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Silk and Polyester Scarves

Link to the Order Form and other product categories via the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the page. Ties are 57" long and 3 3/4" wide unless otherwize noted. Background color choices are noted in the description. In ties designated as "woven" the design develops in the weaving process instead of being printed on the surface. Shipping and contact information is at the bottom of the page plus a link to customer feedback.

Shakespeare Scarf
MA 702

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

American Liberty Scarf
MA 2970OS

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Chemistry Apparatus Scarf
MA 7339

$40.00 silk scarf

Wright Brothers Scarf
MA 2603

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Swimming Against The Tide Scarf
RM 760118

$30.00 silk 36" x 36"

Tosca Scarf
MA 905

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Teddy Bear Scarf
MA 1111OS

$40.00 silk 10 1/2 x 54"

Criss Cross Golf Clubs And Balls Scarf
MA 1307OS

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Astronomy Star Map Scarf
MA 2104OS

$40.00 silk 10 1/2 x 54"

Astronomy Star Map Scarf
MA 2104OS detail

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Into The Bush Scarf
MA 5790

$40.00 silk scarf 10 1/2" x 54"

Happy Little Bugs by Hailie Age 9 Collector Scarf
Save the Children 19772

$30.00 silk scarf 20" x 21"


Patriotic Harley Silk Scarf
12" x 60" silk crepe oblong

Butterflies Scarf
AL 4

$40.00 silk 10 1/2 x 54"

Mesa Verde Petroglyphs Scarf
RM 760113

$20.00 silk 26" x 26"

Chilkat Sea Bear Scarf
BE 569
12" x 60" silk twill $50.00

Red Fish Scarves are Hand Painted Batik on silk.

Botanical Scarf
RF 0183
16" x 58" hand painted silk $60.00

Butterfly Rows Scarf
RF 0081 yellow/lime, yellow/pink
16" x 58" hand painted silk $60.00

Wings Scarf
RF 5601
16" x 58" hand painted silk $60.00

Seashell Treasures Scarf
RF 0174 natural
16" x 58" hand painted silk $60.00

Seashell Treasures Scarf
RF 0174 black
12" x 60" hand painted silk $60.00

INFECTIOUS AWAREABLES SILK SCARVES - atractive patterns depicting microscopic details of disease organisms. Must be seen to be believed!.

Anthrax Biohazard Bacteria Scarf
Infectious Awareables 1701

$40.00 silk scarf 11 1/2 x 48"

Anthrax Scarf
Infectious Awareables 1703

$40.00 silk scarf 11 1/2 x 48"

Antibodies Scarf
Infectious Awareables 4601

$40.00 silk scarf 11 1/2 x 48"
For more of the above go to the Infectious Awareables Scarves.

Rome Street Map Scarf
231 Ecru Ivory

$75.00 silk 60" x 8"

Waterlilies Scarf
RM 6765

$30.00 silk scarf 10 1/2 x 54"

Mrs Delaneys Flowers Scarf
MA 2404S detail

$40.00 silk 10 1/2 x 54"

Degas Les Danseuses Scarf
RDA 300

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"
Mary Delany (née Granville) (1700–1788) was an English Bluestocking. Always an artist and needlewoman, Mary Delaney began creating paper flower collages at the age of 72. 1000 pieces are now in the collection of the British Museum

Renoir Le Moulin De La Galette Scarf
RDA 400

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Renoir Le Déjeuner des Canotiers Scarf
RDA 500

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Van Gogh Echarpe Les Iris Scarf
RDA 100

$50.00 silk 16 1/2 x 62"

Van Gogh La Terrasse De Cafe Scarf
RDA 200

$50.00 silk 16 1/2 x 62"

Van Gogh Les 14 Tournesols Scarf
RDA 600

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Irises Van Gogh Scarf
RM 753120

$45.00 silk 36" x 36"

Starry Night Van Gogh Scarf
RM 753120

$45.00 silk 36" x 36"

Monet Japanese Bridge Scarf
RDA 700

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Monet Waterlilies Scarf
RDA 800

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Claude Monet Echarpe Les Nympheas
RDA 900

$50.00 silk 16 1/2 x 62"

Monet Waterlilies Scarf
RDA 1000

$50.00 silk 34 1/2 x 32 1/2"

Klimt The Kiss Scarf
RDA 1100

$50.00 silk 16 1/2 x 62"
POLYESTER SCARVES - 59" x 13" - alternating bands of sheer and satin fabric which play havoc with the scanner. Coor contrasts may be enhanced by the way the scanner light beam interacts with the fabric. $10.00 per scarf

Autumn Leaves Scarf
GT 1

Blue Roses Scarf
GT 2

Bouquet Scarf
GT 3

Brown Leaves Scarf
GT 4

Butterflies Lavender Scarf
GT 5

Dragonflies Scarf
GT 6

Flower Wave Scarf
GT 7

Grape Vines Scarf
GT 8

Grey Roses Scarf
GT 9

Lighthouses Scarf
GT 10

Linear Abstract Scarf
GT 11

Pink Elephants Scarf
GT 12

PInk Roses Scarf
GT 13

Red Flower Vine Scarf
GT 14

Red Lillies Scarf
GT 15

Red Roses On Black Scarf
GT 16

Seismic Poppies Scarf
GT 17

Silver Ivy Scarf
GT 18

White Lilies Scarf
GT 19

Yellow Roses Scarf
GT 20

Shamrock Scarf
GT 21





Bookshelf Scarf
NT 633

Einstein Scarf
NT 333

Handprints Scarf
NT 424SB black

Handprints Scarf
NT 424SN navy

Grade School Scarf
NT 631B black

Grade School Scarf
NT 631R red

Grade School Scarf
NT631C cream

Teacher Boxes Scarf
NT 698

Music Scarf
GT 21

Big Clef Notes Scarf
NT 281S



Payment accepted 1) by Paypal, 2) Discover, Mastercard, American Express or Visa Credit Card info by phone or
3) credit card info, check or money order by mail.
Single tee can be shipped as first class parcel for $5.00
Any number of tees or other items (except mugs) shipped by Priority mail for $8.00
which includes up to $50.00 insurance and tracing numbers.
Second day by 3 PM guaranteed express mail is $26.00 for anything that can fit into the flat rate envelope.
Use the links below to add other products to take advantage of the flat rate shipping. (International postage would need a separate quote for a package or to use priority mail for an insured package.)
More information at www.usps.com

T-shirts Neckties Hats Bags Books Pens Sharpeners Mugs Magnets Order Form

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A tie by any other name - Help me collect the word for silk and necktie in many languages. I would also love to be able to say hello and and thank you! Any corrections would be appreciated: cravat (French), cravate, tail, neck tie, slips (Norway), ensfarvet silkeslips, Syvfoldede slips (Danish), soie, stropdas, stropda (Netherlands), Seiden die krawatte (German), silkki, solmio, silke slips, sioda, corbata (Spanish), solmio, carbhat, gravata, dasi (Indonesia), tselk gapstuk (Russian) krevat, krawat (Poland), gravata (Portugal), binder, kurbata (Tagalog), croata, ca vat, kpabatka. Czech language it is: "kravata" or less common also "vázanka". Silk is "hedvábí", silk tie is "hedvábná kravata". I also know Slovenian (ex-Yugoslavia country) words "kravata", silk is "svila", together it is "svilena kravata". It works also in Croatian. In Hawaiian, "Thank you" is "Mahalo", "You are welcome" is "He mea 'ole", silk is "kilika" and necktie (the closest match) is "lei 'a'i". Gary: The German word for necktie is Die Krawatte. However, during my trips to Germany, I have learned that the alternative word is the one that is most frequently used: Der Schlips. Plural is Die Schlipse. Papiamentu (native language of Curacao): "Dashi"; The Italian word for "tie" is "cravatta" ("cravatte" for the plural) Bow-tie is FARFALLINO (a small butterfly on the neck), Zoltan: Hungarian is "nyakkendo". Dutch word for tie is: Stropdas or Das, word for bowtie is: vlinderdas, "Silk necktie" in Dutch is "zijden stropdas". In Hebrew the word for tie is anivah (pronounced ah-ni-vah) – the word for silk is meshi.

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