "Jolly Saint Nick" by Gina age 8. Today I decided to Google Save the Children Ties and found your site. I also have a red tie with yellow sun that I wear in early spring or early summer. It's also more than 35 years old I think.

HI Kathy. Thanks for the rapid service. I located your site while searching for nature t-shirts suitable for retirement attire as I go about my gardening and federal wildlife refuge educational programs. It is fun to wear t-shirts that kids notice. I purchased the Sandhill Crane hat for my husband as a gift, to commemorate a beautiful bicycling day this summer when we saw a pair of cranes. He loved it. I will definitely keep checking your site and am happy to see you are in WV.

The black microscope tie is a gift for my medical coworker who is retiring. He has been at our Clinic for 20 years. i wanted something unique to give him as he leaves us. The microscope has been how he has defined his life's work for the last 20 years. Thanks, Sue

Hi Kathy - a black bee shirt would be great! I love your stuff. I work with integrated pest management and identification of insects, and collect many bug shirts to wear to work and events. My co-worker had you beetle peer-review shirt on - he sent me you website when i mentioned i liked the shirt

I bought the same shirt at a small shop in Chincoteague. A friend wanted one, so I googled around for it and found you!

Years ago in the 90s, I got back into cycling and mountain biking to train for cross country skiing which I started in 1992. The racing magazine Velo News has a gift catalog. Among things like bicycle pasta, mugs and shirts, they had two Italian silk neckties. I got both. The scarlet one was most events, and the maroon and black one for funerals (unfortunately, there are a few in cycling). A Prairie Home Companion was still distributed by Minnesota Public Radio. I got a Wireless catalog and they had in there a cross country skiing necktie. I recall it was almost $50 though. Now a few years ago, I started doing Google searches for that necktie. I finally found it on your website! While it was lower in price, I was tighter with money. I love the vintage designs in your catalog. I have now finished seven marathons, and either volunteer or run in over 30 races a year. I will probably be back buying one tie every two months now. There are several running ties and the cross country ski tie I really like. You are the only place selling these. Thank You. Our ski club is having it's December meeting this Thursday, with a dance. I'm thrilled the tie should arrive in time to wear it there. Cheers, R. Bruce

I found your site by googling "wildlife scat shirt". My girlfriend mentioned wanting a shirt like this recently and I had to find one for her. She's a high schoool earth science teacher and she volunteers with an organization called Sole Sisters that takes young girls on camping trips (often their first camping experience) //www.cahabaec.org/sole-sisters.html I'll definitely share your site and let her know where I got it from! Thank you again! Darrell

My son had this green corn snake hat that I bought him as a gift years ago for Christmas after he started raising 2 corn snakes. He has always liked wearing the hat, but unfortunately our dog tore it up recently, so he wanted another one. I'm getting it and the navy corn snake hat for him as a Christmas gift.

Thanks Kathy, I have ordered from you before via my son who lives in New York. I have the Miro. I belong to a gentlemen's literary club in Melbourne and found your site by searching for artistic ties. It is by far and away the most comprehensive on the web. Well done. Will await your response re Klimt. Terence

My story? I'm married to a man whose only hobby is books, books, and more books. They are everywhere --on the cases, in the 10 bookcases in the garage, in closets, in the kitchen, under the tables, in boxes in sheds, ?!!!! You got me started. I found your website by googling "book neckties" . You have a great selection. I checked out a couple others, like Zazzle, but preferred your company. Thanks for being there. Irene

My husband used to have a Peanuts Christmas tie and we don't know where it is. It will be perfect for his office holiday party!

Hi, Kathy... We found your site by a simple Internet search for the exact item we ordered from you. We originally saw this t-shirt at the Mote Aquarium Gift Shop in Sarasota. We took a pass on it at the time, thinking we were going to look for something else (it's a gift for a friend named Al). We later regretted not buying it at the time which started us on the Internet search for that particular t-shirt, and found you. We saved your site, for future purchases...! Thanks, again! Rob

My fiancé' favorite dinosaur is Parasauralopus. It is very difficult finding anything with that dinosaur on it

I googled men's tree ties. My husband is a forester & I want this for his Christmas present.

Kathy About 15 years ago, I bought the exact Raptors of North America T-Shirt at a store (The Bird Store) in Nags Head, NC that was going out of business. It is now wearing out (collar fraying) and I have been looking to replace it with no success. The day I placed the order (p 140), I decided to google Birds of Prey T-Shirts and you're web site was one of my search hits. To my surprise, the same design was the first on the page. My wife is thrilled because she always wanted one and the one I originally bought was the store's last one and wasn't her size. She has long been a big fan of the birds of prey and I have become one too. Barry

Thanks Kathy, My son got one of these shirts at a reptile fair in Long Beach, CA and wore it to death... He has a Sulcata tortoise that he has raised since it was the size of a walnut... about 10 years ago, the guy takes our whole back yard now... Thanks!-Jeff

you have great stuff. i found your website because i was searching for travel themed neckties... yours was one of the first ones that popped up

The Eagle tie is being ordered fro Christmas from my 17 year old son who is about to be awarded his Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts to his 96 year old Great Grandpa who is going to speak at his ceremony!!! I am wondering roughly how long it will take to receive. Thank you! Candi

Hi Kathy: I found your website with a Google search. I was looking to replace some worn out bandanas that were given to be about 40 years ago. They held up well (but are now so frayed they need to be replaced). They were made by Trailhead back in the late 1970s. Thanks, Darrell

I was very excited to see that you had this tie! I got it for my dad when I was younger and this year they lost their home in a fire, which also took this tie from him. I'm so thankful that I will be able to replace it.

My father only wears bow ties, have has now for the past 15 years or so. He specializes in BMT (Bone Marrow Transplantation) and stem cells is a big part of his job. I was not able to find this bow tie on any of the vendors that sells your ties, I love the pattern and hope he will too! Thank you.

I had the blue butterfly hat once and it got lost! I think I got it at a wildlife refuge. I help out with a plants unit at our local refuge and lead wildflower walks so....I definitely need a hat!

My boyfriend works in the library and is obsessed with the library of Congress. He is known for his ties so I feel like this will be the best Christmas present.

Hi – your website was by accident – I put ‘masterpiece ties’ in google. About 10 years ago, a gift shop at Sky Harbor airport was carrying ties and one of my bosses is hard to shop for but I saw a Monet tie and he loved it so every year I try to find a ‘masterpiece tie’. The gift shop is gone (I also work at the airport – 2nd job) so I’ve had to go online to find them. Will be back to yours for more!

Dear Kathy, I found your website by doing a google search. I was trying to find a present for a man who enjoys books and music equally. He wears a lot of cranberry and blue shirts, and Miles Davis is one of his favorite artists, so when I saw that tie on your website, I knew it was the one. How long do you expect it will be before the tie is mailed? That is the only item I plan to order at this time. Thank you, Heather For what it is worth, I found your site when in went on the internet searching for a necktie with a Clarinet and Music as a Christmas gift for my grandson -- who has a Master of Music degree in Music Composition from Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University, and who plays the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. Yours was one of the options that came up, and as I "surfed" your site, this Clarinet and Score tie "jumped our at me." I expect to check your site in the future as my search needs arise. Sincerely, Tom

Hi Kathy, My girlfriend and I have seen several large herons in the wild recently and been struck by their size and beauty. It occurred to me that an embroidered baseball cap with a heron would be both symbolically significant and fashion forward -- that style of hat is somewhat trendy right now, and I thought it would make a stylish hybrid of streetwear and outdoor gear. And I think the representation of the heron is very graceful. My good friend (visiting from New York this Christmas) is particularly stylish, and I thought a hat in that style would suit him too.

Hi Kathy: I received the 2 shirts yesterday and I love them! Thanks so very much! I found your website by doing a search for owl design shirts. When I found your site, I just said WOW! It's excellent. My interest in birds of prey dates back many years. I used to assist with banding raptorial birds, and owls are my favorite. Any chance you'll consider creating a Burrowing Owl shirt? Thanks again, William

It is a gift for someone who liked mine his girlfreind asked if I could find one looking forward to making her day

My husband bought this shirt at a US park years ago. He loves it, and it is worn out. So I am excited to find another one. Happy Christmas. Irene

As for how I found your store: I honestly Google image searched "embroidered heron baseball hat" and followed the link featuring your cap. I'll be sure to tell lots of folks about your store and return for future gifts! I've just wrapped up all my Christmas shopping, but I browsed it a bit and thought your merchandise was clever and cool. I have also so far appreciated the customer support. I will certainly be returning for other gift-giving holidays, and I'll be sure to tell my friends and family about the shop. Anthony

I typed in "Bible verse men's necktie." Story: my traveling husband likes to wear ties that will prompt people to comment, and then he can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Hi Kathy, I was looking for a tie with all breeds as a gift for our judge in our Chow Chow Dog Specialty in December. Since judges judge all breeds of dogs we wanted to give him something he could wear judging any breed of dog. I found your site by googling tie with chow chows and your site came up. Thank you, Patricia

Dear Kathy, I found your site by searching for “bird baseball caps”. I was looking for thank you gifts for two Virginia Master Naturalists who have volunteered to lead bird walks at my club the Loudoun County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League. The hats fit the bill (excuse the pun) perfectly. Thanks! Paul

Hi, Kathy! I found your site via an internet search. I entered "cat tie" and your site was one of several that came up. Yours was the third I shopped and liked your designs much better than ties.com and another. My wife and I volunteer weekly at Georgia's largest no-kill shelter, Furkids, at their cat facility. Furkids hosts 2-3 social events/fundraisers every year and I wanted to dress appropriately for the occasions. I'm looking forward to receiving the tie. Thanks and I hope you have much success with your business venture. ... Home girl! My brother graduated from WVU, my dad graduated from Marshall and my mother from Concord (which my father called "Corncob"). We're from McDowell and Mingo Counties in the SW, alias "The Crotch of Appalachia." Both grandfathers worked for Norfolk & Western. To top it off, we're descended from the Hatfields! Pray for us.

We found you by doing a Google search for New Year's Neckties. My father is an avid tie collector and his collection is quite the conversation piece! He will just love his new additions!

Hi, Kathy - I've ordered from you before (last Christmas, I think). My husband loves unusual neckties, so I'm always looking for something cool and different. We visited the Alhambra a few years ago, so that's why I chose that one, and I collect whaling antiques, so I figured he'd like the Nantucket tie. Love your site! Thanks!

I selected that tie: 1. Because my wife & I love all the Peanuts characters, & 2. A friend of mine at church wore that tie last Sunday. When I saw Jon with the time on I went home and did a search on Peanuts Halloween necktie. Yours was one of several website that popped up. This was one of my favorite ties. Many years ago I loaned my tie out and it came back damaged. I was crushed. So I am so happy to find a replacement for it because everyone gave me so many compliments when I wore it. I was so happy to discover it on your web site which I found accidentally while browsing. Thank you so much for making my day. Cheers, Chester

When my wife & I got married 45 years ago her sister gave me a pair of Snoopy cufflinks to wear in my tuxedo shirts. Unbeknownst to me until I removed it from my wife's leg, her garter had a Snoopy pin to match. 5 years ago when our daughter got married I wore those same Snoopy cufflinks in my tuxedo shirt. Vernon

Kathy: Found your site via Google search for “army ties”. By way of introduction, I am a Vietnam War-era Army veteran. I work for a large healthcare system in northeast Kansas. In 2 weeks, we are sponsoring a regional trauma medicine symposium, with a number of Army surgeons presenting workshops. We are also announcing our participation as a sponsoring employer of an Army program that links new enlistees and newly-commissioned officers with our company for possible employment when they get out of the Army. I am the keynote presenter at that ceremony, and wanted something a little flashier than my American Legion lapel pin to show my veteran status and respect for the military…I think the tie will be perfect for it, and look forward to receiving it. Bernie

I found your website by going to askme.com & asked where I could find neckties with trains on them. I am gifting this tie to an autistic young man who loves trains and is having a birthday party on Nov 3rd. Looking forward to seeing my purchase. Thank you.

Hi Kathy, I found your website by googling Save the Children ties. I am a Pediatrician and wear a kid friendly tie to the office each day. Over the years family, friends and patients have gotten me ties as gifts for different occasions. The three ties I ordered are ones I previously had that wore out over time. All three have been favorites not only of mine, but of many of my patients. I was excited to find them in the collection. Several times parents have played “Lets guess which tie Dr. Eric is wearing” to entertain their children while they are waiting for me to come in. I’m looking forward to adding these three back into the mix.

Just needed a Looney toon ties and your site popped up, my son is wearing it to his sisters wedding.

Searched for a scat shirt like one my son had years ago from Yellowstone and found your site.

Saw the same tie on my boss and needed it for my husband!

The shirts for my brother birthday who is an avid fisherman, just return from family vacation in Alaska and has dubious sens of humor. I purchased in the past 6 Troll shirts they are great conversation pieces and very distinctive Gabi (Israel)

Kathy, the race horse neck tie is wonderful and I always wanted something like this. I will proudly wear it to the court and else where. So I did received the neck tie and Thank very much and have a wonderful day. Sincerely yours Felix

The story behind my choice is that my son was visiting with his sister and he had been staying with her for an extend time. After he had left and accidentally left behind a tie, one exactly like the one that I ordered from you. In the meantime one of her kittens went to the bathroom on it. She washed it, but it was destroyed...and still smelled bad. I pointed out to her after the fact that it was also a silk tie and was dry clean only. Oh well, luckily I found another to replace it because he really liked this tie. Thank you! Not a great story, but there it is! Sincerely, Susan

Kathy, My wife has a three bears t shirt from 15 years ago that is totally worn out. I think we purchased it in Maine. She was telling me that it’s her favorite t-shirt so I looked to find the same image. Your web site came up in the search so I ordered from you. Thanks, Rob

Hi Kathy, I'm wearing the stunning necktie with Red-Crowned Cranes today. I noticed that the name of the tie is Thacho. This is not correct. This crane is known in Japan as "Tancho". It is the symbol of Japan, on the rudders of Japan Airlines planes, is the pattern that Fugu (the deadly blowfish) is served raw, is the symbol of fidelity and longevity, and is revered throughout Japan and China. I had the privilege of watching and photographing them in Hokkaido in January, 2006. They mate for life, and annually the pairs perform a very complex dance, increasing in complexity annually, in the spring. It was the most beautiful thing I have every seen. Some of the better photos are attached -- I took over 1500 in 2 3-hour sessions. Best from Connecticut, Alan

Found your site through a google search. My son chose the Peanuts Red Baron tie because we live in Sonoma County, CA where Charles Schulz lived - our local airport is named for him and we ice skate at "Snoopy's Home Ice", which was built by Charles Schulz.

I saw the Smoker t shirt in a shop in Palmer Alaska, but didn't buy it then. So I googled it, and found you, and other Ray Troll T shirts. Quite clever, thanks. But we have too many email, so please don't send us ads, but we know how to find you and may order more at some time. Thanks, Jim

Dear Kathy, The new ties arrived safely yesterday. They are just extraordinary. I am wearing one today at work. I'm amazed at Grace's talent and the great variety of the subjects of her ties. Thank you for continuing to delight me with new finds. Best to you. Ron

Kathy, Thank you for the quick response. Please send the priority shipping for 7.00. There was a store in New Hampshire called Zeb's that carried d'em crazy ties. My husband purchased one and the store doesn't carry them anymore. I found your website by typing d'em crazy ties! Thank you so much. Lynn

Hi Kathy, Good to talk to you again, & thanks for clearing up my confused thinking on the sizing. I think my cousin will really like the Running Horses (WC274), so glad you had one left. I found you on-line by searching for tee shirts with horse heads & tails. Then lo & behold your website popped up. I searched on-line several times & am surprised there were not more shirts the heads & tails style. I know that type shirt was a fad for awhile (I have one with cats), but looks like that fad has changed. The shirt is for my cousin who is a “horse woman” with one horse with one blue eye. She rides almost every day, goes to a few horse shows, & has come to Ft. Worth once to see a quarter horse show. My next goal is to get her out here for a cutting horse show. If you have never watched cutting horses work, they are so amazing! Check them out on youtube. Again, thanks for your help. Take care. Jan

Kathy, I figured as much; and I apologize if it seemed critical. Your selection is wonderful! I was president of a local Republican women's group several years ago, and our treasurer, Deborah Nichols, found your website and ordered a tie to provide at an auction - SD Lincoln County Republican Party, of which I'm the elected chair (it's the 3rd largest county in South Dakota). The tie came in a USPS envelope with several yellow contact cards. That was 2013 and I've kept the envelope ever since! As this is another election year, I was prompted to pull out that envelope for another raffle item on Sept 17th... and found several! And to my surprise, you had Rush Limbaugh ties. I'd purchased a couple when Rush first came out with them and my husband loved them. He's a South Dakota state Senator and our entire legislature runs every two years. He works hard and won his last two elections by approx. 70+%. I believe he'll win by that margin again, and I wanted those ties to congratulate him. :) Thank you so much Kathy! PS I JUST got my first smart phone and now it's being recalled and replaced because the battery explodes! (Galaxy Note 7). LOL! Dear Kathy, The new ties arrived safely yesterday. They are just extraordinary. I am wearing one today at work. I'm amazed at Grace's talent and the great variety of the subjects of her ties. Thank you for continuing to delight me with new finds. Best to you. Ron

Found website on internet. We are going to Lace, Grace and Gears in Beaumont TX for largest all female motorcycle rally. My husband needed a tie for Ladies in Lace, men in Black night.

Hi Kathy, I already looked at your dinos - I'm looking for a tie with a single, good-sized predator (T-rex or Raptor), preferably feathered but that is not essential. I should look pretty realistic. I've been looking for such a tie for 2+ years, unsuccessfully. Oh well. I found your website through the website Pininterest which linked to you when I was searching for dino ties. Looking forward to receiving the beautiful ties - I have over 70 bird ties and these are welcome additions. Best, Alan

Need awesome Father's Day pressie:) these ties are perfect for my old man! (Australia)

Good evening Kathy, I am happy to hear that the event was a success. My mother raises butterflies and found your website. She asked for the 3 shirts I ordered for her birthday. -Jenn

I have a collection of carved animal wood pens that I got from world market a couple of years ago for patients to use at my front desk. Many of them “escaped” over the last year so I wanted to replenish the stock. I simply did a google search for “carved wooden animal pens” and your site was the only one that came up that was not on eBay or alibaba or amazon. Thanks, Perry

I had this tie (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - Beatles necktie) years ago when they were first issued. A friend had admired it and I gave it away. Now I have a daughter named Lucy and always hoped I would be able to find the tie again! Thanks for a great site!

Dear Kathy, One last thing! In your email you asked how I found your website and the story behind my choices in shirts. I know how nice it is to get feedback so I thought I'd include my reasons here. When I worked at the Soho Coho last summer, we would have people come in from all over wanting a t-shirt design we didn't produce anymore. Sometimes they found the pieces they liked in his book of past artwork, "Something Fishy This Way Comes," and others were replacing shirts that they'd worn threadbare over the years. When we didn't have what they were looking for, we directed them to your website. Ray's wife, Michelle, introduced us all to your site and we have all been hooked since (pardon the pun). The story behind my choice in shirts came about when I was wearing my Casting Couch t-shirt while working in Bristol Bay last month. It had been given to me by Michelle at the Soho last year as it was the last one in the whole store and just so happened to be my size. I always wore it with pride (and always got the weirdest of looks in Ketchikan. They loved it in the Bay, go figure!). A certain someone I met up in Naknek fell in love with my shirt and was crushed when I told him it was a discontinued design. He's a huge fly fishing fanatic and is graduating with a degree in fisheries this year. He's a pensive, introspective, fisherman with a great sense of humor, so I thought that the two shirts together just fit him to a tee (gosh, another bad pun). If these don't show him that I think he's something really special, I don't know what could! Thanks again, a million times over. Hopefully you will (in a roundabout way) have been instrumental in the formation of a real relationship past just a summer romance. :)

I am in the 5th year of my PhD in amphibian behavioral ecology. I focus on the interactions of the invasive bullfrog and Endangered Oregon Spotted Frog. I was teaching a herpetology class and a student pointed me to your website. I love the shirts and will wear them often in the field.

I am visiting scholar in PennState from Japan for 9 months staying (May 2016 to Feb 2017). +Usually I was researching pest insects control in agriculture field in Japan. But now, I’m researching Jika virus in PennState. It’s fun for me to conduct new research issue. Anyway, I usually take picture of many insect in the USA. And I like insects and nature in the USA (of course other countries). One day, I was searching website including the words of nature and insects. And I found your website. And I bought your tee shirts. I’m looking forward to arrive the tee shirts. And I am interesting in insect tie or other materials. Maybe someday, I will order again. Sincerely, Masashi

I'm a former employee at the Soho Coho, Ray's art gallery in Ketchikan, and I've been searching for his discontinued shirts everywhere. Thanks so much for having exactly what I needed!

Hello The tie is for my soon to be husband :-) For our wedding! We have the theme "Around the world in 180 days" - because that is what we are going to do for our honeymoon ;-) We are looking Forward to get the tie, to complete our wedding Outfits! Best Regards, Linda

Hi Kathy, I hope you are doing well. I recently received the ties I ordered from you and I appreciate them very much. I gave the Father's Day ties to my son and son-in-law and they were very much appreciated. I kept one for myself. We all received a number of compliments on the ties. I was so glad that you had some ties for the occasion that wasn't simply some representation of freely floating sperm cells. I had also ordered a couple of patriotic ties and a tie with hearts on it from the Save the Children collection. I don't know that I have ever received so many positive comments about a tie as I have on that particular tie. It has really been a hit this summer. I have gone to a bunch of family functions and wedding receptions this summer sporting the tie. I get a bunch of compliments every time I wear it. What a treat. So thanks for carrying that line of ties. They are terrific.
I live in the state of Utah, and every July 24th the state celebrates "Pioneer Day." It is a state holiday to celebrate when the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in July of 1847. I have searched extensively on the internet and in local stores trying to find neckties with some connection to pioneers -- covered wagons, handcarts, walking across and camping on the plains, pioneers forging rivers and streams, etc. I have found only one necktie that could even remotely be connected to pioneers. It is a tie from Zazzle.com and its image is taken from a painting of Andrew Wyeth. If you ever come across any pioneer-ish ties, I would very much appreciate being informed. Thanks for your service and truly remarkable selection of neckties and other objects that help celebrate special days and seasons of the year.
One more thought. I am also looking for a tie to wear around Veteran's Day and Memorial Day that includes the rows of gravestones at National Cemeteries such as Arlington, Tahoma, Hawaii, and many other places or something like them. Both of my parents are buried in such a location and the solemn beauty of those graves is inspiring. I am looking for ties to capture that beauty and symbol of sacrifice and honor. I know you have ties that are patriotic and that honor each of the armed services, but I am looking for something a little different. Thanks again. Have a pleasant, peaceful, and productive week. Take care. With kind regards, Don

Super excited to find such a cool rockfish t-shirt for our family! We love rockfish! Thank you!

My brother has a summer place in Homer and we have other Ray Troll items. We really like the t-shirts!

I have a student whose name means 3 Horses. He is one of very few Native Americans in my school and I want to help him with his Native pride as he feels rather isolated and misunderstood. (purchasing horse Heads and Tails t-shirt)

I found the website on a google search. The tie is a belated fathers' day gift from my sons. This tie featuring Picasso's son Paul as a pierrot ( mime or clown ) was my first "art" tie. I tossed it years ago when it frayed. I have been trying to replace it for years when I saw it on your site. Larry

I found your site looking for a fire fly shirt for my daughter. I found it and many other things thank you

Dear Kathy! Thank you for your e-mail. Yesterday I got the necktie and it is a student gift for my nephew who has passed out school. It was also he who sent me the link to your website that he received from his professor of mathematics. The professor has one as well. Best wishes, Carina (Sweden)

Good Day, We are hoping to have these wonderful ties in time for my wife's retirement ceremony on Saturday July 9. She as served 25 years in the Navy and Navy Reserves. I will wear the Navy Collage Necktie for her ceremony and we will present the Navy Motto Necktie to her father. I will call on Wednesday to provide credit card information. We also selected first class mail offering 8.00 for shipping. Please inform if you feel ties will not arrive in time. Again, looking forward to wearing your product. BTW, I've been employed with the U.S. Navy for 25 years as a civilian engineer. My Navy Collage Tie will get plenty of wear after the retirement ceremony. Peace and Blessings, Jon

Hi Kathy, I actually came across your site by accident. I was googleing refridg, magnets, animals for my 18 month old twins, boy and girl. And your ad came up. I was going to get the Doug and Melissa wood animal magnets, but a few of the reviews said the paper on top comes off if the kids teeth on them. Yours seemed just right. My name is Bridget Toal, sorry for the mispelling. I live in Berks County and no store had any magnets. I bought them some fruit ones with the circle magnet on back, it took Seth exactly one minute to take them off the fridge and drop them on the floor and break everyone. Looking forward to seeing yours. Bridget
Dear Bridget, Let me know how the magnets hold up to your toddlers. I think they look chewable but I don't know if the size is big enough to avoid choking hazards. Most are big but the cheetah is long and skinny. They are suggested for 3+ years. It is OK to open the box and return them if you are concerned. I will appreciate a report on your field testing. They will certainly be subject appropriate. The kids will enjoy them and learn animal sounds and names. Kathy
Hi Kathy, I will give you a full report after some time has passed to let you know how the magnets are enduring under 18mth twin fire. The chewing shouldn’t be to big of an issue. The fridge is on a tile floor and some magnets become airborn. As I had mentioned I couldn’t find any magnets anywhere I looked. I started looking for kid magnets but soon found that no one had them. So I just started looking for any magnet at all. I looked at walmart, target, kmart, super walmart, cvs, card stores, spencers, sport stores, pet stores, food stores, coffee shops,toys r us, babies r us, party city…basically anywhere I was at. Toys r us doesn’t even carry the simple alphabet anymore. All I wanted was some different magnets. Remember the ones that were plastic fruit? A slice of pie, a pig with a chef hat on or the old coke bottle? Nothing, no one. It was crazy. It was like I was asking for something illegal. I felt like I was going crazy. How could no one sell magnets, no one? So, yes, I will drop you a line after I get your magnets and feel free to put my comments on your web site. As I looked on some of the sites I found there was only a few that had chuncky magnets. Most had the flat ones with the sheet magnets on the back which is hard for the twins to remove from the fridge. I will report later, Bridget

I had this shirt when I was twelve and it was my favorite shirt in the whole world and I let a friend borrow it and they never returned it. I'm 26 now and I've missed it ever since. I was thinking about it and started looking around in Google images and found your site. I'm really excited to have that shirt again and be able to pass it down to my own kids eventually!

I googled ties with mustangs on it. I teach at an elementary school and our male teacher was just transferred to another school for next year. Our mascot is the mustang and our colors are blue and white, so this tie was the best one as a gift to him as he leaves our staff. I will put a check in the mail today. Thanks!

On May 29 I was dressed in my red, white and blue for Memorial Day. I had an American flag tie on. One of my congreation said she would love to get one for her son. So I volunteer to find one for her. I was surfing and found your website. I found that I already have several ties like those you have. I like the merchandiuse and the prices and chances are I will be back. thank you. Rev. Robert

I have been looking for the Black and White Pooh Bear tie for more than a year, and was overjoyed to find your site after many long searches on Google. I adore Pooh Bear, so the ties are gifts for my male loved ones. My father and brother both chose a few ties that they like, and my sister and I are stockpiling some for when we get married because our husbands will have no choice. :p

our little story: we've turned the frowned upon cliche of giving dad a tie into a much loved father's day tradition that has lasted for more than 24 years. the ties we look for are always a little quirky and theme oriented. this year we are doing animals that have special meaning to dad. we just came across your website and love the wide selection. we're excited about the selections in our order! :)

Hi Kathy, We found your ties, a few years ago, (I think they were yours) in an art gallery/ gift shop in Ann Arbor Michigan; that shop is now closed. Our son-in-law is finishing his MD re sidency at University of Michigan Hospitals, he also went to medical school at UofM. We wanted to get him a gift as he finishes his training and remembered your ties, but we knew that the shop in Ann Arbor was now gone. I did a google web-search of "colorful bacteria neck-ties", and several sites popped up, yours looked the most familiar as the work we had seen before. It was easy! Thanks, Kris

The quality of the dye, etc. is great. I ordered a shirt from you years ago and it's held up to countless washings. Wanted to get another for my hubby for father's day.

Found your site while looking for an elephant necktie. We just returned from a magical vacation with our adult sons to Sri Lanka and had the opportunity to see many elephants roaming in the wild. We couldn't find any ties while there so their loss is your gain! Thank you!

I have an above ground pond (trough) and had magnets on the outside for some 'color'. After years of weather and dogs, they resin broke and magnet got lost. They were given to me by someone, she bought them at Hobby Lobby, so I just googled fish magnets which took me to you. I very rarely buy online. jackie

Hi Kathy- we're purchasing the tie for a friend who has been the president of our high school band parents group this year. He is a huge Disney fan and the music theme is perfect for him! I found your site by google search. Emily

We found your website by doing an internet search for Snoopy, Red Baron Ties. The reason for this search is our daughter is getting married and her 2 brothers are ushers. She is dressing them in black pants, white shirt and any tie they wanted. One brother mentioned having fun with the ties and he really liked Joe Cool growing up and her other brother just likes Peanuts. She is also fond of penguins so we opted to get a set of each and let them choose at the rehearsal.

Kathy, I’m a big fan of Ray Troll and I actually am a graduate student working on rockfish where I met Milton Love. His book had a lot of Ray Troll’s artwork and I saw he had shirts so I had to get one. Unfortunately he stopped selling my size shirts on his website where one of his assistants emailed me your website! So glad to see that you are still offering his old artwork which are classics! Thank you for everything! Cheers, Brian

Hello Kathy, thanks for letting me know that you got my order. I found your website while doing a Web search for baseball themed neckties. This Sunday the Kansas City Royals baseball game is a salute to the Negro Leagues and the Negro League Baseball Museum (also located in Kansas City) The Royals and Atlanta Braves will be in uniforms from the Negro Leagues teams. The fans are encouraged to dress to the nines, as was the Sunday tradition in the era of the, Negro Leagues. My wife and I will "Dressed to the Nines". I realize the tie most likely will not arrive in time for Sundays game, but I will have it for next year. Thanks Bob Harp

Hi Kathy, I own four of your Impressionist's ties and I get more complements on them than any of my $100 Countess Maras. I manage a Self-Storage Facility in Athens, Texas and wear khaki pants and a khaki shirt everyday, always with a nice tie. Class Fits!! No matter where you are. I enjoy your product, John

Hi Kathy, I hope all is well with you. I continue to wear my Coast Guard tie with pride (Usually only on Coast Guard Day on Aug 4th or Veterans Day), yet from time to time I do pull it out. I see you have another Coast Guard tie (Barque Eagle No. 12155). I’m unable to see the gold plaque that’s on there. What does that say on it? Tony

I was looking for a present for my daughter's Aerospace Engineering Professor. She graduates with an Aerospace Engineering degree this May. Her professor has been just amazing and I wanted to say Thank You for all he has done. I think the tie will be perfect! I found your website when I googled aerospace engineering neckties, and it was in a picture from the images that came up from my google. When I saw the picture of the tie, I clicked to be connected to your website. This is the best tie I have seen on the whole internet! I think my daughters professor will love this!

Hi Please can we go for 10 blue ties with yellow gators. It is for a golf tour called The crocs so gators were close enough to crocodiles! Google search Kind regards Graham (UK)

Hi Kathy, My husband will be working on infectious disease research and outreach at the CDC this summer, so I thought one of your ties would be a very appropriate gift for him. He worked at the CDC many years ago, and I believe they sold similarly themed products at the time. Needless to say, when I looked up "neckties with infectious organisms", your site came up:) I chose the "plague" tie because it is such an iconic disease in the world of epidemiology, and because the pattern goes nicely with my husband's clothes. That's my story! Thanks for offering these fun products, and I'm very happy to see that sales support K-12 educational outreach. Marci

The necktie is Comedy and Tragedy Masks diagonals necktie. I wanted a special graduation gift for our friend's son. He is in drama club and would like to be on Broadway someday.

I am replacing my 30+ year old T-shirt. It was acquired as a souvenir of the rockfish sequencing project at Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

Dear Kathy, Your site found me online. I bought a Miles Davis tie at Bloomingdale's perhaps twenty years ago and it was a great gift. Hopeless to shop for any really interesting ties today. After reading a story recently in the NYTimes about the new movie coming out about Miles, mentioning his remarkable fashion talents, I decided to go to Google with "miles Davis ties" and was amazed to discover your collection of the most interesting ties. By far more comprehensive a collection than any other listing. How in the world do you get them all? You have some real beauties, wonderfully categorized. I found just the replacement tie I wanted and know I'll be back for more. Thanks so much for all your work and the very idea if doing this. Sincerely, Irina

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the order confirmation. I heard about your website after a friend of mine ordered a hat from it. He was very pleased with the buffalo hat he got from you! I chose the kangaroo rat hat because I was recently accepted into a graduate school program where I'll be studying kangaroo rats. I thought a thematic hat would be fun :) I'm looking forward to receiving it! best, Alyssa ...I got the hat in the mail yesterday, it looks great! thank you so much!

Sounding good! All of this started with a friend of mine from Jacksonville, Fl. She went to UPS store to mail a pkg. to me, while she was in line she was looking around and saw these ink pens and thought of my husband. She bought one and stuck it in with the pkg. she mailed me. When it arrived, my husband, Jay, was in the room and I gave him the pen Laurie sent him. HE LOVED IT. Laurie went back to UPS store and they had different pens. She got the name of the co. ? something Geddis? It was so complicated looking it up, i got tired and just typed in "Duck ink pens". This is how I found you. The has been extremely easy ordering and I sure have enjoyed your web site. Thanks again, Fran I was sooooo excited when I found your web site. My husbands last name is "Mallard". I found you web site by searching for "duck ink pens". They are so cute. He has a car dealership and I thought it would be "appropriate" for a few of the salesmen to have a duck pen, considering they work for Jay Mallard Ford, Lincoln Mercury! The cat pens were a wonderful thought for my best friend who has 3 cats. My daughter goes to LSU and the mascot is Mike the Tiger so I ordered the tiger pens. I gotta feeling I will be contacting you about an order for my husband after he gets his pens. I would love to order 25-30 to start with and possible give one to customers!!! I will be sharing your web site with my friends and my sisters. They will love it.

My husband is a professor teaching French. The tie is for one of his students/TA who is being inducted into the French Honor Society at the university. KMK

Great! and HAHA! My friend's "rooster" actually has his own FB page and he goes around with people who take photos of him in various places - I took him to Honduras last week and then when I brought him home and left him on a table, my dog chewed him up. I am supposed to take him to Mexico in 1.5 weeks, so hopefully I will get the package by then so he can go - LOL! I will have to check out more stuff on your site, it looks like some fun stuff! You should make a FB page for your stuff and put all the crazy stories of your customers! Thank you, Michelle

I found your website on google, looking for wooden pens. I like to give unusual gifts and thought these would be great. Someone gave me a similar pen this year and I love using it, so thought others would too. You have a wonderful variety to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. The flat rate shipping is also nice. Thanks so much and have a nice day. Melissa

Here is my story: Woman's Day had Fun Finds $20 & Under, there were 2 items I thought would be a perfect gift for our youngest granddaughter (age 16). One was Jungle Journeys Safari pocket notebooks which I ordered immediately, the second was a set of 6 for $17.94 Animal Writers Wood Craved Animal Pens (exactly like yours), however when I on went to the site offering this item, WorldMarket.com, they were no longer available. I was very unhappy and let it go, then today I decided to Google them and to my surprise, you had them! Thank you

Dear Kathy, I actually came across your website by chance. I wanted to get an animal scat shirt that I have seen at the zoo, but were no where to be found on the Internet. It's for my son's preschool teacher, who is animal lover. We have the same sense of humor and are always talking about different "poop", so this was perfect. I have never ordered this way before and am making sure everything went through ok? And about when can I be expecting it? Thank you.

We are going to a Disney wedding of my nephew and his bride in the middle of April. So excited to spend sometime in Disney and a wedding to top it all off! I just googled Disney ties and yours was one of the contacts I checked out. Shipping from USA was key ;) Thanks for being there!

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for your confirmation. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I found your site on a google search for "antibody tie," my boyfriend is an immunology research scientist and I wanted to get him a fun birthday present. His birthday is 4/3 so I'm hoping that I might still be able to get it in time if it is shipped 3/29? I live in Maryland - do you know how long mailing normally takes? If it takes a while and there is an option for faster shipping I am happy to pay the difference, it would just be great to get it in time for his birthday (especially since the following week he is giving a talk on cancer immunology as an invited speaker in Boston so it would be great if he could wear this!) Thanks so much, and hope you have a Happy Easter. -Clare

Hi, Kathy. You know – if you’ve been doing this for a long time, it is possible that I bought from you some years ago. There are aspects of your site and the ordering process that seem familiar. It would have been at least 5 years ago, maybe more. Anyway – I found / re-found your website simply by doing “Google” search of Save the Children Ties. I don’t really have that much of a story, except that I started buying Save the Children ties many years ago when that Foundation was making ties directly (and scarves and I think umbrellas) and selling them to raise money. I was working in business mostly, but I was also involved in education as a volunteer and I thought the ties would be good in that environment. Later on, I got involved in education as my career instead of a hobby – so I like wearing them. They are much appreciated and are good to start conversations. And they brighten my day. Hope that helps. I’m going to keep your info in my phone for when people ask me about the ties – I can pass your info on to them. Any estimate re: when the 8 ties I ordered might arrive? I’m not in a specific rush – just wanted to know when to expect. Thanks, Kathy. Larry

The website was very nice. Have been looking for a site like this for about two years. There used to be an elderly Black Army veteran from Oklahoma City who used to sell similar ties at the VA in OKC and Tulsa and at American Legion and other military group gatherings. But haven't seen him in a couple of years and his health may have taken a turn for the worse. Glad to find your site and ties! I am a 35yr Army veteran and am a Family Medicine Physician Assistant [PA] still in a busy practice and am "old school" so I wear coat and ties to work every day. Pt's in rural Oklahoma like the military-theme ties and I get lots of complements. Thanks again. Charles

Thank you Kathy, I have been looking for this ray troll shirt for some time now and finally stumbled upon your website. The shirt is a birthday gift for a friend I work with in Alaska. I taught him the word kvetcher, because well….he is one! So when I found this shirt I had to get it for him! Not many places sell it. Looking forward to receiving it. Thanks Katelyn

Hi Kathy, I've been getting into hiking lately and was reminded of some shirts they used to sell at the science museum and at Acadia National Park when I was a kid. None of the national parks I've been to sell them so I tracked yours down online. I'm so glad you have it! I've wanted one since I was a little kid. Thanks for selling it and I'm really looking forward to its arrival. Allison

Thanks but no thanks. It is not very pretty (imho), and it is no better than the other “fruit” ties I just bought from you – which is what I plan to wear if nothing else comes along. Believe it or not, I will be talking about cranberry production in class and I try to find ties that relate to the topic of the day. BTW, I usually wear them with a suit and against a white shirt, and I often take my coat off because the room is hot, so I tend to resist busy patterns. Thanks for trying…

This is for my son's 55th birthday. He has a strong feeling about blue heron's in flight. I liked your design more than others.

Butterfly t-shirt are my major wear. I pretty much wear them out after a while. I usually order the blue and purple from Amazon, but couldn't find the green ones anymore. When I used to volunteer at schools raising butterflies with kids so they used to call me the Butterfly Lady. I have run into several butterfly ladies. Mona

Kathy Thank you so much, the ties are perfect....my daughter's Bat Mitzvah theme is the Peanuts Gang so we thought these would be cute for Grandpa (the golfer) and Dad (the computer geek/genius) Serena

Thanks Kathy! I received the tie on time and the kids did an outstanding performance! They advanced to the next round wining district getting 1st place! The name of the one act place is "Matter of Life and Death" a 1944 time frame. Now they are going on to perform for Bi-district!

Thanks for everything I have Snoopy ties and wear them to church. They have been a hit with members of congregation. One member said we should spruce up the pastor's tie selection, so I am.

Hi Kathy, Thank you for sending the updated pages. I will always remember buying the Tom & Jerry playing Saxophones tie from you. I now have 4 and will never need any more as my children’s entertainment as well as disco is slowing down now I have turned 65 years of age.Many thanks, Chris (UK)All the best for your future Kathy. I will never give up kids parties, just don’t do so many.

Kathy, I have had one of the Save the Children The Flag ties some time. I am retired from the Marine Corps and currently fly for Southwest Airlines. Southwest allows pilots to wear holiday ties. I have worn the Flag tie for many years on the Fourth of July, President's Day, Marine Corps Birthday, etc. My original tie is frayed and dirty. I could not find a replacement. I was using a web browser Google to search for the tie. It led me to your website. So happy you have a replacement! Allen

Dear Kathy, thank you very much for your mail! i found your site at google, searching what i could order now. this order has a little story: 12 years ago i had a house in Périgord, southwest of France. i had to get repaired lots of things there, among those also the swimming pool. So when the poolman came to change the liner, he brought his son, Till, with him; Till was about 7 years old at that time; he liked to accompany me for walks with my dogs, and he loved classic music, and he was interested in stars already at that young age. I saw him every year twice, as long as he went to his primary school. Then, in 2012 i sold the property, and i went for saying good bye to people i liked, so also to Till’s family. already at that time i had ordered a t-shirt with a circle in pink, and inside all the constellations, and the pink colour on the black backgroundcolour of the shirt was gleaming when artificial light fell on it, so Till could be seen by cardrivers at night. And lately i got the new year wishes from Till’s father, and he wrote that Till is still wearing his favourite shirt! so that made me think, that now, when he is at the university studying astrophysics he might like the two shirts i ordered; at least he will be very much surprised to get them from his old friend from Périgord. this is the t-shirt story, but don’t ask me where i had bought the first one, it came from the states as well. i wish you good luck with all the selling of your special offers! best wishes, elizabeth

Thank you for your response... Well, I am an elementary school teacher who has a passion for history and a big proponent of the second amendment but I'm trying to subtly show my support hence bill of rights tie as opposed to a tie covered with guns our the 2nd amendment in big bold letters ... Although I do teach in a republican district ... Do you do custom ties?

Kathy, I did a google search for sheep motif ties. As my last name is Lambie, it adds an element of humor to business meetings. Yours was the second or so website that google search picked up. Thank you,

Hello, Yoytu ask me "how did I know your website ?". Just because my wife is Morgane. She usually buy my neckties on Internet WebSites, and several times on yours. This time I did it by myself, because I didn't want to let that "hooper" go. Once we misted the "Jeune fille à la perle" (Vermeer) on your website, by taking time before trying to buy it. So this time, as soon as I saw it, I immediatly bought it to be sure to get it ! For your information, I found later (on an other website) the "Jeune fille à la perle". So I got it now. At last, let me tell you that I wear neckties every working day, but only well known art paintings. Today, I have 80 neckties, and it will be 81 when I'll recieve yours. Best regards Emmanuel (France)

first saw Ray's work at the Seattle Boat Show years ago -- love it

Love the ties. I am a retired educator and wore 6 different "Save the Children" ties periodically - kids loved them. Now I work with college prep middle school children and want to add to my tie collection. Thanks for having these ties available. Your order form is quite easy to follow, even for an old guy! Stay happy.

hi Kathy - hope these are available (lots of anmation ties) - have to keep everyone at work entertained with new ties on a Friday (Tie Day)!

Lots of google searching for the right sun tie! my name is Grayson(like Gray-sun), so I'm going to wear a gray suit and a sun necktie to a party. haha.

I found an old picture of my husband in this shirt ("Going to the woods is going home"), it's been gone many years but he LOVED it. He's a tree climber by profession and a total mountain man! Perfect valentines gift!!!

This site was linked to me via a friend after I posted a story on Facebook. This necktie has been something I've been hunting for since I was 13 years old. One of my camp councilors wore this tie on our final evening at camp and I was entranced. I've been hunting for this tie ever since.

Hi, Kathy. I found you on Google search for Frank Lloyd Wright Apparel. The tie is for my son-in-law who has had a few of Wright's designs framed. He has had them a long time. He is turning 50 and I wanted something special for him. He wears ties everyday and I wanted to add to his collection. I would appreciate a note enclosed saying: Happy 50th Birthday, Uncle Ted. We love you! From: Linda, Shauna and Sammy

Thank you for your prompt service with my order.Thanks Kathy. Hope you have a happy new year. I'm a physics teacher and am always looking for relevant ties. My students seem to appreciate them. I found you doing a Google search on physics ties. James

My boyfriend just got the job of Library Director of the Central Arkansas Library System. He needs a couple of cute book ties!

Thank you so much. The tie is for my dad's birthday. My daughter loves horses and so does my dad. She is going to give it to him. We always go to Mackinaw Island too, where the mode of transportation is either horse, foot, or bike. My dad likes different neck ties so I thought this would be a good one he doesn't have. I found your sight searching for horse neck ties. Your site had the best selection of just horses in the blue and brown colors. Many sites just had horse racing types. Thanks again. I can't wait to surprise him with this. Courtney

Googling for Christmas ties -- years ago! The Save the Children tie from that first order still is my husband's favorite. Your recycled ties don't seem to be available anywhere else I can find -- and they are treasures! Merriest Christmas!

Thanks, Kathy. This new fencing tie is cute, and might have been a serious contender for the Christmas tie. But truly, the one I got, with its accurate people in full fencing costume, with the multiple poses, is just perfect. With its colors, it might almost serve as truly wearable tie for most occasions! My grandson is a fencing master, so he will appreciate the varied poses in full regalia of the one you sent before.Thanks for thinking of me with this rather odd choice of subject matter. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Joan

I found your web site by googling music/instrument ties. The “story” behind my purchase is that my husband has a trombone tie that he and my son “fight” over whenever they play in church together (hubby always wins J). So, getting them more music ties for them to choose from (and they both play multiple instruments so they can mix and match – lol.

Thanks again for the help here! You have my CC info. The tie is for my 93 year old grandfather, who ran the primary tomato sauce plant in NJ for NJ tomatoes for a couple of generations with his brothers and nephews. He'll love it.

My husband is a middle and high school orchestra director at 3 schools, so he has a number of christmas/holiday concerts each year. I was looking for a nice holiday tie which was nice enough to wear with a full suit but neutral enough to be inclusive in a public school setting. This tie seems perfect. Can't wait to get it!

Dear Kathy, I put the check in the mail today. Regarding my order p 112, WC 473 is the Backyard Herps Tshirt and MT3011 is the Boa Constrictor Breakthrough Tshirt. I need one of each in a size xx for both. I made check out for $55.00. They are Christmas gifts for my son. He is 22 years old. He is Autistic and LOVES reptiles. He always has. He is very into animal conservation especially snakes. He loved to watch Steve Irwin when he was alive and he is in college, but in his spare time he reads about reptiles and finds them, photographs and releases. He is an advocate for snakes, turtles, lizards, etc everywhere. He is very high functioning and very intelligent, but this his "thing" so to speak. He will LOVE the shirts!!!! Thank you. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Melinda

Hi Kathy, I found the website by doing a search for Rocky and Bullwinkle neckties, since my son would like one. Viele Grüße, Shirley (Germany)

My son is a Transportation and Urban Planner in L.A. So, he'll be thrilled with it. The tie that I see on your website is the Chicago "EL" Elevated map tie, #JB 066, $40. I don't see one for L.A. So this will have to do. He's from Illinois anyway.

Wonderful site, always a good selection for neckties in particular. This tie is for a student studying ancient astronomers, I was very pleased to find the Zodiac Images so tastefully done. Can't wait to see it in person! Thank you!

Hi Kathy I have been looking for fish tee's, my husband had fished in Cabo a few times and bought some of there Dorado tee shirts, and they are just about rags now.I phoned the skipper and he won't have any until Spring,then i called his buddy same thing and that guy gave me your information Isn't that crazy.It was a tough choice I like Bassacwards , and flaming basshole (both discontinued) but you were out, but these were just as good for my son and husband.can't beat a funny fish shirt. take care and look forward to my order arriving Cheryl

The shirt is for my wife. When looking at something else on the internet, maybe Walking Dead merchandise, she saw your squirrel shirts and really liked them, especially Squirrel Yoga and Squirrels for Peace. I like the entire line of the squirrel shirts myself. Mike

My husband teaches middle school personal finance. He actually has this tie, and it is his favorite, but it is getting way too worn out! I am hoping to surprise him with a replacement for Christmas. Thanks! Thank you.

I order from you quite often. My husband wears his Ray Troll shirts daily as we have a fish mkt. everyone loves them Jennifer

Thanks so much, please please please reorder the chicken tie, it's a long going joke...lol..so I'll wait for the tie...do you think it will be here before Christmas? Thanks so much can't wait to get the ties...they make the perfect gifts for people you don't know what to get them...thanks so much enjoy your weekend... Christine

Hi Kathy Thanks for the reply. You wanted my back story? Well, here it is. I have about 20 of Ray's shirts and have been wearing them the better part of 25 years. I got the first half dozen directly from Ray when we were both in upstate New York in 1991 or 92. He personalized those six by drawing a fish cartoon and signing them to me on the back near the neck line. Those are my prized T's and I still wear them, tho they are getting ragged and the autographs are fading. I would love to get some others personalized by Ray but I guess he is beyond that now. I am 77 and still wearing my T's! I bet you don't have many customers / followers of Ray like me! Let me know whenever Ray comes up with a new design..... love the smoking Humpy! I have your web site flagged. Will

Hi Kathy: I found your website through a Google search for, if memory serves, "biology teacher ties." My twenty-six-year-old son is a brand new biology teacher in Manhattan who wears ties to school every day. I know his kids will love the tie I chose. There were VERY FEW good ties out there! Most were printed text (boring) or too wild and ugly. I liked two of yours, and went with the one that was a little more colorful since my son is, too! - Terrie

Hi Kathy, I am a return customer. Last year I purchased two t-shirts for my husband, and he loved them. I was looking for a barn owl hat for him as a reminder of the young owl who stayed in our pine tree this last spring for 3.5 weeks and fed on ground squirrels from our orchard. Thanks, Val

Dear Kathy, I found your website (and the tie) by Googling "Neckties, fencing themed" or something like that. The backstory: My grandson is in need of an addition to his wardrobe of neckties for his job. I got him a more traditional one, but I wanted to tuck in (if I could find one) a tie with a fencing motif. He is a rated fencing master, a Moniteur du Sabre, (I think I've spelled it right) by hobby and as a side job. He knows he is getting the tie(s), but I want to see his face when he and his girlfriend see the little fencing guys on the second tie. She's also a fencer.I was just so hoping to find a tie like that, specially themed for him, but, I believe, designed to be subtle enough to be one he can also wear to work. I never really looked at the rest of your site, but I've been browsing it ever since I got your email. I'd like to add to my order. Found some T-shirts for other grandsons.

..this is a very special gift to my son (who had this design on a shirt as a toddler and he wore the shirt every single day, crying when I made him take it off to wash it!) Thanks, Ann

Hi Kathy! I see that a package has been shipped to me. Once again, I can't wait to explore your site further. I just graduated to become a teacher (I have been working with Special Needs students for the last 20 years). I majored in Environmental Science and Anthropology, I collect rocks and fossils, raise monarch butterflies and work with honey bees and it looks like your site was designed for me... I love it!!! :) Kathy

Cousin wants a "sexy Tie" for Christmas. Who better for us 60 year olds than Marilyn Monroe.

Friend is starting a Peanuts tie collection. Will consider more business as needs progress.

3Story,, nbr 1 we were trail riding and crossed paths with an older Asian man squirrel hunting,, nbr 2, Bentonville AR squirrel cookout on CBS Sunday morning. . I'm from Arkansas.

I found your website by googling things about her current shirt that she wears all the time She loves snakes and has three of them

Hi Kathy, I have a friend who has been working on a special project for me all year. He is a Beatles nut and mentioned to me that he has all the neck ties except Rocky Racoon, so I figured it would make a nice thank you/Christmas present. I just googled the tie and up you popped. Thanks for your help and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Mark


Comments how i found you:::: at a threshing and okd tractor show this fall , while we were eating dinner, a guy came walking by with the rubber chicken tie on. the head was stuck in his belt and at first i thought it was some thing else, won't mention what. will me and the rest of the guys got quite a laugh as it seemed so out of place. so when i got home , i serched for the tie on line , thinking i would get one for my friend for christmas , and discovered youe site.. after browsing through it i felt it was a perfect place to do some christmas gifts for my family which is where the products ordered are going ,,, yes you are in my favorite bob

My 16 month old Granddaughter is in love with the show "Hive" and we did a bee themed birthday which was a big hit- her Uncles are getting bee ties and bowties for Christmas!

My Dad and brother are both history teachers, and I can never find different ties for them. This is awesome! I'll be shopping here again!

I apologize, but I forgot to reference the necktie in question as '"p 52" (Picasso's Marie Therese 1937) as you requested me to do. In response to your questions, I found your site by searching "Google" for "artist ties" and your site came up about third in the search under sites that sold only iconic prints like Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and "the Scream"....I was searching for something less generic, and Picasso is my father's favorite artist, especially his more abstract works. I just happen to be fond of that design and know that my father (who in his own right is an amazing artist) would enjoy it, and wear it while teaching his students. Depending on this transaction, I am likely to become a regular customer. I appreciate what you are doing. I am just curious how you have such a large inventory of pieces other sites don't. Out of sheer curiousity, is it done by a commercial screen printer?....anyways, thank you for your time, and I can ensure you, if received, the tie will be greatly appreciated and worn by a fellow artist. I will recommend your site to friends. -Chris

I would like to buy this tie for my father. He is an artist who currently teaches. I have seen Picasso ties for much cheaper online, but really lie this particular image. He just recently lost his wife and I intend this to be a Christmas present,

I actually attended a meeting where I saw a man wearing this tie. We are doing a family photo on November 29, the theme is navy, tan, brown, and I knew this tie would be perfect for my husband.

Fossil boxes and damsel fish slate. My son is graduating w a bio degree from Notre Dame in the spring and asked for ties for Christmas to wear to his grad school interviews - continuing on in marine bio. I did a search for neckties and oceans. Thanks!

Thanks Kathy – that’s great news! I just paid you through Paypal. I referenced PO #37 per your email below, but I just noticed you wrote 36 in the email subject line title. So not sure which one it really is. The mailing address is my school (so they don’t get taken off home porch). You can send them slow mail, whatever is easy for you and not too expensive. These are Christmas gifts. I don’t need insurance on any of them. I will send out your website info to the bulletin board email list at my school. That is way more possible purchasers than the few friends I have on Facebook. J And I’m not on Twitter. I can’t remember how I originally found your website, probably by typing in Ray Troll T-shirt on Google a few years ago (or whenever I made my first order with you). My husband and I love Ray Troll’s art, and my husband is a banjo player so we like his band too! Thanks so much for having such a great stock of these great items! Happy Holidays, Nancy

Hi, Kathy! It was nice talking to you this morning and I appreciate your help. I searched the web for "USMC neckties" and selected yours after seeing what you had available. I wanted a nice silk tie for dressier occasions and the "Box" tie for lesser occasions. I liked the various illustrations it presented. I had a similar tie years ago, it had Devil Dogs and the Flag raising at Iwo, to name a few of the illustrations. I gave it to a waitress at a Veteran's Day luncheon and never could find another. I look forward to receiving my order. Thanks, again. I remain Semper Fidelis! Bob

Hi Kathy As I said on the phone, I was first attracted to Ray's art because I am a fisherman and enjoyed the puns he created. I met him when I was living in upstate NY in the early 90's and bought six shirts from him. He was kind enough to personalize the four that were grey by inking a fish, my name and his on the back at the collar line. The other two shirts were black and the ink would not have shown up. Although the shirts are now well over 20 years old and very worn and "holey" those ink drawings are still there and I still wear the shirts even though they are much too large for me now. I know it isn't possible but I would love to have new shirts personalized by Ray. While looking at the web site for Ray's work I realized most of the offerings were newer and I could not find some of the old ones I want to replace so I Googled Ray's name and found a number of sites selling the shirts, and yours seems to have the broadest selection and your pricing is competitive with that on Ray's site.... so I called you! I ordered the one shirt in size XL to see if that is the right size in whatever brand of shirt that is now being used (my originals were Oneita brand). I want to be certain of the fit as I shall be ordering a number of shirts and don't want to have to return / exchange them. I look forward to hearing the shirt is in the mail! Enjoyed our brief chat. Will

I found your site through Google. My husband bought a similar cap in New Mexico near Taos. It was his favorite hat and he lost it last month when it blew away when we were whale watching.

Dear Kathy, The three physics ties I ordered arrived and they are great. Thank you so much. I teach physics teacher training workshops around the USA and participants often ask "where do you get your ties" and I say E-Bay, which is true. But now I will tell them about your web site! Cheers, Dr. Mark

Hi Kathy, Thank you for the shirt. When I was very young, my grandparents went to Yellowstone National Park and possibly a few other places nearby and brought me back a shirt just like the one I ordered from you. As a young boy, I found it funny that I had a shirt with different kinds of scat on it, and my family began to refer to it fondly as "the poop shirt." I thought it would be fun to see if I could find an adult size of the shirt and I couldn't believe that I found one 20 years later by searching for it on Google. Good luck with your business!

I received this beautiful tie as a gift from someone who found it at a thrift store. I lost said tie, so now I am trying to replace it secretly.

Hi Kathy, There is indeed a story behind my purchase: my father has at least 100 ties, but this one was always his favourite. About ten years ago, I borrowed this tie from him to wear to a party. Unfortunately, I spilled something on it, and there was a stain. Wanting to return the tie to him in perfect condition, I tried to clean the stain myself before giving it back. However, I was young and foolish, and not knowing that the tie was hand-dyed, my efforts to spot clean it resulted in a big smudge right in the middle of the tie- it was ruined. Since then, I have been looking for a new one, but have never been able to find another. After a lot of Internet searches with different parameters, I found your website quite by accident. I can't tell you how glad I am to have found what seems to be the last edition of this tie for sale online, and I hope that when I give this gift to my Dad, he will be thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Best, Jason

Kathy, I googled novelty ties and found your web site. I am a contractor and I am always looking for unique gifts to give to customers and clients to show my appreciation. The tie is for a gentleman that does quite a bit of paperwork for me and he loves unique neckties. I will surely visit your site again for other gifts. Thank you! Randy

Hi Kathy - I received the hat and I'm thrilled. I do have a story about your cap. I purchased it originally back in Spring of 2014 at the Saguaro National Park in Tuscon. It quickly became my favorite cap for all outdoor activities. In September of this year, my husband and I spent the whole month hiking and backpacking in Alberta and British Columbia. The 2nd week of September we backpacked into Assiniboine Provincial Park. It is a landlocked park that can only be accessed by hiking or helicopter. We hiked in from the Sunshine Meadows route. The weather was great on the first day in, but then turned into rain and snow. We were fortunate that we had reserved a Naisett Hut for our stay. Ultimately, the park got 2 feet of snow, so our return route trails were not passable. We were forced to take the chopper out, like the other park guests. When we were standing by, waiting for the chopper to land, my dragonfly cap blew away. It was all, rush-rush to hop on, so I lost my favorite cap. Hopefully, one of the new Assiniboine campers will find it and enjoy it as much as I did. A few days later, we went to Canmore, Alberta and got on wireless. I searched for "green dragonfly cap" and found your website. Now my favorite cap is back with me. Thanks for shipping it to me so quickly. It was here when I got home. The picture is of me with my old hat hiking the Lake Og trail. Sincerely, Lori

I belong to a British Style Shooting Syndicate at my hunt club and we are required to wear an English Style Tweed Shooting Outfit with Upland Bird ties for our hunts and our dinner celebrations. Mr. Troy Moritz is the person who gave me your information. Looking forward to sporting your ties. Sincerely, Joseph

Kathy, I was so pleased to find your web site. My Miles Davis tie had been my favorite for nearly fifteen years when we had a house fire and the tie was damaged beyond repair. I look forward to wearing the tie again thanks to your collection. Don

Hello Kathy, Thank you, for the prompt and courteous reply. I discovered your website, thanks to Ebay. I wanted to buy the Hawk Sun t-shirt as it was posted on Ebay; unfortunately, size medium was unavailable. A continued search through Google led me to your wonderful site. There, I found not only the Hawk Sun t-shirt, but also, new to my eyes, MT 1052 The View- Red Tailed Hawk t-shirt, and LB 11479 Nesting Call t-shirt, with a beautiful pair of Bald Eagles. Without hesitation, I knew I would make a purchase. The reason it took so long to finally complete the transaction was because time was running short for me. I had a ticket to see 2 live bands perform at The Roxy, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. I needed time to get ready, select my metallic permanent ink Sharpies for any LP's or CD's I might buy, to get them signed, and head out the door for the drive that I knew would take about 45 minutes. During the rush hours, from my address to The Roxy, 45 minutes is a good time frame. Plus I needed to find street parking before it was too late. Otherwise, about $10.00 would be needed to park at a lot reasonably close to the venue. When I finally arrived home, it was after midnight. A very late dinner, followed by my order to you for 3 t-shirts. I'm retired; Military and Commercial aircraft, so late hours don't affect me. Living in L.A. guarantees cinemas that often close after midnight, ditto for concert venues, 24 hour supermarkets or markets that close at 1:00 AM, 24 hour pharmacies and a large selection of 24 hour diners. Being retired certainly helps, when I want to see live music performed to the final encore number. I have tremendous respect for all birds. More than beautiful, they are vital to the balance of life in our world. Birds of prey always leave me impressed. The sheer size or speed of flight, their stance, the fact that most mate for life and they help maintain control over rodent populations, are key to my admiration for them. I think all birds of prey are exceptional, and they demand respect. I've been to the Raptor Conservancy Center in Eugene, Oregon, and so far, the largest collection of owls from around the world I've seen was found at the Parc Zoologique, in Paris, France. I definitely have a replacement t-shirt for you! Snowy Owls t-shirt MT 1134 Adult Medium I look forward to my package arriving. I will wash these special t-shirts, inside out, to help keep the colors vibrant. Also, I wash all my clothes on cold wash, delicate cycle and medium temperature dry. I'm glad I found your company! Joe

My husband has just begun his 31st year of teaching social studies, and he attempts to accessorize his work clothes in the only way he can: neckties! He pursues ties that coordinate with a particular lesson or topic, i.e. the stock market.

Found it online with a Google search for bird-themed T-shirts. We're making a quilt for my mother's 90th birthday and she is an avid birdwatcher.

Paypal payment has been submitted. At your convenience, please let me know what the estimated shipping time is. (It’s not a big rush, just curious.) My phone number and billing address for Paypal are in California, but the shipment is going to my sister in Vermont – I’d like to give her a rough idea of when to expect delivery. Please let me know by email (or by phone at 415-625-1074 weekdays Pacific time) if you have any questions or need any additional information. Thank you. By the way, if there’s any size issue, the size on this order is not particularly important to us – something other than a L would probably work just as well since we’re planning to cut it up (sorry if that sounds cruel) to make a square for a quilt. Best regards, Don

That’s amazing! I have been working with the evolutionary biologists managing their grad programs since 1981! I worked pretty closely with Monte, but not Janzen or Levin. I now work mostly with the Committee on Evolutionary Biology, which would explain why my grandson thinks he wants to be a paleontologist! When I’m working at Field Museum (I’m a cultural anthropologist in my other life) I often try to take a break and skype Lennox from the Evolving Planet exhibit (which really confuses the visitors to hear a little kid yelling directions from my IPad!). The position of women in science has improved, but has a long way to go. Luckily some of the senior women in bio and phy sci have a pretty active Women in Science group, both on campus and at Field Museum. If you have a chance, check out what some of our students and faculty are doing at evbio.uchicago.edu Have a great day. It’s time for me to get over to the community garden and get some harvesting done. Best, Carolyn

Hi Kathy, As an avid Jurassic Park fan, I was pleased to come across a vintage JP necktie in your collection. My search would've been fruitless had it not been for your website. Can't wait to try it on! Thank you, Mathias (Germany)

I saw the t shirt "Songbird Spectrum" in a local store, and wanted it as birthday gift for my friend (who is a birder, an artist and art teacher). Unfortunately they did not have her size. I searched google under "bird" and found nothing. When I finally searched under "songbird" Yours was the only site I found with such an excellent quality and number of such shirts. I look forward to receiving them, when you have time. Thank you, Monica

Your website came up when I googled for insect t-shirts for kids. I liked many of the designs, but could only order the ones that you had in my grandsons’ sizes: Kids xs and s…. plus one in m for the future ;-) Once I see the quality of the shirts, I have no doubt I will order others: reptiles, science, etc…. perhaps even some for my son, a professor of organismic biology and environmental science. All the best - Joyce

Dear Kathy, I found your website when I searched for the structure tie. I received one as a Christmas gift from a good friend in Guatemala while I was down there for a welfare mission back in 1995. Mine is starting to wear out so I wanted a new one. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the same one on your web page. Thanks you so much.

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I appreciate what it must take for you to carry on with your business and I thank you, in advance, to get my order to me as soon as you can. My cousin, (an avid ocean, river, lake fisherman who also loves fly fishing/catch & release) was wearing one of the Ray Troll shirts last weekend so I decided to buy him a Christmas-themed shirt before he or his wife bought one. I'm not certain he bought it from you but you certainly have a wonderful web site with lots of selections & choices. I did a web search and yours was the best site. Soon I may be buying my brother a shirt, hat or who knows? The purchase order is P179 and the title/name of it is: "COHO HO, MerryFishmas & Humpy Holidays." Best regards, Diane

Kathy - your site is great - My youngest son was actually in the Disney College program in Orlando a couple of years ago and now works at George Mason University with the international students. He thought that he would look more approachable with some Disney ties to lighten the mood and yours will be perfect. Thanks - Debbie

I have today left you my credit card details for the order of ties. Mr. Caulfield will bring them over with him in October when he comes to visit us. I found you via google and I have ordered your ties for my nephews as they are all doctors - one an orthopaedic surgeon, one an invasive radiologist and the third a cardiologist (fourth generation of doctors!). You have much the best selection of any of the web sites that I perused! Regards Hilary (UK)

I saw a t-shirt with this sayimg several years ago and decided if I ever caught a chinook salmon, I would get this shirt. This year I went fishing on the Columbia River in Oregon and caught one!

I found your webpage because I work for oil industry and I was looking for souvenirs about oil and gas and found ties related to oil wells. I added your webpage as favorites.

I'm using the salmon skull for the basis for a tattoo. I gave my daughter the original T shirt. She has every Ray Troll T shirt I ever bought when I was a seiner, even the limited edition shirt for the seiner's association. I asked her mom if she ever wore them and she told me that she was scared to because they are to precious to her. I seined from 1984 to 1997 when I lost my right lower leg in an accident in Mombasa Kenya. I worked on the Lake Bay, the old Marysville, the Crusader the Wonderland but mostly the Jean D before Mark violated her by adding a tophouse. I also passed all the stringent qualifications instituted after Exxon/Valdeze as a Merchant Seaman with one leg all over the world.

My son has wanted to be a paleontologist since he was about 3 years old. He is very serious and does research now. So...an appropriate present for his 15th birthday. You have a nice selection of paleo t-shirts and I hope you carry some that are good for the older people now (he has had probably all the kid ones over the years that we bought from you!!). Thanks!

I placed this order for John, my husband, as replacements of his two favorite t-shirts worn to a frazzle over the years. It is a surprise for him. We are both retired now. I found your website when I searched for the Red tail shirt on the internet. It is very impressive and I now have a new source for presents. John is a graduate of the Utah State University with a BS in Wildlife Management. He spent his career in service to the Park and Open Space District in Riverside County, CA. Prior to that he worked for an outfit called Lion Country Safari in Irvine, CA as a supervisor of the rangers caring for exotics animals.

Hi there I'm thinking about purchasing six Wizard of Oz neckties. #3007. My grandmother was a big fan of Wizard of Oz and as a tribute to her for her funeral all the pallbearers would like to wear one. The funeral is Friday would you be able to do two day shipping so we get them by Thursday?

I searched for insect t shirts, my daughter will wear this as a "dress" with leggings, she's 8 and wants to be an entomologist!

But the story behind how I found you - my grandparents have a squirrel mug that they got as a gift maybe... 10 years ago? We had squirrels in my apartment all throughout our senior year of college (and no... the landlord never called pest control...). I want to get the mugs as a grad gift for my roommates. Thank you

Dear Kathy, Thank you for responding so fast. I placed this order for John, my husband, as replacements of his two favorite t-shirts worn to a frazzle over the years. It is a surprise for him. We are both retired now. I found your website when I searched for the Red tail shirt on the internet. It is very impressive and I now have a new source for presents. John is a graduate of the Utah State University with a BS in Wildlife Management. He spent his career in service to the Park and Open Space District in Riverside County, CA. Prior to that he worked for an outfit called Lion Country Safari in Irvine, CA as a supervisor of the rangers caring for exotics animals. Hope your visit with your family is enjoyable. Thank you. Valarie

I Googled the tie. I had bought one like it from the Library of Cogress, and gave it this past March to the VMI cadet who played Dr. King in a play at VMI about Jonathan Daniels, the VMI Valedictorian who was murdered in Hayneville AL 50 years ago on August 20, 1965. I told the cadet he should have it. Then decided to buy another one! Going to a service for Jonathan and other ALabama Martyrs that the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama puts on every August in the same courtroom where the accused killer was found Not Guilty. Charlie

Thanks Kathy and I was impressed by the breadth of items that you have on you sight. Other than the topical categories do you have a search engine on you site? I couldn't find one and would have used it to look specifically for a lighthouse. No big story behind the tie other than I'll be giving it to a great physician for his retirement with a note about him being a lighthouse of knowledge, morals and friendship for all those with whom he comes in contact. Thanks VB

Dear Kathy, Hope you are having a good trip. There is no need to bother you while you are en route, since these are gifts for several mos. in the future. I can just call in my credit number when you get home. Just tell me what day to call. I think this happened last year (you were on a trip). I must be on schedule! There is no really unusual story about finding your website. I have a relative who is a doctor and wears a tie every day with his white coat or suit. He has MANY, and all kinds, of ties, including designer ones and some from all around the world. Hence, It is hard to find some unique ones he does not already have for occasions such as birthday and Christmas. He really enjoys them, so I always try to include at least one tie with his gift for any occasion. I looked around on the Internet, and you had this great selection. You are also easy to work with. So I keep coming back. He has especially enjoyed the Infectious Awareables, but now I am trying to vary it with Molecular Expressions, etc. Since he is difficult to buy for, it is not a god idea to try to wait until the holiday rush. It is so nice just to know I have something he will enjoy that I can just wrap up in Dec. Will talk to you whenever you let me know it is convenient. Sincerely, Barbara

Kathy - I found your website by googling "Americana Series neckties", as they are among my favorites. The one I like the best is the baseball one. I have one on blue background that has grown very tired, and two on maroon that are still okay. I wear ties 6 days a week, so I have lots of opportunities. I see a bunch on your website that I really like. I think I'll pass along some as Christmas hints, since Fathers Day has passed. I would have included the baseball one on the list, but I feared it might be gone if I waited. I used to travel to West Virginia for the Diesel Commission meetings, often in Flatwoods, but since the commission was disbanded, I have not been there. I still make frequent trips to Ohio, as my daughter is going to be a senior at The Ohio State University in the fall. Best regards, Bob

I enjoy classical music & am attending a summer chamber music festival centered on Schubert. Found your site thru an Internet search for ties by subject. Howard

Hello Kathy, I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I ordered the tie, mainly because after 23 years in the military I now have a civilian job again and have to wear a suit and tie to work. I had the 'Ticket To Ride' tie back in 1995 when it was being sold at The Sharper Image, when I went through my divorce, it seemed that the ex-spouse decided not to pay on the storage shed while I was overseas, so when I got home, there was nothing left. I love the tie and decided to search for it, your website came up on one of the searches and I remember seeing all the ties when they first came out and you have some that I have never seen before. I will be ordering more, at least that is what my wife is telling me right now. I am looking forward to seeing the tie and wearing it again. Rebecca also wanted me to ask if you had resources to Pink Floyd ties? v/r Jeffery

AJ loves horses and entered in the Wabaunsee County Fair, Alma, KS He is a beginner but nevertheless he is very proud to ride.

Thank you.. My son did a search for fish ties.. Not easy to find them., it's for his bar mitzvah. His theme is "sea and be seen" and he wanted fish ties lol .. Then we saw tees which will be perfect for his party. Thank you for everything! Thank you Paige

Thanks, for getting back with me, Kathy! Actually I started searching google for botanical butterfly t-shirts. In the 1970's in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an center of activism and environmentalism, there used to be a store that carried botanical t-shirts printed on organic cotton and I have actually been wearing them ever since! They are however getting worn out after 30 years! I bought some for my mother and she loved them and has been wearing them ever since as well. Your shirts closely resemble those shirts. I am also something of a naturalist and native plant expert for plants of the Great Lakes region.

Okay, I'll put the check in the mail tomorrow. As for background, my daughter picked out a special Winnie pooh tie for me when she was just three. She smiles every time she sees me wear it. She turned 16 this year ... and the poor tie has worn through. I went in search and the only place I could find that exact tie was on your site. So, no hurry ... just want to get one back in my rotation :-) Good luck in Ohio. This last week we had our big annual big ride across the state (10,000 participants). At one overnight stop they handed out "milkweed mudballs" for the riders to throw into the ditches of the country roads they traveling down on the ride .. to support monarch habitat :-) //www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/07/24/efforts-intensify-save-monarch-butterfly/30644679/ Dave

I purchased this for a former boss of mine who did a favor for me. He is a professor of internal medicine at a medical university. He is also a prominent hepatologist/gastroenterologist (liver disease) and researcher. (Hep-C Bowtie)

Hi Kathy. No problem. I am purchasing way ahead of time for Christmas, so there's no hurry. Thank you very much for the attachment. The design is very clever but the reason I enquired specifically about the 2 Escher designs was, that I went to an exhibition in Edinburgh's Gallery of Modern Art (to the largest collection of Escher works ever gathered together...I understand) These 2 designs were striking, and recalling your website I knew that if anyone would have those ties...you would!!! My third choice was Escher's "Another World" so please don't worry about timescale. If you can get it to me before Christmas, that would be fabulous! Enjoy your flutter bys...(I'm terrified of them! ) Best wishes

I recently had my nan pass away who was a huge betty boop fan. So as a tribute to her at her funeral i wanted to were a black betty boop tie and found the perfect one on your website an cant find one in the uk.

Searched on google "pink panther neckties". My fiancé likes the pink panther, the theme song is the ringtone on his phone. thank you

I was surfing the web for a confederate flag necktie for my boss. Very hard to find! He's very upset about the rebel flag being fazed out of existence; and, he wanted to be a little rebellious and wear a tie in public. Wanda

Found you while Googling photos of butterflies. We will wear these shirts for the many presentations we give about butterflies, moths, and other insects. I especially appreciate the availability of colors other than white!

Was searching google for some attractive medical themed ties as a girl for a medical student and came across your site. Thanks!

My son is a Pediatrician and thus the reason for the tie. I think he has over 100 ties now but always can use another. Thanks. MJ

I'll look forward to wearing the tie to the wedding. The bride's parents are keen bird watchers, so I thought that the parrot motif might be a good conversation starter. The birds as pictured on your website resemble a kind of native Australian parrot we call a rosella. Thanks for your patience and prompt service. --Charles (Australis)

My daughter and I are playing in a ladies golf tournament that has a "bird theme"! This shirt looks perfect!! I will mail a money order today! Thank you!

Dear Kathy, I have two friends in Indonesia who love birdwatching and collect many merchandises. I want to give them some meaningful gifts, so I browsed on the Internet and found your website. Your products are really nice and will be memorable to my friends! regards, Dwi

Hi Kathy: I found you online. I wore a tie to work that a co-worker expressed admiration to, twice. So I figured I can see whether I can get it for him. Since the tie label states the series (Americana) and the model (down by the river), I plugged the terms into the web search engine. Your website was number 2 on the list, and this first one stated to not have the item available. Call it luck, but I will keep you in mind if I ever need another special one – great designs. Thanks, Jurgen

Hey, Kathy, I am delighted as always to hear from you with news of new Grace ties. I still have no computer at home, but I have written down the names of the eight new ties. I have a feeling that I may have "Negative Space", but I will check through my collection today and get back to you tomorrow morning from the museum. I wore "Gaugin Revisited" last night for a power point presentation I made on historical maps and got lots of compliments on it. These ties have a special meaning for me, and I am okay with what price you have to put on them for your markup. Until tomorrow. Ron

Dear Kathy, Thank you for your response. I was looking for ties with pheasants as a birthday gift for my very tall son in law, and that must be how I found your site. I will now search specifically for XL neckties. My son in law hunts pheasant and he and my daughter go to field trials with their Brittany dogs. They have a national champion gun dog at the moment, as well as five others. The thing I enjoy about their hobby is the pheasant turnovers he and my daughter make, vacuum seal and freeze for us to enjoy throughout the year. Thanks, Bobbie

I received the tie today, Ms. Wildman, and I am so pleased. We’ve been looking for this tie for years! My husband loved the one he had so much, and he wore it so often, it just tore apart at the knot. Thank you, and I plan to purchase from you in the future. Sharon

I'm Haida, and my wife and I smoke our own salmon each fall back in Ontario. We were on the Alaskan cruise a few years back and saw this shirt, but I was too frugal to buy it then. Glad we found you.

My mother and I recently found your website because I am a Chiropractic student and searched the web forever looking for the perfect "chiropractic neck tie" for my boyfriend who is also a chiropractic student. Your spine x-ray neck tie was the only one on the web that I could find like it! Thank you so much! I anticipate it's delivery and am very excited about his gift! Best, Kati

Hi Kathy! My daughter will be rowing at Henley this summer on the Stanford crew team, and given the "proper attire" required to watch, figured my husband could use a rowing tie! My nephew is training for the Olympics in rowing so we have a deep interest! I'll pass on your info to the other parents heading to Henley!! Hopefully it will result in a bunch of orders! Do you stock these ties or create them yourself? Thanks, Cari

I found your website after doing a Google search on "Martin Luther King Jr. Necktie." In central Pennsylvania, we had two recent controversies involving race, both occurring on Memorial Day. The KKK placed recruitment fliers on people's doorsteps in the town of New Bloomfield, about forty miles from my home, and our local newspaper, The Daily Item, published a letter to the editor from a writer in Lewisburg that threatened the life of the President. The latter story made national news, and now the FBI and Secret Service are involved.. Dr. King was a hero of mine when I was a college student - now that I am 47 years old and a father, I find myself revisiting his life and teachings often. Thanks, John

Hi Kathy, l have had you in my shopping list for a number of years, recently put in an order for Gary ... at Cable Bay NZ. Most people ask me where l get my neck ties from, as here in Oz and NZ the ties are very boring. l have promoted your site to a number of people who see the ties. Chow Ron.

Thanks so much. My father was a bombardier in a b24 liberator and I work a lot in the aviation and aerospace sector. Best Regards, Tim

Hello Kathy, My son is giving a presentation on Albert Einstein to his 3rd grade class on Friday, June 5th. I know the shirt will be big, but hopefully he can tuck it in and roll up the sleeves. I found your site by googling "I thought of it while riding my bicycle" tee shirts - his quote about when he realized E=mc2. Thank you for offering this product - we're looking forward to seeing it. Sincerely, Carin

Each year a few new ones to the collection..... the Midshipmen at the USNA dinning hall love my ties (the officers hate them) I LOVE IT David

The design I ordered is labeled "the stillness collector necktie endangered species" on your website. I found your site while looking for a father's day gift, since my dad has an old tie with a bear design similar to some of yours that he has worn and loved for many years. I'm quite impressed by your selection! Thanks, Adele

I found you on a Google search. My boss has the mallard pen. He named it George Duckington. Nobody is allowed to touch it. I had to get one for myself. Plus I wanted my own cool character so I thought the penguin looked good. I just need a name as good as George Duckington. Thanks. Tim

band member's nickname is salmon (blues in the Key of C)

This tee shirt design reminds me of my Scuba diving days!

The story behind that particular tie is that I purchased my dad a tie for the first time years ago and it was that tie. I am getting married this summer and I thought that my brothers and the other groomsman should have ties like that. I always loved the design. Thank you for helping me with getting the tie. Addie

Hi Kathy, Today I ordered an awesome tie from your website! It is the meteorological symbol collectors tie and I'm very excited because my boyfriend is graduating with a meteorology degree in two weeks, so this tie will be the perfect gift! I wanted to make sure you received my order information and I wanted to make sure the tie would ship in time for graduation, which is May 16th. I left you a voicemail with my payment information. If anything was unclear, feel free to call or email me with questions! Thank you! Morgan

To answer your question why I selected these Ties. I’m an old street cop and have owned 1 tie for dress up that was not a clip on for dress uniform. I started this new Job as a Plain Clothes Investigator for a District Attorney’s Office. While in trial I have to wear a Tie. I do not go for the foo foo crazy colored ties that are in stores now. Just can’t do it. I am former Military, a biker, and old athlete, is why I chose the ties I did. Thank you again

Kathy: I saw the tie on another website when shopping for something else and knew it would be perfect for my U of M Naval Architect major. When it was time to shop for it I googled Sail Plan Necktie and your site was one of the ones that popped up. I needed to buy from someone with the tie in stock and shipping that would get it to me in time for the unexpected birthday party, and YOU answered your phone instead of sending me to voicemail. As an added bonus, you happen to know exactly what color Maize is!!!! Thanks for all your help! Julia

I purchased the dart-frog shirt in 1995-ish and wore it until I put it away. My 15 year old loves it but it is threadbare, so I am getting him his own.

Gift basket items for my daughters wedding for our out of town guests. Wedding is at Kentucky Derby Museum so we are doing a Kentucky, Louisville and Derby themed basket. "A Welcome to Kentucky" with lots of goodies and of course some bourbon and bourbon balls along with Kentucky Derby souveneirs!

My husband and I are celebrating our 12th year anniversary, which is traditionally silk or linen. We have a wedding coming up, so I was thinking a silk tie, but he doesn't wear ties very often, so finding one that's dressy, fun, and that he will like is a challenge. I thought the periodic table might appeal to him, so that was my search term. "periodic table silk tie" and of the options I saw, the one I selected from your site was my favorite. And I threw in the alchemy tie just because I'm a sucker for the classics. I'm hoping he likes them. Thanks!-m

Hi Kathy, Thanks for sending me the tie. I was looking on line for Save the Children ties and I ran across your site. The Tie is for a staff member of mine who just received his Principal's Certification and he loves basketball. Thanks, Kent

I collect ties for places I have been on business.

This is for my husband, his dad died when he was 17 and this is the tie he buried him in. The sooner the better. Thanks so much!!!!!

I found you doing a google search for Military ties and liked your selection the best so I bought from you. My father is a Navy Veteran now admitted to the VA Center in Martinsburtg Va. I would like to know if you have 6 NT 1526 ties in stock as I would like to order these with express shipping of some sort for myself 2 Brothers and family members to wear as pallbearers. Allen

Kathy, I found your website through a google search for insect-themed neckties. And yes, there is a small story behind my choice. First, we have met (I think on more than one occasion), back when you were selling your merchandise at ESA meetings. I rarely wear a tie and try to avoid situations that require a coat and tie. Recently I was informed that I was selected to receive the “C.V. Riley Award” at the upcoming North Central Branch ESA meeting, and I was asked to provide a photograph for the program. I thought I should wear a tie for this, so on the morning of my photo appointment (yesterday) I went to retrieve my favorite tie (the yellow insect boxes tie you sell) and discovered to my horror that it was nowhere to be found! I think I last wore it at a wedding in California last June, so I may have left it in the hotel room. Anyway I ended up wearing a striped tie for the shoot. Today I decided I would go online to find and purchase a replacement for the lost tie. I looked through a number of images before finding the tie among your collection. However, in the process the honey bee tie caught my eye and I ended up ordering it instead, in the back of my mind thinking that insect boxes might still show up plus I really like the bee tie! There’s a bit of a story on this as well. I won’t drag it out, but for the past 5 years I have taught a large enrollment survey class in entomology (“Insects and Human Culture”), in which I highlight the honey bee. I took up hobby beekeeping so I could speak from experience about managing honey bees. That was 4 years ago, and I now have 5 hives. I also integrate a hands-on honey bee “experience” into the class, which is a bit of challenge with 150 students! Thus the tie choice. Thanks Kathy, I looking forward to receiving my new tie! You will see a follow up order for insect boxes if that tie doesn’t show up. Best regards, Dave

I'm a snoopy lover since little, this is a gift for my hubby who has birthday on Trick or Treat day. Found your site by googling "snoopy tie"

In answer to your questions, I found the website by doing a Google Chrome search for "Mammal Scat of N. America bandana". I had seen this bandana displayed at a nature center in Green Bay, Wisconsin and thought it would be perfect for our friends in Boston. We have had a long running joke about identifying mammal scat since a hiking trip together in 1980.

I just found your website online where you are selling hand painted resin fish magnets. I’m looking for 3” or less, if possible, and facing all directions. (yes) AWESOME!!! I am planning to decorate one of our bathrooms with them. We put tar paper nails in the wall, then stick the magnets on them. Everyone moves the fish around the room. When someone makes a stink, all of the fish go belly up! I did this when our kids were little and they loved it. Now we are grandparents!

I am a caregiver and my Irena loves horses and have done a bazillion searches but recently saw yours (I really wish you had more like this!) How soon will you ship? I'm hoping to get by Sat so that I can give to her for her birthday next Monday.

Kathy, In answer to your questions, my son said he thought it would be cool if they made a tie that looked like a fish, I said I thought that they did, and he said he'd like to have one to wear to "animal print" day at work. So I googled "fish neckties" and your site was the only one I found that had what I wanted. You have a great selection of interesting fishing ties, almost overwhelming, as well as nature themed stuff in general. We like flyfishing and wildlife/nature in general, so I'm sure we will be ordering stuff in the future. We also like buying from organizations that support good causes, and the school gardens science program sounds great.

Here is my story: Woman's Day had Fun Finds $20 & Under, there were 2 items I thought would be a perfect gift for our youngest granddaughter (age 16). One was Jungle Journeys Safari pocket notebooks which I ordered immediately, the second was a set of 6 for $17.94 Animal Writers Wood Craved Animal Pens (exactly like yours), however when I on went to the site offering this item, WorldMarket.com, they were no longer available. I was very unhappy and let it go, then today I decided to Google them and to my surprise, you had them! Thank you

Thanks Kathy, I'll get that form and check ready for you Monday (p26 order). I found your website on a Google search for unique and crafty ties (moth/butterfly/insect theme). While browsing your pages, I immediately was drawn to the one I chose. I have always enjoyed entomology and want to be a science teacher someday and wear unique and funny ties in my class. I am just that guy that will wear a crazy tie for the fun of it. Also, the insects on this tie are the beneficial insects that pollinate our crops...and I am a firm supporter of protecting them and their habitat. Oh yes, I will save your contact info and website for further gifts for friends/family (or more insect/moth/butterfly ties for myself). You got a great collection of unique gifts that would bring a smile and story from anyone. Thank you for preparing my order and the check will be in the mail monday. We shall be in touch again soon. Thanks, Brad

Hi Kathy Thank you for the email. I found your website by searching Google for frog neckties. I have had one of the ties I ordered for about 20 years. I had worn it off and on during that time frame, but recently bought a suit that the tie goes great with. The tie was a WWF tie that they no longer market. For some reason, the tie has been misplaced, and I have been searching for a replacement for the past month or so. When I saw it on your website, I yelled to my wife "I found it!". I saw another tie that looked similar so purchased that also. Best of luck with your venture. I look forward to having my tie in the near future. Dennis

As I mentioned, my wife, born in Fairmont, and I had the great pleasure and honor to work for Sen. Robert C. Byrd for a combined 31 years. Glad to be supporting a WV business!

Hi Kathy, The tie arrived today. I found your website via Google. I am getting married in July and was looking for a different tie… my brother, college roomie and I used to go on snorkel trips together and all keep salt water aquariums. My brother and I have what we call our ”fish ties” so I wanted to find one for my college friend to wear for my wedding. Thank you, Gregg

I am a high school art teacher and I am buying this for an autistic student that I have. He is obsessed with Komodo dragons. Thanks so much, David

Hello Kathy, Thank you for sending me the order of ties. They are, of course, beautiful. I especially love the Navajo blanket design. Since I am in Japan, the Japanese dictionary tie is very fitting in a cute way. I tell people that I am studying my tie. The Winnie the Pooh tie is so perfect for our silkworm study at the school where I teach. Every year we raise silkworms with the children. The silkworms that my children observe look very much like the caterpillar that Pooh is observing rump in the air with Tigger on the next grey row lying down happily looking at a butterfly.

Hi! I found your site from a google search. My son wanted ties appropriate for his lifelong theatre teacher, director, and mentor as he is graduating high school this year. Your site offered quite a few appropriate choices for this gentleman so one tie quickly became a set of three! The reason I need them so quickly is to recognize this man with a gift at the Senior Mentor Breakfast. Thanks very much! Darlene

Kathy, I stumbled on your webpage in an unusual way. I saw a woman wearing a wonderful octopus shirt recently. It was white, and the artwork had three blue and green tentacles coming down from the neck - just hinting at an octopus rather than depicting the whole thing. I wondered if I could find an octopus t-shirt on the internet, so Googled it and yours was definitely one of the best. I look forward to receiving my t-shirt. Thanks, Carolyn

Hi Kathy .. understood on the shipping charge. I queried Google Images for “Peregrine hats” or “Peregrine ball caps” and yours was the nicest to show up in the thumbnails of the many types out there. I have had a long interest in Peregrines as perhaps nature’s most perfectly evolved “top predator” in its realm. I’ve read a few books about them, and over the last two weekends have been on a local course with one of the North American & world experts on birds of prey: William “Bill” Clark of Harlingen TX. He actually wore an identical ballcap lat weekend to the one I’ve ordered from you; not sure if he purchased it through you or not. Thanks for your assistance with my order and I’ll keep you in mind for future similar items. Perry

Hi Kathy I dont need anything else but thanks for asking...the bandana's are for a ladies camping group Thanks again Laurie

Dear Kathy, What a surpise to find your beautiful things on internet. Seeing a guy on television with a tie with books, I started googling, and lo and behold, that tie came from you. I would love to order one, and one with music as a present to my son. It’s really hard to choose, there are so many ! Loes (netherland)

Hi Kathy, I got the ties, and they’re great! I’m going to be wearing them this Wednesday for our “Sandals Resorts Week” tapings. I’m a SCUBA diver, so it’s nice to celebrate a hobby that I enjoy with my son. We always take pictures on set, so I’ll send some your way when I get them. I found your website just through searching. Zazzle always comes up first, along with eBay when I’m looking around. But yours also comes up a little farther down - just for your own reference. People get me Zazzle ties occasionally, which I always appreciate. But they’re not my favorite since they’re just printed up on demand, and white on the back. I much prefer real ties, of the silk and/or vintage variety like you have. So I’m sure I’ll be ordering more very soon. Just so you can see what I look like, I’m including a photo. The tie I’m wearing was one that Vanna gave me for Christmas, which has old Shure microphones on it. But I usually try to wear ties that more or less fit into the theme of that week's show tapings. The theme for this batch of shows was “Fun & Fit Week,” and Post Shredded Wheat was our big sponsor. I’ll make sure I get some pictures like this while I’m wearing your ties also - that way you can post them on Facebook or wherever. It may take a few weeks since they don’t want images released before the shows air, which I think will be some time in April. So again, thanks for all your variety of ties. It also makes me really glad that you’re in The Mountain State. My family and I had a few reunions on Tygart Lake in the late-80s and early ’90’s, so I’ve been through that beautiful part of the world. I was born and raised in Huntington, and we still own a home on the Ohio River (on the Ohio side) that’s 181 years old. My folks live right up the road, so it’s a great place to visit whenever I get a chance. Thanks again, Kathy - I hope to talk to you again soon. — Jim

Hi Kathy, I was so excited to discover your site... I am a medical resident who recently matched into my first choice Infectious Disease fellowship. A large part of my success was thanks to my faculty mentor who voluntarily lobbied on my behalf. My mentor is not only a fantastic ID doc, but he has a super colorful personality and is a total science nerd! I was browsing the internet in search of a special and unique token of thanks that I could give him. The GIANTmicrobes site was my first go-to... their plush collection, although devastatingly cute, seemed a little juvenile. I saw that they had a microbe tie which seemed better suited... however the design was cartoonish, screen-printed and the quality of the fabric appeared poor. I then initiated a broad web search and in about 2 clicks, found your site. I found so many things to like about your products - the quality of the workmanship, the scientific basis for the images, the small business/personal touch you add.... Also the variety of featured microbes was impressive - it just so happened that we had seen a patient case of malaria together and written it up as a case presentation. Therefore the malaria design was a natural choice for me - luckily it was also one of my favorites from an aesthetic perspective! Soooo looking forward to receiving the tie - thanks! Shayla

We are going to the Ruritan National Convention and and National President's last name is Hogge. So, on Thursday, January 15th, everyone is wearing something with a hog on it. Thanks, Patsy

Hi, Kathy. Nice site. Very excited about the Matisse tie...need to wear it to a "Members Party" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on January 22...MoMA's current flagship exhibit is the Matisse "cutout" work, so this tie fits the theme perfectly. I found your site on a Google search for "art ties" or "art work ties". It was near or at the top of the "organic" (non-sponsored, free) listings.

You are amazing!!!! WOW! Great guess and thank you. My husband's a historian who teaches at the high school and junior college level. He has major historical tie and t shirt collections, but I've never seen the medieval armour tie before, and he'll love it. Thanks so much, and bless you for sending something on. The other tie I got him was the copy of the textiles from the Blue Room in the White House. His students always look forward to the new finery he wears after Christmas. Appreciatively, Vera

The ties selected were pooh's fishing trip and pooh loves hunny. I've ordered your ties for years as my husband who is a pediatrician has worn one of your pooh ties everyday to his practice for the last 20 years. His nickname is Dr Pooh and his patients love the ties. He may plan to retire 2016 at the age of 77. In the mean time, we always need fresh "new" pooh ties. Thanks for your wonderful collection.

Hello Kathy, Thank you for sending me the order of ties. They are, of course, beautiful. I especially love the Navajo blanket design. Since I am in Japan, the Japanese dictionary tie is very fitting in a cute way. I tell people that I am studying my tie. The Pooh tie, however, is not what is on your website. If you will notice, on your website in the section of moths and butterflies, there is one tie titled Pooh and Tigger Lepitopterists, number 10677. The design has rows of gold and grey. There is a nice leaf pattern in the gold rows. The grey rows alternate with Pooh, rump in the air, closely observing a caterpillar and Tigger on the next grey row lying down happily looking at a butterfly. This is the tie I was after. The one you sent has Pooh and Tigger chasing and catching butterflies. The theme is similar, but not what I intended to order. On the VISA form you have the same tie number, but the tie is not what is on your website. Do you still have the one that is on your website? I would very much like to exchange the one I received for the one pictured on your website. Can you please tell me how we can do this? I am crossing my fingers that you do have the one pictured. It is so perfect for our silkworm study at the school where I teach. Every year we raise silkworms with the children. The silkworms that my children observe look very much like the caterpillar that Pooh is observing. I thank you so very much. Most sincerely, Patrice

Kathy -- I did go ahead and upgrade to priority mail via paypal. I found your website by surfing the web. My son is a biologist with an interest in amphibians and reptiles, and I thought it would be fun to get him a salamander t-shirt for Christmas. I liked your designs best of all those that I looked at on the web. I'm looking forward to giving the shirt to my son -- I think he'll enjoy it. Thanks, Jennifer

I just googled brain mug. I have been working as a teaching assistant for a Kinesiology class this semester and thought it would be cool to give my supervisor a mug as a thank you for allowing me to be his teaching assistant.

My story & how I found your site: We were recently at the British Museum in London, where we saw the Rosetta Stone. Beautiful, mind-bogling and fascinating. As we walked past the gift shop, my husband pointed to the tote bags with the Rosetta Stone script printed on them and said, "Those are cool". This from a man who does not like to shop and to whom it never occurs to buy gifts when he is traveling (or living, in general…). I made a mental note to return alone to get him one--or better yet, something else RS-related. But I never had the chance to return before we left London. Back home, while Christmas shopping-- and lamenting that I hadn't pursued that idea while in London-- I went to the museum's website to see if they happened to make a tie in the same print. Lo and behold, they do--but the exchange rate is so bad, and after adding in for conversion fees and postage (not to mention, it wouldn't get here in time for Christmas), I got discouraged. Thinking "no way", especially because the tie was marked "Exclusive to the British Museum", I googled "Rosetta Stone tie". Not much came up that applied, but after patiently scrolling, I came to your website. And you HAD the exact tie I was looking for, at a price I could manage. Wonderful! I ordered immediately, and can't wait to see it! FINGERS CROSSED that you can get it to me before Christmas. I saw many interesting and beautiful ties while I searched, so I have a feeling you will hear from me again. Thanks, Mary

Dear Kathy, The order I received well. Thanks for fast shipment. Neckties look great and will be nice Christmas gift for my son. He is interested in science and I definitely will buy some more items from your store next year. Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year! Ilze (Latvia)

I did a random internet search for an awesome and unusual old t-shirt my husband had worn out and found your website. I was additionally delighted to find that there was another shirt by the same artist that did a take on an old Dr. Seuss theme "one fish, two fish" - hubby had that shirt too but left it behind in a hotel in another state. That too was one of his favorite shirts so I am thrilled to be able to replace it! Thank you!!!

Thanks Kathy, that is correct. I see your section about why this tie? My husband had a favourite butterfly tie which went with him whenever he travelled. I bought it for him from Liberty’s in London but it has been discontinued for a long time. His luggage was stolen on a flight between Kenya and South Africa in 1991. He lost more valuable clothes, like suits, but he has mourned this tie ever since. We haven’t found another one like it. But these two come mighty close. I predict it will be his favourite gift this Christmas. Thanks!

he story is my boyfriend has green eyes and he refers to himself as "the emerald eyed dragon" he also likes skulls - so the combination is irresistible (at least to me anyways) I wanted to get him something unique. I found your site simply by googling dragons and skulls. Thanks for answering so quickly xoxo Virginia

Hi Kathy Sorry for delay- been manic! have now paid! Tie for husband from my Dad! My husband is a vice-president at the school for Oriental and African studies and their symbol is a camel and an elephant. He already had an elephant tie so I was delighted when I found your website. Best regards, Martha

It is my son-in-laws favorite tie and he has worn it out. He brought it to me to repair it and there is no way it can be repaired it is thread bare. So I was thinking it would be a great idea for a Christmas gift. PLEASE help me make this happen. Thank you, Jenny

Hello, The way I found your website -- somewhat by chance : I entered "Embrace Your Inner Fish T-Shirt" in the search engine. Got all sorts of listings for "Embrace Your Inner …. whatever ", Found a site for Ray Troll … thought, hmm, what's this? The minute I saw his artwork I knew I had found the site to buy the shirt. Anita

I am so excited to find your dino ties, and will certainly be ordering more!!! My husband has been wearing the same dino tie since fifth grade =). I found you by googling for dino ties--you have the best I found. Also, do you sell sharpeners individually? I would love to buy just the barn owl or pheasant. Actually there were one or two in each set I wanted, but I didn't need five sets! You have great stuff. I will need to buy myself a John Muir t-shirt for my birthday next year. Fun collection!!

I purchased my husband this tie before. When our chorus sang with Andrea Bocelli, my husband wore this tie and it was greatly admired by Mr Bocelli's father-in-law so he gave it to him. I know he really likes the tie so I want to surprise him by replacing it. Donna

Kathy, I found you on the internet. I had just bought my nephew a new cover for his gecko cage, when the darn thing died. Since he is in college, he decided not to replace the gecko at this time, so I bought him the next best thing. I have received the tie Sat. and love it, especially the note you sent with it. Have a happy holiday. Thank you, Carol

My story? Ha. A palliative care social worker at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, MI. 8 years practice in palliative care and 35 years at the hospital. Now that's seniority! In palliative care we see a lot of individuals who have been placed on ventilators and are not going to recover fully. We have those tough discussions with family's about the trajectory of the illness and possible outcomes in the future. Our Director and CEO of the hospital is Dr. Kevin Grady. He is a pulmonologist and and extremely sensitive administator. His support of our staff and the team goals has been phenomenal. We are blessed to have his ear both in medical practice and in our advancement. Thus the "I'm Listening Tie" fits the bill perfectly. The referral came from an infectious disease doc, Dr. Fishbain, who I approached for a gift suggestion. I googled you and up came your website! My only problem was with the cut and paste, and submit the order but I am not computer savvy and the hospital as internet issues often. When I have time I will look further at your website. Thanks again for your help. Lynn

I was trying to order some Ray Troll t-shirts for my nephews, but the ones on his official website, that they had said they liked, were not available in their sizes. I think I ordered from you one other time when I had that problem, so I found you again on the web.

About the story..., These ties are a present (from my aunt to my uncle), he loves ties, he actually is a collectionist. And also he likes classical music, so as you guess, we found all the we need in your webside! Jamie, (Spain)

Hello my name is Missy and I purchased a neck tie from you. It is for my Dr. he said I was his 101st patient to get a di-vi-chi robotical hysterectomy. so I thought it was fitting.

Hi Kathy, The check was mailed today (purchase order p106). I hope you receive it soon. My husband is an entomologist. I am always looking for interesting gifts to give him. I googled "Ties with insects on them". Yours was one of the websites that popped up. I liked the ties you offered the best and decided to give it a try. I may be back for more merchandise if this works out! Thanks, Karen

Kathy - Thanks for the notification. I thought you might like to know the hat will be worn during interpretive presentations I have developed for Anza-Borrego Desert Sate Park. The title of my talk is "Desert Puma". -Don

Your ties are my Dad's favorite. His are so worn he requested new ones for Christmas. Will be purchasing again. I found your site by googling Tango Ties. Thank you for providing great products!

I chose that design for my son because we have been to Istanbul twice and both love Iznik tile. Thanks for getting back to me. Diane

My husband is a professor in Renaissance Music and recently started wearing ties again. I found your site by googling ties for medieval manunscripts and was thrilled to find this. A perfect present!

My 7th grade son is on the basketball team. Part of being on the team includes dressing for game day. So he has some nice slacks, a pressed shirt, matching (not common for him) dress socks, and shined shoes. And a clip-on tie. I hate clip-ons and he loves penguins. Your ties are an easy solution! We might need to short them up but I bet by the end of the season he'll be tying a Windsor by himself. Cole only wanted the Herringbone but I threw in the Stripes tie. You see, he's a bit of a penguin snob, he likes the Africans, not too big on Emperors. ,,,later... Thank you for all your effort, I appreciate it. Cole is happy with the two he has. He had a game yesterday and wore the Herringbone tie. My Dad is visiting for Thanksgiving. He tied it for Cole. It's funny, a simple little thing like that was really cool moment. Thanks again, Jason

My husband gives lectures on cruise ships, and I design the PowerPoint and multimedia for his talks. It recently occurred to me that it would be fun for him to wear appropriately themed ties to go with his talks. I did a Google search last spring and found 2 ties I thought he'd like, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. He's a conservative dresser, so I bought the most subtle ones that I thought looked good. He loved them! He just wore the Chaplin tie when he gave his talk called "Charlie Chaplin," and the MM one when he gave his talk on "Fabulous Females in Film." With the holidays coming up I thought I'd search for some other ties that relate to his topics, and a Google search led me to your Website. You have some very nice, and unique, designs. I think my husband will like the look of the OZ tie I ordered. I will know for sure next month! Best regards, debby

My husband is a public school music teacher and has taught for 40 years! I always try to find ties that go with the programs or shows he is doing or the holidays or what unit he is teaching. He actually has a Presidents' Day tie, an election day tie, an opera tie, etc. You can imagine all the ties hanging in our closet. This year's Christmas program with 4, 5, 6 graders is called "Lights, Camera, Action" and is a mini-musical about putting together a Christmas movie. I have ordered ties from a lot of sources, but couldn't find the right one so I just googled "movie ties" and when your site came up, I was happy to find exactly what I was looking for!

Hi Kathy. It's "Children of the World Bands" I was wearing a UNICEF tie at a wedding last night and received so many compliments on it that I googled UNICEF TIES this morning which led me to your ties.

I am the Lead Singer/Guitar player of a Pop/Retro Band here in Goa, India. We mostly play Themed weddings, Conference Parties, Christening Parties, Stage Shows and Occasionally at Pubs and Restaurants. Have ordered these Ties for me and my band mates. Since our Drummer already has his set of ties, I didn't need more drummer ties. I Found your website through a google search, and find myself really lucky to have found such a nice website full of great choices. Thanks Once again. Can't wait to get em round our collars. Regards, Cassian

Hi Kathy, thank you again for creating these ties. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of the summer and I am recovering about 9 weeks post surgery. I still have radiation therapy, physical therapy and some other hurdles to overcome. I have been looking for some thank you gifts (with more to go!). Specifically, I wanted to say thank you to my neurosurgeon and a friend who supported me. I found your website after I purchased and returned 2 ties from zazzle. I loved the variation in design and colors for both but it wasn't until I received the ties that I realized that the the design is only on one side. You alluded to this when we spoke on the phone. After the zazzle debacle, I searched the web for neuroscience and bluegrass ties. There were not a lot of color options or variety and then I came upon your site. The variety on your site is small, with respect to color and design, but I was very encouraged when I saw both and I think they will be perfect. Plus, both of yours were silk as opposed to polyester. Thank you.

Dear Kathy, I have purchased from you before a few years ago now and was extremely impressed with the purchases I received from you. I done a search and refound you (my previous PC was died that I saved you too), I am most pleased to see you are still going and have weathered the recession. Can't wait to receive the 2 neckties. They are truly amazing in design and I know the quality will be excellent, far better than the dreary ties the UK have on offer. Kindest regards Tina

My husband wears kid-friendly ties every day as a pediatrician, particularly "Save the Children Ties." Some of his old favorites had worn out, so for Christmas this year I plan to give him these replacements and a couple of new tie designs.

My husband's name is Charlie Brown and he loves to celebrate his character with Peanuts items. Can't wait to give him these ties!

Thanks for the tie. The story behind the tie is that I have one just like it from Walmart. .Since mine, my class teacher at a Baptist church liked it so I got him one.Two years later, my pastor liked it,so I've been looking for several months for it. Thanks to your site, I finally found one. Thanks Again, Lynn

I was looking for Roman art ties because my husband is an art historian and gives lectures on Roman art. He wanted a fun tie. I'm getting the Pompeii tie although it isn't exactly "fun," but also the Byzantine one because it's pretty (and that's in his area of expertise too).

My husband had this specific tie growing up but misplaced it. I've looked everywhere for a new one and this is the only place I've been able to find it! Wonderful selection.

The Tie is the 'cow pasture necktie'. I did a Google image search for 'cow necktie', and the result that was most appealing to me brought me to your sight. The reason i was interested in the cow tie is because i am an Orthodox Jew and i have a collection of ties related to themes in the Bible. In the book of Genesis, Pharohs dream about seven cows was the theme that had me type those words into Google. Thanks for your timely response,

Thanks for this shirt! It is my wife's favorite shirt and we haven't been able to find it anywhere! Thanks for making this possible. I really appreciate it. I love WV btw. Spent a month there (twice) at National Youth Science Camp in Pocahontas county in the mid 80s. Fell in love with the place. I found your site using bing to search for "liquid blue rainforest panther". Love your site. Bookmarked it and will share widely. Priority mail when you arrive home is fine. Safe travels! Best, Heidi.

Ran into your site accidentally... but glad I did. Friends and I were looking for caps with local area mammals on them.

Hi Kathy, I found you're website through google. The story behind the tie… I will be getting married on the in August to my fiancé who is chinese. When I first introduced her to my family, we found out that my brother was born in the year of the tiger and she named tigger which kinda stuck. He is my best man and I would like to give him the tie as a little gift for the day. Rgds Rob.

Kathy, I was researching specific Beatles ties and a Google search brought me to your site. Awesome selection. Ken

I found you by Googling hummingbird shirts. Being from the SW, the penstemon is native to NM. This design is lovely and really stands out on the black background. I am buying it for a friend whose Indian name is Hummingbird, for her birthday. Thank you!

Kathy, I found your website hunting for an acceptable tie to wear for a pink month at American Airlines. I am a pilot for them and we get few opportunities to wear something other than standard NAVY BLUE. I like all silk and quality and randomly found your site. Our oldest daughter is a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and I called her right away to ask her to take a look. The doctors at the clinic are required to wear ties and I thought she might get some Christmas ideas that were unique. Her name is Kristina Butler and lives in Fountain Hills, AZ. I hope she does some business with you and I will specifically ask her to give your website to some of the doctors. I hope it helps. Thank you Dan

I decided to look for a tie-dye tee shirt for a friend of mine after a group of us attended a street festival with a tie-dye theme. He was the only one of us who did not own a tie-dye article of clothing, so I assume it is not something he would normally wear. However, his spirit animal is the buffalo, so I did a google images search for a white buffalo tie-dye tee shirt. I hope he will like it for such festivals in the future.

My son's 40th birthday born in Alaska. He loves Ray Troll and I searched for the Spawned in Alaska tee shirt and found you on Google!

Thanks, Kathy. My husband has had the Windows and Balconies tie for years, and it is one of his favorite ties. He was packing for a trip to the Naval Academy for his 55th class reunion. He wanted to take the tie, but it was frayed, and it ended up in the trash. I searched the Internet, and came across your website featuring the tie. My husband has a birthday next month, so the tie will be perfect. The reunion went well. By coincidence, our oldest grandson was playing water polo for Bucknell against Navy, and his father flew up from Ft. Lauderdale for the game. So there were three Richard Joseph Moores~~Sr, Jr. and III~~ at the Naval Academy at the same time. Our youngest grandson, Archer Bridges, 5 weeks, also came to the game with his parents. It turned out to be a mini reunion. Elizabeth

Dear Kathy. Thank you for your reply. I first purchased a Ray Troll t shirt about 20 years ago from a fishing shop in Hobart, Tasmania .The shirt was Deep Trout. I tried to purchase a vintage copy on e-bay, but was too late. Thanks to Google I found your site, after checking out several other sites. You have the best selection of T shirts. After ordering I contacted some friends to spread the word. Much to their excitement, and mine. Thank you again for your help in sourcing these Treasures. You have made an old man very happy. Sincerely David

Hello Kathy, I am apart of a PAC here in South Dakota and we are having a Lincoln - Reagan Day Dinner where candidates and elected officials come and eat dinner with the everyday people they represent. We ordered the neckties to auction off at the dinner to raise money. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day, Debbie

Previously bought from your site, loved the 2 ties sent before. We hold a "healthy hike" as a fund raiser for my elementary school and as the principal this tie (Save the Children Race to the Finish) will be perfect for the day :)

I think I googled Map tie a few months ago and was astounded to see the Two Poles Tie. My brother loved maps, flags and travel. When he passed away the tie was given to my son (his godson). He took it to China for the semester and somehow it did not come back with him. I am thrilled to find it. My mother-in-law wants to give it to him for Christmas. Also, I only found one tie that had Russia. I did not like the cars on it for my other son(twin) who is studying Russian. Any suggestions? Finance is another possibility for him, is there one of those that is particularly popular? (More interested in Russia though. (I suggested Beatles back in the USSR tie)

Kathy, I thank you SO much for the ties. We arrived at my mom's today (the shipping address) and they truly are unique and appear to be of great quality. The ties arrived promptly, in plenty of time for my husband's b-day celebration. The remainder of our shipment will be delivered by us to recipients within the next few months in several states (Virginia & New Jersey), as his friends turn the ripe 'ole age of 64 (smile). You asked how we learned of your site, I actually can't take credit for that, as my husband located you. His best friend (also a Beatles "groupie," as I call them) turns 64 in October and he was searching for "unique" Beatles memorabilia as a gift. He was interested specifically in ties, but didn't realize there was such a large population of "Beatle" ties and was therefore, thrilled to find your site. Whatdidyoubringme waslocated by our search engine as he "googl-ed" Beatles ties and your site was one that "popped." When he learned you were located in West Virginia and appear to be a small business, he was even happier as we prefer to buy from small businesses when given the opportunity. We have already shared your website name with some friends and hope our good experience will be of benefit to you via the purchase from others we refer. Your personal customer service helped, as I will admit, I was having a hard time navigating the option to buy, but have my purchase shipped to another location; however, I totally accept the issue was more than likely user error on my part. Once again, thank you for being so accommodating and I am very pleased with my purchase. Regards, Lisa

Kathy: Found the website by Googling. Already had a couple of the shirts. A geology colleague of mine had the Mutate shirt on. I teach introductory biology to college freshman, and my goal is to have a T shirt that fits with every lecture topic. I have also used the book Your Inner Fish in an advanced course. Perhaps the students will get turned on to Ray Kroll shirts. They are amazing. Wayne

Dear Kathy, I am a history teacher in NJ and, back when I was a student teacher about 12 years ago, I met another educator who always wore these cool ties so I followed suit. I collected ties (so to speak) on vacations up and down the east coast and found a few (expensive) ties at the Met store and Chicago Art Museum. I found your site probably two years ago and found, by far, you have the most extensive collection available. My only issues remain (like most) my necktie budget (Everyone has one right?) and my actual need for more ties. These six will put me at about 50 ranging across almost all the topics I now teach for US History 1. Thanks, Bill

The "story" is that I had reconstruction done after a mastecomy due to breast cancer. I wanted to thank my doctor who has a great sense of humor like me. LOL I found your wonderful, unique gifts by Googling funny doctor gifts. Marjan

Hi Kathy, Why I ordered this particular tie....my 5th grade grandson is a swimmer with state times in all the events he swims. His teacher in 5th grade is a high school swim coach and has tie Tuesday in his class. My grandson asked for a swimming tie. I found your site through Google search. My grandson pick the tie that I bought. I love that you give back to schools, as I am a retired teacher. Thank you, Kathleen

Kathy, My son graduate from Cal Poly in June with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He will be going to grad school in a few weeks for Aerospace Engineering also. For his birthday, his sister decided to get him an Aerospace Engineering tie. She did some searching online but couldn't find one she really liked. So, I did a google search (I don't remember what I googled exactly) and found your website and found what we thought would be the perfect tie for Jason. I am sure he is just going to love this tie! I can't wait until he gets it! Dawn

I am obsessed with ties, work at the USNA so the midshipmen see me everyday in a tie, like them off the wall. was surfing and found you on line.. will get a money order together (can't use credit card joint with wife and my ties are as bad as her shoe obsession) Glad I found you, Have a super day.

Hi Kathy, I saw your t-shirts at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mt. I meant to buy one for a little friend, but I forgot. So I googled glow in the dark lizard shirts and found your site. I love the shirts! thanks so much, Elizabeth

The t-shirt and tote arrived today. I am quite pleased with the quality. I found you thru google for the mountain calling t-shirt. My son has been rock climbing and hiking in Oregon/Washington for several years. The Well Behaved Women tote is because I can use another tote and I have wanted that message on something for quite a while -- I am not well-behaved, I ride a Honda GoldWing motorcycle with a sidecar. Thanks for your quality products. June

I found the website by searching for cow neck ties. I want a cow neck tie that is fun, as the dress code changed from red only to any tie. I chose the cow tie because…I am a dairy manager in a grocery store.

We are very excited about using these magnets at our practice for routing the MD’s in the right room. We have an MA room the patient, that will be one animal, the NP is next with a different animal and then the MD. If other labs are needed, we will then use yet a different animal ! I swear we are smart people, but this is the best way for us to keep all the providers organized. The use of animals comes from many years of using a clip on the chart box as to where MD goes next. Now with EMR, we no longer have a chart and we are in the exam room much longer due to the electronic medical record software take 3 times as long. YUK !

I found your website because I was looking for Disney ties and was hoping to find one with the characters running. Yes, there is a story behind my selection! Two years ago, the day before our 10-year wedding anniversary, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that same time, I decided to take up running as a hobby and found it to be therapeutic too. I was not a natural runner, but kept at it and eventually got up to 5 miles. At that point I told everyone I knew that in 2015 I would run the Walt Disney World marathon (WDW has been a favorite of mine forever). Fast forward to the present day.....I am still running and my husband and I are registered for the 2015 Goofy Challenge which is a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon (our first marathon!) on Sunday. Given the fact that the traditional 12th anniversary gift is silk and given the fact that runners who finish the half marathon get a medal with Donald Duck on it, and those who finish the full marathon get a Mickey medal, AND those who complete both get a Goofy medal, I thought this tie was absolutely perfect!

I'm just getting into Tenkara (Japanese fly fishing) the first fish that I caught was a beautiful Rainbow Trout - this hat will be my way of commemorating the event. Since I practice catch and release - this will serve as my trophy as well.

Hi there My mum and I have recently had a holiday in Canada and Alaska. We bought a glow in the dark animal print t-shirt for a relative but the wrong size as we discovered when we got home. We really liked the design so I tracked the design on google and got your website. I think I googled " glow in the dark Canadian animal prints" . It took me to google images and the animal print shirt that we wanted came up. Val

My Mother bought me that particular print shirt over a year ago, when I was wearing XXXL shirts. Now in a years time I have lost 158 lbs. and I'm wearing M shirts, and I wanted to replace that Big Cats shirt.

Yes, that is what I was looking for. As I told you before, my husband bought the cap in Alaska but left it on a bus in Athens last year. So I m happy to find a replacement for him. Tx Michele

Just returned from Alaskan Cruise, also saw it worn in Morro Bay California and recipient is longtime fisherman (not always catcherman!)

My friend really likes horses so some friends and I decided to wear horse ties to the wedding reception then give them to him as gifts. I'll make sure to tell my friends about your site and keep you in mind for future purchases. Mike

I found the site by searching for ties with wooden shoe print. It is a gift for someone who goes to a school named Holland Hill.

Hi Kathy – I found your site by Googling geology heavy metal t-shirts. There were a few ahead of you however you were listed 4th. The others didn’t have this design. I have this t-shirt from exhibit for ‘Ship of Gold” , really like it, and it is time for a replacement. Backstory is . . Several years ago the exhibit displaying the recovered gold from the steamship SS Central America (sunk in 1857 off Carolina coast carrying California gold to NY banks) was here at the Denver Museum of Natural History. Being a geologist and coin collector it is some fascinating history and I highly recommend it. This t-shirt was available at the gift shop after the tour. The story is back in the news as Odyssey Marine Exploration has just begun a 2nd phase of recovery (after settlement of several court disputes) and is again brining this lost gold to the surface. In 1970s I worked for Exxon on some deep exploration wells in WV, closer to Ohio boarder. Lived in Huntington for couple of years. I will see what else you site may have. Thanks for your response. Talk to you soon, Andy

As I work in a bookstore ties such as yours offer marvelous opportunities to start conversations. Thanks again, Monte

I found you r website by Google-ing silk ties with oak leaves. The reason for wanting this tie is that my daughter is an environmental biologist and is having a wedding on August 30 with a fall leaf theme.

Honestly, my fiance and I found your website randomly via Google search. We're getting married in August and we were searching for unique ties for both my fiance and my dad. Not only do you offer an impeccable selection, but your prices are great! My fiance is a huge Star Wars geek, and when I showed him your collection of Star Wars ties, he fell in love with the one we purchased and can't wait to wear it for our wedding. As for the Homer Simpson one, my dad absolutely loves The Simpsons. I've been searching for months for the perfect Homer Simpson tie for my dad to wear on the big day, and it was very hard to choose one because of the amazing selection you have, but thanks to my fiance, I was able to settle on one.

Found on Google. My story. I found a few interesting Tango Americana ties at my favorite shirt store which was going out of business. They were $5.00 each, so I bought one of each. People started to notice them when I wore them and made nice comments. Since I teach a college course plus continuing education classes, I found people look in my direction (trying to figure out the tie), so I keep their attention better. I have bought many in this series via EBay and some on-line retailers. you have some designs I never saw before, so I ordered some.

Hello Kathy, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Yes it is the fish gear tie with the diagonal stripes. There is a small story behind the tie. My dad is collecting fish ties. He wants to be able to wear a different one every Sunday and special days. And they can't be the animated looking fish ties. So every year he gets a new one for his birthday and for father's day! He has over 40 different fish ties! (but don't worry, he has to wear a specific fish tie this Sunday day, so if it doesn't arrive on time for father's day it will be ok) Thank You!

Hi Kathy, Thanks so much! They arrived yesterday. They're gifts for members of my PhD committee (I'm an immunologist who does a lot of infectious disease work). I heard about your website years ago :) I would actually love to get a silk scarf for a female member of my committee. Do you have any mold illustrations for the scarves? Thanks, Amber

I found your website through a Google search for Pirate neckties. My husband is writing a book about pirates, so he really needs a pirate tie!

Thanks so much. I am giving to my dogs godfather for Fathers Day. I found you doing a Google search for mens ties with dog print. Glad I found you!! Donna

I appear to be on the mailing list of waaaay too many catalogs. I am housebound and live on Social Security so leafing through catalogs for a "good deal" is not a bad occupation. I am known among my family and friends as being blessed with the ability to find "Just the Right Gift" for those I love. I found in a catalog an ad for a T-shirt or Sweatshirt bearing the phrase "Dances With Squirrels." My youngest sister has had a "thing" for squirrels since she was a child. She also took up belly-dancing a while back to strengthen her back and gut muscles. I love to read books and watch movies. "Dances With Wolves" is one of my all-time favorite movies so the "Dances With...." phrase is eye-catching to me. I have both the movie and the book. My sister now lives on a lake and, sure enough, she interacts with the squirrels in her area. I really wanted to get her the sweatshirt because the lakeside is damp and cold in the Northwest winters. (In my opinion, summer is "not so hot" either, but I live in Phoenix.) The snow is deep and everything sloooows down at the lake. Time for reading! The trouble is that I found the ad months ago and her birthday is in July. I kept waiting for the same catalog to come around again with the offering, but It DIDN'T. I could not find the shirt anywhere and was panicking. I figured I would just keep watching and eventually the sweatshirt would come around again in time for Christmas. I bought a "Squirrel Whisperer" T-shirt and a copy of the book "Horse Whisperer" for my sister's July birthday, but kept hoping. All to No Avail! So last night I couldn't sleep. I went online and Googled "Dances With Squirrels." Ta DAH! Your offering was there and being totally out of patience, I ordered immediately. Now I have her birthday covered and Christmas covered (as soon as I buy a copy of "Dances With Wolves" the book. I really wanted a sweatshirt for her, but maybe I can find a matching cardigan. If the blasted sweatshirt becomes available, I will probably get one for my mother. Mom is goofy about squirrels, too. Must be genetic. Patricia

Hi Kathy, My husband and I just returned from the Galapagos Islands and he had no success in finding a silk tie there - his usual souvenir for himself. I seriously doubt if anyone there actually wears a tie at all. I googled "Galapagos silk tie" and your site came up in the search (the only other one that actually had silk ties with something relating to the Galapagos was a British conservation site that asked as much for shipping the tie as I would have paid for it). We saw the white cheeked pintail duck there, plus the pattern on the tie kind of looks like the blue footed boobies. I did check out your other items, but nothing caught my fancy. Since most airlines now charge for extra or overweight bags I have become an internet souvenir shopper for my nieces and nephews. I buy them something relating to our most recent trip, have it sent to my home, and give it to them it when I visit. No one's the wiser, and I usually get much better quality for a lower price than I would have paid at souvenir stores, with no hassles. I appreciate your outreach supporting school gardens for children. If you plant the seed when they are young, many will grow up to enjoy gardening. (I think I mixed about 3 metaphors there....) Thanks for coming to our rescue this time! Carol

I bought the "Beautiful Blues" T shirt years ago at some souvenir shop and loved it. Through it, I found Liberty Graphics and ordered several T-shirts from them, but was disappointed that they didn't have "Beautiful Blue". I was now browsing through "Wildflower T shirts" websites and came on yours. Now maybe I can finally get rid of my old "Beautiful Blue" T shirt which has developed some holes, which, as I keep telling my husband, aren't that big yet!

Hi Kathy: Please provide me with tracking information when you have it. Yertle the Turtle is my brother's favorite childhood story, he is a librarian and his birthday is a week from Tuesday. I will post a pic on your facebook page if we all look good. =) God bless, Chris

My 4 yr old grandson is crazy about bugs. He can identify most bugs he finds. We spend all our time combing the yard and woods for bugs. I googled bug T-shirts for kids to find your site.

My son is in the USAF and my husband’s dad died recently and was buried with his one and only USAF tie. I told him I would replace but I have not found one like it. The other three will do the job very well I’m sure. Thank you so much.

A friend just got his first principal job and he wears ties so I wanted to congratulate him with one of your Save the Children ties.

Good Morning, I ordered one Rosetta Stone Neck Tie black background with white lettering. This tie is a gift for a college graduate/ Classics Major who is going to be teaching high school latin this coming fall. Found you on google searched neck ties latin.

Kathy, Thank you for your confirmation on order 115. I saw the shirt on a young man while touring Delphi, Greece this last spring. I thought it would be perfect for my dad this father's day. When I searched for the shirt online, your website was the only one for a few search pages that came anywhere close to what I remembered seeing. I look forward to seeing the shirt on my father! Cheers, Lindsay

My husband and I were at the seafood restaurant I'm Milwaukee's Public Market. The waiter was wearing the Baitful Dead tie dye t-shirt. My husband went crazy and asked if he could buy one as he is a Grateful Dead, fishing fanatic. The waiter said they had none but referred us to Ray Troll website. I found you. - Wife of a crazy fishing, guitar playing, lucky for the banker day job husband!

Just a note to let you know I received my ties today couldn't be happier with all. The conference is the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Columbus, GA. June 13 and 14. The SCV National Reunion will be in July in Charleston, SC. Some members of the local group here in Conyers had been looking for the Stars and Bars tie and I was really glad to find your site. Hopefully I will get more request at the Georgia Reunion, at the price I'm sure I will. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be in touch soon

Hi Kathy, I bought a cap at Organ Pipe National Monument with a roadrunner on it that I really like. I was wondering if there were other caps out there with embroidered birds on them - that's how I found you, by a thorough google search. I admit I had to force myself to stop at buying only two caps - there were really 4 caps I wanted and if they'd come in a color other than green (as all the ones I liked were green) - I probably would have bought them as well. I'm a birder in case you haven't guessed. And the tee shirts were just gravy - I'm stopping now! Cheers Lindsay

I am getting married in July, and my husband to be has 1 tie of this pattern already, we have been scouring the internet for the last month to try and find another one for his best man! He bought the tie some years ago when travelling round the States, and we felt it would be fitting to have these as ties for the wedding, as I have had an obsession with Escher's art since I was a little girl (and we are also driving across the States for our honeymoon) I will certainly recommend your site to friends - it's great to get good customer service (ant it's quite a rarity here in the UK!) Many thanks, Holly

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for your reply. I look forward to receiving the package. The tie is a gift for my husband, who is in charge of exhibitions at the museum we work at. On Friday night we are opening the traveling exhibit "America's Road: The Journey of Route 66" which is why I selected the tie that I did. Regards, Eileen

Kathy, I found you several years ago when I was looking for The Constitution Necktie Tango 14198 I owned the same tie (in silk) for 15-17 years; I purchased it in the Disney Florida Epcot American Pavilion gift-shop many-many years ago. It was my favorite tie. After many years of service, it had worn and started to fray. I searched on-line and found your shop; you had sold-out of the silk version but had the polyester version. I think your records may show that purchase say 3-4 years ago. At that time you didn’t think you would every get back in the original silk version. Your emailing of early this morning got me curious about what new designs you have and low-and-behold I found my favorite tie (in SILK) listed. I am an Eagle Scout, as is my now-adult son. America, the constitution, and this great country mean more to me than almost anything else in my life. My wearing that tie, especially when I travel abroad on work business, celebrates my citizenship in the great nation. Best regards. Anthony

I am calling you right now to place this urgent order. My friend's nickname was Rubber Ducky and we loved him! He died in an accident yesterday and the service is this Sunday. I want these ties for loved ones to wear at the memorial. -Many thanks!

I was searching for Bull and Bears neck ties, Stock Market neck ties, etc. My husband is in the financial securities business.) I will use your site again for purchasing. ---katie

Hi Kathy I was looking for the that particular tie and googled Norman Rockwell ties – my site was the first one that had what I wanted --- I was a Massachusetts State Police Officer for 40 years—that picture on the tie is an MSP Officer who I knew - I have had several ties of the that picture /which is called “The Runaway” by Norman Rockwell/ and I keep giving them away when someone says they like it--- enjoy Marty

I found your site by surfing for bird t-shirts. My very good friend/sister in law recently had a double mastectomy, after several months of recovery I took her to dinner. She was wearing her favorite "bird" t-shirt. Unfortunately she fell during our outting and one of her inscisons broke open and soaked her t-shirt with blood. She is doing well now, recovering from that, but a little discouraged to say the least, I thought a new favorite bird t-shirt might cheer her up.

Hi Kathy~ My youngest son is being inducted into the American Sign Language Honor Society next month, so I wanted a tie that would suit the occasion. I just googled 'sign language necktie' and a pic of the one I ordered came up. When I clicked on it, it took me to you, and the rest is history. I'm sooo glad I found you! Jane

I placed an order for 10 neckties with you tonight. I will call in the morning with my credit card info. But with the time difference, I didn't want to wake you. I need the ties rather quickly as they are for a funeral. My sweet brother-in-law passed away suddenly yesterday. We have a family joke about ties...My brother-in-law, Glenn, wore a Disney Tie to another family member's funeral a few years back, and he was teased relentlessly about being "That Guy Who Wears a Disney Tie to a Funeral." We feel the the best way to honor him is for all the men in our family to be "Those Guys who Wear Disney Ties to a Funeral." He is also being buried in a Disney Tie. You can see the urgent need of our order. My husband, Glenn's brother, is the youngest of six kids, and Glenn is the second child my father-in-law has had to bury, along with my husband's mother. The service will either be Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'd need the ties no later than Monday. Laura had mentioned that you could do this for us. If I need to pay for over-night shipping, I'm happy to do that. I sure hope you can help us. Shelli Hi Kathy, I just wanted to shoot a quick note to say thank you. My brother-in-law's service was today, and the ties were a very memorable touch for all those in attendance. I truly appreciate your willingness to help out a complete stranger from 2,000 miles away. May God bless you and watch over you and yours. Love from Wyoming, Shelli

Hey Kathy , I've found another tie that I would like to add to my order - it's under aquatic birds : Snowy Egret Scene collector necktie Tabasco 9477- $30.00. My purchase order is P49. I was looking for a necktie and your tie showed up and that's where I saw your web site :) I will definitely let everyone know about it! I picked the gator/ swamp scene because I'm from 25 miles southwest of New Orleans , Bayou Des Allemands, La. My mama taught me how to hunt gators. She and I hunted together :) Thank you for helping me with this order , ill keep on checking in to this site to see what all you have. Nelda ... Good morning Kathy, I thought i'd send you a picture of me and my mama ( mamas kneeling and I'm laying on the big 11' 2" I caught that day . Mama taught me how to hunt gators , duck hunt, and crawfish for a living . And many other things !!! Thought u may enjoy seeing this . I will call you this morning about this other order I'm wanting to make - thank you ... Out ties came in and we are thrilled about them !! It couldn't of gotten better anywheres else!!!! They are awesome !! Thank you so much . Ok, I decided I would like both my grandsons to wear ties similar to these. Do you have these ties in 11" & 14". I am so glad I found your site !!! Have a great day , ... Hey Kathy, The ties came in and were are very happy with them. I gave my 5 year old grandson the Happy Alligators and my 12 year old grandson the Tabasco Swamp scene to wear for the wedding . I still would love to have the other one before the wedding. The Mallard Family one with the little American flag on it. Thank you so much as there's going to be a new meaning for The TIE after this . The ties are what is gonna set the theme of our wedding . Very few flowers 3 vases, it's the ties that will make a "statement " . :))) Thank you !!

The shirt will be a gift for my brother who is the head Raptor keeper at Fort Worth Zoo in TX.

Have ordered before for my sons - fun to find shirts that fit an engineer,a paleontologist & a fisherman who lives in AK! I have been very satisfied - thanks. The shirts are for my 3 sons - Ages of Rock for my youngest who is a paleontologist, Time's Fun When You're Having Flies for my middle son who lives in Juneau, AK and ties flies, fishes with flies, and works for a conservation organization dedicated to preserving fish habitat, and Rockfish Paper Scissors is for my eldest, who is an engineer but who has always solved things with "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! Well, not engineering things... They are also all three great Ray Troll fans. I was delighted to find a shirt for each of them that so fit their interests! Keep up the good work!

I found your website on Google when I was searching for ties with birds on them. Why? I am a Docent at the nationally renown Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art here in Salisbury, Maryland, on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore. Every year, since 1971, the Museum holds the Ward World Championship: Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival, during the last weekend of April at the huge Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. I am one of the Emcee/Announcers at this years upcoming event and I wanted to wear an appropriate tie for the big occasion. So I selected the Red Headed Duck tie.

.Thanks so much Kathy! The tie is a gift for my fiance. I'm not exactly sure how he found your website but he has been eyeing the L'Enfant map tie for quite a while. He has done a lot of research on L'Enfant's early designs for the city of DC. Thanks again, Sarah

Dear Ms. Wildman, Because you asked, please let me confirm I am an astronomer and Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I have a closet full of astronomical ties, which I wear every day, and a couple of those I've just purchased from you are duplicates of two I've worn out. The other two are just appealingly loaded with historic astronomical imagery. I spotted one of the replacement ties on one of our Guides, and when I asked where he obtained it, he provided your website. Best celestial wishes

Gift for History teacher who taught all three of my kids.

Kathy, I had this tie for 16 years and lost it two nights ago. I was so happy to be able to find it on your site! This one in particular was special because of its uniqueness. Larry

I am an experienced and avid butterfly and moth collector (including 8 trips to Central and South America). I have a program showing the variety and magnificence of the world's butterflies and moths which I present to all the first graders as a "gee whiz" and to all the 8th graders showing the many marvelous adaptations of butterflies and moths. Approximately 200 first graders and 200 8th graders see the presentations. I also have (in the spring) a 5th grade and middle school (6th to 8th grade) butterfly mounting and collecting clubs where I provide the specimens (or the kids and parents collect) along with the necessary equipment (mounting boards, nets, etc). My daughter (a local high school teacher) has given me several of your shirts over the last 4 or 5 years.

Kathy, Back in the 1990's my son came home from youth group and asked if we could get a foreign exchange student. We told him we'd talk about it as a family and he said, "You better talk quick because he's out in the driveway." In walks this handsome 17 year old boy whose host family decided after he arrived that they didn't want to participate. One look at this kid and we were hooked. Alejandro became a member of our family. He went back home after a year and went on to college to become a chemical engineer and head of his family's business in Guatemala. We have stayed close all these years (his children even call us Grandma and Grandpa). His company is now international and Alex travels all over the world representing his company, "Toucan". Alex said we changed his life and he wanted to pay us back for what we did for him. He is branching out on his own and made us partners as United States distributors in a coffee business, "Our Coffee Guatemala", (Guatemalan coffee is some of the best in the world). Alex called a couple days ago and said he bought us 2 tickets for my husband and I to attend the coffee harvest in Guatemala and to be there for his 40th birthday but we only had a few days to prepare. We were trying to find something special for him when I saw my boss with a tie with toucans on it. The company no longer makes the tie so I went on "Google images" and looked up "toucan neckties" to find a tie with a toucan. I couldn't believe I found one with a Toucan and a Quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala) on the same tie on your site. Now that he is also traveling on behalf of Our Coffee Guatemala, we wanted to get him a tie to wear when representing the coffee company and you had a couple to satisfy that need as well. We appreciate how quickly you processed our order on such short notice so we can take this very special young man this very personal birthday gift. I know this is long but I wanted you to know how much it means to us to have found such a perfect gift our "adopted" son. Debby

Kathy Got your we site by going to google and searching for herbalist t-shirts. Since my daughter is very active in our local Herb Society, I'll pass all the necessary information on to her for sharing with the group. judi

Hi Kathy, I just ordered necktie 2680 “When I’m 64” . I had no trouble with your website. Our office staff is getting the tie for our boss, who thought about getting this tie along with another when he was 30 something and thought he was too young for it. This year he will be 64! He's a great doctor and boss - the best allergist and real music enthusiast. . Thanks so much. Leslie

I found your website looking for trusted websites to order "wolf t-shirts" for my 10-year old daughter. She is having a birthday within the next few months and has requested "wolf" everything. My daughter is becoming quite the advocate for the "Save the Wolf" campaign.

I bought my first Beatle tie in 1970 when they first came out. Since then, my son has purchased some for me as presents and found your website because of the hoopla over the 50th anniversary. The choices are easy: Taxman is for my accountant; Get Back is my daughter’s favorite Beatles song; Eight Days a Week is one of my favorites as is Paperback Writer; and as to I Saw Her Standing There, my wife and I started dating when “…She was just 17, you know what I mean…” And its fun to wear, listen and play (guitar and bass) the Beatles. Richard

Hi Kathy I found your website below Ray Troll’s on Google. I purchased the print “Midnight Run” many years ago and wanted a T-shirt of the same. The T-shirt “Blues In The Key of Sea” is for my friend Eric Clapton. Looking forward to receiving both shirts in due course. Cheers for now and have a nice day. Harry

Hi Kathy! I am a biologist and I saw this shirt on a movie called "My Soul to Take". It's a horror/thriller movie-I love them! It wasn't gory, just a thriller. The main character wore this shirt in most of the movie. His character's name was "Bug" in the movie. He was a science nerd. I googled the name of the movie with "frog shirt". No luck. Then I googled "frog life cycle shirt" and searched "images" and there you were! I have already shared this site with my colleagues. I hope you get many an order from them!!! Em

Hi, Kathy. I was looking for a gift for my partner, who has a special fondness for amphibians, reptiles, etc. He comes by it through his brother, who was a curator at the St. Louis Zoo. So, in searching, I found your website. So, there you have it. Thanks. Elizabeth

Found your site through a Google image search for neckties with telephones. I have a 24-year-old son who just became a manager for a telephone networking company and he's now choosing to start wearing ties to work every day, instead of just for certain occasions. I wanted to add to his collection in a fun way.

Kathy, Thanks for your message and confirmation of my necktie order. I mentioned in my last message to you that I own two American Film Classic ties that I had bought several years ago in my base exchange at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, They don't stock that brand any more, so I did a web search and your site popped up, I now have your site listed on my bookmarks menu. As you may have guessed with my order, I'm a serious film buff and love wearing film ties when I go to the theater and other cultural events. I'm especially into musicals, but also include live theater musicals as well. I received your other message about payment, and plan to call you on Monday evening (27 Jan) around 7 PM my time (1 PM your time) with my cc data. I'm 6 hours ahead of you here in Europe. Until Monday. Rick

Thanks! I googled "Historical Ties" and landed upon your site. My 11 year old daughter is in 6th grade and absolutely adores her history teacher, Mr. Kendrat, in Loudoun County middle school. He collects historical ties and sometimes displays ones on the blackboard when he's not wearing them. He adores his kids in class and honors them in any way he can every day. We wanted to give a little back! Tania

Dear Ms. Wildman, Thank you for filling my order. I look forward to receiving the tie so I can give it to the math teacher as a birthday present. The story is that I'm the art teacher and as I was presenting M.C. Escher, the students reminded me that the math teacher also admires Escher's tesselations. I have him as my secret pal to gift this year so the tie is perfect from me to him. When he wears it, both our lessons are reinforced. I was glad to find your website by googling "men's ties of Escher's tesselations". Thank you again, Mimi

Hi Kathy, I just discovered your website and thought I’d send you some interesting feedback on one of the items in your Save the Children necktie section, even though I am not making a purchase at this time. I notice you have a page “The Story Behind the Sale”. Here’s my story about the necktie called “Families” Item 7799, and I wonder if you’ve ever received this kind of info on one of your STC ties before? All the ties were designed by real children. If you look on the back of this necktie, it was designed by “Jennifer, age 10”. She’s our daughter! She is now 29 and a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago! Her “Families” design was also featured on mugs, ladies’ silk scarves, and brooches. My husband has several ties (they came in red too) which he wears proudly—but if we ever need another one, now we know where to find it! Carol

I'm a 3rd grade teacher - this year we study Hebrew history. I googled Hebrew neckties just for fun. Great site!

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the update. We don’t need any more ties at the moment but we will definitely keep you in mind if we do need to order again. My husband loves the Appalacian tie. I gave it to him early for Christmas. As it turned out, his aunt passed away a couple of days before Christmas and the family was going to Manchester, Ky, way back in the hills. Ray wore his tie. His grandmother was instrumental many years ago of bringing the Save The Children Foundation to that area. She began school lunches. A family, VERY rustic house is used sometimes for Save the Children to have there meetings in to this day. Small world and perfect necktie. Thanks, Phyllis

Hi Kathy! Found you on Google image search. I have been looking to replace the hat my sister lost fishing the Kenai river last sockeye season. It was her lucky hat ;-) I'm sure this one will be as well! Thanks! Glynn

I apologize for the late order, but I didn't realize I could still purchase these ties. My father LOVES them and we haven't been able to give him a new one for the last couple of years. I'm willing to pay extra in order to have the ties by Dec. 24th. Please email me if this will not be possible or if you have questions. Thank you so much and have a blessed and Merry Christmas! Celeste

I LOVE your site! I've often wondered where these items could be found, for, as an elementary school special ed. teacher, I have seen your products many times. My son, a recent college graduate, was blessed to receive a contracted position as a first grade teacher in a local school district. He now loves to wear ties! Your products have touched my heart, and I'm sure that when he receives these ties, he will share my sentiments. Thank you, and many thanks for your contributions to the children and teachers in our ever-increasingly diverse world! Best wishes, Sharon

My nephew is working on his masters in microbiology and doing his thesis on salamders, he will love this :D

Hi Kathy, It's ok if the shirt doesn't arrive for Christmas. It is for my brother who lives in Louisiana. He is a huge crappie fisherman and has won many tournaments all over the south. I thought it would be appropriate for him. I live in Harrison, Arkansas, and was attending a class when another person at the class had on a Ray Troll tee shirt (I think it was the one with a skeleton drinking coffee). Several of us asked him about it and he gave us the web site. I don't know if he ordered the tee shirt himself or if it was a gift. I have added you to my favorites and I will share the web site with others. Thank you, Becky Hi Kathy, Sorry for my late reply. My son is sophomore in HS and just finished microbiology and loved it. He is career shadowing at our local VA hospital in a lab researching TB right after Christmas. I just Googled “infectious disease silk ties” and I found you-how funny. He told me he thought the Ebola virus was cool to study so that was what I picked for him to wear to the lab. Can’t wait to put it in his stocking! Cool site by the way Leslie

We found you because I gave my husband Save the Children ties years ago and he loved them. they are at the end of their lives now and he wanted to replace them. we googled "save the children ties" and found you there. The choice was simple. Our daughter volunteered in Rwanda for 6 months before law school. We visited and loved the country. Encouraged everyone to go. We had friends that went and she was tackled and pinned down by a Silverback. Scared everyone to death but he just wanted a better look at her. She is fine but will never forget. T-shirts are for them. sally

My son-in-law works for the post office in DC and we saw this tie in a gift shop in one of the museums we visited in DC.

I found your site through Google because my son wants to be a US History teacher and really wants some appropriate ties to wear in the classroom At the moment, he swears he wants to be able to wear a different tie each day of the school year, but my budget can't quite handle that for Christmas. So, I am just trying to give him a good start. Thank you!

Hey Kathy, yes, actually there is a story behind it. I spent my whole summer in New Olreans (I was working on the New Orleans Burlesque Festival) and before I left, I bought lots of souvenirs. And I bought this exact tie from a shop called "Head to Toe" for my father. Unfortunatley, on my way back home to Europe, my suitcse got lost and when I got it back lots of things were missing, including all the souvenirs, which I find unbelievably disrespectful. I mean, why would you steal souvenirs from somebody's suitcase? It's ridiculous. Anyways, since Christmas is coming, I thought I just get my parents some nice New Orleans stuff, so I've been looking on Google to find that tie again because I think it looks super sweet. So yeh, after a bit of researching, I got to your page and am super happy that I can now finally give this tie to my dad! And I sure will tell everybody about your site :) Thank you! All the best, Carmen

We were looking for a fossil shirt and goggled images. This was exactly what we were looking for. My husband has a Creation Critter ministry. As part of the ministry he has a fossil presentation. Living in Florida he has collected a lot of fossils from the Peace River. He was looking for a shirt to wear for this presentation. This will be perfect!

I googled Terra ties and your site popped right up. My husband knows the designer (or photographer? I'm not sure) of this tie and it was a gift from that person; however, the cat chewed it up. I'd like to replace it for him.

Miss Kathy, I got to view the Book of Kells in Dublin a few years. These ties are a wonderful remembrance and celebration of that visit. They are reflect the beauty of the Kells illustration

Hi Kathy! I wanted the Rockwell silk tie with the old doctor holding the stethoscope to the dolls heart. My rehab doc has been an unbelievable doc and friend during this most tragic time at the loss of my grand daughter and mom. So I wanted to get him something to say thank you! I just went online to find Rockwell ties because he is a Rockwell lover. Sorry if it is was confusing. I just wrote the number down from the website. Because of your prompt response and the desire to make sure this right I will definitely tell others bout you! Hope this helps! Jodi

Hi Kathy, We found your site by googling antique airplane themed ties. Our boss is into postage stamp collecting and he has a 10 car garage that has antique airplane models hanging from the ceiling. We purchased cufflinks that are actually cancelled stamps with an airplane design and decided to add a tie with same theme. We were looking for something classy looking and the tie we ordered "fits the bill". Thanks for a great selection.

A friend is a Dr. in Aquatic Biology. He went to Alaska and brought back this shirt. (Vintage Spawn 'Til) It is worn out I need a new one. Chicks dig it!!!

I enjoy collecting the Americana Series of Neckties. I teach and lecture on American History and Civics, and wearing one of these ties will almost always elicit an interesting conversation and introduction of the days topic with my students.

I am a Master Gardener. I grow and lecture about herbs. I have been looking a shirt to wear during lecture. I am sure I will enjoy. Thanks, Cindi

We bought this same design at the Ann Arbor Arboretum (for a gift) when visiting, but it was too big. Loved the mushroom print, so ordered one in the correct size. Lynne

Hi Kathy, Here's the story of how I found your website. As a college professor, I wear a necktie to work every day but I don't like wearing boring geometric patterns, I prefer neckties that are more interesting. I used to travel a lot and would frequently change planes at SFO (San Francisco International). There was a tie shop at SFO that had a large collection of Endangered Species neckties and, being an outdoor recreation enthusiast (hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking), I decided to buy a couple of Endangered Species neckties. I liked them so much, and got so many nice complements on them, that I started buying a new Endangered Species necktie every time I transferred at SFO. Incidentally, the tie shop was named "The Thia Shop" and it was run by a very nice elderly couple from Thailand. However, when United remodeled their SFO terminal, The Thia Shop disappeared and I lost my source of Endangered Species neckties. But, I've been wearing my collection of endangered species neckties now for over 10 years and some of them have started to wear out and need replacing. However, I could not find any local stores that carried the Endangered Species neckties, or any other brand of interesting ties. Thus, I turned to Google. I found your website using a Google search on the search term "endangered species neckties". Your website was not the first that came up but it is the best when it comes to animal neckties. Hurray for the Internet! Douglas

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the info. My husband is a reptile veterinarian, and bought this same t-shirt for my stepdaughter several years ago, but she has since outgrown it. She really loved the shirt so I thought I'd find another leopard gecko shirt to replace it for her birthday. I was very happy to find the same design and color (in a larger size!) on your website. She will be so happy to be able to wear her "old" t-shirt again. Thanks very much, Sarah

I recently found my Hells Anglers (the ones Ray had to stop producing because the Hells Angels were upset and took him to court) and was looking to see if there really weren't any more of them, and found this one. I figured since there is only XXL left, that they must be about to run out of them and figured since chocolate is such a nice color I would have one. Thanks . . .

Thank you for asking. I wanted that specific T for my son in law whos unit in Afganastan is the Red Dragons. I am in search of the perfect Red Dragon

Would like the t-shirt sent to my brother, Don who has just had a book published on his adventures in making his Vermont Farm a haven for endangered bats -- the book is titled Flying Blind and is published by Chelsea Green Press.

Hi Kathy, I found your website through the magic powers of Google Images. My daughter and her family live in Boston. My son-in-law writes for the Boston Globe newspaper, and a few years ago, he wrote about an episode in Boston's history-- it involves burying garbage in a ten mile long man-made tunnel that they dug under Boston Harbor. There were many problems in digging the tunnel, providing ventilation, and he created an interesting two part series which ran in the newspaper. He had so much material that he also wrote a book about the tunnel, and the book is due to be published next year. Around this time of year, I get lots of mail order catalogs with gift ideas. I saw some neckties with a shelf-of-books-design. I thought that might be a good gift for my son-in-law to wear at his book signings. But, a book pattern could be any author, so I tried the search at Google Images using the key words "Boston Harbor," and I loved the image of your necktie. I know, Boston Harbor is most famous for the Boston Tea Party, but he makes his story almost as exciting. The necktie will be a real conversation piece at his book signings. Since the original story appeared in the Boston Globe, they will make sure that he appears on New England TV shows, too. The ties shown on your website are beautiful, and I can see that they would appeal to people who love American history. I'll have to wait and see what else he will write about.-- maybe a subject for another necktie. Thanks for your interest, Sara

Dear Annabel, Did you happen to catch the PBS Superheroes program this week. I recommend the rerun if you missed it. //www.pbs.org/superheroes YOu can view it online for a short time. ---- Funny that you mention it, since that's why I bought the tie. My fiancé is a huge superman fan, and during that program one of the commentators was wearing a similar tie. He mentioned he wanted one, so I thought I'd surprise him. I googled superman tie and looked at a bunch before I decided I liked yours the best :)

I am the chair of the Naples Area Board of Realtors in Naples, FLorida and need some ties for 2 of my male committee members as a gift for a Great Job on serving on my committee this year!

Dear Kathy, I found your website as I was searching for a necktie with a van Gogh theme. Last month me and my boyfriend were on a trip around Spain and France and we also visited Arle, where this artist had lived for a while. There we saw some neckties similar to this one and we liked it, but didn't buy any. So now I'm planning this as a present for Christmas or so, it depends on when it arrives. Katerina (Czechslovakia)

Thanks Kathy. I googles smoked salmon and hats, images. My husband and our friend own a smoked salmon business here in Dripping Springs. Celtic Seafare.com. Thought it would make a cute gift for all the hard work they have done. Thanks, I look forward to seeing the hats. Stephanie

One more note before I go to bed. The two t-shirts I ordered are for my grandson and myself. I am a photographer (www.glennmccrea.com) and my 3-year-old grandson also loves nature, so I thought it would be fun to have matching t-shirts. I love your art work and will probably be ordering more in the future. Glenn

Hi Kathy, Love your shirts - had great fun reading them on your site! The 'no free lunch' shirt I ordered is for my husband, who had a similar one (fish eating a fish eating a fish with the no free lunch phrase underneath) that we he had purchased in Boston back in 2000 but which is finally, irretrievably, worn out. I'd been looking for a similar one and found yours through a Google search. The no free lunch in Latin was a great bonus! Can't wait to see it, Betsy

My nephew, who is in high school has to wear a tie on his game days and he wanted a fish tie. I just Googled fish neck tie and found your site.

Thank you, Kathy! I found your site through Google as I was specifically looking for a tie with bugs on it that was relatively inexpensive. My husband is hosting a bug exhibit at a local children's interactive museum called Pretend City in Irvine. He plays a professor names Professor Strangebug. He needs a tie that has bugs on it. Joann

I found your site when I was doing a search for slug shirts (which I still want to buy for myself). I teach 2nd grade and we have 2 pet slugs. I needed a present for my nephew and thought of all the cool tshirt I saw on your site!

Thank you. I am an attorney. I wear a suit-and-tie all the time. But I wear out-of-the-mainstream ties. They are great ice-breakers and small-talk starters at socials. 99.99% of attorneys wear such dull ties. Men are stuck in suits in shades of grey and blue, and women get to wear all sorts of fancy colors. The only vestment that can make us stand out is our tie--and I make sure not to pass on the opportunity. That's my story. Usually I buy from online museum shops; they have very nice ties. Someone mentioned seeing a Rosetta stone tie at the British Museum. I mined Internet and saw that the Museum does not carry it anymore, but you do. I also liked your Liberty Statue tie. I was born French and like French-themed ties. It will go well with my Eiffel Tower tie, your no. MA 118, which my wife bought me. I will come back later and buy one of the Bayeux tapestry ties, or maybe the Napoleon tie. Very nice and in my league. Best, P

Hi Kathy, Thanks for your quick response! I actually do have a good story as to how I found you that I'll be happy to tell on your site. I suspect that Steve Blass, the Pittsburgh Pirates' color commentator, was wearing the tie (or one very similar) during tonight's broadcast! My brother and I love skulls, so I took a picture of my TV screen and sent it to him (I'm attaching it). When he said he had to have one, I ran a google image search and clicked through to your site. Hopefully the tie will bring the Bucs better luck than they had tonight! I was very impressed by your site and hope to be back soon. Thanks in advance, Lauren

It was an absolute pleasure talking with you today about my order. I was referred to your website by a very dear friend who knows that my "when I'm 64" : tie was mangled in the dry cleaning and that it is is one of of my very favorites as I turned 64 this year, Between my love for the tie and my love for my dear friend, my heart was absolutely broken at the site of the tie as a gift, Such is the power of loving friendship. A theme among many of the Beatle songs. Thank you for collecting these collector items which move the hearts of us baby boomers I think it extends to our grandchildren too, so keep up the good work!! with most sincere admiration, Ken

Hey Kathy ~ I saw these bandanas at a four hour training class for the Virginia Master Naturalist Program on Wildlife Mapping. The instructor had set out a bunch of field guides and models of tracks and scat. Along with all of these were these two bandanas. I thought they were just the coolest! She had no idea where she got them. I went on line and just searched and searched into I found your web site. and, your site is already on my favorites. thanks...........dfg I plan to wear these when I am mapping our local National Wildlife Refuge.

I’m so happy to have found this T shirt, Kathy. I have one, my favorite, and I have worn it so often that it’s getting worn around the collar and ready for retirement, Now I look forward to having another for the next number of years, and I probably also will order the California poppies and flowering herbs shirts in the near future. My check is on its way tomorrow. Thanks!

Hi Kathy, looking forward to receiving the tie. The only "story" is that I have always liked crests and strips as a signature "look" for ties. I acquired this particular tie many many years ago and wore it so much that it got a bit tattered and thread bare around the knot area. I've been searching for a replacement for years to no avail. My internet search may have previously pulled up your site some time ago and it was your recent email that immediately caught my attention when I saw this particular tie. All the best......

HI Kathy~ Thanks for taking care of my orders. I found your website by searching for the Beatles' "When I'm 64". My friend is turning 64 next week, and he likes the Beatles, so I was trying to find something connected to that. When I found your site with the ties, I was really excited. I have one of those original ties for "Back in the USSR". It was my former partner's tie (we were never married, but when he died after 25+ years of living together, I considered myself a widow). Anyway, I totally forgot about those ties. My friend and I go out dancing a lot (he's a great dancer), so when I looked at your website, I really liked the "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You" tie. I decided to get both of them! And, he recently sent a text inquiring if "I would still need him and still feed him," so I think the "64" tie is a good idea. I'm looking forward to receiving it! And to giving it as a gift. Thanks, Lynn

Hi, What an amazing range you have! My Dad works at a fruit and veg wholesale company, and mentioned that he would like a fruit or vegetable related tie to wear to work. I will give them to him as a belated fathers day present :) Please email to confirm order. Thanks Haley (Australia)

Sorry my email was sent right away but my msg was incomplete. My husband likes Superman very much & likes to use this particular tie for our pre-nup pictures this coming Oct 28. Will be having our church wedding this Dec after 14years of civil marriage. Found your website through searching the internet for this particular tie. Hopefully will be able to receive the item on time. Thank you, Michelle (Singapore)

I was looking for a realistic looking timber rattlesnake shirt or hat for a friend. I did not find your items until I encluded the word "embroidered" in my search. We are lucky enough to have a timber rattlesnake den on a nature preserve in our area. My friend is the steward of the preserve and loves the snakes. Monika

Looking for a tie related to my brother's recent Master's Degree in Biology! Thanks for your unique gifts! :)

Hi Kathy, I found you're website through google. The story behind the tie… I will be getting married on the in August to my fiancé who is chinese. When I first introduced her to my family, we found out that my brother was born in the year of the tiger and she named tigger which kinda stuck. He is my best man and I would like to give him the tie as a little gift for the day. Rgds Rob. (UK)

Kathy , you can just add a shirt with the same value in the shipment as long as it has insects on it. Something on the scary side! I have a pest control company and give them to some of my long term customers as appreciation gifts

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the message. I was searching the web for the t-shirt that showed a pink salmon and the word Floyd underneath (Pink Floyd). I saw someone wearing it two years ago. Pink salmon (Humpies) return to the Pacific NW only on odd numbered years. Which means that this is a pink salmon year and having something like a t-shirt showing a pink salmon, also connected to Pink Floyd is unique. In the two weeks I've had it, several people have stopped and asked where I got it, along with noticing a lot of smiles and chuckles. Thanks for taking care of me.....Tony

Hi Kathy, My daughter found your website, I'm not sure how. I bought the same fish necktie about 3 years ago while on a cruise ship. My son-in-law loves it and has worn it out. It'll be a perfect birthday gift for him! Thanks for answering my message. Judy

Oh What great news you brought me!! Thanks so much for going that extra mile on foot to get the ties sent out, You are AWESOME!! Thanks again for your great customer service. Lynn

I teach subjects such as infection control, food hygiene etc...so the worlds of virology and bacteriology are very close to me. I am always wearing a shirt and tie when I teach and I suddenly thought how fun it would be to have a subtle, attractive and possibly informative tie. Honestly, I didn't expect to find one so after a brief google search I was over the moon to come across your site. I would very happily buy another five but I had better hold off .... I have just tweeted my joy in finding your great products and will happily tell everyone I can. I'm sure I will be coming back soon Regards James

Hi, Kathy, It's funny you should ask about my tie purchase. I live in the South, where Mardi Gras is a big, big deal, but I don't usually participate in the festivities. The colors definitely say "Mardi Gras." The truth is this: I have just bought a new house in Montgomery, AL and am decorating it in the colors I love...a combination of deep and pastel hues of purple, aqua, and gold with some olive green thrown in for fun. I used to be an artist/Web designer/graphic artist/medical illustrator. I saw an interesting crafts project online. A lady took some of her late father's ties, mounted them together on two dowels, and then encased them in a shadow box. I loved the look of it, so I just decided to do it as a purely decorative piece, using ties with very special designs in those colors. I am a long-time fan of Escher, the artist/mathematician. I just had to have that particular tie. Now, I have 5-6 ties that I will use for my wall decoration. If you'd like to see what it looks like when I'm finished, I'll send you a photo of it. Thanks for asking. Susie

It's The Bright Eyes Day Gecko in wine. I had ordered a shirt for my grandson who is almost 2 at another website. He loves to chase lizards. I found your website first by goggling lizard shirts. I just wasn't sure that the youth extrasmall would be the right size. When I found another site that said it would be for a 2 - 4 year old I went back and ordered mom a matching shirt for "lizard hunting" together.

Hi. I found your website by googling snoopy tie, monet or something like that. The father of one of my son's team mates was wearing that tie at a lacrosse game and I wanted it for my Dad since my mother is CRAZY about Snoopy. She has an entire Christmas tree with only Snoopy ornaments on it. So I was quite glad to find it and decided to buy two!! Take care, L 3

Hi Kathy, I located your website through a Google search for "snake t-shirt". These shirts are for my granddaughter's 8th birthday. Sydney has become obsessed with little critters, especially snakes. Her mother finally bought her a corn snake after much begging, and since then she has found a ringneck snake and a frog that she has decided to keep, all in separate terrariums. She has released many frogs, toads, turtles and lizards at her mother's insistence. For her birthday, Sydney originally wanted to go 3 hours away to see the "Gator Boys" from the TV show, but with no guarantee that they would be at the facility, she has now selected a serpentarium a couple hours away because "they let kids hold snakes". I believe we have a herpetologist in the making! Take care, Lee

Hello Kathy, I belong to a small group of birders known as The Trogonistas, named after a spectacular bird that we have seen in Arizona. Thought that the guys would appreciate the hats and wear them on our birding excursions which have taken us from California to Texas and Arizona. Next we'll wear them in Florida - Trogonistas go anywhere to see birds! On a slow afternoon I Googled Trogon Hats and there you were. Looking forward to looking good in your hats. Best, Bill

Thank you for shipping it out today for me! I found your site by searching "butterfly silk neck ties". I'm getting this as a gift for my daughters doctor whom I'm very grateful! She suffered from severe malnutrition caused by anorexia and nearly died. She started high school and had so much anxiety that led to depression then anorexia. She was admitted to Children's Hospital December 11th at 66lbs. Since then I am happy to say she just came home from a recovery program and I have my daughter "back"! Her favorite quote has always been... Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she became a butterfly. We will be seeing her original Dr. that basically saved her life on tuesday. He hasn't seen her since she came out of treatment. We were blessed that first day when she was admitted because he was on call and his specialty is eating disorders! He has even published books and medical reports on this disease. So I wanted to give him something to remember my daughter by plus inspire others if he shares the quote when he wears it. (Plus the butterfly was also the "mascot" at the treatment center!) You had a wonderful selection, I had a hard time choosing! Have a good weekend and God bless, Lisa

Kathy, I found your website by googling silk horse motif neckties. Our family has been involved for years driving & training horses put to park drags & road coaches. The tie was purchased for my son who restores and drives carriages. You can follow his work on Facebook by searching for Coachman Landan Thank you for your prompt reply. Irene

My Dad has been a land surveyor in the northern maine woods for probably 20 years now. I thought the tie would be a great accessory for him to wear when he attends industry conventions or has to attend a court hearing regarding a land owner issue. I think it will look great on top of a dark navy blue shirt.

Web search. Please add any necessary postage to expedite as I want to take these to Africa with me for teaching war surgery course in South Sudan. Thank you. (t-shirts = Digestive System Organs and Skeleton)

Found website by googling financial ties. Most of the websites had ties that were not professional. Yours did. Only story behind it is that my husband thought it would help to promote his business by wearing a themed tie.

Hi Kathy! Thanks for getting the Neuron tie in the mail so quickly! It's for my Neurologist. The spine tie I had previously ordered was for my Pain Management Dr. He LOVED it! I think your job specific ties are one of the best original gifts anyone can give. Thanks again. G

The tie is for my husband. When he came into our lives my little boys used to call him "their big polar bear" instead of "dad". They bought him a polar bear tie. 18 years later it's looking very worse for wear so I'm getting him a replacement :-)

Kathy: Again, thank you for your assistance. I found your site using a "google" search. I visited several sites including Amazon and found that you had the best selection. As I stated in my previous e-mail, the tie is a gift to the Governor of Maryland from the Superintendents of Schools of the School Systems of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Governor is a strong advocate for public education and we are meeting with him on Thursday. The tie will be presented to him in person. I selected the tie because of the red background and children's hand prints. I know that in the future I will be making additional purchases from your site. Take care and again, thank you for your assistance and prompt service, Jon

Hi Kathy, I just found your email from Feb 4. Yes there is a story behind why I want this tie. My male companion is the founder of a company here in Warsaw called OrthoPediatrics. They make orthopedic implants for kids. He collects ties from different childrens hospitals around the US. They have recently expanded their business into about 24 different countries around the world. I thought he would appreciate this tie because of the children on it and their different country flags. This would also make him a great tie to wear on international business trips. I found your site by googling childrens hospital ties. I love your website. Thank you and I hope I can get this in time for Valentines Day. Beth

Dear Kathy, You ask if there is a story behind my interest. Yes there is indeed. My wife and I have studied living birds of paradise (and bowerbirds) in the Australian and New Guinean rainforests for some 35 years as private, self-funded, ex-academic zoologists. We have published several major books about them and the last one, Birds of Paradise: Nature, Art & History (see out website), has just won a highly regarded natural history book award here in Australia. I was looking about the Internet, via Google, for a bird of paradise neck tie to wear at the award ceremony, in Sydney, and thus came across your site. Thanks again in advance of any information that you can provide. With kind regards, Clifford

HI Kathy, this tie is for our Microbiology and Genetics professor. He's already got the E. coli and mitochondria tie. Our class wants to add to his collection, so were getting the TB tie. This is for a physician assistant program. Thanks Kathy!

Hey, Kathy; I found your site on Google Search, for neckties. I will be wearing your tie for my Mom's Celebration of Life, this June 26th. It's a Hawaiian theme, and the tie will fit in nicely. We will all be wearing white silk flower leis. Mom was 86 and moved on by natural causes, so her passing is not a real sad one. Next year we will be scattering her ashes in Hawaii. We are also going to release some butterflies after the service, it should be pretty neat. My, sister and myself are going to raise the butterflies ourselfs, we both have a batch of 33. That way if something goes wrong with my batch I have Sue for back-up. I do not think I could find a classier tie anywhere, that fits the occasion so perfectly. Thanks, Stan

Hello Kathy, Guess there wasn't much going on at the end of the week, they put this story on the front page! Here is the link: To view the Heraldnet.com story, click here: //www.heraldnet.com/article/20130202/NEWS01/702029957/1009 If you are having problems with link, please copy the full url and paste directly into your browser address window. Cheers, -David PS: The story is that Barbara and I met just over a year ago (we're both in our mid 60s) and one of the things that drew us together was our love of books and libraries. In fact when I finally moved to Everett from Bellingham (~1 hr north) we rented an apartment in the building next to the main library just for that reason (//www.epls.org/nw/libhist.asp). When thinking of where we might have a marriage ceremony we decided, on a whim, to ask if we could get married in the Northwest History Room on the second floor of the library. To our surprise not only would they allow it, but the children's librarian was an officiant, and would be happy to marry us! Barbara has several sets of book earrings in different colors, and I thought it would be fun to get a bookshelf tie in keeping with the bookish theme.-HDK

I direct a men's chorus and we have this tie as part of our uniform. We are getting new members and were happy to find the tie still available. Previously we bought them at a local store. I simply google searched music notation neckties and found your website.Terry

I have always loved Klimt's work "The Kiss"....now, I am hoping that my boyfriend loves it!

Google took me to your site. I have a very special guy who has a birthday coming up. He suffered a tramatic brain injury as a child and is in a wheelchair unable to care for himself. He LOVES anything spongebob! Thrilled to be getting these ties for his birthday! .... I got the ties yesterday! Kevin opened them today and was so happy!! We put one of the ties on him and he beamed!! So glad you had these!! Kathy, I just wanted to tell you that the ties got here and my guy was so excited to get his ties!! We put one on him over his sweatshirt, he was so excited!! Thank you! Sydney

I received the tie I ordered from you the other day - I am so happy! My husband is very involved with Trout Unlimited, a cold water conservancy organization, and does a lot of fly fishing. As an officer in his chapter he sometimes attends larger meetings and other events where he needs to wear a shirt and tie. He will be thrilled to have a tie with flies on it. I had looked everywhere, in stores and on-line. I did a Google search and your site had the best offerings. In fact, I had several to choose from. The tie is perfect and I know he will be excited to receive it. I will keep your site I mind when I have other things to look for. Merry Christmas! Betti

Hi Kathy, I’m so excited to have found your site! It was around 1995 when my family camped in Maine (my husband and two young children...we now have 3). My husband bought this shirt in Ogunquit, ME. It was one of his favorite shirts. As such, it became quite worn. This will definitely be one of his favorite Christmas gifts! Thanks so much! I will call with my credit card number. Happy Holidays!!! Nancy

Hi Kathy! I just returned home to find your mailing with the ties. Love them! Thanks so much! Who knows, maybe I'll be in touch for more! Let me know if you run across other apparel like that with STC designs! So glad I found you and your website. Al

I found your site while searching for M.C.Escher neckties. A lucky thought had come up while trying to think of what to give my third son who, I had suddenly realized, is quite a dapper dresser, even though he buys most of his clothing from Good Will or "Saint Vinny's", as it's known around here. I thought he'd especially like them; (He's fond of Escher) and I doubted they would be found by him at a thrift store. And you DO have a nice sellection of Escher's themes, as well as his patterns..

My husband and I attended a Christmas party last night. I noticed other husbands were wearing Christmas ties. So, with Christmas being right around the corner and having a husband difficult to buy for I thought of getting him a Christmas tie. Once we arrived home the search began. I asked him what he wanted on his new tie and one of the things he said was candy and during a search I found your website. I immediately knew Candy Wonderland was the one when I saw it. I love the gingerbread house with the heart shaped candy cane on the door, the gingerbread carolers, the snowmen and all th rest. I hope we likes it as well as I do. BTW~I love the name of your website. Thanks for the info! Carrie

Hello. Yes, I'v very excited about the tie. My husband is a big hunter and I am a huge conservationist so I thought the tie would be great for my husband for Christmas. If all goes well and he likes it, there are a couple more on your website that I am considering. I simply found your website by typing in "elk neck ties" and it brought me to your wildlife neck tie page. I have already put your website on my favorites and am really looking forward to seeing the tie. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to doing business with you. Stacy

I have had this tie for about 20 years. It was given to me by people in my department, and I have worn it a LOT every Christmas season since. As you might imagine, the fabric in the knot area is fraying pretty badly. I was delighted to see that it is still available, as I am a big Peanuts fan, and I particularly like this design. I Googled Peanuts Christmas tie and your site came up somewhere in the search or on a sidebar. I really don't remember. I ran and told my wife that I knew what I wanted for Christmas, so she came and purchased it. I will make my tattered relic last until this one arrives, but I will be checking the mail daily. Thanks! Charles Dear Kathy, My husband found your site - probably through a diligent Internet search. He's good at that. He has that same tie, which he dearly loves, but his is literally falling to pieces. He's looked for years for new Christmas ties, esp Peanuts, but nothing being made now appeals. That's why he started looking at used ties - and to his delight found his very favorite on your site.That's the story. Thanks for providing him with a special blessing this year. Mary Phillips

Dear Kathy, Thanks for replying. I got your information from a US Airways pilot who was sporting the American flag tie. I ordered one a few months back for my husband, and decided he needed another to carry with him. Thanks so much! Anita

Found you website with a 'google search'...going to the White House for a Christmas reception wanted a tie that would be festive and with a cause!

I googled "tie with postage stamps" and your site came up. One of my bosses loves to collect stamps...and with the holidays coming up I wanted to have a gift for him that tied in with one of his favorite hobbies. Will look forward to the package arriving soon. Thanks!

Thank you, my husband is a bridge engineer, and presently working on a large project here in NY. I know he will love the ties as he is a dedicate professional..The survey tie will also be cherished as he start in the Land Survey business which lead him to a Civil Engineer, Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor. I thought about what he would like for Christmas and came up with the tie idea,but knew that I have never seen one so I googled ties with bridges on them and your site came up...I did put you on my favorites as I know I will be checking it further. Thank you Kathleen

My husband and I are both cartographers and love old maps... thought it would be a fun birthday gift. Today is his birthday. We were searching for ties with maps as he is currently job hunting for a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analyst position - computer mapping and analysis. Hopefully with a unique tie the interview panel might remember him better among hundreds of other candidates. Can't wait to see the ties! Thank you, Pam

Kathy, I just google searched Grinch necktie actually, haha. My dad had one when i was younger but we can't find it. I love Dr. Seuss, just one of those things I always liked from my childhood. I found one that I liked and that brought me to your site. I also like to fish so i thought i would pick up that nifty trout hat, too! Best, JF

Thank you, Kathy -- I found your site after doing a search on "Nipper collectibles". My husband worked at RCA for a number of years, then for GE when it took over. We lived in Philadelphia, and rmember the beautiful RCA Victor stained glass Nipper in the Camden headquarters tower. My husband is a musician, and for his birthday next week, I thought he'd enjoy the whimsey of his own "Nipper Tie". I'll certainly keep your website in mind for the future for those hard-to-find collectibles. Mary Ellen

I found your site as I glanced at the web for ties more interesting than the ones commonly available in department stores near where I live. I can't remember the search terms I used, but I was trying to find fabrics with abstract patterns and rich, deep colors. Not novelty ties, not clownish or goofy ties (-- I see you carry a full range of those, too!). I think I may have looked for something African or tribal, and thereby got to your old world cultures page. From there, I soon also discovered your wonderful decorative arts page. I have asked only for two of the ties, but I found a dozen or more that I would be happy to wear. Anyway, my check is on its way to you, and I will certainly recommend your site to others. Best, David

Thanks for contacting me regarding the tie. Yes there is a story. My 8 year old granddaughter rides horses, English style. Her daddy is really involved with all my grandkids, but spends most of his free time at the stable. He and his family attend banquets sponsored by the Louisville Equestrian Center and he needs a dress shirt and tie for these functions. I am buying him these things for Christmas. The tie was really stunning and caught my eye right away. I hope he likes it as much as I do. Found you on the web after many hours of searching. My granddaughter is riding in the Nationals in Murfreesboro, Tennessee this weekend.

If I remember correctly, I found your website by googling "autumn leaf necktie". Our daughter, Courtney, is getting married on November 10th. We were looking for a necktie for my husband that would tie into the autumn/leaf wedding theme. When we saw the Pooh falling leaf tie we knew that was the one, since Courtney loved Winnie the Pooh as a child.

Hi Kathy- I ordered a two dolphin ties from you a few years ago for my principal. He has worn them to death! I hope he likes this new tie as much! The dolphin is our school mascot. Annie

Dear Kathy, We went on line for fun neck ties and found the web site. My son is just starting to teacher and of the kids love him ties. So for Christmas he is asking for fun school ties. The address below is a friends house. I didn't want him to know I found any so he is surprise at Christmas.Thanks Jackie

My story behind wanting the ties is pretty basic - "Once upon a time a man sat down to dinner and ended up using his tie as a soup spill catcher." A truly sad story, don't you agree? :) Bill

Thank you, Kathy- I am a retired elementary teacher and astronomy was my favorite unit. The kids and I studied the winter sky. I had a Heavenly Bodies T-Shirt that I would wear. My grand daughter who is 2 is really into the stars and moon so I thought I would get her started. I thought it would be fun to get everyone a t shirt so we could begin the process at Christmas since we will all be together. I found your site when I googled glow in the dark star shirts. No one had what I wanted except you! So glad I found you. I will definitely share your site. Again, thanks.

I am a principal of a school in egypt, having retired from texas public schools..came here two years ago to set up a new school...anyway, I own about 6 save the children ties and the kids here just love them..my son is coming over for a visit in a couple of weeks so I thought he could bring them,

I have produced over 55 different illustrated PowerPoint lectures on American History and Nostalgia.I have purchased ties from your website in the past to wear when I present them and you have often sent me updates by e-mail when new ties come out. This time, I am working on one called "Imagining Lincoln, A Life Well Lived." that I will be presenting for the first time on November 7th. This tie will be perfect for the class. My ties have become legendary and I am frequently asked to see which one I have on. My audience is often made up of Seniors (like myself - I'm 78).I began producing these lectures in 1965 and have now presented them to over 2,300 audiences in Connecticut,New York and Massachusetts. For your information I will attach a list of the lectures I present.Unfortunately, I cannot purchase as many at this price as I would like, but your's is the first one I go to. Sincerely Bob

Dear Kathy, I had, I thought, lost my cap when canoeing on the O... River, so I wanted to replace it. I liked the one on Cafe Press, but thought the tail was too long to be natural. I found your site googling " river otter cap". I think you have a great site and wish now I had ordered more things. Expect an order soon. Today I went to put camouflage cloth over my tent and canoe that I have left in the woods along the river. I found my cap, but am very happy about the one you will be sending me. The otter is just beautiful on it.
Hope all goes well for you and you enjoy more animal encounters. I saw a blue jay today. The gray jays in Labrador have their own beauty as on a foggy day, but nothing like a blue jay in the sun with bright green trees. I have friends to tell about your site. John

Dear Kathy, I need the tie by August 29th. So, I guess I don't need the rush price. I picked your web sight because it had a lot of choices. My husband's niece nick named him uncle "Panda Man" because he's a big guy with black hair and his black beard has grayed in a way he looks like a panda. His niece is getting married in late August and he wants to wear it to surprise her! Thanks again paula

Kathy, The story behind this purchase is that I am a seasonal lifeguard for many years. I am also the Chief/Captain of the Cape May Point Beach Patrol, Cape May Point NJ. Frankly, Vineyard Vines used to make a lifeguard stand tie. They no longer do. Have been searching for somrthing like this that I did not have to purchase in bulk in order to get it. Thanks so much for providing this for me. Bill

found you by searching for beetle t shirts. i wanted that particular shirt for my brother who teaches entomology and is of an age to enjoy the reference to the fab four(hope you are old enough to understand that). been looking for it for weeks. i have written down your website, and look forward to exploring it again.

Kathy, My story behind this shirt is that a few years ago Brookfield Zoo in Chicago had a big dinosaur exhibit. My young son was soooo crazy about dinosaur. He just love it. We purchase a dino shirt just like this one. Well now he's almost 8 and he was talking about his favorite dino shirt. I pulled the shirt out of his memory chest and he had to put it on. He was shocked to see his belly sticking out. So as a surprise to him I am ordering this one and not telling him. He'll be so happy. So have a safe trip and when it gets here it gets here. Thanks, Gail

Hi Kathy, Thanks for my shirts. They look great. I found your web site on google. I was looking for dog ties for my husband and you had a bull dog and Italian grey hound tie. We have both of those breeds of dogs so I bought it for him. You then sent me an email saying your site was updated so I checked it out and could not resist the turtle tee shirts. They are one of my top favorite animals/pets. I actually have 6 box turtles, 3 water turtles and 6 russian tortoises. I really like your shirts and they are not your typical turtle designs that you find on other sites. I will be ordering rom you again. Have a great vacation. Sounds like fun. Best Regards, Carol

Dear Kathy, I bought this shirt at a science teacher's convention and got bleach on it while cleaning. I googled Einstein on bike and found your website. Thanks! Donna

Thank you, Kathy. I found your website by going to yahoo and typing in horse racing ties. I have begun to attend graded stakes races and felt this would be a good tie to wear to these venues. I will be wearing it to the West Virginia Derby in August at Mountaineer in Chester, WV.

I belong to several groups such as the Surveyors Historical Society, the Compass Collectors Association and the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. These ties are excellent accent items to wear to the meeting of these organizations. I have had the Lewis and Clark Exploration Necktie MA 100 for several years, bought at a Walter's Art Museum exhibit. Whenever I wear it, I always get very favorable comments. I will use the ties I'm ordering from you in the same manner. I wore the Lewis and Clark tie just yesterday and a fellow at the meeting asked how he can get one so this morning I send him your website showing the appropriate page. I need the Star Spangled Banner Map Necktie for this coming weekend as I will be wearing it when I volunteer at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 Bicentennial Sailabration. Then I need the Washington DC L'Enfant Map Necktie for a meeting I'm going to in Philadelphia on June 23 where the speaker will talk about the survey of Washington D.C. These are just the first two of many events where I'll be sporting your ties. I wear them around the outside of my shirt collar like a scarf so the entire tie is visible. Pretty cool! Lorna

Hi Ya! I found your site by typing in "Ladybug hats" on goggle! I love your site and am forwarding it to my friends. The ladybug hat is for a little girl named Livia, who is just crazy about anything "ladybug"! I am patiently waitng for it as it's a belated birthday present. I also have another little friend that is crazy about butterflies. So I am sure I will be back again. Bernie

Story? I bought the same lizard hat last May in Mexican Hat, Utah, after a 5-day trip on the San Juan River in which I had lost another green hat (but not one of yours). I just finished an anniversary trip on the San Juan River, wearing my lizard hat throughout the trip, only to lose it somewhere after I returned to Albuquerque. Since that's now my river hat, I need to replace it with the same hat. I found your web site by googling lizard hats. Thanks, Ira

How I found your site? I started out looking for a University of Missouri tie and then branched out to auto and bicycling ties and then remembered once years ago seeing a tie I wanted, which turned out to be the Noel Strand tie with the center stripe and the 3D car, that was no longer available but when your site came up in Google I looked and there it was. The selection is amazing. I will mention it to a railroad afficianado.

I found your site through an Internet search. Years ago my husband bought a zodiac tie by Tango by Max Raab. He loved that tie and wore it until it wore out. These ties are no longer being made by that company, but you are making them. I'm very glad you are. I'm purchasing this tie for my husband for Father's Day. I hope he's as surprised to have it as I am pleased to have found it.

Dear Kathy, I am a grad student at winthrop university in South Carolina. I already hold a degree in American History from Winthrop University as well. I Google searched "History Neckties" because when I start teaching history I want a different history tie for each class I teach. Therefore I will be buying more! Thanks, Zach

I Googled INTERNATIONAL FLAG NECKTIE and did a short search. I have that exact design on a bow tie that I purchased from Beau Ties of Vermont and I wanted to buy another one, but they discontinued that item. Waaaa!! Last year, when I bought my first tie from you, I was Secretary of the United Nations Association-USA, Pasadena/Foothills Chapter. Now, I'm the Co-President. And, the guy for whom I bought last year's tie is now MY Co-President. (Maybe the tie has certain magic powers?) We're also connected with a lot of Model UN students from Pasadena City College and from several surrounding high schools. And, I bought THIS tie for the student president of their high school UNA Club. (Are you following this?) This will probably turn into a yearly event... as long as I'M connected with the UNA. I may graduate to scarves for the women. We, the Co-Prez's, always wear our International Flag Neck/Bow ties to all our events and we're always getting complimented on our stylish choice in neckware. Personally, I think the entire UN General Assembly should wear them. Anyway, thank you so much for keeping it in stock. There WILL be more orders... and I won't wait so long for my next one. Jon

Dear Kathy, I found your website by typing in "necktie ancient civilizations or somethong like that". I am a volunteer docent or guide at the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago and it covers the Middle East in ancinet times from 5000BC to the second century AD. We have the actual lions from the walls of Babylon at the museum. I thought the tie would make a good conversation piece when I do tours. I already have the Rosetta Stone tie and it is a great conversation starter too. I will give your website to the museum store and maybe they could purchase some items to sell in the museum store. We cover Egypt, Assyria (Northern Iraq), Babylon (Southern Iraq), Anatolia (Turkey) Persia (Iran) and Nubia (the Sudan today). Anything from the ancient time period would be good. I will probably buy one for the museum curator as a gift. I will see what he thinks of it. I like the Summerian Procession also. I am a history nut so I go for all the goodies that represent ancient times. I also have the ancient coin tie. A friend gave it to me as a gift since I collect ancient Roman, Judean and Greek coins and artifacts. I believe he bought it in Memphis, Tennessee at the replica of the Parthenon there. That may be another site for you to sell to. You might try other museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in New York, the Getty Museum in California, the University of Pennsylvania and others that deal with the ancient civilizations. Regards, Stuart

Hi Kathy, The story behind my search is that I am an attorney and a real railroad buff. My family was Union Pacific Railroad people for several generations. The two railroad ties I ordered are ties that my wife gave me as gifts. The problem is that I have a two-year-old Golden Retriever who shares my interest in neckties. She also likes my wife's Italian leather shoes but that's another story. She is adept at sneaking into the clothes closet any time Mary or I leave the door open. Maddy (the Golden) seems to like my favorite ties. As I was browsing your website I saw a number of ties that she has chewed and a couple that simply have worn out. Since I got Maddy, there has not been much chance for ties to wear out on their own. I have already bookmarked your website. I like lawyer ties as well. Your Barrister tie is the one tie I have that is worn out. I'm not sure I want to replace all of them, but there are a couple that meant a lot to me. I had a limited edition Cat in the Hat tie that I think was stolen. It was not the same as the one you have in stock, It was black with the Cat-in-the-Hat. On the short end was a print of the fish whose name escapes me. I also had a Garfield tie that I either lost or was stolen. I used to use a different dry cleaner than I do now and I was notorious for taking off my ties and putting them in my suit pocket. I always suspected that a worker stole those two ties because they both were especially neat. The dry cleaner I use now is run by a couple who are as honest and hardworking as the day is long so I don't worry about that. The one thing that struck me about your inventory is how many neckties you have that I have had over the years only to be lost, worn out or most often chewed by a very sweet golden retriever. I enjoyed visiting with you the other day and I suspect I will be in touch in the future. Tom

kathy, thanks for the prompt reply to my order. I work at Pinnacles National Monument doing Prairie Falcon and California Condor work so I'm a bit of a bird nut. I found your site just by googling around a while. thanks nate

We recently visited Gettysburg and my 20-year-old son, who loves to speak and is entering law school next fall considered a Gettysburg Lincoln tie - the same one you have on your site. He didn't like the color well enough at so we didn't get it. As a (college) graduation gift, I decided to look for a similar type tie so googled men's silk ties - historical and got your site. I like the selection and will order just this one for now but perhaps you will see us again!

I needed a tie for our preacher's b day. He loves farming and gardening and i wanted it to be unique. I googled vegetable neckties. I looked at a couple sites and liked your's the best.

Dear Kathy, I have had this beautiful wolf tie for many years. My wife bought it for me because the wolf looks identical to a beautiful dog ("Waleska")we had for a little over 13 years. I finally wore the tie out and was trying to think of some way to repair or remake the tie. When I thought, why don't I try to find it on line. Some I tried wolf necktie and endangered species and your website popped up. Really glad it did. You have some really neat items. I will be back. Thanks, Robert

Thanks for your note Kathy and especially thanks for keeping your eyes open for more in the future. In Maroon or Navy. Yes, I love that tie. My job is to help poor kids in Mexico get an education. Part of my job is to visit Rotary Clubs in the US and Canada making presentations about the children and their needs with the hope of finding sponsors for the Secondary and University School fees. I proudly wear that tie every presentation I make. It elicits questions and comments from kind sponsors and so exactly depicts the idea I try to spread – The Children of the World are our best hope. Let’s help them with education and health so they can make the world better for everyone. You can see the tie and my funny face at: //projectamigo.org/who-we-are/tedandsusan.php . The pretty one is my good wife, Susan. When I get extras, I share them with good friends and promoters of Project Amigo. I found your store on a Yahoo search for Save the Children tie or Working together tie. I’d be happy to promote and refer to your store and thanks again for the good service. Ted

Kathy - My husband, Hugh, is an architect who collects city map ties Although we have been to Paris many times, Hugh does not have a tie with a map of the city He will wear the Paris tie at a gala event celebrating Thomas Jefferson at Poplar Forest (Jefferson's retreat house and plantation) this summer. Thanks for all your help. We have put you in bookmark. Stella

Hi Kathy- I found your website by searching under Troll T shirts. I love to fish for wild steelhead. My old "metalhead" T shirt is pretty worn. Thanks. Bob

it's a golf outing with some friends of mine. we call ourselves Hemingway's Armada so I thought the Marlin ties would be a nice touch.

Kathy, You cannot imagine how pleased I was to discover that you had a copy of my favorite tie. I've worn it for years and finally wore it out--with tatters along one side. I found your website by "googling" the information on the tie and Save the Children. I am a communications and linguistics prof at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, and an evangelical Christian whose "other life" outside the university is being in (a quite small) elected office in this county. My PC friends liked the tie because it looks "multi-cultural". I like it because it reminds me of a childhood song: "Jesus loves the little children, / All the children of the world." Thank you so much! Mike

Dear Kathy, Thank you. Yes, we used to have the tie but one of our boys washed it. We thought it would be nice to have all of our sons and my husband have matching ones, though they won't fit the younger ones now. We were very thankful to find these. Have a blessed day, Holly

Kathy, Thanks for the prompt shipping of my ties. I found your website on a google search, which I don't recall it pulling up in the past when I searched for my Derby ties. I was very impressed with you selection and will share the link with my family and friends. We have a group of friends that we go to the track with every year during the Kentucky Derby week festivities and wearing a track themed tie is a must among the guys. Also, they started a "pink out" campaign last year on Oaks Day in honor of breast cancer awareness. So if you get any jockey silk themed pink ties, I'm sure they would be a hit. I hope you find this information useful. I look forward to receiving my order and appreciate you personal touch to running you business. Thanks, Jeff

Hi Kathy, I work under an Environmental Law professor and wanted to get him a bow tie as a thank you gift. Another friend of mine suggested your website. We're both students at Harvard Law, and my friend ordered the same tie through you to give to a Supreme Court Justice who will be receiving an award on campus this month. I've already shared your site with my aunt, who's an epidemiologist. I'll be visiting your site again soon when I buy a graduation gift for my sister, who will graduate from nursing school this summer. I'll definitely continue to pass on the good word! Best, Krista

Hi Kathy: Good to talk to you. Here is the info you wanted regarding my order: Page 97 Civilization Necktie I look forward to receiving my beautiful Bayeux Tapestry Necktie. My wife bought my current one at the museum on Bayeux some 20 years ago and it is my favorite but is now so stained that I can no longer get by saying that the stains are part of a 1000 year old tapestry! Best regards, Bill

Hello Kathy; Thank you for the email confirmation. I just received the items :-) My story is that I am dating Middle School Art Teacher and he had mentioned not finding ties with art theme. So I went to search and found your page. So thanks since now I will get some brownie points cause of this :-). Thank you and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Liz

This tie was on loan to us & was stolen last week from our middle school play here in Los Angeles. Looking forward to receiving the tie. It's a miracle we found you. Blessings to you & yours, Cynthia

Hi Kathy, They arrived today and I LOVE all three of them. I'm so glad to know about your website for future reference. We are Jehovah's Witnesses and so my boys, husband and son-in-law spend much time in ties...as do many of their friends. I appreciate you getting it to me in time. Our family "Gift & Game" day is tomorrow...March the 3rd. We chose that date after listening over and over and over again to an old Ozzie & Harriet radio show which featured that date. Great story if you ever get a chance to listen to. In appreciation, Beth

I found your web page on line when I was looking at various Southwest design Google Image pages. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house in Tucson and I noticed the neat ties you had on your webpage. I ordered the T shirt, because I'm a fly-fisherman.

Hello Kathy- I just paid through Paypal. I bought a Lure of the Underground poster in London 27 years ago and was recently searching online to see if that artwork was still available. I stumbled upon your site and was thrilled to find a tie made with that image. You have many beautiful things on your site and I definitely will be back. Thanks-Tim

Right now, I just want the necktie, I will keep your website in mind, in fact today somebody asked me where they can get smiley face socks and I quickly went to check your site for that... Also I found your site by googling Mr. Potato Head tie. My kids will be dressing up as Mr. Potato Head for our upcoming Jewish holiday which we celebrate mid March and I wanted my husband to be a bit matching to them. Thank you very much.

Hi Kathy! Sorry I didn't get back to your first email! I am glad you sent a second! I will send the check today! I would like to pay an insurance fee (mugs), how much is that and do I need to fill out extra paperwork for that? I am a biochemistry major at Cal Poly. I am getting some thank you gifts for my favorite professors and also a couple of my friends in the major. I googled images of chemistry gifts I think and your website was the coolest one I saw! I am SO stoked on your stuff and will definitely shop again! I'll also spread the word!! Vanessa

I'm a retired Foreign Service Officer. I served in India and Africa and we visited Australia, so that's why the ties interested me. Thanks for your help. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ J. Michael

G'day, Kathy - thanks for your email. I've just sent $US36 via Paypal. I found your site through a Web search for map bandanas; my father, who was a pilot in World War II, used to have silk bandanas with maps printed on them and I was wondering if such things still existed. I had a Grand Canyon cotton bandana myself several years ago - I bought in the US to commemorate a wonderful drive to the Canyon via Death Valley, but a friend admired it so much I had to give it to her! I'm a bit of a natural history geek with a strong interest in fish, so thought I should celebrate some fish from the other side of the Pacific when I go bushwalking (= hiking to Australians). I'll certainly tell my friends about your site! Regards, Carson

Hi Kathy, Here's my story -- I have a fascination with wolves and tigers. The ultimate of my love of dogs and cats. I have been searching for a few years for good quality t-shirts to feed my obsession and I came upon your website. It had a very catchy title. Your prices are very reasonable and the shipping to Canada is not astronomical!!! Thanks again for your prompt and friendly service. -Dale

I found you on google. My friend had one of these pens and I borrowed it and my dog chewed it up, so I am trying to find a replacement. My friend's "rooster" actually has his own FB page and he goes around with people who take photos of him in various places - I took him to Honduras last week and then when I brought him home and left him on a table, my dog chewed him up. I am supposed to take him to Mexico in 1.5 weeks, so hopefully I will get the package by then so he can go - LOL! Thank you, Michelle

I received the Declaration of Independence tie and absolutely love it. I purchased it for my daughter's History teacher. She is a senior in high school and has had him for 3 different classes. He is one of those teachers that really gets kids interested in the subject. He calls himself a "history geek" Because of her admiration of him, she also asked him to write her a letter of recommendation for college, which he did. So this gift is to thank him for being such an inspiration to her and for instilling in her a real love of history. She wanted to thank him by getting something really personal and meaningful and that is why we chose this tie. She is giving it to him tomorrow and I am enclosing your yellow information card in the box. In the event that he already has a tie like this one, can he exchange it for another one? (yes, KLW) Thank you very much. Liz

Hi, Kathy, Regarding my order for a tie (p9), I would like the black/teal/gold option, thank you. My wife last year ordered from your site (two farm animal ties) and I love them. In the near future I am going to interview for a position at my city's library and I immediately thought of your site, which I love due to 1) the vast selection of non-silk (vegan) ties and 2) the vast selection of fun/science/arts-related items. I will peruse your site at my leisure later on, but right now I just have need for the tie. Consequently, I welcome the news that a single tie can ship for $4.00. While I'm not a Twitter user, I will indeed check out your tweets and bookmark your page! Thanks a bunch, Kathy! Colin

well, i'm afraid there's not much to the story -- my wife found you, with the help of Bing, in her quest to replace that same tie which i already had but had worn out (yet, to her chagrin, still wanted to wear in public) ... the first was a gift from my sister, who knows me to be a fan of m.c. escher, j.r.r. tolkien, and (as you can tell by my lack of caps) e.e. cummings!

I was doing a google search for Escher neck ties when I found your site. My best friend Lee is a creative person, and very fond of Escher so I thought I would add to his business attire with some clever ties. He doesn't have any Escher. The Mosaic one is unique among all the Escher ties I saw. he will love it!

Hi Kathy, I saw a man in a local dept store wearing the New York tie. I asked where he got it and he said "in New York". My son in law loves New York so I thought it would be a perfect gift. I was very lucky to locate the same tie on your website.

I have been looking for a Philadelphia tie that wasn't sports-team related. My husband works at Cheesecake Factory and they're not allowed to wear Team ties. I wanted a clever way for him to show off his Philadelphia roots and this tie is the perfect find! I just know he's going to love it. I'll be sure to share your site with friends and family. - I found it by entering Philadelphia City ties in Google. Found it once and then had a hard time finding it again. SO GLAD I DID!! Have a Merry Christmas! Denise

Hello Kathy, Thanks so much for sending my order out so quickly,thanks to you, I was actually in bed by midnight although I see by your email you had another long night. My 6 yr old son is autistic,he decided he wanted to get his special education teacher a tie for Christmas. I pulled up sites and allowed him to pick out the one he wanted. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. Change really isn't in the vocabulary of an autistic kid,so once he set his mind and heart on that particular tie that was it,even though we had seen similar. Two weeks,two sites,and two canceled orders(out of stock) still no tie. I spent the last two days searching. Finally I goggled "gifts for special education teachers" and I was directed to either shopwiki,bizrate,or zazzle. You were either listed as a seller on an item or you were a link at the bottom of a product page but I hadn't seen it before,so thank goodness I literally stumbled onto your site. Once again thank you so very much. Sincerely, Karen

Hi Kathy, I am so excited to know you had one left. A couple years ago we had a catalog page sent from a corporation that we deal with and if you went online you could order that tie. My husband wanted it and true to form with our busy lives we missed the window to order. He found the page the other day and had it out by the computer, I am guessing he wants to look for the tie again. I went through Google search and asked for military neckties and your site came up on the search. Now I will have a great surprise for him for Christmas. I will keep your site in mind when I need that extra special something. Thanks again, Sandy

Hi Kathy - My friend is a borzoi owner/handler. He has the tabasco 1918 tie that he wears when he shows his dogs. He needs a new tie, so I googled "tabasco dog neckties", and your site came up. This will be one of his Christmas gifts. THANKS!

Hi Kathy, I found your website after googling "pharmacist ties". A large number of sites came up, but your site had the best selection, best prices, best shipping rates and from the reviews I read and research I did, I was comfortable doing business there. I remain very impressed with you and your customer service. I know my order is on it's way, and I can't wait to see the ties I purchased. My son is in college working toward a PharmD, additionally he works at several pharmacies as a Pharmacist Intern. He will look fantastic with these pharmacy themed ties peeking out from his lab coat. Again, thank you for offering such beautiful and unique merchandise and for your prompt and careful attention to my order. Yours will be the first site I check for unique gifts, and I will recommend it to friends and family as well. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Best regards, Kris

My 2nd graders picked this tie for our principal. They are each bringing in $1. Our last day of school is the 21st. I am hoping we can have it by then. This whole project is a tie in (no pun intended) to a book I read them. Thanks!

I found your website on a google search for sailing neckties...and my choice of this particular necktie is illustrative of many "adventures" that we've had in our "mad" attempts to sailing to our mooring (with dinghy attached) after days of wonderful sailing on Lake Champlain. We keep our sailboat moored in Essex, NY. Thanks, Bethany

Received necktie - it is Perfect! I was just looking for a tie for my boss - he has a "tie of ties" it has all little ties on it like the "legal briefs" - new attorneys did a skit about him including his tie collection - so when I saw this one I thought it was perfect. Thanks again! Lynne

Thanks Kathy, I've been looking at everything and having a great time. My husband is a birdwatcher/photographer and he's always had a thing about kingfishers. A couple of days ago he spotted one that lives at our nearby harbor. I was having a hard time tonight finding a decent kingfisher t-shirt for a christmas present, but then an Ebay search located the Ray Troll one in size large (I'd never heard of the guy). I was then off to a mad search for XL, and Ray Troll's website does not have the kingfisher. Then I found you!!! The kingfisher shirt has Half Moon in the name and we are next to a town called Half Moon Bay. Plus we put out peanuts in our yard for the local ravens, so I had to add the Raven shirt too. This guy's stuff is amazing and I've always loved Alaskan/Northwest Coast style art. Lynn

Hi Kathy, The check is in the mail. I took your advice and opted for priority shipping. I found your site through my search engine looking for Greek or Roman neckties. It is a gift for my son, who is a sophomore in high school and wears a uniform. He loves Latin/Greek and history. Happy to support WV business--my mother-in-law is from Newton. :) Thanks for your help. Happy Holidays! Karen

Kathy, Found your site when I googled "honeybee neckties". My husband (of 33 years) has been a beekeeper since he was 17! But our 17 year old son is the one who asked for a "bee tie" Earla

Hi Kathy, greetings from Italy! Well, I'm an amateur astronomer and, a couple of months ago, I met a guy wearing a wonderful constellation tie. I wondered where he got that tie but he told me it was a present. So I searched on Google by the entry "constellation tie" and I found your website!!! I'll wear it, and the other ties, mainly attending astronomical meetings and shows.

I have had this tie for many years. It has always gotten great comments. I loaned it to my son who was speaking at a White House Panel on entrepreneurship. He also got tons of comments. It is now wearing out. Thanks

Kathy, I have submitted my order and will call tomorrow with cc information (I didn't want to call this late.) I already had your site bookmarked and saved from the last tie I ordered. I always buy my brother a baseball tie for his birthday. A few years ago he gave me a "baseball Charlie Brown" cookie jar so the tie I selected this year is perfect. Please ship it to his address which I put on the form--not mine. thanks for your help. Joan

Dear Kathy; Wanted you to know the ties arrived safely just after thanksgiving. I was so excited to see them! My husband works for a bank, grew up with star trek and we were just married when space invaders came out and so i thought he would look great and have some fun with some new ties. Our son-in-law is a police officer so that explains the M and M tie. Thank you for your help in making Christmas smiles. God Bless Karen Smith

Thank you again for having pooh ties. My pediatrican husband wears them every day....and need replacing them often.

Every year I buy an animal themed tie for one of my workmates. His daughters love them - pick out his ties each morning. I love the tropics, so tropical themed items are a favorite. I found you by googling "tropical ties". Your tropical bird ties are nicer than any I've seen, and I've been buying for this friend for years. By the way, our family loves science, and loves "hands on". Thanks for your contributions. Laura

Hi Kathy, I googled Greyhound Silk Tie and your site was one of the choices to purchase from. We own 6 retired racing greyhounds and our annual Gala is coming up in December. This will be a conversation piece for my husband. Sitting Greyhounds... they can sit! Lisa

Thanks for your e- mail I found your website via google As mentioned, as a medical doctor ties are always a fun way of humoring adults and children. I have a collection of several hundred ties so it was time to add a few. So thanks Regards Darryl

Hi Kathy! I most certainly will share your site and add you to my twitter! I came upon it because a friend of mine and I were reminiscing about shows we used to watch as kids and I wanted to get him something special for Christmas! The tie is very awesome! Thank you so much!!

I Googled INTERNATIONAL FLAG NECKTIE and did a short search. I have that exact design on a bow tie I purchased and I wanted to buy another one, but the bow tie company discontinued that item. BTW - There might be future orders. I'm Secretary of the United Nations Association-USA, Pasadena/Foothills Chapter and I'm connected with lots of Model UN students from Pasadena City College and several surrounding high schools. This could be the new thing:-)

Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for the quick response!!! A funny story my mom & I take a mother/daughter trip every year since my grandma passed away in 1995. About 8-10 years ago my mom & I were in San Juan and she found that exact shirt in This little store across the street from our hotel. She loves it & brings it on every trip she goes on whether with me or My dad. It's finally getting worn & faded so I was googling tree frog t-shirts and your website was like the 2nd or 3rd one down. I can't believe it is the EXACT SAME ONE! Tie-Dye with a V pattern, purple, blues with those frogs. She is going to be in TOTAL SHOCK! I don't belong to Twitter but if you can send me the exact spot to copy & paste my story I'd love to add it to your website. Thanks again for everything...as you can tell I'm not too computer saavy! lol

The parcel arrived yesterday and the shirt looks great! Giving to a friend who has had a constant battle with squirrels eating their birdseed. Googled squirrel t shirts and your site came up.

My husband and I have adopted 6 children and we always give them ther own special nickname and our daughter is mentally retarded and my husband said you can be my little squirrel girl and she loved it . We were able to find t shirts at Dollywood over the last couple of years, but decided this year to look on line you carry some of the ones that we had already got her but when I found the one I ordered I was so happy and I know she will be too . Cant wait for christmas thanks a bunch Yolanda

Kathy thanks for your prompt reply to my email. I originaly saw a groupe of young men having lunch at one of my clubs (The Canberra Southern Cross Club) and noticed their ties, I asked what they were doing, and it turned out to be a Buck's party. I then Googled the Blues Brother's "on a mission from GOD theme" and your company was the result. I hope that this helps you with your market research. :-)

The story behind the tie is my son has turned 18 and will be graduating high school in a month. He has worked so hard and has done a fabulous job of studying and getting almost straight A's. He has placid Aspergers, dyslexia and dyspraxia so it has been a monumental journey for him. He is aiming to get into the Honours Science High Achievers (Nanotechnology) at our local University, hence the tie, he is such a science buff, and I am collecting little bits and pieces for a gift box for graduation. He has always wanted a tie like the one we ordered ! I'm sure we'll be buying some more from your very cool site ! Thank you, Kind regards, Liz

I sent the $ via paypal as soon as I ordered the shirt. The story behind the order is that I am a St Louis Cardinal baseball fan and in one of their recent wins in the division series, a squirrel ran across home plate and caused quite a diversion. The Cardinals went on to win the series and are now in the League Championship series, hopefully on their way to the World Series. I looked around for a hat with a squirrel on it to commemorate the event and came across the shirt on your site. How perfect... a squirrel dressed as a cardinal!! Can't wait to get it. JK

Hi, Kathy, Thanks so much! The hoodie is the "If you must smoke, smoke salmon." There IS a story to it: I was web camming with my sister yesterday, and she was wearing one. My husband died because of smoking, and I have a "thing" about it. I thought that was an amusing way to quietly state my stance on smoking. So... there ya go. Will you please let me know when it ships and approximately when I will look for delivery? Enjoy the rest of your week, pat

You see, this is the 5th anniversary my second marriage. We fell in love in a lighthouse watching the sunset (it was actually Cape May, NJ - but we visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse shown on the tie, just this past April). He is a VERY Patriotic man, and has several times mentioned " my little boat was adrift until I found my lighthouse - you keep me grounded". When went looking for a lighthouse tie - your's just told a story that fits so very well.

Hi Kathy, Thank you for the cost correction and refund, I greatly appreciate your integrity. I found your website after a Google search; I purchased one of those ties from the Nature Conservancy about about fifteen years ago, and sadly it is starting to show the wear and tear. It is one of my favorites so I wanted to replace it, but I could not find them anywhere I looked, in fact I had just about given up when I found your website. I also appreciate how quickly you processed my order, I am really excited about the new tie! Regards, Stephen

Hi Kathy: I opened a PayPal account and paid for the shirt. PayPal makes a lot of sense in situations like this! Here's the story behind the shirt...I'm a second grade teacher in Germany and my teammates and I try to do a lot of neat activities with our kids. We're currently raising butterflies in our classrooms, and we're also following the fall migration of the monarchs on a website called Journey North. The educational technologist at our school coordinates this for us every year so we decided to get her a tshirt as a small toke of our appreciation. We found the monarch shirt I ordered from you on the website of the company that makes them, but they were sold out, so we went in search of another. Your website was the only one we found to carry the shirt. We were amazed by the choices of shirts you have on your website! I plan to visit your site more thoroughly once this project completes -- and I'll pass on the information and your web address to those I know. Thanks for taking the time to write. I know Donna (our ET) will absolutely love the shirt. Sincerely, Becky

Hi, Many thanks I am magician and I like of funny neckties, I think to buy many more in the next month. best wishes Manolo (Portugal)

Kathy, Thanks for your assistance. I think my son likes the tie. For next Sunday he asked me to wear the one my dad gave me when we rode together to get my cycling merit badge about 35 years ago. I think it's cool that he wants us to match. I looked at the link you gave me. It looks like you've done a whole lot more than me. The longest ride I've ever done is 50 miles. Once for my merit badge and once for my son's. I guess total we rode 150 miles together. But, that was seven different rides spread out over several months. Anyway, I'm sure we both had fun participating in the different events. Thanks again. Jerry

Hi Kathy, I found your web page when I typed in horse theme ties and many came up so I went to several web sites and I was very impressed with yours!!!!! I gave your cards to some of my co-worker. I work at Delaware Park which has slots table games and horse racing. The ties are beautiful I will be getting more of them.Do you have any gambling ties????? If you do what where do I look for them????? I received the horse ties on Friday I love them. I hope you did fine in the hurricane and had no damage!!!! Have a Great Day Joanie

Kathy, The tie is a "thank you" gift for the outgoing chair of the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. It will be presented to him at the next Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 7. Can you confirm that I will receive the tie in time for the meeting? Thank you, Kelly...(YES, KLW)

Hi Kathy; Thanks for getting back to me. I have sent payment via PayPal. No real "story" about ordering the tie except that my nephew is an avid fly fisherman -- the rivers up here are some of the best in the world (so I'm told). We were all together for my daughters wedding at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park; my nephew brought his fishing gear with him. As he was leaving to fish he said "I need a tie with a fish on it...not just a fish, but the shape of a fish so it looks like a great big fish hanging there and I can't find one anywhere". Because he'd been the MC at the wedding, as a gift I told him I would get him that tie and if it killed me and if I couldn't find one, I'd make one myself. So, I typed "men's fish necktie" into google, discovered Ralph Marlin, so the next search also included that name...your site popped up -- LUCKY ME! Like winning the lotto!! (Mostly because now I don't have to make one! LOL) Thanks so much -- the tie looks "interesting" to say the least! Terri

Thank you for your email and honesty in regards to the shipping cost of the tie. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I found your web site by googling "cow necktie." My sister is getting married in Vermont this fall in a beautiful barn in the country and I thought the tie would be a spot on accessory for the occasion. I will certainly keep your web site in mind for further purchases. Best Regards, David

Found your website through "google." I wanted a couple of aeronautical ties since I'm starting as a docent at the National Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport, and I thought it would be neat to at least look like I know what I'm talking about. Thanks, Bill

My mom called me yesterday and told me about a butterfly shirt she saw. On the shirt was "St. Marks Wildlife Refuge"--which is near me in the Big Bend of Florida. She called me to see if I would go down and get her that butterfly shirt. Well, I called and they do not sell it anymore, but Robin Wills referred me to your site. Voila! I found one--that I think is better than the one she described. I am ordering this one for her because I like the butterflies on the sleeves. I hope she does, too. There is a good story about my mom and a butterfly. Mom had a Papillion dog named Skippy. "Papillion" is the French word for "butterfly". Skippy unexpectedly died last spring and mom's heart was broken. She dug a hole in her backyard to bury him. She cried the whole time. When she finished burying him, she place a little butterfly garden stone on his grave. As she was sitting there mourning him, a butterfly flew near her. It stayed a while with her, too. The butterfly lifted her spirits. A short while later, she adopted another papillion. She loves her little "butterfly" dog. I'll call soon with my cc number. Thank you. p.s. Mom is originally from WV.

Kathy, I'm an allergist/immunologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin (primarily in research). I found out about your website from one of our nurses who saw some of the ties in a shop this past weekend, and sent out your website for us to look at.....I couldn't pass up the antibodies!--Mitch

My nephew, a junior at Fordham University, is a research assistant at the University in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Ph.D. student who is responsible for supervising him is into heavy metal and remarked to him she liked this shirt when he wore it. I had gotten this shirt at the NJ Science Teachers Convention when he was a freshman.

We took my Dad (the recipient of the t-shirt) grayling fishing last year and he had a blast. I knew there was ray troll grayling t-shirt and after an internet search you were the only one I could find that actually had it. I figure being from Grayling, MI Dad will get a lot of compliments on the shirt. Thanks Kathy!

The way I got to your site was through Googling "Save the Children" neckties. It wasn't easy. But, you seem to have the biggest collection. My husband operates trolleys (streetcars, with rail and overhead, not gas buses gussied up to look like trolleys), and likes to wear these ties. The children riding like the ties too. We had one with various modes of transportation on them, but it wore out. Can't find any "transportation" ties of the same style now. Dang. Pat

Dear Kathy, Our Preacher has always told us to be a lighthouse not an outhouse. Because of this phrase, that has become a battle cry for our youth, our youth groups are named Beacons of Light and Lighthouse. Preacher Appreciation Sunday is October 24th and our kids wanted to give the preacher a new lighthouse tie because the one that we gave him several years ago gets a lot of wear. When I searched the web for lighthouse ties your site came up and the ties were simply perfect!!! I only hope that they are as lovely in person as they were in the pictures. Thank you and God Bless

Kathy, I was a firefighter in HFD for 32 years. I married into a firefighter family that began in 1913 in HFD. We have had 4 LODDs in our family over the years. My best friend who is a firefighter has been admiring my tie for many years. Thursday he said a wonderful prayer at my grandson's funeral and I wore my tie and I knew that he wished he had one like it. I decided to GOOGLE and see if I could make that happen and there you were! Many thanks. Ed

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received the ties today--just in time for Father's Day! Thank you so much! I also wanted to let you know how I found your site. I typed in "Farm Animal Neckties". I also have a suggestion for you to get more people to your site. My husband is a vegan so that means he doesn't wear anything from an animal--including silk. It's very hard to find non-silk neckties so I think if you marketed yourself as selling non-silk ties you could drum up some more business from the vegan community. You could also try to sell your ties to Veganessentials.com. They sell non-silk ties but none have animals on them. Hope this helps! I was so happy to see you had polyester instead of silk! I know my husband is going to love the ties! Take care and thanks so much for getting them to me soooo quickly, Jennifer

Thank you so much for shipping that so quickly. Considering where it's been mailed to the ship time is a little bit longer then other places. :) My Dad has been a land surveyor in the northern maine woods for probably 20 years now. I thought the tie would be a great accessory for him to wear when he attends industry conventions or has to attend a court hearing regarding a land owner issue. I think it will look great on top of a dark navy blue shirt. I believe I found your website when looking for 'map' related gifts. I had found the site a year or two back so I forget my exact search words. I will remember your site when shopping in the future and have already shared it with my sisters. By any chance did the package indicate whom the order was from? I forgot to mention that when I ordered it. Thanks again! Rose

Hi, Kathy! I'm a stylist who works with corporate clients. One of my "real estate" brokers needs a good looking "SF Map" tie. Found you by searching "Novelty Ties" on Google. And, now your website is "on my list"! Suzie

Dear Kathy, I purchased the butterfly bucket hat when I was at the butterfly palace in Branson, Mo.several years ago. I have wanted another one since I love it so. I looked for it on the internet and your name came up. I always have people ask me where I got it and now I can tell them how to get one. I think you have a really cool site and I will certainly be back. Mary

Hello, Kathy: Yes, there is actually kind of a fun story behind these purchases. This past Christmas holiday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting a cousin of mine -- we had always heard of one another, but had never met, as her family has always lived halfway across the country. So, both now 32 years old, we have finally been acquainted, and it was like meeting a twin sister, separated at birth! Fantastic! She has since returned to her life in a different state, but we keep in close communication, and have spent these past several months just trying to catch up on one another's lives. It's been such fun to get to know each other, though she seems more like a sister than a stranger. So, I like to send care-packages and fun things, as though she's a sister away at camp or something, ha ha. I'm currently putting together a little package of fun summery stuff, and thought of bandanas, because I have so many myself, but I was looking for something very special for her. Your website had EXACTLY what I was looking for -- fun, quirky, out-of-the-way designs. I chose fun, light-hearted prints (Wildflowers, Swiss Army knives) because it seemed like a fun, quirky thing to send to a dear, long-lost cousin. I am so glad I found your website (through a search on Yahoo, originally for "map bandanas", but then I decided on different prints altogether). Thank you for having something special for me to send to my cousin -- I hope she loves them as much as I love sending them. Thanks again, Sara :)

Kathy, I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. I found your website by googling "neckties airplanes Tango Max Raab". I'm an aviation enthusiast -- the short term is "nut" -- from childhood due to receiving some childhood toys that left a lasting impression on me, several of them wooden or plastic models of the "Flying Clippers" or "China Clippers" that Pan American Airways used to open commercial trans-Pacific flights in 1935 and the a very advanced technology in the year I was born, 1939. I developed that passion by joining the Civil Air Patrol when I was in high school and getting to fly in light planes as as observer on search and rescue missions for military pilots who'd gone down in Lake Erie (I grew up in Ohio). I usually flew with an experienced pilot who operated a flight instruction service and had dual controls in his airplane. When he was in a good mood, he let me handle the controls -- oh joy, oh ecstasy. As you can see, I never recovered. I've also had the experience of flying as a passenger in the last of of the large flying boats, on flights from Long Beach CA to Santa Catalina Island in 1958 and on a sight-seeing flight around New Zealand in 1974. I'm a widower who has recently started rebuilding a social life and I have found that dressing neatly, with a necktie that displays my enthusiams, is a great conversation-starter with either men or women. And that's the rest of the story. I'll keep tracking your web site. Allan

Hi from Montana - used Google to find your site. You have just what I was looking for at a very good price. This is a welcome to America gift for our grandson's maternal grandfather from Albania. Our grandson is 7 and a Montana trout fisherman. I am sure that this gift will be treasured and well displayed when Kristo returns to Europe. Thanks!! Oh - and great site to view.

I have this tie and absolutely love it. However, recently I spilled something on it that the cleaners cannot remove. So I decided that I would get a replace one right away. In fact I might have you ship me two now.
I purchased the tie three years ago at Taliesin in Spring Green. I was on a motorcycle ride with some friends and this was one of our stops. As I walked around the gift shop the tie just called to me so I had to buy. To date it is one of my two favorite ties.

Kathy, Thanks for the quick response to my order, as well as the adjusted shipping price. I will mail a check to you shortly. As for the story behind selecting this tie - my parents, brother and sister were all born in England, emigrated to Canada following WWII where I was born, and then to the US in the late 1950's. My father always yearned to return to England but, with the exception of vacations, remained in the the US until his death in 1998. In a quandary as to what to do with his ashes, a friend suggested that I finally return dad to England and offered to join me. We spent a week driving around the England of his youth and arrived in his hometown on his birthday, and joined by his sister and other relatives, buried his ashes with his parents remains. From there we traveled into London, where my mother was born, and spent a week learning that city. As part of that we saw many of the buildings designed by Christopher Wren that are depicted on this tie. After returning home my friend gave me this tie to commemorate our trip and I have worn it frequently for these last 12 years. Not only does it provide memories of that event, but the colors just seems to match with many of the things I wear. Today, while wearing this tie, I noticed that it had worn to the point that it had torn through on the side and this saddened me. I began a web search and was thrilled to find it on your website and ordered it immediately. Chris

Dear Kathy, Thank you for accepting my order. In regard to your questions -
How did you find my website? - I did a Google search for Dead Sea Scroll ties. I like to where ties that have meaning, rather than some abstract concoction that someone made up but which has no meaning behind it.
Any story behind your choice? - I have been to Israel and have seen the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The story is fascinating, both in regard to religion and to history. Best Regards, Scott

Thank you and I am SO glad you got the Ray Troll shirt in "small". This is a surprise for my son, who adores Ray Troll, adores fossils and adores the book "Cruising the Fossil Freeway". :^) A triple play! The "Tooth Fairy" traditionally has brought my son a t-shirt. And now he is losing a bunch of teeth so she had to get back to work. :^) Thanks! Anita

Dear Kathy, Thanks very much for getting them in the mail today. The Hebrew alphabet tie will be a birthday gift for the general editor of the NIV Study Bible, who is turning 80 in a few months. He is a good friend and godly man who will greatly enjoy that tie. Thanks again & have a great weekend,

Got the ties today & husband was appreciative. I've purchased other ties & he wore them out. He loves these ties. I was replacing & adding to his collection. He's a dentist & patients enjoy them as well. I googled Save the Children ties & your website came up. After looking through several sites...you had the replacement tie I needed. I will keep your info in my favorites & pass your info on to others. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Diane

Kathy, I have bought pens from you before. My son is a glass artist who specializes in aquatic life. His site is www.codynicely.com. As he writes an order for a one of a kind glass sculpture he can use a pen in the same genre. Customers comment on the pens!! Looking forward to receiving your pens. Thanks. Shanda

Hi Kathy, Your website was very easy to use and I sent a check off this morning. The necktie is for a recent college grad who got his first teaching job as a history teacher. When he was in middle school he always talked about Abe Lincoln so I thought it would be a great gift to wear to his first teaching job. I look forward to giving him the tie. Julie

I'm a dental student at UNC, and the seniors are divided into groups A,B,C,D. My group practice is "B," and we were looking for an end-of-the-year gift for one of our faculty members. So I googled "necktie bee," and there you were! I chose the one with blue in it, because it looks like one of the colors might be close to Carolina blue. . . . and we're going to give it to him from all the "B's." Cute, right? ;-) That's my story. Thanks!

Now, the story about the Red Whale... I'm sure you heard of the "Go Red" campaign for women to highlight women's cardiac issues. I work at a hospital and many of the employees wear the "Red Dress" emblem for the month of February to focus women’s heart disease. My family has a Cardiologist who is phenomenal. For good reason, he consistently is nominated for "Top Doctor" in my home state. He is an exceptional man who has been so attentive, responsive and helpful to my father who needs constant monitoring of his heart because the slightest changes can indicate a deterioration of his already vulnerable cardiac status.
Anyway, my sister developed a strange arrhythmia that bothered her. She made an appointment and I went with her to the office visit. I noticed the doctor had a "Go Red" pin on similar to others throughout the hospital. However, his pin was turned sideways. I said, "Your pin is turned sideways, did you know that?" He responded, "It is supposed to be that way" and proceeded to tell me that the pin was not for the "Go Red" campaign but for "Save the Red Whales!" My sister and I were baffled and said, "There aren't any Red Whales, are there?" He said, "See they are so rare, you don’t know about them." He has a great sense of humor (A sample “Go Red” pin is attached - if you turn it counter-clockwise it looks like a whale).
After I learned Red Whales really don't exist, I have been searching for gifts to demonstrate our ongoing appreciation of him and his efforts. For example, if I email him with a concern about Dad, he responds immediately with a plan and a solution. No matter how busy he is, he makes time to help my father. We believe that that kind of medical care and kindness should be constantly appreciated and rewarded.
I did find the doctor a Red Whale tie which we gave to him for his birthday. Now he can proudly display his passion for Red Whales year round, not just in February. He told me when he opened the gift, it made him laugh. My aim is to continue to demonstrate appreciation for him. So, towards that goal, and in an effort to find Red Whale products, I found your website after Googling "Red Whale" & ties. I am buying items as future gifts for Dad's doctor....
By the way, I received the ties in the mail today. They are more than I hoped for, and the material is very nice. Thank you for helping me to accomplish my goal. I will be sure to tell family and friends about my wonderful purchasing experience. Be Well, Nancy

Hi Kathy, I was on your email list for interest in a prior music tie so that's how I found out about your Revolver tie. Im pretty sure I ordered a tie from you in the past as well. I picked this Revolver tie because funny enough, I used to have this VERY SAME TIE! Sadly, I had an allergy attack and got a bloody nose all over it a few years back. I have been looking for this same tie for ages! Thank you so very, very much! Im going to send the payment right now! Im so beyond excited! I'm getting my favorite tie EVER back!!! =) Thanks so much, Kathy! Craig

Good morning, I found the shirts by searching for something with Mo Native turtles. I am a 5th grade science teacher and have four turtles in my classroom, two baby common snapping turtles, a western painted and a red-earred slider. I am also a Missouri Master Naturalist, for which I volunteer to teach classes on native animals outside of school. I take my turtles on the road with my BFF Cindy, also a Master Naturalist and teacher. The shirts are for us to wear when we teach classes. I am glad to see that proceeds go to help with outdoor education. Both Cindy and I have installed rain gardens at our respective schools with the help of grants from our local watershed/quality organization.

Dear Kathy, Thank you for getting my Seurat “Sunday in the Park” tie to me so swiftly! And it arrived in time for Easter Sunday. I’m not a tie-wearer usually, and my church is so—o-o casual...but in the midst of composing this e-mail, my tie opportunity came up (plus I’ll wear this tie to places I’d not ordinarily wear a tie, e.g. the symphony in May, the Seattle (Gay) Men’s Chorus in May, and more, since it’s so festive and colorful. What do the Frogs’ say...joie d’ vivre (sp)??? Our minister called about me doing some publicity for our traditional sunrise service on the lake on one side of Seattle’s downtown. It’s a beautiful event and open to all, no matter if they’re Christian or not (well, it’s a PUBLIC park!). I have an idea of doing a poster to promote the service honoring Seurat’s painting and Christ’s rebirth on top of the hill (it’s called “kite hill” because a lot of folks fly...yes, KITES!). Now if it’ll only not rain (which is dicey in Seattle!). ~ Greg

Hi Kathy, I found your site by Googling "snake neckties." There actually is a story behind my choice. I am an elementary school computer teacher and I breed ball pythons as a hobby/side business. We're right at the beginning of egg laying season, and I told my students that anytime one of my snakes lays eggs, I'll wear a necktie with a snake on it. I needed one more snake tie so I wouldn't have to keep wearing the same ones over and over, thus, my order. Thanks, Glenn

Thank you for the very prompt reply. I found your site by accident when I was searching for hot air balloon images for a hot air balloon themed baby shower I am having that is being thrown in my honor. I am getting this tie for my husband for father's day (even though the baby won't be born yet). I thought it was adorable and I know he'll love it. In fact, I had him choose the pattern he liked from your images, he just doesn't know what he was choosing or why!

Kathy - Found your website by entering "Military Silk Collage Ties" in Google and going through a number of "tie" websites. During the past 3 or so years I've purchased and given free to more than 50 WW II, Korean, and Vietnam War veterans Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine silk collage ties. They are all members with me of a unique American Legion Post here in Toledo, OH whose members (221) are mostly business and professional men & women. Many have been in and survived major battles in these wars. We do not own any property, but meet at a local private club every Friday Noon and have a featured speaker. About 50 attend each meeting. Dick

Rubber Chicken Neck Tie - I am a hospital clown at Children's Medical in Dallas. The chicken tie has become part of my outfit (for my regular clown character too). Kids love it (adults, too) I wear a lab coat at the hospital.

Kathy, We held our church retreat and the pens were a hit! In fact our speaker asked where we got them as he would like to see them sold at the gift store at the Creation Museum sponsored by Answers in Genesis. I forwarded your contact information to him. Thanks again, Pastor Don Francis

Two of these are a birthday present for my sister and the cow is to replace one that I have but has fallen off the refrigerator so often that it's sadly mutilated. I found your website by googling. Many years ago I purchased a few similar animal head magnets from a local zoo gift shop, and a few more in the years since; I always keep my eyes open for them but seldom see them. I've always loved them (I enjoy looking them in the eye when I'm around the fridge!) Recently my sister noted and commented on them, and on a whim I started fishing around the internet. I found your site and one other. Your cow is exactly like the one I have. I'd get them all, but spending my little bit of money on magnets is not the wisest thing I could do. Anyway, that's my story - and I'm sticking to it! Thanks again! Have a nice day!

Kathy----Wonderful ties; the crowd loved them and it’s a good thing we had extras because the owners of the restaurant---Oceano--best fish restaurant in ST Louis---also wanted ties. We will contact you for wardrobe suggestions before our next gig! Thanks for finding the additional ones, David (Bluegrasss stringband)

You know I am working in a petrol transport company - we are working to the hungarian oil company: transporte from the oil produktions place to the big reservoirs... or to a raffienery. Laszlo(Hungary)

Kathy, There is a funny story behind the choice actually. I work for Leg Up Marketing which is an advertising agency and production company which primarily works with independent jewelers around the country. The owner of the company is a jeweler himself and we have recently produced a fun, catchy commercial for him which included a rubber chicken! It has been a big hit in the community and I'm sure the tie will be a great addition. I will include a link so you can see the commercial. Thank you, Lori www.ssjvideo.com/chickendone4b.wmv

Got the order. Thank you. I know where I getting all my turtle things now.

Kathy, Actually, there has been a long standing joke amongst a big group of people with a travelling rubber chicken. It has always made it's way into car trunks or baggage before a plane trip or dresser drawers and has been sort of a travelling joke for several years now. You never know when or where the rubber chicken will appear. The original two people who thought of this idea and started the whole thing wear suits and ties on a regular basis and one of them has a birthday this week. I was talking to the other one and said "too bad there isn't a rubber chicken tie" and he almost doubled over laughing. He said if I found one, he'd wear it. So, my idea for the gifts was born. From there, I checked on ebay and then googled rubber chicken necktie. That is how I found your site. I was impressed by your very large selection and may be back to buy other ties. Thanks, Tonya

Kathy My wife found your site. I do not know what she was looking for but when she came across your site noticed the tie. This was one of the first ties she bought for me when I got out of the Air Force back in 1993. I liked it so much that I wore it so much that it wore out. I appreciate her finding it for me. Thanks Mark

I retired three years ago after 33 years as an elementary teacher and have been teaching "Introduction to Environmental Studies" classes at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse the past two years. I do a variety of programs for schools, scouts, nature centers, teacher workshops, etc. and one of the favorites is on "Unhuggables" (emphasizing wolves, bats, snakes, etc.) and I have a little ball python that I include in it. I also do the program with my college classes each semester. Anyway, I wanted a "snake shirt" to wear when I do these programs so just started googling. With key words "North America snakes shirt", your website came up and the shirt I ordered seemed perfect. As I cruised through it, I also came across the scat bandana. I also talk about the dung beetle when I cover Biodiversity in my college classes and tend to get a bit "carried away" with the dung stuff (gets to be kind of a "shitty" class) so the bandana seemed appropriate. I have a shirt similar to the bandana that I wear for that class so thought the bandana would be a nice addition to my wardrobe for the day. Thanks a bunch and best of luck to you with your business. Scott Lee

Wow a question that needs an answer, my wife Ann has had a balsa wood frog pen for years. She received it as a gift from someone. Finding this pen in a dog has been a quest. Yesterday she was sitting at her computer dealing with her pit bull rescue groups, took a break for a google of wood pens and she found your site, you have the frog pen, therefore yoy have the type pen, albeit not the exact breed pen but close in the doberman. If you ever have anything in pit bull or staffordshire bull terriers, we have three real ones and they are our current passion as our children have grown and flown the nest. Ann is totally invlved in rescue groups up here, so let us know. Thanks for your help with the pens. Al

The tie came today and it is just perfect! Thank you so much. We are giving it to a young man who has won an award for being an outstanding American History teacher at a local high school so it could not be a better gift. Mimi

Dear Kathy, I discovered your site while searching for gift with bluebirds on them. I am the State Regent for the Missouri State Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Each year a group of Missouri Daughters travel to Continental Congress in Washington, DC as a group and since the eastern bluebird is the state bird of Missouri they are called the bluebirds. The State Regent provides a gift to each traveler as a memento of their trip to Congress. My maternal grandfather's people are from Kingwood and Terra Alta, WV--Trowbridge, Posten, and Gregg are the names from that region. Our David Trowbridge was a traveling Methodist minister and his name is on the stained glass windows in the Methodist Church in Kingwood. I am so thrilled to see that a portion of you profit goes to k-12 educational outreach using school gardens to teach hands-on science. I am a retired science teacher, as is my husband. Our daughter was teaching in FL, but is raising children now. She and her students planted a garden and it was well received by students, staff and parents. Lemira

My mom is going to wrap it up for my dad for his birthday next week. He had this tie a long time ago and loved it (we're from right outside Dodge City) and it finally went to tie heaven. I've been looking for one forever! Thank you for the best present for my dad!! Addie

The story behind one of our choice (and started our search) is that we were looking for a tie related to Gold / Gold rush or Gold mining, our area is full of gold mines! One of them will be the biggest open-pit gold mine in Canada and the US. //www.osisko.com/en/ Your ties are great and different from the other site that I buy from and we will add your site to our favourite and share it.

Kathy The tie arrived yesterday and looks beautiful. I found you by googling aviation ties and your web-site was one of many that popped up but it also looked like the most trust worthy. DC-3's is one of my husband's favorite airplanes. He has been in the aviation industry for about 20 years and loves it. For the last four and 1/2 years he has worked for the FAA and of course he needs to dress business like which means wearing ties, my kids and I have had a ball trying to find him fun and unusual ties to wear, so you can bet I will be ordering from your site again. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas and blessed New Year Becky

My younger sister is a vet and reptiles/snakes are of special interest to her, and my dad became quite the snake enthusiast along with her. So when I asked my kids what to get Grandpa, they said, "A snake tie!" I did a google search and found your site. They thought the snakes on the tie we chose were especially cute. Thanks again for all your help & your quick service!

Hi Kathy: I did place the order with PayPal last night. I picked the bandanas for a friend who is going through her second bout of cancer and chemo. She will soon lose her hair again and need head cover. She also ties flies for fly fishing so that's why I picked out the ones I did.

Hi Kathy, It looks like you are doing some very worthwhile and creative ventures. Very Cool! I found your sight by googling F.L.Wright ties. They are for my librarian husband. We live in an arts and crafts style house and my husband appreciates Wright's eye for design, his passion and level of productivity, particularly later in life!

Just a little story about ties for you. I am the Director of Early Childhood Education for a Head Start program. (Pre-school for children three to five years old from families living in poverty.) Each year I develop several fans of my tie collection. This year a beautiful little four-year-old finds it impossible to leave school without carefully inspecting my tie of the day and identifying what is on it. We have become good friends. My ties have helped me make many friends, young and old. Happy Holidays, Keith

Yes, the story behind my choice is...while visiting our Son and Family in Denver, we attended his Lutheran church. The usher had a tie....Books of the Bible just like your website....I have hunted and hunted for it. My husband always ushers at our church, and I thought it would be a great Christmas gift...one the he would wear a lot. His birthday is in January, I'll check out your website next month. Thank you for your reply, and a Merry Christmas to you.

K - The Bayeaux tie showing the Battle of Hastings was received. Thank you. The tie was given to a neighbor teenage boy, who is going through a rough time at the present. His mother mentioned to me that in their family background is a distant Montgomery line. The Montgomeries were part of the motley group of thugs led by William of Normandy who defeated the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings (1066) and thus began the conquest and foundation of what is now England. I gave the tie to the boy to let him know that he and I have a history and a common heritage. Having long been a teacher (university level - retired), I know that young people at various times go through identity crises and seek some sort of rootedness. It was a well intended gesture. I don't plan to hear back from him. Kids are like that these days. - D

Hi Kathy, The Oscar tie you sent it great. I was just looking through google search when your site came up. The story behind the tie was each of our teams at the school I work at has come up with team names. Since it is my first year teaching, I wanted to get the perfect gift for my mentor. His team name is called the MESS (Math English Science Social Studies) and their team mascot is Oscar the Grouch. It has been such a hard time finding a tie, but I do love the new one you sent over. Thank you so much for your quick responses. I can't wait to see the tie! Kim

The tie is for her boss and he collects and restores model trains.

I'm not 100% sure how I first heard about your website. My husband had some health issues last year and I may have come across it while doing research online. Yes, there's a story - the gift is for my uncle who is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company that's working on a number of drugs, including a Hep C drug. This is beyond the perfect gift for him. Thanks, I'll call today! Besha

In my last purchase from you, I bought 2 neckties with the intent of giving them to my brother who teaches art to elementary aged school children in New York. In August of 2009 he had a terrible motorcycle accident and for a while we didn't know if he would survive. Because he was unable to teach, and at the time whether or if he would ever teach, drive, or do anything totally on his own was in question, I did not send him a tie because it seemed it would only remind him of what he was unable to do (he wears these ties to school to inspire and entertain the children with whom he works). This year, I am very happy to say, he is able to teach again - miracles do happen still - and he is getting one for Christmas. I have another one saved back for next year, but since he gets one from our parents as well, and it may be that they have sent their last one, that next year we will be ordering again. I'm so glad that you carry these ties because Macys no longer carries them at Christmas, nor have I seen them anywhere else. And, yes, your website is bookmarked as a Favorite on my computer. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Regards, Christine

Dear Kathy: as I remarked in our conversation last evening, I found your website as I searched for a tie that I could wear to a Boston Tea Party reenactment here in Boston at the Old South Meeting House oh Sunday, Dec. 12. This affair has NOTHING to do with the current Tea Party political hysteria in this country. It is something the Meeting House has been sponsoring for ears at this historical site in Boston. I was searching for a tie appropriate to the occasion, googled something like American Historical Neckties and you popped up. Amazing. Exactly what I wanted, because it not only included the Tea Party remembrances, but also the night of April 19 which we celebrate as Patriot's Day and the ride of Paul Revere. I'll be checking your site out again because of its richness and originality and its touch with great events and personages in American his troy. It's a knockout and I appreciate your answering the phone and expediting the order. I will mention your site to the Meeting House and if they haven't already made touch with you, I'm sure they will. They have a nice store there, and sell some of the things you do. So, many thanks. And have a great Christmas! Gratefully yours, Jim

I googled save the children ties. There are many sites to choose but you had best display of patterns. I was looking for a tie for my nephew doing his student teaching in music dept after xmas. I jumped at the chance to purchase. I did later find the tie on ebay much cheaper but I think for a gift a new tie is appropriate Thanks Laurie

I did a Google search for ties with a book theme. My husband is a librarian and likes to wear funny ties on casual days. He has the one Snoopy tie, but it got a stain. It was one of his favorites, so I will surprise him at Christmas with the replacement. I had never seen the Micky ties, so that will be fun. Thanks, Lora

Hi Kathy, I found your website through a Google search for "sperm whale neckties". Changed my mind about "sperm whales" when i saw the "mad cow" tie!! The tie is an Christmas gift for my boss who is a Neuropathologist, I am his lab technician. The "mad cow' tie is so cool since my boss always gives lectures on "mad cow" disease. Thanks, Nancy

The story......The relative of a relative is a pastor's wife (a sweet lady around 60 who has developed dementia and is suffering major hairloss). Hoping one of the hats will be a good gift for her and maybe help her husband when he gets her ready. Your site looked promising .....so I will definitely pass it along. Dawn

My boyfriend loves dragons and blue and I love dragons and green. We're both getting dragon tattoos (well I have, but he seems reluctant because I told him it does hurt to get tattooed, the chicken!) He is also crazy about chess so I've found a chess t-shirt that I want to get him. The t-shirts are for his birthday. Thanks, Elaine (South Africa)

I found your website through a Google search for "necktie winnie the pooh". One of the people I work for is known among his family as "little bear" and he works in the diversity field, so this tie is perfect for him. Cordially, Cheryl

Our son is a civil engineer who inspects and designs bridges in VA and W. VA. He was here for Thanksgiving (we're in RI), and mentioned in conversation his favorite tie was one with bridges. He saves it to wear at presentations. So after he left I got on the internet searching for ties with bridges and found you! Gratefully, Donna

My husband is a pediatrician and and always wears pooh ties. He's called Dr Pooh. My brother is a botanist. Great ties!!

Thank you, Kathy. No more orders for p. 18 at the moment. My son played the Bach Brandenburg Concerto (harpsichord) with an orchestra this month and I did an all-Bach concert (cello) with the **** Baroque Orchestra. Today I learned that a recent flood ruined all my son's "composer" ties, so that's the story behind the order. I found your website because I was researching musical ties to give him for Christmas. Martha

I did a search for "no free lunch" fish tee shirts (using Yahoo), and eventually came to your site. I have been buying this artist's shirts for my brother for Christmas for many years. A store in Sonora, CA used to carry them, but doesn't anymore. I picked this particular shirt because my brother has most of the others, and he likes blues music (and is perhaps the world's worst blues harp player).

Hi Kathy - I just wanted to tell you that I love the 5 caps you sent me! They are exactly what I was looking for, especially the tortoise hat. Thank you for helping me to find peace regarding my search for turtle hats. I will await the second tortoise hat. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care, Eunice

Hi Kathy The story behind my choice is that my husband works for a non-profit that promotes wise use of floodplains. They use maps extensively and of course he loves maps. I have ordered ties from your site in the past and he loves them! He asked again this year for a map tie for Christmas so I turned to your site again. I chose the Florida Bay Island both because of the theme (think sea level rise and climate change impacts to Florida) and because it is an attractive design. I will call later today and give you my information for payment. Kate

How I found your website? I was looking for the Ravensbrew bear t-shirts I had seen in Port Gamble WA while touring the west coast this summer (from L.A. to Vancouver). Unfortunately they stocked these in large sizes only. And Ravensbrew themselves don't ship abroad. So I searched on Google - and guess where I landed? WWW makes everything so easy... Best wishes across the pond, Bernd - Berlin, Germany

Thank you Kathy. There is a story behind finding your website. When my fiance and I were in ****** last year, we purchased a hat almost identical to your tortoise hat. We loved it. One of my pet names for fiance is "turtle" as he sometimes looks like a turtle. But unfortunately, in our haste to make our flight back to L.A., we left the hat in the rental car. We were heartbroken. I have been searching for a whole year trying to find one like it. Last night, after extensive searching on the Internet, I was so exhilarated when I found your cool and unique website! I love your hats! Thank you again.

My close friend was in a famous opera festival choir in Tosca last summer- this is a Christmas present

My son-in-law, lives in Atlanta, was bitten recently by a copperhead. Spent several days in the hospital but seems to have recovered okay. Just was 'googling' snake tee shirts to find a birthday present as a memento and saw your site. Love the graphics. They look great. Bill

Kathy: My wife is an infection control practioner, actually quite prominent in the field. I first saw these ties at her meetings. I "googled" up infectious diseases ties and came to your site. I ordered ties for a Rotarian raising money to fight polio, a dust mite tie for our son, and a Clostridium tie for our family doc, who specializes in infectious diseases. Oscar

Hi Kathy, As I said on the phone, my family is full of professional (1) and amateur (4) entomologists. A year or so ago, I bought one of my grandsons (whose main passion is insects) a shirt with a circle of caterpillars on it ... I think at our local museum. His mom said it was one of his favorite shirts and he wore it VERY often. Since he has grown at lot in the last year (he is going on 8) she asked if I could buy him an identical one in a larger size. That style was long gone at the museum, so I did a Google search on "Insect T shirts" and found you! How lucky for both of us!! Then, when your recent e-mail came, I decided to buy the same grandson another shirt for his upcoming birthday. And because you have that great $6.00 flat rate shipping policy, I showed your site to my husband. It took him a couple of weeks, but he eventually picked out two shirts for himself as well. Good deal all around! Happy holidays, Valerie Olson

Hi, Kathy, Wanted to be sure you got my order and to let you know it is to be a gift for a friend who turned me on to the Elizabeth Peters mystery books about Amelia Peabody and her family in Egypt of the 1800's. I have enjoyed hours and hours of enjoyment from the books and this seemed to be a fitting "thank you." I first saw the scarf in a Smithsonian catalog for the holidays in 2006, but when I checked recently, they were out of them (of course). The customer rep. suggested I Google it, and that's how I found you. I am SO delighted to find this scarf still available!! Thanks so much! Margit

Hi, Kathy: Just to let you know that the Lewis and Clark tie arrived today (Monday) - a week before the training where I'm wearing it! And, it's beautiful! Thank you. I can hardly wait until our next training - two more ties to order this year, one on something between 1835 - 1860, and one on the Civil War.... Have a great day - you certainly made mine a super one! -Mike

Hi again Kathy, I forgot to reply to your question "any story behind your choice?" My mother and father in law live in Eldoret Kenya. My father in law runs one of the largest AIDS treatment and prevention programs in the world. //www.iukenya.org/ They are here in the states during the month of October--this is the only time my children get to see their grandfather every year. Next weekend (the 23rd) is the gala fundraiser for their program. So I thought that a necktie with an African safari print would be perfect for my son. I googled "Boys necktie with African print" and up popped your site! I know I'm ordering this at the 11th hour, so if you think I need to pay extra for quicker shipping, please let me know. We'll need it to arrive by next Friday the 22nd! Thanks!! Julie

I found your website through a Google search for LION NECKTIE. I wanted to get it as a Christmas gift for my financial adviser, who is also the treasurer of the Meadville Lions Club.

Hi Kathy, I'm really looking forward to receiving my order. We live on a small lake where the herons nest and feed along our shore. On a recent art seminar in Az., one of the fellow artists wore the heron species shirt and of course, I went nuts!! Just by doing Google searches, I found your site......the rest is history. I plan to visit your site on a regular basis to see what else you might add.Thanks....Beverly

Hi Kathy Thank you for the confirmation of my order. I like the way you have done your WEB page, actually I found it (the site) pretty easily on the pages that I was searching for. The Ties I have ordered are what I like and when in the US a few years ago bought one from NY as I saw them also at the San Diego Zoo.The Tie has always been a talking point here when I wear it as there is nothing like them (as far as I know here in OZ) and the OZ neck ties are so boring based on the old 'pommy' designs . Where we live is close to the city of Cairns (canz) about 1 1/2 hours west towards the inland and on the Atherton Tableland about 3,000 ft above sea level, we have just recently moved up here from spending 30 years on the coast in canz and visit the city (canz) quite regularly . WE Charlotte (Charlie) and myself do a fair bit of travelling when we have the chance and I am only to happy to share any information as to where I purchased the ties and other items with whom ever asks anyway havagooday catchyalater-ron

Hi Kathy- My husband originally bought the same tie at Philadelphia airport and has worn it so frequently, it has gotten tattered. So we went to the internet to see if we could find another one and you gratefully had one. Thanks!

Hi Kathy, I would like to order the Time Warp Dali Collecter Necktie (Ralph Marlin 17741 $10.00 photopoly 3 1/4" tie). I live in Canada, and I have never ordered a product like this. Do you have it on ebay or something? How do I pay for it? And I would like to recieve within the next couple weeks, in time to prepare for halloween. Thank you so much! - Niki

Will do Kathy, and thanks again. My brother is managing an tavern n the Middleburg area of VA and they wanted him to wear animal ties. He is a dog lover, so I googled dog ties and whaalaa, your site popped up! Will definitely forward it to others! Jill

hello , im a chicago plumber and i remember that painting of the plumbers by rockwell hanging up in my union hall . i always took a liking to it and i was searching the web for a poster of it . cam across your page and i love the tie. my union has invited me to a plumbers dinner and i thought it would be a great time for that tie. .cant wait to get it , thank you

Kathy - I was in Alaska this summer visiting a friend and he had this same T-Shirt and gave me your website. And YES - There is a story behind my choice (The family that preys together stays together)................... We were fishing along the Russian River on our trip when we encountered a Grizzly Sow and her Cub. They were on the other side of the river so I took some video. Well.............. They decided they wanted to be on our side of the river so they swam across and started up the trail toward us. We had no where to go but up, so we retreated and after our climb I pulled out the video camera again and realized that my friend was wearing THAT shirt! Pretty ironic and funny now that we did not get eaten by the bear. If you noticed, I bought two of these shirts - One for me and one for my Pastor. He got quite a kick out of it! Alex

I teach my Sunday School class about history, science, dinosaurs, DNA, fossils, radiometric dating, and other fun stuff that supports the biblical world view. Besides, what kind of person doesn't like wearing dinosaur ties to church. For more information you can visit AnswersInGenesis.org.

Hi Kathy, I found your website by googling "wolf tie." My son is a junior in a private high school that has a dress code and a tie is required for boys. He has worn a wolf tie that we got in Alaska every day for 4 years and now it is in shreds! He insists on getting a new one that is the same one but we can't find the exact design and yours comes the closest! The tie is the only wolf thing that he wants. I will send a check for $14, ($10 plus $4) shipping out to you. Thanks!

Hello Kathy, I wanted to let you know that I just received the Condor necktie - it is even nicer than I had hoped for. I am really delighted to have it. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I wanted to have the tie to wear to a reception at the Boise Art Museum held in conjunction with the 2010 Idaho Triennial exhibition. One of my photographic prints, a panoramic image I made at the Pinnacles National Monument in California, is in the exhibition. As you are know doubt aware, the Pinnacles are one of the locations where California Condors have been reintroduced into the wild (there are now 26 free-flying condors in the Pinnacles; six that were released in 2006 were bred at the Idaho Birds of Prey Center here in Boise). The day that I made the Pinnacles photograph, six condors were flying around the peaks above me as I was hiking up the trail to the ridgeline. As I sat on the rocks waiting for a break in the clouds to make the particular image I had in mind, a huge shadow passed over me and I was suddenly startled by a "whoosh" of air as one of the condors swooped down immediately above me. What an exciting event!
Anyhow, each artist will be recording a brief narrative discussing their work and how it relates to the exhibition's theme of "Sustain & Expand". Even though there are no condors in my photograph, I will talk about the significance of the Pinnacles as part of the reintroduction program and the hope that one day there will be a self-sustaining population of condors in the Monument that will eventually expand their range beyond the boundaries of the reintroduction area. I will be wearing my new tie proudly! Thanks...Pat

Hello Kathy, My tie arrived yesterday and I love it! My school has gone through many changes in the last several years. One of the those changes was selecting a new school mascot and the winning choice was the golden eagle. However, every picture of an eagle that is displayed is a picture of a bald eagle. Also, I am a big necktie wearer. I am the VP at an elementary school so I have many ties that are school related and ties that kids would enjoy. I wanted a necktie with a golden eagle on it, not a bald eagle. I GOOGLEd "Golden eagle neckties and your site was on of the ones that came up. First, I was surprised to even find one ste with what I was looking for. You had a nice selection, but unfornately, I could only by one. I know it will be a big hit on the first day of school. Thanks Stan

Dear Kathy: I apologize for the slight delay in my response- I payed you thru Palpal a few minutes ago. My husband researched coatis in the Southwest for a number of years before settling into teaching biology at a local high school. He is starting a native plant nursery here in New Mexico, "Coati Natives," and he had purchased this hat from you through eBay a little while back. A few days ago, the buckle/clasp broke off of it, so I thought I would order him a replacement. I did a few different Google searches, and finally found you when a picture of the hat appeared under images for "Coati baseball cap." My husband is thrilled the replacement is on its way- he says its "part of his uniform!" His classroom is decked out with all kinds of coati info as well- he just loves them- probably has a lot to do with the field research and spending so much time observing them and being in their environment. Thank you! Elisa

Kathy, Thanks so much ... we received the tie on Monday. Jack was THRILLED beyond belief when he saw the box in the mail. It looks really great ... his character is called Phineous Trout, so we wanted a fish tie. Then, when we googled Ralph Marlin trout tie, we found your website. I appreciate your speedy service/shipping. Jenna

Dear Kathy, Thanks for the order confirmation. Here's how I ended up at your web site: I saw some greeting cards with Ray Troll designs at a shop in Ann Arbor, where I work, and I wondered if there might be t-shirts with the same or similar designs. I'm always looking for unusual fish-related gifts because a friend and I, both Pisces with birthdays one day apart, celebrate our birthdays every year by exchanging fish gifts and cards over lunch (sometimes at a seafood restaurant). So I Googled "Ray Troll t-shirts" and found your site. The t-shirt I'm currently ordering is actually for another friend, an economist who I think will appreciate the "no free lunch" theme. - Nancy

I found your website by searching for Musical Ties. Yes there is a bit of a story behind the purchase of both neckties. I need the antique gramophone necktie because my wife and I provide entertainment for a wide variety of groups of people (Womens Institutes, Residential care homes, visually impaired groups etc) by playing the old 78 rpm gramophone records - Glenn Miller, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra etc. We have been doing this on a voluntary basis for about 15 years now and spend much of our spare time researching the tunes and artists so that we can give some information when we play the records. The jpeg attached was produced from an article in a local newspaper in 1999. We have now done over 300 of our presentations! I work for the Michigan Public Service Commission and part of my job involves the regulation for transmission lines just like on the tie. I did a google search for "transmission ties" and your site popped up.

The other necktie (music notes) is needed because I also belong to a group of handbell ringers. We also provide entertainment for groups similar to those above and most of our men already have those neckties. We have a new member who needs a necktie! If you ever discover a necktie with handbells as the design, let me know and I am sure that we would buy some as an alternative for our "uniform" Our handbell groups website is //www.stanwickhandbells.org.uk/ That's me - in the centre of the back row! Regards Mike

A friend of mine sent me to your website and I do have it bookmarked in my favorites. The "story" behind my choices is that I am a birder and I love cats (I have 9 domestic ones). I like dogs too (I have a brother and sister Shar Pei/Lab mix), but if I had to choose, it would be cats. I actually bought the "Cat Trax" T-shirt two years ago at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum outside Tucson when I was at the gem and mineral show. When I got it home, I discovered that it had a small hole in it, but I have worn it numerous times anyway. When I saw a chance to get a new one, I jumped.

I'm passionate about hummingbirds and would like to wear hummer t-shirts every day, and no other kind, so I add to my collection occasionally. The first time I ordered from you (I almost didn't because I couldn't just click on things and put them in a "shopping cart)," I had just googled "hummingbird t-shirt. I looked at many sites but chose you because it sounded like good quality, reasonable prices, and particularly I wanted realistic, recognizable hummingbirds, not abstract stuff. I was happy with the transaction and the quality of the shirt. This month is my 70th birthday and I treated myself to two new shirts. I'm involved in a hummingbird banding project and wear hummer shirts when we band. Also I hve a birding habitat that specializes in Lucifer Hummingbirds. I'm sure I gave you more of the "story" than you meant. LOL If you do want to know more, check out my blog: //cmoasis.blogspot.com. I'm eager to wear my new shirts at the annual hummingbird banding convention. Thanks. PS- I also love your flat rate shipping. Your order form isn't an obstacle so much as places like Amazon are so easy. They have all my info on file so a few clicks and I'm done. I never have to type any info. But I'm not complaining. Your shipping rate and great t-shirts make it worth every bit of effort. (which isn't really that much effort)

Kathy, I was on line looking for neckties marketed by the U.S Postal Service and I came upon your site. I work for the Postal Service and have 5 other different ties so far and am searching for more. I have no idea how many different ones were produced for the U.S.P.S. I think the year was 1997. I enjoy wearing these ties to work. Thank you so much..................Sandy

I found your website in a Google search for "chili pepper neckties" . . . my Dad loves chili peppers and I thought a chili pepper tie would be a fun twist on the traditional Father's Day tie! Thanks again! Heithem

I have a three year old who absolutely enjoys eating fish (Every week we have a different type; which is whole so he can see from inception to table) This week is Barracuda; so I thought the apron would be fun to wear for him. Cheers, Bill

I will answer your question, but unless it's needed, don't answer back until after Father's Day. My hubby checks my email periodically and I'm trying to keep this secret from him. I found your site by googling "Country Farm series ties". I was looking for this exact tie. I bought one for my hubby 16 years ago on our honeymoon. He loves this tie (to it's death). He has worn out the area where friction has worn through the material. He tried to find a substitute but he likes little else. So I went on search to find the exact tie. Your's was the only place on the internet I found one for sale. I am suprised I found one! I was glad the tie said "country farm series" on the back of it, that helped me find it! Kristi
PS I grew up next to a town named Grafton, but it's in North Dakota :-)

I love your last moniker! Story aye? I have a sister whom has all, including a whole buncha' hand-me-downs. I received a shirt of the same in a cleaning house process after she and her man separated after a gazillion years and three kids of marriage. I took a fancy to the shirt and have an Xtra large friend whom lives too fish on the lower end of the Laguna Madre, island cabin at the land cut betwix'd Baffin Bay and Port Mansfield. We went on a work weekend in April and hopefully will repeat late this month thus the inquiry about the 20June week delivery. So I searched the net under "Walk Softly but carry a Big Fish" and found you. Scrolled through the majority of your specialty t-wear and found me shirt! Awesome........... Good job lass! Take Care, PCarmody:)

Kathy, Your website came up in a Google search. My son plays saxophone in his school band and he is graduating on Thursday, so he thought it would be cool to have a sax on his tie. Thanks, John

yup, there is a story. I'm 72, about to retire. Later this year, I will get the dog and start training her for obedience, agility, water trials. In 2011, she and I will acquire a small trailer, head out across America, fly fishing in 48 states and entering dog trials along the way. Just the two of us. I occasionally get where there are several fly fishermen and like to wear unusual T shirts. As prep for the trek, I'm letting my hair grow long so I can pull it back. For now (and later), I use scarves/bandanas. So the bandanas are a fashion statement. would very much like to have this order in hand by 6/9. best, slg Sandra - Her dog is a Portuguese Waterdog

The reason I picked those two ties is because my husband collect toy sharks and crocodiles and I thought this would be something nice to get him for our 10:th wedding anniversary that is coming up soon. I found your website when doing a google searh for "shark tie"//Jenny, Sweden

Good morning Kathy, Thanks for the quick response to my email order (PO # 35). The story behind my choice is my niece is getting married next week (7-25-09) in the Newport Aquarium across the river from Cincinnati OH. As the Uncle I thought it was appropriate to wear a fish tie to the wedding. Their receiving line will be in the tunnels running thru the shark tanks.

My daughters wedding is 8/22 with a outdoor theme This tie is for the Groom who loves to fish at the Texas coast with my daughter My tie has has antique guns & the best man has a camo tie Thanks Tom

Hi Kathy; Thank you for your message and info. I found your sight just by searching google for Alaska themed neckties. My husband and I have been going to AK for a number of years and have a bit of a kinship there. On occasion we have to dress up, (only a few times a year thank goodness!) and he is rather unconventional... which I love and therefore, only unconventional ties will do. His favorite one has been seen one to many times now and I just loved your grizzly bear scene tie, and thought he might also! We do have a wedding coming up and thought it might be time to add a new one. I will send a check out to you tomorrow and look forward to receiving it! Thanks again, your products are great. I will gladly pass on the info. Take care. Nancy

Hi Kathy, I'm sorry I didn't write sooner but we were away for Thanksgiving. I picked up our mail today and the tie was already here. THANK YOU. It is BEAUTIFUL. It is prettier then the picture on the website. You asked how I found your website, I googled "tropical fish tie" and your website was one that matched. As for the choice. Well our son, who is a senior, wants to be a marine biologist. He is a class "Model United Nations" that requires debating. When he debates at conferences, he has to wear a suit and tie. He just returned from Russia for the class where he spent three days debating. He will be attending a conference in The Hague in Jan. He is also going to the Science Fair in Germany in Feb. He must have ties for both of these event. He actually, put ties on his Christmas list! He has another fish tie and he also has a sea turtle tie. He has other plain ties but he enjoys the ocean theme ties. He always receives complements on his tropical ties. So we are continuing this for him. I can't wait to give him this tie. It is prettier than any of the other ties he already has. He will be so EXCITED. THANK YOU again for your help, Connie

Dear Kathy, I found your website by searching for orchid themed neckties. My husband raises orchids and I am always at a loss as to what to get him so he mentioned that it would be neat to have a necktie with orchids on it and the rest is history. The T-shirt I didn't even know I needed until I saw it! Anyway, thank you for your quick response. Teresa

Our order of bandanas arrived very quickly, thank you. I found your site searching for 100% cotton bandanas and was impressed with the selection of natural history designs. Your enclosure mentions using school gardens to teach hands-on science, wonderful! You might be interested in my husband's website, www.jeffnet.org/~hgpf/ He started a nonprofit in Portland OR in in the mid-80's and built raised-bed vegetable gardens for the poor, elderly & handicapped. Before we left Portland in '96 he had built over 1400 gardens. Most were at the homes of individuals but some were at schools, hospices, shelters, etc. The site contains much about how he did that, as well as some material and links concerning urban gardening and values of gardening to human beings. He's retired now from building but is always looking for ways to promote the idea of gardening. We are hoping the current economic conditions may get people back to the basics including gardening. We both wish you the best with your work with kids and gardens, and will pass your site on to others. Cynthia southern Oregon

Thank you for your prompt response. I would like to order the "Alert Cheetah" in blue and black, as well as the "Family Collector" in tan and black. That will raise my total bill to $106.00, which I will pay by cc tomorrow. My daughter gave these ties to her father when she was a little girl and he is quite sentimental about them, but of course they are worn from years of wear. So I was thrilled to see them on your website, which I found through a Google search. Do you collect items that folks may want when they are no longer available? If so, we thank you! I will call tomorrow.....Terri

Dear Ms Wildman, My story is that I traded my dolphin tie for a boy's school tie during a conference, only to find out afterwards that my teacher had said not to trade. OOPS! Alex

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the quick reply. Website is cool and the only one I found with a Turtle bowtie! I searched the net using turtle bowtie as the criteria, found you about 15 on the list with Bow Tie Club coming first, who I have used before but they don't have this one :-) I will certainly pass on your details to the Turtle Ball organisers who are World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) South Pacific. This ball is a fundraiser for turtle tagging and conservation work in the Pacific. It is an annual event so there may be some opportunity for you there. A carefully chosen tie won me the Best Dressed Man title at the last ball so finger crossed, this one will work too :-) Thanks Greg

Kathy, I found your website via a Google search for ties with specific themes. Working in London as a tourist guide (among other things), I find it fun to wear themed ties relating to the specific walk or visit I'm doing. Many thanks, Mark

Kathy, We have three daughters. I accompanied our youngest on a school field trip to the Erie, PA Zoo. She bought each of her two sisters pens like these. That night our puppy chewed up my daughter's giraffe pen. She was devastated, so I told her I would see what I could find. I found you using a google search. A photo of the pens came up and I found your website. They look identical to what the zoo sold. I will get a check out to you now that I know you have our order. I think my wife will look at future things that we might want to get for our kids. Thanks, Tim Holohan

I Googled for embroidered turtle hats..............found you. Yes there is a story. I just started running 5 K's , I am 57 and have never been a runner. A year ago I coudn't even do a jumping jack. Now 70 pounds lighter I am running 5Ks. I have a 10k coming up in June and I want a hat with a Tortise on it to symbolize my slow but steady pace!.......Hi Kathy, I received the hat today! Thanks so much. It is everything I had hoped for. I'll send you a picture of me after the 10K. Russ

Thank you! My father is 72 years old and has always had, up until recently, black angus cattle. He kept about 40 cattle while also working a full time job. He would sell cattle when my college tuition was due! He is unable to care for them anymore, but I thought he would love this tie! I have received confirmation from paypal that the money was sent. If it gets here by Christmas, that is fine, if not, that is fine too! Christmas starts on Christmas Day and lasts through January 6th! Thank you. I will visit your site again! Merry Christmas. Susan

Hi, I want only the bee necktie, I found your website on the internet. the reason for may choice is my son keeps bees for honey and to help his garden. thanks Sandra (I dont know what a invertebrate is) The Lord has established His throne in the heavens; And His sovereignty rules over all.PSALM 103:19

Dear Kathy, today the puma tshirt arrived and I am absolutely delighted. It is the most beautiful puma tshirt I have ever seen. I am going to wear it when we go back to a remote lodge in the rainforest of Costa Rica where we have seen pumas - even a black one with a black(!) cub. Thank you very much. Kind regards Friederike (Ireland)

I found your website by searching for cow neckties. I grew up on my Dad's dairy farm and now work with the dairy industry. I had been looking for a cow necktie to wear on days that called for me to dress up. Thanks for taking care of my order so quickly! I have your website saved and will share with my friends. Thanks, Jimmy

Hi Kathy, I'll be calling with the credit card info in just a sec. To answer your question, I found your website by Googling on "elephant neckties." I met a man at church yesterday who had the kickin'est elephant tie I'd ever seen. Although I didn't find the elephant tie I was looking for, I DID find your terrific Siberian tiger tie. What a wonderful site you have!! Keep up the good work! Russ

Thanks!! I find your website by searching for Twist and Trout keywords. My husband bought the same shirt 10 years ago and it is in tatters and he WILL NOT throw it out. So, I was determined to find him one and boy I found other good things from you like the Bassackwards hat for his friend who he loves to tease and whose last name is Basso. We will have birthday fun with that! Thanks so much!!! I'll be back, Loren

Kathy: It came today!!!! Thank you so much. I really hate ordering things over the internet and especially giving credit information that way. I also wasn't sure of the quality. It's not like going to a store where you can actually see the merchandise. It was perfect. I didn't even wrap it. I had to give it to her right away. Trip to Delware Park for a night of Slots - $200 Zebra T-Shirt for a dear friend - $20 Tears of joy - PRICELESS

Hi there...a few years ago i ordered a couple of Ray Troll items from you. I "googled" Ray Troll to find you again. My husband is a big Troll fan, and is also an icthyologist...and has an "out there" sense of humour... We first ran into Ray Troll shirts out in B.C. many years ago, but have not seen anywhere in Canada since... You for sure have the absolute best collection on any website!

I have a lucky frog necklace, and wanted to buy a frog tie for a friend to share the luck. I typed "frog" and "necktie" into Google, and of the results I got, yours was the nicest, and most conservative. I look forward to seeing the tie! Thanks! Susan

I'm a professor at Michigan State University, and I am teaching general biology this semester. I have over 400 students in the class, and to engage them, I start out each lecture explaining how my necktie fits in with the topic of the day. They find it rather amusing I think. So, I was starting to run low on bold biological neckties. I think I have bought all the nice, reasonably priced ones that can be found in our local stores, which is not too many. So, I went to yahoo today and searched for "nature neckties", and your site came up near the top. By far, your site had the best selection of nature ties in which the plants/animals can be seen from some distance. - I will share your website. And hopefully my wife/kids can start buying ties for me as gifts! Best wishes, Frank E.

Hello! I just found your website as I was searching for Christmas gifts for my husband, an evolutionary biologist who studies salamanders in his job. WOW! Yours is the best website with the BEST collection of science-related t-shirts I have ever seen! I wish I could order all of them!

Hi Kathy, I just thought I would let you know that the 4 Teddy Bear ties you got for me a couple of weeks ago for the funeral & memorial service for our dear friends after losing their 16 year old son were perfect!....Again, thank you so much for your special help & care in accomodating my order on short notice. The ties brought some measure of comfort and peace in this sad time. Sincerely, Jane

Hi Kathy, I googled fish ties and found your site. I am doing a preceptorship with a doctor who is very into fishing and has a big aquarium in his waiting room. I wanted to get him a thank you gift at the end of the semester, and for some reason a fish tie came to mind. Your site had the largest selection of ties that I found. I'm sure I will be visiting it again in the future. Thanks. Eileen

Dear Kathy, I received Joseph's tie today and I am thrilled with it and so is he. I do appreciate your help. The tie matches beautifully with the blue oxford and beige dress pants!!!! I also want to thank you for the creative t-shirt ideas that you gave to me. I am going to attempt the project with the children. Thank you again.... Debbie ----she wanted a 40th birthday shirt and I suggested hand and foot prints from her two children with fabric paints to help Dad count now that he has so many more years than digits.

tie story: My boyfriend, a middle school teacher, likes to wear interesting ties to work. He finds that having interesting ties is a way to get students interested in communicating with him. When they ask about the tie, they are initiating age appropriate conversation that can lead to a better rapport in the classroom. Sandra

The bandanas arrived and look great. I've got a friend who just learned that she has cancer and plans to wear bandanas when she loses her hair, so I'll have some unusual ones to share. Thanks for your prompt service! Elaine

Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that I wore the tie last night to a business dinner honoring an environmental conservationist. The background music for the event included croaking frogs and when we signed in everyone was given a choice of several types of frog pins to wear. To say the least - the frog tie was a hit and totally in keeping with the theme of the event. Thank you for being online and giving me the pleasure of wearing this tie. It has a wonderful future ahead. Bob

Hello Kathy, Thank you so much for sending the tie to us by Priority mail. It arrived today and my son was thrilled he'll have his dad's birthday gift on time. That was very kind and thoughtful of you, and we appreciate it. My son's nickname is turtle, thus the turtle tie! Sincerely, Lysa

Thank you for the information. My mother in law sent me a zerox of a mans tie that goes to church with them and asked if I could find one. I put mens neckties in google and your site was on the first or second page. Your site is so well designed with pictures i searched until I found the tie that matched the color copy. Thank you for your fast reply. Kim

Hi Kathy, I will be calling you with credit card info today for my purchase order 26. I found your website while looking for snake/nature tshirts. I think you have the most incredible selection anywhere on the web. I am a part time naturalist and happen to have a 5 year old nephew living in Florida that shares my passion for snakes and reptiles. The tshirt I am ordering is for his 5th birthday. I will definitely be ordering again for myself and for Christmas gifts in the near future. Thanks so much for offering us nature lovers such a wonderful selection of beautiful tshirts and other products. Kris

My father collects frog and toad stuff. He also likes to wear frog stuff. I came across your website after doing a search for frog t-shirts a couple years ago. I liked doing business with you so I keep returning. -David

Hi Kathy! My mother in law just came back from Alaska and brought me a Ray Troll calendar. I'm an art teacher and she thought I would really like the art. My dad is an avid fisherman and one of his favorite jokes is "the hardest part about smoking a salmon....is keeping it lit." He thinks he's funny. I can't wait to give him the shirt!! Thanks for such a cool site! Casey

Hi, Kathy Wildman. I actually did a google search for "Escher bowtie" to find your page. I had seen tapestry woven Escher designs used for ties and vests before, so I was just hopeful that someone made them into bowties. Honestly, I'd love to find a source to buy the fabric itself, so if you could be that source, please write back to me. As it turns out, I've just gotten a job teaching mathematics in a new school whose principal loves to wear bowties, so I'm going to send it to him along with a "thank you" for the opportunity. Thanks to you for having exactly the product I wanted online where I could easily find it! Thanks,

Thanks for the quick response. My son is a walking billboard for your T-shirts. He's a sophomore biology major at college and all he wears is animal T-shirts, many of them from you! When folks asks where he gets his "cool" shirts, he tells them about this neat website. We've tried others, and found a few interesting shirts, but always seem to come back to your site. He also ordered one of your gorilla ties to wear at his senior holidays dance. I've been watching the sizes on the gorilla shirt and was glad to find one that would fit him. He just got stains all over his Insects of the Rainforest t-shirt last weekend and asked for a new one for Christmas, and I went to you first. Thanks again. I'm sending the check today. We are loyal fans!

I found you site by googling "Entomology Ties" . By far and wide you have the best selection of ties I was looking for. The tie is for my son who is an Entomology major a Texas A&M University. He is just finishing courses on insect physiology and morphology. Thanks Ken

Dear Kathy, The necktie arrived in fine shape. Thank you. As an entomologist, I have an extensive insect collection and a large insect tie collection as well. In the past, I have tried to have the insects on my ties correlate with my lecture topics. Your inventory has provided fine additions to my collection in the last couple of years. Sincerely, Bill

Dear Ms Wildman: Actually I've used your site before because I found you have some very nice ties and at a very fair price. I don't always have the time to spend in every thrift store and search every weekend in my area, hoping I'll find something nice that's eye catching. LOL I am a professional trainer and employment counselor for the Dept of Labor where I live so people have to look at me all day. I like to wear something professional that not only focuses their attention on me, but is actually engaging as well too. I've found that a lot of people come over to me after my classes are over and ask where did I get the tie and find that I'm not the stuffy closed minded type. Your ties give those I teach a sense of that ties don't have to be boring and show off a bit of my own personality. So when I order from you its bit a of a treat for me. In fact but now I buy a lot of shirts based on whatever ties I buy from you. Thanks for helping me be me ....professionally Darren

Dear Kathy, To answer your first question, I just typed in "Einstein on a bike in space" and your site came up along with some crazy correlations from other merchants. Your entry had BOLD writing with keywords that seemed like the shirt I wanted. When I went to your site it was the same exact shirt ! In response to your other question, a few years ago I took my grandchildren to the Science Museum and saw this shirt in the gift shop. I have always loved Einstein, bicycling and astrophysics so naturally it caught my eye. I didn't purchase it. Still to this day when doing something like looking through my telescope I have the image from the shirt etched in my mind, only now the shirt's not available at that store. I was very excited that you carried it. I'll wear it when I'm looking at our Milky Way and think of dear old Albert ! I appreciate your good taste and will add you to my list and inform others.

Hi Kathy, Great, I'm excited to check out the box turtle magnets. I found your website by googling "box turtle" and clicking on "Images" to see what they look like. Your picture was on there and that's how I found your website. My friend had a cool box turtle pet when he was growing up so I thought it would be fun to give him some cute box turtle magnets for his birthday. I love your website! I'm sure I'll be shopping there again and will forward to my friends and family. Best wishes, Tammy

The story behind my order is that 10 years ago someone bought me a WWF tie (the last one in my order), I loved it and wore it all the time. My house burned down in 2004...I lost that tie, but had much bigger issues than the tie at the time. I was in Macy's this morning shopping for ties and couldn't find anything but the very conservative stripes and paisleys...Blah! I started thinking about that tie and figured I might find something better than what Macy's offered on the web...and voila...I found your store!

Dear Kathy, Thank you for your quick confirmation of my order. The hat is for my Dad in Germany who loves wildlife and wears a lot of American-style baseball caps. He is desperate to add a bear to his collection, so I'm excited to send him the hat for his birthday once I receive it. I mailed your check out yesterday. I had been looking all over for hats with bears and finally yesterday when I once again did a Google Search your website came up. I definitely will keep it in my Favorites, because you have other great animals in your selection which I'm sure my Dad would enjoy. Thank you again, it's a pleasure doing business with you! Sybille

Thanks for the tie! I got it today. I found your site through a google search but it was down a ways. Maybe on the second page. I don't remember exactly what term I was searching. I was very excited when I saw your "save the children ties". Five or six years ago I saw this thanksgiving tie and liked it. I didn't buy it at the time though and went back a month later and they were all gone. I have searched high and low for it ever since so when I saw that you had some "save the children" brand it was with anticipation that I worked my way down to "Thanksgiving." I was overjoyed to see it there and ordered it immediately!!!! I have it now and love it! Thanks!! Dave

I've been trying to find that Paul Klee tie for a few years now. Of course, I didn't know it was a "Paul Klee" tie or I might have had better success sooner! I purchased our "original" in the Museum gift shop at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas back in 2001. My husband has worn that tie so much that the face of it is fuzzy! It goes with pretty near everything he owns! Try as I might, I've not been able to find any other tie so versatile since.
So, one of the guys that I work with buys novelty ties for his clients. His assistant showed me one, prisoner oriented (he sells inmate medical insurance to jails and such), and told me about the website that she orders them from. Ding! The light goes on in my brain and I start surfing the web more effectively to find "THE" tie!
Thank you SO MUCH for making the effort to have this great variety of ties available! I really appreciate it, and so will my husband! I'm thinking Christmas!
Take care! Betty

Hi Kathy. Yes, there's a story behind my order. I searched google to find neckties. My husband and I made a 4 week trip this past summer to Italy....his 60th birthday is approaching and I wanted to give him gifts from places we visited over the summer. Imagine my surprise when I googled the tie idea and hit on someone from WV! We have lived in WV all of our lives...though travels and education have taken us away periodically. Our daughter is graduating from WVU on Dec 13th...so we are very much into WV!! I'm thrilled to have found your website and will pass it on to friends who accompanied us on our trip this summer. All of them are from WV!!Great site!! Exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks, Mary

Hi Kathy, I just wired the PayPal payment. This bow tie is actually going to be a Christmas gift for my friend. When we were at the inauguration in January he was saying he wish he had a bow tie with some elephants on it to wear. I think it's funny that the elephant is holding a cocktail in its trunk. Your prices are considerably better than the handful of other stores that are selling this item on the internet. Thanks, Bill

I love your website! I started out searching for Christmas gifts for the guys in my office (we do computer aided mapping in the Planning department for an Alabama county government) and I found so many wonderful choices I got them all something different and unique! I've never found so extensive a collection

thanks -- got the tshirt today and it is just what I wanted. Thank you so much. The mountain even sort of looks like Pikes Peak and I was getting this for a friend here who climbs it all the time so it is perfect! thanks. Helen

Thanks so much! My dad has developed a recent interest in peacocks and your's was the only website we found with a peacock-printed tie. :) Have a great day! Susanna

Hi Kathy, I received my tie in good shape and in timely manner. I am going to attend a Kentucky Derby fund raiser party sponsored by our Symphony Orchestra. There is a prize for the best KY Derby tie so I went online looking for one. Your site came up from a google search. It was smooth doing business with you.Sincerely, Don

When my husband and I travel to foreign cuntries, we bring back a necktie for my brother. Well, this fall we went to Austria, and I wanted to bring back a Klimt tie for him. However, all we could find were ties like Hugo Boss and other name brands that we can get here at home; there was nothing distinctively Austrian in design. You can imagine my surprise when I happened to find your website when I did a Google search. My husband is standing here, telling me not to ramble on like an old lady. But--hey--that's what I am. Anyhow, thank you for making these lovely neckties available. Meg

Thanks Kathy. The ties were an outrageous smash hit! One of the most unusual, delightful, whimsical weddings I'd ever been to. The ties were perfectly in the spirit.

Hi Kathy- Thanks for the nice email. I googled shark tie and yours was on the list. I chose the tie for its look and the reasonable price- I look forward to receiving it and giving it to one of our friends as a gift. He is a basketball coach and his team is the sharks- it'll be perfect. I will bookmark your site as I bet there are many great gifts at reasonable prices- that is great. I also really appreciate the quick mailing- of course, I put it off until now. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thank you! Ali

The reason I am buying these shirts is because I am starting to breed tarantulas. Thank you, Brandon

Kathy, I coach two soccer teams both teams are named wolfpack. I just went to the search engine and typed "wolf t-shirts". You had the best selection and prices. The only thing that might have scared me away would be the ordering system. I like to click and be done. I would really like that gray t-shirt. Please really try. I will be wearing the shirts at the games, and I will let everyone know the website. Good luck in your business. JAKE

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