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Exotic & Game Bird T-shirts

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There is a Size Chart to help you be sure your choice fits. Background color and style choices are noted in the description. If no style is indicated the shirt is a crew necked unisex design. Shirts are only available as described. Shipping and contact information are at the bottom of the page plus a link to customer feedback.
Strutting Gobblers T-shirt
      MT 1471
front design tshirt
olive, custom dyed tee shirt
XL, M   $32.00
XXX     $38.00
raptors owls of north america na birds of prey t-shirt tshirt tee shirt Chickens T-shirt
      LG Y3H
front design tshirt
PVC-free water-based ink
chocolate tee shirts
L    $24.00
XX        $27.00
youth l, s $20.00
backyard eastern songbirds t-shirt tshirt tee shirt Ultimate Guide to Parrots & Allies T-shirt
      WC 748
Artist: Tim Pinkston
front design tshirt
charcoal tee shirt
XL        $20.00
XX       $22.00
Species pictured on shirt: Palm Cockatoo, Chattering Lory, Plum headed Parakeet, Red-crowned Amazon, Sun ConureBlack-capped Lorikeet, Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Scarlet Maccaw, White bellied colque, Senegal Parrot, Crimson Rasiela, Cherry-headed Conure, Blue & Gold Maccaw, Blue-fronted Amazon, African Gray Parrot, Hyavinth Maccaw, Major Mitchel's Cockatoo, Black-capped Lory, Blue-streaked Lorikeet, Masked Lovebird, Peach-faced Lovebird, Meyer's Lorikeet, Hawk-headed Parrot, Bourke's Parakeet, Budgie, Crested Parrotlet, Budgie

Tropical Birds T-shirt
      WC 451
front and back design tshirt
blue tee shirt
S         $20.00 
XX      $22.00
canvas bag $18.00
  Tropical Birds T-shirt
      WC 321
front design tshirt
navy tee shirt
S  $18.00
  Brilliant Birds Puff T-shirt
      PI 876
front repeats on back of tshirt
puff ink => texture 
ivy tee shirt
XL, M          $20.00
youth l, s     $14.00
khaki tee shirt
XL, M       $20.00
youth s     $14.00
white tee shirt
youth l, m, s     $14.00
mammal species of the world zoo animals endangered animals t-shirt tshirt tee shirt Rainforest Menagerie T-shirt
      MT 1612
front design
green, custom dyed tee shirt
youth t-shirt
l, m, s, xs       $15.00

Toucan Embroidered Hat
      TB 20
adjustible strap with
brass closure
maroon, navy, khaki
brushed cotton twill

raptors of north america na birds of prey bald eagle t-shirt tshirt tee shirt Tropical Friends T-shirt
      MT 3120
front design tshirt
navy, custom dyed tee shirts
L, M   $32.00
Macaws T-shirt
front design tshirt
sunshine yellow, custom dyed tee shirt
M   $32.00
  Cockatoo Species T-shirt
      ECO 67
front design tshirt
black tee shirt
XL, L, M, S  $20.00 
XX                $22.00
  Lorikeet T-shirt
      WC 384
front design tshirt
dark purple tee shirt
XL      $20.00
  Peacock Splendor T-shirt
      WC 384
front design tshirt
dark purple tee shirt
XX      $20.00
canvas bag


Phoenix T-shirt
      LG 708
front design tshirt
PVC-free water-based ink
leaf tee shirt
S      $20.00
cedar tee shirt
S            $20.00
XX      $23.00
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Payment accepted 1) by Paypal, 2) Discover, Mastercard, American Express or Visa Credit Card info by phone or
3) credit card info, check or money order by mail.
Single tee can be shipped as first class parcel for $5.00
Any number of tees or other items (except mugs) shipped by Priority mail for $8.00
which includes up to $50.00 insurance and tracing numbers.
Second day by 3 PM guaranteed express mail is $26.00 for anything that can fit into the flat rate envelope.
Use the links below to add other products to take advantage of the flat rate shipping. (International postage would need a separate quote for a package or to use priority mail for an insured package.)
More information at www.usps.com

T-shirts Neckties Hats Bags Books Pens Sharpeners Mugs Magnets Order Form

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